take my shoes

I love to romanticise everything that is mundane yet vaguely pleasant, such as:

  • going to the shop to purchase a delightful bread loaf
  • exiting a train station
  • consuming a vegetable
  • taking my shoes off
  • screaming “witch, thou shalt suffer” in the middle of the lake at all the kelpies who have lured me to my doom

- David Suchet on Poirot’s enduring qualities, ABC Q&A panel, 28 July 2014


hi hello yes my shoe is v messed up but that’s alright 🍁🍂

Lights and Clothes On

“Request: Alright alright alright (*thinking unsexy thoughts*) could you please do something where Peter comes to stay in the tower for [part of] summer and reader is dating him but also either Steve’s or Tony’s daughter and one morning Peter comes to wake her and to get her out of bed he pulls her into a dance to the song Lights On by Shawn Mendes and her dad watches through a crack in the door (maybe even video tapes it) Pretty please! Love your blog and your works, hun!! 💕💕💕

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A/N: I feel like I rushed the ending. Oops? Anyways this was super fun to write and I really enjoyed the request. I hope this was good!!!

Some dreams are faint. The one you were having before being rudely awakened was faint for example-you felt warmth of sunlight and heard voices. A hand on your shoulder and another on your waist. 

You didn’t really remember being shaken awake with the thick cloud of sleep but it was only a few moments earlier. Now, though, you were laying on your back with a frown. “Dad, don’t make me get up,” you say with a thick drowsy voice. 

“Dad has to,” Tony replies with an apologetic sigh although you felt the non-apology even from beneath your purple linen sheets. “We have training today. And it’s Peter’s first real day. He’d want his Avenger girlfriend there with him. ”

You sat up in bed with a messy mop of [h/c] on top of your head and a glare on your face. “I’m quitting. I’m no longer an Avenger,” you told your father plainly. “And what exactly do you plan on doing with your life?” he asks with amusement dripping down his face.

“I’ll become a stripper,” you said. “My name will be White Chocolate instead of White Falcon. White Chocolate has a better ring to it, don’t you think?” 

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Riggs emptying his waterlogged boots mid-interrogation (requested by @ohgressfuriosa)

“Look at my witchy nails tee-hee~”

She extends her hand to show off beautifully manicured long claw like nails in metallic colors.

“Dude look at mine”

I take off my shoe and show off my long claw toenails on my dirty Hobbit ass feet.

“A couple weeks, maybe.”

At my going away happy hour thing someone asked how long I was planning to take off before looking for a new job. “That’s it? Take a month, at least.”

Today marks 3 months.

My former manager offered to review my resume when I finally got tired of hiatus-ing. I sent it to them last week.

So now I’ve got a resume I can send out or whatever one does with those things these days. Put it on LinkedIn, I guess. I’ll worry about that when I get back from Sweden.

Every YouTube video I’ve watched on ‘traveling to Sweden’ or ‘how to speak Swedish’ or 'what have I gotten myself into with this whole Sweden thing’ has included a line about how almost everyone in Sweden speaks English so just go with that, no really, it’s fine. So there’s that.

Extended versions of the above have been on my mind a lot lately. I thought I’d worked through it all and settled on a plan, but apparently there’s something I’m missing.

I was hoping this concert would distract me for a while, but since I wrote most of this out between the penultimate and ultimate bands, I guess that didn’t work out.

The talking smoke detector with an overactive imagination also didn’t work out. It may have been murderized after thinking there was a fire between 2 and 5 am for the fourth time in a month.

Unexpected Love || Part 1

Prompt: Tom and his dad got in a car crash, Tom making it out alive. He’s trying to cope with his father’s loss, but is having a hard time doing so. So they send you to help fix him from up above. (AU)

Warnings: Mentions of dying, Smut, God, car crash, sexual things.

Word Count: 2,431

Pairing: Tom Holland x Angel!Reader

A/N: This is based on that audition tape Harrison did that was on Tom’s Instagram. First time doing smut tell me what you think. Sorry for the lack of my stories I’ve been busy. Hope this makes up for it. :)


Tom didn’t think his whole life would change. He kept telling himself what if he never went out and gotten drunk at that party. What if he stayed in and spent time with his family. What if he didn’t call his dad to come and get his drunk ass. He’d be alive right now. All he could do is keep blaming himself, but every time Tom does his family would tell him that he and his dad couldn’t have known that a semi would ram into their car or that everything seems to happen for a reason. Tom couldn’t help but get lost in his own thoughts.

