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andrew minyard: monster
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i. we are monsters // ii. you’re too mean, i don’t like you, fuck you anyway // iii. living on anaesthetic no one seems to get it, it’s too much to take and now you’re numb to the sensation // iv. all of this mess is just my attempt to know the worth of my life // v. we never lost control // vi. i want to feel the pain and the bitter taste of the blood on my lips, again // vii. don’t you ever tame your demons but always keep them on a leash // viii. god damn right, you should be scared of me, who is in control? // ix. i think i found out that i have nothing that i have nothing in this place for me // x. tell you a secret, i’m not alarmed, so what if i’m crazy? the best people are

As someone who grew up with freakishly controlling parents (I’m 21 now), let me tell you the results of this:

I have attachment and trust issues. I’m am independent to the point if being self destructive, because I am terrified of someone brushing me aside (not taking me seriously), and/or giving me advice that has no legitimate basis that ends up hurting me, instead of helping me.

Give rules with reasons. Do not say “because I’m your parent”, no, that is fucking bullshit and you know it. Make punishments fit the crime. When your child gets into high school, give them respective boundaries and enough “leash room”, so they feel like you trust them to “do the right thing”, but also know that if they do fuck up, they feel COMFORTABLE telling you, not scared shit less where they’ll give you a stream of lies because they’re terrified of telling you the truth of what actually happened.

Trust me when I say this, compulsive lying turns into an addictive habit. My compulsive lying in the real world is a result of my parents not respecting my boundaries and giving me the proper “leash room”. Yes, it’s so fucking hard to stop myself. Yes, I am fighting against it every damn day of my life.

Also, by saying “no privacy”, well you better take the door and any kind of covering object from your kid (blankets, doors, pillow cases, etc). See how ridiculous this sounds?

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Hello, I'm looking for enrichment ideas for cats. Play time, sensory enrichment, toys, anything. Recently my cat has been restless and full of energy and it's making him act out. He's knocked over my gecko tank, my roach tank, he's climbing on the counters. We play with him, he has a leash and harness but when we take him out he just flops down or goes to the nearest patch of grass to eat it. I know he's not malicious he's just bored and I want to help him lead a more exciting kitty life.

Try searching the sidebar on the blog for “cat enrichment!” There’s lots of ideas in the archive.


I really don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t know anyone who can help me irl.

I live in Circleville, Ohio (about 40 min south of Columbus) in a very toxic home with an emotionally abusive alcoholic father, unsanitary conditions, and much more. I don’t trust my father to take care of my dog when I’m not alone, sometimes I don’t even trust him not to lock her outside (I live on a 5mph country road–people do NOT stop for animals). My boyfriend and I need to move pretty much by the end of the month. We’ve been looking for apartments since February and every place that accepts pets has fallen through. our budget is under $550 (and even that is pushing it) and it’s damn near impossible to find a place that would accept any pet, let alone a 65+lb dog.

I’ve had my dog for 8 years, since she was a baby. She’s everything to me. The idea of not being able to take her with me tears me apart, but I absolutely will not leave her with my horrible father in that horrible place. I do not consider taking her to a shelter as an option. She is terrified of most other dogs (unless they’re small, or sometimes males) and I believe that the stress of a shelter environment would kill her.

I’m hoping someone on this site would be able to adopt my baby. You’d most likely have to drive to me–my car needs a transmission, has No AC, doesn’t lock, and I don’t trust it in any large city or very far from Circleville.

She’s 8 years old, lab/airedale mix, black with a white blaze on chest. She’s very active and playful. Fixed, microchipped, UTD on rabies vaccine. She is inside only. Name of Joy. She’s good with cats, mice, rabbits, reptiles, rats, chickens, just not other dogs. She has a flea allergy and needs food that is grain free and hypoallergenic (i.e., salmon, turkey, venison, trout, lamb etc based, no chicken or beef). She sheds a lot but isn’t very destructive, as long as she has toys to play with. She knows a lot of commands but is the type of dog who choses to ignore them if she has something more interesting going on. She’ll beg you to take her out & play with her rain or shine, 90° heat or snowstorm, she doesn’t care. She does pull on the leash–she has a very strong chest. She’s somewhat prone to “sports injuries” (pulled tendons around her hips) from playing too rough. She’s honestly an awesome, sirius-black - looking dog and I love her more than life.

