take my heart and please dont break it

Let love take you higher, BD/Daily JJBA

((I am not taking sides here on all the drama that has been going on. I am not looking for trouble. All I have is a very simple message for every member of our community. 

Please don’t let this drama tear apart our community. 

I’ve seen good friends leave the community because they no longer have fun here anymore, because it’s too much for them and they simply don’t want to be part of something that is slowly turning toxic. That’s not OK. We’re supposed to appreciate each other, stick together, and if we have problems then we discuss them privately. Because it’s OK to have issues, but when it escalates like this then we need to do something rational about it. 

So let’s show some love, OK? 

Send your favourite blog a nice message, make fanart of your favourite muse, do fun memes, have a laugh interacting with friends! 

Show everyone the best in our community, not the worst!)) 

its okay if you dont love me anymore
its okay if you want to leave me
its really okay
ill let you go now
but will you please leave my heart fast
because every time i close my eyes
the image of me and you starts replaying back again
And i no longer know how long i can still take it
before i break down
before i regret
before i want you back again
—  shljx- go now

I never knew til you were gone
How many pages you were on
It never ends I keep turning
And line after line and you are there again
I don’t know how to let you go
You are so deep down in my soul
I feel helpless so hopeless
Its a door that never closes
No I don’t know how to do this.