“Mum, dad I’m heading out alright” He called out to them as he reached for his coat on the rack.

“Woah there, at what time do you suppose you’ll be back?” His mum asked.

“Come on mum I’m like 20 now” Tom rolled his eyes. She wasn’t having any of it though. She gave him a stern look.

“I don’t know 11:30 maybe midnight”


“Don’t worry I won’t do anything stupid, promise, besides Harrison is going with me”

“That should give us plenty of reasons to worry” His dad pitched in. Tom tilted his head back in a groan.

“Alright we’ll let you leave, but only if you text us that you made it back to your apartment safely” She added on.

“I promise” He closed the door behind him as he saw Harrison’s car out front.

“Hey mate ready to have the time of your life?” Harrison greeted as he got in.

“Are you sure you’re not drunk already Harrison?” He teased.

“Ha ha your hilarious” With that they drove off to the party where they would be spending their time at.

The party was in absolute full swing. People grinding on people, couples making out in various places, music going at full blast, and lots and lots of booze. Harrison had been trying to hook him up with a pretty girl, until he told him to bug off, then Harrison was out of sight just like that.

He had a beer in his hand and was leaning up against a wall by the staircase. As he went to take a sip of his drink, a girl walked up to him, she was quite beautiful in his opinion, gorgeous brown eyes and hair, yet he couldn’t quite pinpoint the look in her eyes.

“Hey handsome” She gave him a coy smile

“Hello darling” Tom waved with two fingers that were holding the bottle in my hand.

“What’s someone like you doing here all alone?” She tilted her head.

“Well I am here with a friend, although I don’t seem to know where he is at the moment?” He gazed around the house.

“Well would you care for some company?” She offered.

“That would be great!” He half yelled over the music and gave her a smile.

“You wanna go upstairs, it’s a bit loud don’t you think!” She shouted.

“Yeah!” She grabbed his free hand and led him upstairs, she pulled him into a more secluded area, which happened to be someone’s bedroom. They entered and she shut the door behind them locking it.

She turned around. “It’s much quieter now”.

“Yeah it is” He chuckled.They fell into an awkward silence and sat at the edge of the bed, their knees touching.Tom took another sip of his beer.

“Do you mind if I take my shoes off?”.

“No go right ahead” He shook my head.

“I’m Vanessa by the way”.


“Tom what was your ideal for tonight?”.

“I don’t know, get drunk, hang out with my best mate, and go home.” He shrugged.

“Let’s have some fun then?You and me” She questioned.

“That’s quite an offer love” He said.

“Oh come on it’ll be fun” She stood in front of him.

“I don’t even have a condom” The girl bent down and pulled one out from her boot.

“You came prepared” He teased.

“I was hoping to get laid” She retorted.

“Well then you just got lucky” Tom pulled her towards him placing a firm grip on her waist. 

Tom didn’t know what to expect, he didn’t know if it was the hormones or the alcohol, but after she pulled down her dress completely bare, no undergarments, he just couldn’t help himself. He pushed her onto the bed. In an instant Tom was on his knees, spreading her thighs and pulling her legs to settle over his shoulders. She tangled her hands in his hair, and leaned her head back onto the bed, watching him with hooded eyes while he kissed the inside of her thighs. He was staring up at her, so intensely it took her breath away. She was pulling on his hair and bucking her hips waiting anxiously for him to began working his magic on her. Tom eyebrows rose at her anxiousness as he began licking her folds and sucking harshly against her warmth. His relentless tongue, lips, and teeth working aggressively to get her off. He focused on her clit, tongue swiping rapidly over the tiny bundle of nerves. “Come for me, love,” he moaned against her, the vibrations making her back arch. She was trembling and squirming in his hold.

The roles reversed and then everything became quite a blur afterwards. He wasn’t aware of what happened. Tom had called his father at an unreasonable time and then everything became quite a blur afterwards. He wasn’t aware of what happened. Tom had called his father at an unreasonable time and then he was picked up. There was a bright light and then everything went dark…

“Tom you in there mate?” Harrison said waving a hand to get his attention.