Commands she knows: sit, stay, stand-stay and sit-stay, come, wait, leave it, speak, wave, gimme paw, play dead, down.

If you know of someone who could take her and love her and give her a better home than my poor ass, email me at felecia.herp@gmail.com or felecia.burgett@gmail.com, or send me a message, or find my Facebook (Felecia Burgett) and IM me.


The Duchess likes to go on adventures just like her mom does 🌲🍄🌲🍄🌲🍄

(Backstory: I adopted a 12 year old cat from a rescue shelter who was considered unlikely to ever get adopted because of her age and her attitude. As soon as I saw her sleeping in her litter box, I knew she was the one. Like, how metal is that. Wild. Anyway, I decided that I am going to give her 12 years worth of adventures and experiences, and take her to all the beautiful places I can think of. She’s been to the river, the pier, a spring, and a park with a little stream and she looks so happy and content with her new life. It really warms my heart. I’ve never been happier to adopt an old rescue cat).

tl;dr: adopt old cats

the signs as tøp lyrics
  • Aries: cause sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind // migraine
  • Taurus: gangsters don't cry,therefore, therefore I'm Mr. Misty-eyed // heavydirtysoul
  • Gemini: used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face,
  • saying, "wake up, you need to make money" // stressed out
  • Cancer: don't wanna give you all my demons you'll have to watch me struggle from several rooms away but tonight I'll need you to stay // the run and go
  • Leo: tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it, to a tree, tell it, "you belong to me, this ain't a noose, this is a leash, and I have news for you, you must obey me"// holding onto you
  • Virgo: but I'll kindly enter into rooms of depression, while ceiling fans and idle hands will take my life again // glowing eyes
  • Libra: you fell asleep in my car I drove the whole time but that's okay I'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine // tear in my heart
  • Scorpio: but there's hope out the window, so that's where we'll go let's go outside and all join hands // guns for hands
  • Sagittarius: faith is to be awake and to be awake is for us to think and for us to think is to be alive // car radio
  • Capricorn: the ghost of you is close to me, I'm inside-out, you're underneath // goner
  • Aquarius: he's changed his meaning of a chair now because a chair now is like a tiny island in the sea of all the people who glide across the very surface // the pantaloon
  • Pisces: i want to crack the door so I can just fall out but then I remember when you packed my car you reached in the back and buckled up your heart // a car, a torch, a death

Related to that last quote… Sometimes there really is an opportunity for education instead of “no fuck off you can’t pet my dog go away.” I had one really lovely moment a few days ago.

We have to go through a dog park to get to Bear’s favorite trail and creek. It’s flat, and it’s a short walk, so it’s something I can still do on bad pain days. I really prefer being out at the creek to being in the dog park, but we sometimes spend time there, too. (Cue a chorus of 38732478607394 anons telling me I’m an awful dog owner for ever using the dog park, and asking me to specify all the reasons in my life or Bear’s life why this is a workable option for us.)

So, we literally get one foot in the gate and a child is running at Bear. I body block her and go “Please don’t pet him. He doesn’t want to be petted.” No explanation. I’m looking for her mom and simultaneously grabbing my leash to take Bear out of the park and back home. I usually just don’t risk it if there’s kids in the park. The ratio of “kids who know how to behave around dogs” to “kids who know absolutely fuck all” is like 1:200.

Kid stops, looks at me, goes, “Oh. Okay.”

Her mom is mortified. “____, you have to ask before going to pet dogs! And running will scare them!” I’m pleased with that reaction, so I figure, okay, Bear’s busy doing his “I just got out of the car” business. I’ll see if she wants to hear about how to get Bear to come over. She does.

