take my heart i didn't need it anyway

Why I Love the Solas Romance

I have thoughts, and when I have thoughts, they get written down into a thing.

The fact there even is a Solas romance blows my mind. I mean, here is a world Solas has written off as being full of not-real beings. Small minded, uncaring, unfeeling things. He has no notion or reasoning to get attached to anyone.

Yet Lavellan completely catches him off guard. At first, I’m sure he convinces himself his preoccupation with her is strictly situational. She has the Mark, after all. Of course, she would hold his attention.

“You were a mystery. You still are.”

But little by little, he finds himself drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. He becomes enamored by her. Yet even when he admits his feelings to himself, he knows it can never be more than a fantasy.

Then they find themselves in the Fade together, and Solas’ feelings slip through. He tries to cover his mistake by telling her his words were only a figure of speech. He turns away from her because he knows this cannot happen. He will not encourage this. But then she turns his head and kisses him, and all his will power goes out the window.

“You change everything.”

Even then he tries to fix it. This isn’t right. We shouldn’t. This could lead to trouble. Even if Lavellan agrees with him, he still thinks of her. He can’t not. And when we find ourselves on the balcony scene, Solas’ feelings slip again, and again he tries to walk away. But Lavellan takes his arm and asks him not to go, and he is completely doomed.

He is in love with her, and there is no escaping it.

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On the latest episode of Riverdale
  • Me: Look at Jughead he's finally happy. He has his dad, a loving girlfriend, and caring friends.
  • Writers: That's nice
  • Writers: It'll be
  • Writes: A shame
  • Writers: If something
  • Writers: Happened to all of that
  • Me: Please dont
  • Writers: *RUIN EVERYTHING*
  • Me: Take my heart I didn't need it anyway.
“Look into MY eyes and tell ME you don’t CARE!”

But I couldn’t. How could I look into those beautiful eyes and say that? How could I toss my everything away with a simple look? 

I looked into his eyes, I held my breath. I have to. He maybe my everything, but that everything isn’t mine, that everything has to grow stronger. That everything must move on.

“I’m sorry, but I-I don’t- I don’t-1″ I couldn’t. I have to leave. I have to go. I have to get away from him before he’s hurt more. I took a deep breath and looked into his eyes once more.

“Keith, I’m so sorry, but I can’t say it like this. I can’t do it. You know I can’t. But I have to go!” I turned away and began to walk.

I wouldn’t put my family in danger just because I loved him. I wouldn’t do that to any one. I felt tears stream down from my eyes, they cascaded down and dripped off my face. 

It was for the best. To save the universe I would let Lotor take me. Everyone has sacrificed themselves, now it’s my turn.


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[Spoilers] Hey Professor. I just wanted to let you know that yeah I might have well you know passed away and left my brother and I know a lot of people blame you for that but well... It's not your fault professor. It was me who decided to be reckless and I understand why you did that and how you feel and I hope you are able to see your daughter soon! No hard feelings after everything I hope! And I also hope you keep using your smarts to help people sir! -Actual Tadashi Hamada

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Can you imagine what it must feel like for Robert to know that Aaron loves him?

One thing that we were reminded of this week is that Robert thinks the world of Aaron. He admires him so much and has a deep, genuine respect for who Aaron has become, or who he didn’t become, despite the circumstances of his childhood. He looks at Aaron and sees someone that he wants to have the courage to be like. 

He makes Robert want to be the kind of man that Aaron deserves. He’s been giving it his all and he’s finally earned Aaron’s trust enough for him to agree to try again. Robert finally got to feel like Aaron sees the person he is now rather than the person that he was.

But what started Robert down this road to being a better man came from the fact that Aaron loved him when he was at his worst. Aaron is the only person to know everything and still love him. Aaron is the only person to love him in spite of all of the mistakes that he hates himself for. Not only that but Aaron was never able to stop loving him in the first place. 

Just think for a second about what that must feel like for Robert. That someone that he sees as brave and honest and loyal and kind… things Robert is trying so hard to be for Aaron… has always seen something in him worth loving. I can’t even begin to process what it must be like to know that the person that he loves with everything he has… has never been able to not love him.