“Sorry I was just thinking”

“Well it must’ve been great cause you slipped back for a couple minutes” He playfully punched his best friends shoulder.

“Do you believe in God?” Tom blurted out.

“I’ve just said his name a few times” Harrison gave a laugh.

“Come on I’m serious! God, heaven, angels…miracles”.

“No I don’t think so, do you?” Harrison quirked an eyebrow at him. Tom sat still not giving a response leaving an awkward silence for a brief moment.

“Did I ever tell you about that night? The car crash” Tom asked.

“Not really I-I know your dad he-”

“Died. I think I did too or at least I should have, b-but there was this” Tom paused.

“This what?” Harrison was so confused.

“Hand. Like- this hand…there was this hand that reached out and I-” Tom wasn’t getting nowhere with his best mate. “You know what forget it, it-it’s nothing” Tom sighed.

“You sure?” Harrison wanted to make sure his best friend was doing alright.

“Yeah man you go do what you need to do” Tom waved him off.

“We could always go down to your favorite pub, Find you a pretty girl or a hot stripper” Harrison joked.

“Harrison I don’t need a stripper!” Tom exclaimed.

“Alright, j-just know I’ll be there if you need anything, we all will” Harrison was referring to his family that lived only five minutes from him. He patted his shoulder and stood up.

Tom let out a short. “Yea”.

He watched as Harrison walked out his front door. Tom glanced at his watched and saw it was already getting late and thought to just head off to bed and sleep off his stress. He dragged his feet and pushed opened his door. Tom was completely oblivious of his surroundings because he was rubbing his eyes. When he removed his hands he wasn’t expecting for the sight in front of him.

“Hello” You waved sitting at the edge of his comforter. Tom blinked and rubbed his eyes more replaying the walk upstairs, thinking if he could have hit his head in the process.

“Hi” He said hesitantly. “W-Who are you?” He put a good few feet in between himself and you who showed up out of god knows where.

“I’m Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet you” You stood in your place but extended your arm out. You showed a genuine smile. Tom didn’t bother shaking your hand, but you still kept on your smile.

“Tom..” He stared at you. 

“I would have introduced myself sooner, but I didn’t want to scare off your friend” You apologized with a sad smile.

“You mean Harrison?” Tom pointed behind him to the hallway.

You simply nodded.

“Did he put you up to this? God I told him I didn’t need a stripper!” He groaned.

“What’s a stripper?” You titled your head to the side.

“You don’t know what a stripper is?!” He stared at you as if you had two heads attached to your body.

“No” It was an honest answer.

“You know. Poles, taking your clothes off for money, sex with random guys” He explained.

“That doesn’t sound too endearing” You furrowed your brows.

“Tell me about it…” He shook his head. “W-Wait don’t change the subject, who are you, and what are you doing in my house?”

“I’m Y/N? I was sent down to help you get through your pain” You finally stood up.

“Sent down..What are you talking about?!” Tom failed his arms around.

“Your hurting Tom and it’s my mission to fix it” You walked towards him.

“Listen Y/N” He placed a hand on your shoulder, you glanced down at it. “You seem like a great girl, but you need to leave okay. I’m tired and want to sleep so” He pushed you into the hallway. “I’m sure you can find your way out the front door” With that being said he slammed his bedroom door in your face. You flinched at the sudden sound. You have never met anyone with bad manners.

Tom sighed as he closed the door. He leaned against it turning around. “That wasn’t very nice” You sat in the same spot he found you in, but you had a slight pout on your lips. All Tom could do was stare in shock. He vastly yanked his door open looking into the empty hallway and back to you. 

“H-How…y-you were…b-but…What?” He stammered.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily Tom” You giggled softly but not in a creepy way.

“I’m loosing my mind” He ran his hands through his hair.

“Nope, you just haven’t fully comprehended what’s going on” Tom glanced at you. He saw nothing but pure innocence. You had offered him a small smile. He was curious to say the least. He found himself thinking back to that night.

“What’re you?” He muttered

“What do you think I am?” You spoke softly.

“I have a guess, but it seems too good to be true” He finally got his courage back and sat down next to you.

“Anything is possible” You smiled.