We end up sitting there for half an hour, teaching this little girl how to be approachable to dogs as well as how to react when a dog that’s not friendly approaches her. She’s sitting in the wood chips with me, gleeful about how many more dogs are coming to say hi to her now that she’s being quiet, avoiding eye contact, and making herself smaller. Even Bear almost came to let her pet him. She was happy that he even came close. And I got to finally take Bear to the creek knowing that there’s one more kid out there who knows how to act around dogs.

It feels really, really good.



We harvested a goat.

A local family farm had an issue with their male goat. It became aggressive towards the kids. They asked us if we would be kind enough to take the goat off their hands. The goat was only a little over a year old and fed good organic foods all his life. I saw this as an opportunity to bag some great meat and demonstrate to our children how to harvest, butcher, and prepare a delicious goat.

As the children fed him some carrots to distract him I tied the leash onto a big heavy rock under its neck. Then I started to pet the goat, straddled the goat, placed my left hand over the back of the head, placed my right hand deep under its throat holding my knife. I told the children to stand back and severed both arteries in one cut. The goat went quickly with little pain. Within several minutes we said a prayer to thank the goat for making our family stronger.

We will do a follow-up post with our dry aging and cooking methods on this goat.

P.s. If you were wondering what the goat was wearing on its head… It’s a red bandanna. I put it there because, even though the horns were trimmed, I do not want any of the children getting hurt. This goat was a bit aggressive and loved to do the head bump thing.

We hope this post finds you healthy, happy, and doing what it is you believe you need to do.



“You’re So Lucky!” - Am I Really?

One of the most common things I hear during daily life as a service dog handler is “You’re so lucky!” And yes, the individual is not thinking of the larger picture of the statement, they are just thinking of how much joy their own dog brings them at home and how that joy must be constant everyday. 

But what the person doesn’t realize is that I bring my dog everywhere out of a need, not a want. Yes, I do love my dog - she brings me joy each day and helps me through the tough times. But on a bigger scale, she is the only reason that I am able to function on a semi-regular level. She keeps me safe when I dissociate, she prevents me from hurting myself when my OCD spikes, she provides the stability I need to combat my anxiety and PTSD through her tasks. Before I had Sadie, I was not eating, sleeping, or able to leave my room for any amount of time without running the risk of coming back to reality 30 minutes later in the middle of the nearby woods. 

I’m not lucky. I’m disabled.

For those who think that having a service dog is not that much different than having a regular dog, here is a quick insight into the things I have to consider on a day to day basis; How long will we be out? Should I bring her water bowl or her treat bag? Does she need her head halter today? Should I risk going into the restaurant and arguing with the waitstaff over my rights again or should I just wait until I’m home to eat? Is it too hot or too cold for her regular harness or should I get the lightweight one or add a sweater? What kinds of stores do I need to go into - factoring in questions and access problems, about how long should I expect to be out? Is that reasonable, both for myself and my dog?

And that is just dealing with her - the public is another story. I face criticism because I am young with invisible disabilities, I have to deal with egotistical adults who believe that my life story is public property because I have a service dog. Fly-by petters and people who will spend 10 minutes talking to Sadie without once acknowledging me are commonplace and make my life more anxious, which makes Sadie’s job more difficult. 

I have to consider the weather, the amount of time I will be out, the time of day I will be out, the people I will be with, the stores I will have to enter - it is not just taking your dog with you. 

I’m not lucky. I’m living my life at the end of a leash.

So while Sadie gives me great freedom and a sense of independence, I never forget for a second why I have her. I’m lucky that I was able to afford her and her training, I’m lucky that I was able to find a dog that was suited to be a service dog, I’m lucky that I’m in a place where I am able to owner train my dog. 

But am I lucky that everywhere I go, people see Sadie before they see me - that I am forever and always second to my service dog? No.

This is Penny.
She’s a 7 month old pug.
She loves to be the center of attention.
She’s always testing my patience.
She’s so sassy & stubborn.
But I fucking love her to death.
I’m more determined than ever to train her.
I’ve potty trained her.
I’ve taught her how to sit.
And tonight I taught her how to lay down.
She still tries to tug herself out of the leash.
She’s run off 4 times and given me the worst panic attacks of my life.
But I’m just hoping she gets the point that, that is not okay.
I’m taking baby steps to making her a well behave little puggle💗

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1. 1989 tour guitar pick someone gave me from the stage
2. disney annual pass
3. lots of lipstick
4. external phone charger
5. earbuds

1. christmas lights on my headboard
2. two fans (because florida 🙄)
3. comfy chair i got on major sale from the anthropologie outlet
4. my dream desk i got for $10 at a garage sale
5. light up “13” marquee signs i made for the red tour

1. move to los angeles
2. travel the country in an airstream
3. put my cats on leashes and take them for walks outside
4. make a living doing something creative
5. meet taylor swift

1. long road trips
2. taylor swift
3. anything with stars on it
4. disney world
5. christmas music

1. brush lettering
2. embroidery
3. avocado toast
4. haim’s new album
5. hair scarves

1. eat clean & healthy foods for every meal
2. drink more water (always on my to-do list)
3. workout everyday
4. hang posters on my walls
5. dye my hair (i can’t decide on a color though)

I tag @swiftietwins @teruterubouzu @zswiftly @cecelivesin1989 @tf1989 :)

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Furniture. Stepmother. Puppy.

It was not always easy to remember that I was probably the lucky one. 

Kneeling there, suckling my stepson’s balls, I certainly didn’t feel lucky. What I felt varied between utter humiliation and absolute outrage. 

I still didn’t understand how he’d done this to us. Drugs, maybe? All I knew is that I woke up one morning and he was in my bedroom, standing over my bed. Before I could react, he spoke.

“Okay, you gold-digging bitch,” he said, “get on your hands and knees.”

I don’t know what came over me, but I slid out of the bed, naked and confused, and arranged myself on all fours on the floor. He grinned and snapped a collar around my neck. He attached a leash roughly, and gave it a sharp little tug so I was looking up at him. 

“Things are going to change around here,” he told me, his eyes hard and boring into mine. “You’re my little puppy now. Got it?”

I wanted to sound furious, but the fear and confusion in my voice was obvious. “I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but when your father gets home, he-”

He jerked the leash again, hard. “Ah ah ahhhh,” he said. “Is that how puppies speak?”

It was the strangest feeling. The words I wanted to say were still there. I tried to cuss him out, to threaten him, to demand he stop this. All that came out, however, was a short, growling yip.

He grinned. “Much better.” He turned, walking out of the room, taking the leash with him. I had not choice but to crawl along behind him.

Out in the living room, he paused, letting me have a look around. There in front of the couch was my daughter. His stepsister. She was on all fours, just like me. She looked like she was trying to move, but couldn’t. There was a look of deep concentration and frustration on her face, and from time to time, one of her hands or legs would twitch lightly. Otherwise, she was perfectly still.

“Do you like our new coffee table?” he asked with a hideous smirk.

Again, the things I tried to say didn’t come out. All I managed was a low, angry growl, coming from somewhere deep in my throat.

He yanked the leash again, sharply. “Bad girl!” He said. He walked behind me, leaving me facing her. “Now, stay,” he said. I felt completely unable to move.

I heard him moving around behind me. I couldn’t turn and see what he was doing. Then, I felt his hands on my hips, taking hold. He got into position, and - oh fuck, no, no - his cock slid into me, strong and forceful.

I let out a low whimper. He thrust in again, fucking me. “Welcome to your new life, puppy,” he said.


Now, a week later, we’ve settled into our roles. I’m lapping away at my Owner’s balls like a good little fuckpuppy. Nearby, my daughter is perfectly frozen in place, a coaster on the small of her back, a steaming mug of coffee perched on it. 

When he came, he didn’t bother doing it in my mouth, or on me. He just shot his wad all over the floor, sighing contentedly. He gave my hair a hard ruffle with his hand, petting me roughly, and walked away. 

“Clean that up,” he ordered, pointing. I got to work lapping his seed up from the floor with my tongue. He took a seat on the couch, putting his feet up on his stepsister’s back.