He nodded. Tom took a breath and asked. “Are you an angel?” His eyes shined with some hope behind them.

“Yes” You whispered. Once he got his answer he started firing you with more questions.

“Do you have wings?”


“Can I see them”

“Within time yes”

“Is God real?”

“No ones really seen him so I guess it’s just how you choose to believe in him, but in a way, yes he is very much real”

“Is there a heaven?” 


“Does everyone look like you?” He was getting rather flirty.

“Ha, no everyone has there own unique form” You giggled.

“What did you mean by you were sent down here to help me?”

“We see everyone up there. We see the people being happy. Broken. Mad. Sad. We see them all” Your voice trailed off.

“But why me” He looked at you. You glanced up to meet his eyes. “Because you’re special, and your heart needs to be healed” You placed your palm on top of his heart. He nodded. “You should rest” You got up.

“You should too Y/N and sorry about slamming the door in your face” His nervously scratched the back of his head.

“You meant well” You smiled. “Oh and we don’t really sleep”.

“You don’t sleep?” He asked. You just shook your head no.

“Then what do you do?” 

“We watch over everyone” 

“So your just going to watch me sleep then” He raised his brow.

“Does that make you uncomfortable?” You frowned.

“Um no not at all I’m just saying wouldn’t you prefer to do something else?” He shrugged.

“What do you have in mind?”

“You can watch a movie in the living room”.


“Don’t tell me you don’t know what that is either” He whined.

“Sorry” You sheepishly smiled.

“Alright well let me get changed real quick and I’ll put you a movie okay?” He smiled.

“Okay” You thought better to walk down his hallway rather than disappear into thin air.

A couple minutes past by as you sat patiently on his sofa. His house was very fascinating, nothing you’ve ever seen before. You heard footsteps descending down the hallway. You turned your head to look at Tom. You were merely confused, he said he was going to change but wasn’t wearing a shirt. He seemed to notice your confused state.


“You didn’t change?”

“Yeah I did?” He stared down at his long pajama bottoms and his bare chest.

“You’re still naked?” You furrowed your eyebrows together.

“W-what, oh no, Y/N that’s just how some of us guys prefer to sleep” He chuckled.

“You sleep half naked?”

“Well no…n-not technically” He stuttered.

“Strange” You whispered raking your eyes up and down his torso. It was an innocent act. You didn’t think much of it, but Tom clearly turned bright red under your gazing eyes. 

He cleared his throat. “Anyway, how about that movie love” You caught on to the last word not knowing what it meant.


He clicked a few buttons on a rectangular remote control. He went to something called Netflix and started scrolling through all the different varieties to choose from. “So here’s all the movies, you can choose whatever you find interesting okay” You nodded but were still a little uncertain on what to do, but decided against telling him, not wanting to keep him up any longer. So you’d just figure it out on your own. “Okay” You told him with a smile. He returned it.

“I’m going to bed now, if you need anything just wake me up” He called out over his shoulder going back to his room.

You looked back at the remote in your hand and started pressing the down arrow button. It seemed to make the tv move down and you smiled because you started to get the hang of it. You picked a movie that seemed intriguing and spent the whole night watching movie after movie.

-Tell me what you thought. Let me know if you think it’d be a good idea to continue further on. Comment. :)

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@whore4batfam mentioned that Jason would have missed out on Disney movies, and I couldn’t let that pass, so, it is 12:16 AM and here we are.

Damian finally finds him sprawled on one of the many, many couches that decorate Wayne Manor. There’s a book he’s probably read a hundred times in one of his hands, the other occupied with spooning Dick’s stolen cereal into his mouth. 


The spoon stops halfway to his mouth and there’s a guilty smile on his face, betrayed by the mischief in his eyes.

“Don’t tell Dick.”

“Do me a favor and I will not.”

Jason seems to ponder that for a second before shrugging, “Shoot.”

Damian clears his throat, suddenly unsure of how to approach the topic before deciding to simply get straight to the point.

“Todd, certainly you’ve noticed that the rest of endless band of children Father seems to be adopting,” he receives a raised eyebrow and an amused smile for that, “are prone to making…references.”

Jason’s eyebrow arcs higher and Damian is left to question the limits of the human anatomy.

“You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific, shorty.”