“Dad’ll be back from his business trip in a couple of days,” he said. He sipped his coffee. “I’ll make sure his on board with the new structure around here. I’m very convincing,” he said with a grin. “He’ll see that everyone’s much happier now.”

“And you’ll help convince him, won’t you, puppy?”

I looked up from the floor. God help me, I could feel my ass twitch like I was wagging a tail. I barked excitedly.

“Good dog,” he said.


Little outside my usual for this one. Fun request - thanks! Hope you liked it.

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Can you recommend fics with Sabriel or Destiel?


(Personal favorites will be marked with a *

Porn marked with a ~)

First of all, there’s Itch and Aria who are just consistently perfection so anything by them so go stalk the babies <3 

Last Words: Sabriel. He feels Dean’s eyes on him, but he can’t bring himself to meet his brother’s gaze. His mouth is cotton, his chest scraped raw. He draws back his sleeve and stares, breathing ragged, at the sharp black lettering along his forearm—the last words he’ll ever hear his soulmate say.“And this is me lying down.”

*The Change: Destiel and Sabriel. Dean Winchester has a problem. A witch cursed him so now every two weeks he changes into a woman. What will happen when he meets thoroughly gay Castiel?Supernatural AU the boys are not hunters, a bit of the supernatural exists in their worlds, but other than the witch they don’t know about any of it.

I’m A Man, I Swear I’m A Man: Destiel. Jo, Benny, Dean and Cas are in Purgatory, a rock band.
As Dean and Castiel decide to try out a relationship with each other, love forms, as does anxiety, fear, and obviously, not wanting to take off your shirt in hot ass weather. Oh, and there’s this whole Big Secret thing going on too.
Also, Castiel would like for everyone to know that he is a man. He is very much a man. And if Dean thinks he’s lying about his manhood, then he’s the personification of comic sans.

Shorten The Distance: Destiel.   “Nerdytr3nchcoat” and “Impala67” weren’t looking for romance on the dating website called ‘dateangels.com’. Castiel was looking for friends and Dean was just looking to get his nagging brother off his back. What they didn’t expect to find was each other. [a long distance, online relationship fic]

Jete: Destiel. Castiel has been photographing their ballet company for two years now and he and Dean have barely exchanged six words, and yet somehow when Dean breaks his leg, it’s Castiel who takes him home from the hospital and takes care of him.

Smoke: Sabriel. Gabriel would be the perfect man, if it weren’t for one tiny thing.

Chicago For One: Sabriel.  After everyone else’s flights get cancelled, Gabriel finds himself the sole attendee at his brother’s bachelor party. Thank God he can keep himself entertained enjoying all the things Michael had planned (and maybe flirting with the hot moose-guy on Instagram while he’s at it)

Early Mornings: Sabriel.  Gabriel’s pretty much the worst roommate ever, except for the fact that he always looks after Sam in the mornings.

~Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words: Destiel. Castiel misses Dean while he lives away at school. So, he borrows Anna’s camera and decides to send Dean a little gift until Cas can come home and be with him in person.

Painted Angels ‘verse: Destiel and Sabriel. Author Castiel Novak has finally hit the big time, with a book based on his failed college relationship with a brilliant painter. He’s put all his pain behind him, but at a book signing, he comes face to face with Dean Winchester for the first time in twelve years, and the reunion doesn’t go like Cas hoped. Dean’s a broken man, with a lot of scars and secrets, shoulders weighed down by his demons and self loathing.
Cas sees a second chance with the man he’s never stopped loving, but Dean’s moved on, and is about to get married. Sam launches a “brilliant” plan to reunite his brother and his best friend, but Cas is worried it will all blow up in their faces, and he’ll go through the agony of losing Dean a second time.

Never Been KissedDestiel.  Castiel has a date with Meg, but never kissed anyone. Castiel is nervous, so Dean wants to help. HS!AU

*(sad af)I’ll Only Say Goodnight: Destiel.  At the age of 84, Dean doesn’t really wish for anything more in life. He’s happily married to Castiel. And Sam’s still alive, kicking, and of course, married to Gabriel. But endings aren’t always happy.