Damian thought back, “…Last week, when we were in the cave and Father had just finished outlining the mission. He said ‘Let’s get down to business,’ and Brown and Grayson simultaneously screeched, ‘To defeat the Huns.’ Father had the same look he had on his face when he caught you and Cain trying to see how many of his ties you could hide in odd places before he noticed.”

Jason laughs aloud at that, looking extremely proud of himself, “Yeah, that was a good one.”

Damian raises his eyebrow, though somehow he doubts it has the same effect his older brother’s seems to have.

“Anyways, they’re referencing Disney movies, I think. I asked Tim about it once and he more or less told me that Dick and Steph have a cult like obsession with colorful children’s movies featuring catchy songs, talking animals, and overdramatic villains.”

“You’ve never seen them?” Damian asks, confused. He would have thought Jason would have enjoyed something like that.

“Wasn’t around when they came out,” Jason says, flippantly enough that Damian almost misses it.

Wasn’t aroun-oh.


Suddenly, Damian feels like the largest idiot in the world. How could he not have had the foresight to maybe, ask one of the siblings that had used the references in the first place, why hadn’t he connected the dots-

“Stop thinking so hard, baby bat.”

When had Jason gotten up?

“I, um-”

He’s cut off when Jason tousles his hair, a casual smile on his lips. The young bird is too stunned to protest. Instead, he looks up at his brother and does what he’s always done best. He observes. There are bags under Jason’s eyes, a fading bruise on his shoulder, his hair is wet, and something about him is so, so tired.


“Yeah, Dami?”

“Get some sleep.”

Jason chuckles as he walks towards the stairs, Damian quietly putting his cereal bowl in the sink and picking up his(Jason’s) book to take his place on the couch. Now to wait for Tim.


Tim looks up, certainly not surprised at being accosted within seconds of walking through the front door. The look on Damian’s face is one of determination; he will not stop until his objective is reached. Tim sighs.

“At least let me take off my shoes.”

“So let me get this straight. You asked Jason about Disney movies, only to find out he was…gone when they came out, felt horrible, and now you want to watch them with him, but are hindered by the lack of your ability to Internet?”

Damian wishes Barbara was visiting.

But then Tim breaks into a smile and there’s something incredibly…tender about it. Damian thinks this won’t be too bad after all.


Jason looks up. It’s been a day or so since Damian had inquired about one of their siblings’ many strange habits. He supposes he should have been more subtle about the whole thing, but what else was he supposed to say? ‘Oh yeah, sorry Damian, I didn’t see Mulan because my corpse was being submerged in the Lazarus Pit?’

He had, however, taken his younger brother’s advice in getting some rest. In fact, he had just woken up from a particularly nice nap, and had been planning to go and hunt for Dick’s last cereal box. Thieving aside, he waits for Damian to speak, seeing the boy looking expectant.

All he receives for his patience is a ‘follow me.’

Sighing dramatically and ignoring Damian’s ‘Tt,’ Jason drags himself from the covers and straggles after his brother, curious as to what his intentions may be.

Upon arriving in the same room Damian had found him in the day prior, Jason is, to say the least, confused. Moreover, he finds, he won’t have to go on a cereal-thieving scavenger hunt, as it’s already sitting on the coffee table in one of Alfred’s less precious ceramic bowls.

“Damian? What’s going on?”

Said preteen defender of Gotham and his Honor(Jason may not have been around for Disney, but he and Dick had sure as hell marathoned Avatar at least eight times), was struggling with what looked to Jason like an HDMI cable. Succeeding in connecting it, Damian fiddled with Tim’s laptop for a few seconds before setting it down carefully and practically tackling Jason to the couch.

Surprised, Jason yelped as they tussled on the couch, turning his head to the screen just as a soothing jingle played, accompanied by a graphic of a blue castle and the word, ‘Disney’ written in a circular font.

“…Damian?” He looks over to the smaller body sprawled against him to see him looking away, ears turning red.

“..I wanted you to watch them. I wanted to watch them with you.”

Jason stares for a moment before a soft smile overtook his features. 

“Okay,” he says, and settles down against the armrest, grabbing a handful of cereal and leaning against his baby brother as ‘The Little Mermaid’ appeared on screen.

Dick drops by the Manor to find his cereal on the floor and two of his siblings locked in a fierce argument.

“Mulan was clearly the best, she literally defied all gender stereotypes and learned how to fight as well as Li Shang in like, three days. Also bonus points for talking dragon and grade A catchy songs.”

“Ridiculous, Todd, Aladdin was obviously superior. The poor street thief with a heart of gold and the rebellious, self-aware princess? Not to mention the flying carpet, genie, and quality displays of villainy.”

They’re interrupted by a devastated scream, the two boys at last becoming aware of Dick’s presence.



Dick gazes up at them with a look of incredulous horror, “How could you?!”

Jason blinks. Damian stares.

How could you do this to my cereal, you heathens?!

Two pairs of eyes land on the mess of sugary breakfast food scattered on the carpet.

Shit.” That’s Jason.

“Thank you, Jay, for reali-”

Did we break Alfie’s bowl?!

Damian pales, vaulting neatly over the coffee table to search for the ceramic piece that could spell their doom. Dick is forced to watch as his two brothers scramble about the room, ignoring the remains of their pilfered meal on the floor. 

“Found it!”

Jason triumphantly holds up the bowl, chipped slightly, but still in one piece.

Dick wants to know why it was behind the couch.

Unfortunately, the other two residents of the Living Room of Horrors seem content to set the bowl to the side and resume their places on the couch, resuming where they’d left off in ‘Snow White’, having broken into an argument when Damian voiced his preference of Aladdin.

“I hate you both,” Dick, about to storm out of the room, is interrupted by Cass’ entrance to it. She looks to the screen, currently displaying the seven dwarves, before picking a piece of cereal off the ground and popping it in her mouth. Dick’s horrified expression goes unnoticed as she goes to squish Jason’s cheeks.


He sticks his tongue out and she replies in kind, before moving to Damian’s other side and cuddling him, the youngest of them content to be sandwiched between his brother and sister. 

“Dick, why are you calling me, it’s 4 pm on a Saturday I would like to be not awake right now.”

“Steph, I can never watch ‘Snow White’ again.”

Bikini Bottom Day
The SpongeBob Chicago Cast
Bikini Bottom Day

“Bikini Bottom Day” by Jonathan Coulton

Ethan Slater and the company of The SpongeBob Musical on July 9, 2016 at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago, IL

TDA Characters at the Airport (with Kit as their guide)
  • (This would never happen because portals exist, but just let me have fun)
  • Kieran: *going through security* "It is very forward of you to be asking me to take off my shoes and jacket when there's so many people around"
  • Emma: fought TSA because they wouldn't let her bring Cortana on the plane. Cristina had to do damage control while Julian went to check the sword back at the luggage counter at the front of the airport
  • Julian: "what do you mean I have to put this in a suitcase? You were here when I checked nine suitcases earlier, you think I have any spare ones lying around???" Somehow convinces the lady to check the sword anyways
  • Cristina: trying to keep track of everyone and makes sure no one forgets their things anywhere. Julian greatly appreciates the help.
  • Mark: is sorta disappointed because he expected the plane to be more like flying with the wild hunt, but instead he's confined in a metal cylinder that barely feels like it's moving, he can't feel the wind and the sky around him, and he can't see anything but clouds
  • Livvy: comforts Ty and keeps reassuring him that the plane will be landing in an hour and the pilots know what they're doing
  • Kit: "I bet I can fly one of these bad boys. Does anyone dare me to sneak into the cockpit?" Is very chill about the whole journey, comfortable with the whole ordeal, he flew on a plane like once
  • Ty: *while everyone panics about the plane rocking about* "did you know that increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are increasing the number of turbulence incidents?"
  • Dru: once again stuck with the task of watching Tavvy and making sure he doesn't get left somewhere
  • Tavvy: squirms a lot in his seat and giggles while looking out the window. He points at all the clouds and tells Dru about the shapes they make
Tom Holland x reader

I don’t want to go home alone.

part 2

Words; 1024

Warnings; Flirting, kissing, drinking

“Where are you going?” I ask my friend Kayla, who forced me to come to a party with her. Someone had broken into my house last night and Kayla thought it would be great way to cheer me up. As an idea it was a great one, but the fact that now she was drunk and ready to ditch me.

“Y/N, hey, I met this amazing guy!” She says while she drags me to sit on the sofa.