Finally CleanDestiel. “You moved an alpha in and didn’t even think to ask me?!”“I didn’t ask you when I moved Charlie in.”“I didn’t live here then, jackass. And she’s a lesbian, so it doesn’t count.”“I thought it would be a little rude to ask Castiel his sexual orientation,” Sam says, being a fucking priss. “Maybe he’s straight.”

Single Or Taken: Destiel. Charlie and Sam drag Dean to a party on campus and he’s a little taken aback by the system they’re using to identify who is and who isn’t single. Why does the process of simplifying things have to be so difficult?

~After Midnight: Destiel.  "How can you know you don’t like guys if you never tried to sleep with one?“
Dean can’t get Sam’s words out of his head so he goes and picks up a guy. It doesn’t take long before he realiyes how extremly lucky he was to find someone like Castiel

Burn Bright: Sabriel and Destiel.  Or, the four times Sam Winchester visited “Heaven’s Delights” for pastries and coffee (and the baker), and the one time he didn’t.

Thanking Gabriel: Sabriel.  Gabriel’s joined the team and Sam realizes how much Gabriel appreciates a bit of praise.

*The Horns Grace: Sabriel.  Sam accidentally stumbles across the Horn of Gabriel while exploring the storage room in the Bunker. But it’s not the only fragment of Gabriel still lingering behind. There’s a bit of Grace left on it. A bit of Grace that finds him very…interesting. Sam’s not so thrilled, at first. Until curiosity gets the better of him.

~Like The Song: Destiel and Sabriel.  Dean Winchester has a problem. He’s in love with his roommate. His roommate who is addicted to sex…sex not with Dean. So what will happen one night when Dean needs advice and Gabriel sends him to Craigslist? And doesn’t that personal add seem just a little too familiar?

*Listen(To The Beat Of My Heart)Sabriel. AU: Gabriel runs a stationery store in NYC. When the store is burgled and Gabriel is injured, Sam is the detective that takes the case.

I’ve Got You: Sabriel.  Four times Gabriel tells Sam “I’ve got you”, and the one time Sam finally understands what he means.

A Fish Called Castiel: Destiel. Dean Winchester plans on proposing to his summer fling, Lisa Braeden. He buys a ring, against the advice of best friend Charlie Bradbury, and books a table at an expensive restaurant. Before he can propose however, Lisa breaks up with him. His pride wounded, Dean drives out to the coast, gets liquored up and throws the engagement ring into the ocean. When he goes in to retrieve it, he heads too deep and that should be the end of the story.He shouldn’t end up back on the shore, coughing up seawater with a beautiful young man tending to him. Dean doesn’t know where this man came from or who he is but he gives him the engagement ring as a thank you for saving his life. He never expects to see the guy again, but two days later he gets a call from the local Sheriff about a strange man she’s picked up wondering naked in town with Dean’s wallet and ring on him.The guy’s name is Castiel and, much to Dean’s surprise, he’s a mermaid.

*Take You To The Country: Destiel.  A Dean/Cas 1950s AU. Dean reads an elopement proposal in the town’s local newspaper, written by some old soul in love with their best friend. He’s mid-way through expressing to his brother how beautiful he finds it when Dean realises the proposal is for him.

Holiday Souvenirs: Destiel and Sabriel.  A crossover AU loosely based on the film The Holiday with Sam and Gabriel where Sam and Castiel swap houses for a month. Sam ends up next door to Gabriel, a widower with two young girls, and Castiel ends up sharing a house with Dean. Shenanigans, obviously, ensue.

*Watch Your Hands, Watch Your Mouth: Destiel and Sabriel. Sam was just doomed to spend his life with ‘Are you fucking sorry?!’ marked on his skin. Really, it wasn’t fair.As it turns out, the explanation isn’t so bad.

*Any Colour You Like: Destiel.  On his way home from work Dean meets a young prostitute and decides that he can’t leave the boy sleep on the street in a pouring rain.