“What guy? You were supposed to come back to my place after this.” I yell because the music is so loud.

“Look, this dude, Harrison, he’s so hot! I was thinking about leaving with him.” She says while looking around, clearly more interested about finding this mystery Harrison than spending time with me. Suddenly she lifts her hand and waves. I turn around in my seat trying to see the two guys walking towards us through the sweaty people grinding against each other. I quickly turn back to look at Kayla, but before I can say anything, I feel someone hopping on the couch right next to me, leaving me with very little space to sit in. I lift my gaze to see a face that I recognize immediately. Tom Holland, actor and pretty much the most beautiful person carved by the gods.

“Hi, I’m Tom.” He says leaning closer to my ear so that he wouldn’t have to shout. Feeling his warm breath against was already enough to give me goosebumps.

“I’m Y/N.” I say and pretty much just keep staring at him. His lips curve into a slight smirk, probably having something to do with the fact that I’m currently biting my bottom lip, admiring every inch of his face.

“And this is Harrison!” Kayla yells and wraps her arm around the blonde dude. Now that he is standing in front of me I realize, THIS is the Harrison she was talking about? I give him a slight nod and turn back to talk to Kayla.

“Are you seriously going to leave me here? You know I don’t want to go home alone after what happened.” I yell, getting slightly anxious.

“What happened?” Tom asks before she could say anything.

“Her house got robbed last night.” She answers. I turn to look at my hands, playing with my fingers while trying to calm myself. Anxiety is the worst.

“I can come with you if you want.” Tom says with a slight smile.

“I know we just met but if Harrison is ditching me and your friend here is going also- “ He starts to explain but I cut him off.

“That would be nice.” I say, looking directly into his eyes. There was something about the way he was looking at me, like he was assuring me everything was going to be okay.

“Great, well, we will call a taxi and be on our way.” Kayla says and hugs me, before grabbing Harrisons hand and pulling him outside the apartment, leaving me and Tom alone.

“Do you want to leave right away?” Tom asks, breaking the silence.

“I think I’m going to need a few drinks first.”

                            I keep giggling while I watch Tom struggling to open my front door, it being still a bit in need of a fix after the lock guy messed up and now the door is twice as hard to open.

“You need to kick the bottom of the door.” I say and push him slightly out of the way to kick it, and it finally opened. I still have my hand on his muscular arm, feeling it tensing when I take a tighter grip to keep me from falling.

“How can you be this drunk when I only saw you drink one beer?” He asks and helps me get inside before kicking the door shut.

“I took maybe three shots when you turned around to help the girl from walking against the glass door.” I say while taking my shoes off.

“Besides, I’m not that drunk, I’m just very clumsy person.”

“Whatever you say darling.” He says. The way word darling just slides off his tongue, amazing.

“You were great as Spider-man.” I tell him out of nowhere. Tom just stops and turns to look at me.

“You knew who I was?” He says and crosses his hands against his chest. Dammit, how his arms can be so distracting.

“Who wouldn’t? I have had a crush on you ever since Civil War came out!” I say without thinking, not even looking at him. I walk to the kitchen to grab a glass and fill it with water.

“A crush on me, huh?” Tom says and starts walking closer to me. The smirk on his face tells just as much as I need to know. He stops few inches away from me. I take a step back, only to bump into the kitchen counter.

“I mean, not like obsessed kind of crush, but just a slight admiration of your skills.” I lie. Or at least try to, I’m a terrible liar. Tom leans in to whisper in my ear “I have skills that you have no idea of.” Just one sentence was enough to send chills down my spine, making my knees feel a lot weaker suddenly. I feel his right hand against my arm, fingers rising up to my neck, his thumb lifting my chin so that I look at him in the eyes. I didn’t know what else to do but take the glass in my hand and drink from it, making Tom laugh.

“I’m trying to seduce you here and you’re more into drinking some water.“ He says, his smile wide but he still doesn’t move away. My heart starts beating much faster than it did before.

“Your plan is working, I didn’t tell you to stop.” I whisper, looking at his lips, and back into his eyes, now getting darker and his smirk coming back. He places his hands on my sides, pulling me so that our bodies have no space between.

“We’re both glad that you didn’t.” He says and crashes his lips against mine.