*~The Importance Of Eclairs And Apologies: Destiel and Sabriel.  Gabriel likes the life he built for himself; with everything he needs and no favors from anyone. Then a walking wet dream moves in next door and Gabriel needs to reevaluate feelings that he thought died 20 years ago. On top of all that, his brother’s boyfriend keeps trying to set him up on a blind date.

~*(Un)Leashed: Destiel and Sabriel.  Maybe Gabriel was right. Maybe it is time to take a leap of faith. NSFW, Dom!Dean, Sub!Cas.

My 1st introduction to D/s as a teenager

Isn’t it nice
Sugar and spice
Luring disco dollies
To a life of vice
I can make a film
And make you my star
You’ll be a natural
The way you are
I would like you
On a long black leash
I will parade you
Down the high streets
You’ve got the attraction
You’ve got the pulling power
Walk my doggie
Walk my little sex dwarf
We can make a scene
We’ll be a team 
Making the headlines
Sounds like a dream
When we hit the floor
You just watch them move aside
We will take them
For a ride of rides
They all love your
Miniature ways
You know what they say
About small boys

Sex dwarf
Sex dwarf
Sex dwarf
Sex dwarf

I’m a Rolls Royce
Look its so huge!
It’s big and it’s gold
With my dumb chauffeur
Looking to procure
Run little doggie 
Lure a disco dolly
Run my little sex dwarf
I feel so lonely
Get my little camera
Take a pretty picture
Sex dwarf in a gold Rolls
Making it with the dumb chauffeur

Isn’t it nice
Sugar and spice
Luring disco dollies
To a life of vice
Sex dwarf
Isn’t it nice
Luring disco dollies
To a life of vice

Sex dwarf

We can make an outfit
For my little sex dwarf
To match the gold Rolls
On my dumb chauffeur
We’ll all look so good
We’ll knock ‘em cold
Knocking ‘em cold
In black and gold
We can have playtime
In my little playroom
Disco dollies
My sex dwarf
And my dumb chauffeur
I would like you
On a long black leash
You can bring me
All the things I need

Sex dwarf
Isn’t it nice
Luring disco dollies
To a life of vice
Sex dwarf
Isn’t it nice
Luring disco dollies
To a life of vice

Sex dwarf

Sex dwarf
Isn’t it nice
Luring disco dollies
To a life of vice
Sex dwarf
Isn’t it nice
Luring disco dollies
To a life of vice

“Something takes a part of me.
Something lost and never seen.
Everytime I start to believe,
Something’s raped and taken from me.
Life’s got to always be messing with me.
Can’t they chill and let me be free?
Can’t I take away all this pain.
I try to every night, all in vain…

Sometimes I cannot take this place.
Sometimes it’s my life I can’t taste.
Sometimes I cannot feel my face.
You’ll never see me fall from grace…” 

Korn - Freak on a leash

darkslain  asked:

Sub kylo is the most in character thing ever so I'm commending you on your ability to delve further into his character and accurately perceive that!!! Thank you for you're great service to humanity

Ahhhh thank you ;___;. It’s nice to know our submarine isn’t full of isolated tumbleweeds. Honestly despite all my misgivings and fussiness with Star Wars in general (at least as far as the movies go seeing as that’s my only exposure), the ridiculous sad prince of sad fits and rage can be read as a rather complex character. At least complex enough that I’ve enjoyed him for almost a year ??? If he was just some hulking ham handed hooligan I would have wandered away by now. Tis not the case and I’m stuck and am plumbing the depths of possibilities with this sad sack and one of my favorite depths happens to be his complete and utter potential submission to another party. Boy just needs someone to take control of his life leash every once in a while.

You are poison

You are poison I have to swallow
like medicine
with a side effect
of dying inside

Don’t touch me
because I know you’re
attaching a leash
slowly killing me

You see,
when you breathe
air it is toxic for
me to breathe

Every second in time
in your presence
takes years
off my life

Don’t tell me
you need more of me
when you only want
what you expect me to be

But don’t worry
You don’t make my
eyes bleed anymore
I just have to be blind

So sorry,
all I can offer you
is fake I love yous
Yes, I’m coming home
late tonight
I wish I didn’t have to.