take my hand sherlock

My Top 10 BBC Sherlock Moments:

10)  Take my hand.

 9)  You look sad, when you think he can’t see you.  UGH, that moment when Sherlock looks up at John.  UGH

8)  This look between them.  This entire moment.  How they always say so much without saying anything they need to say.  UGH.  

7)  We’re not a couple.  Yes you are.

6)  The feet, the drunken happiness, the soft warm looks.  UGH

5)  Giggling after running through London.  This was the moment I first started to ship these two idiots.

4)  This look.  THIS LOOK. UGH  It kills me but this moment is so important and I screamed internally when I first watched it.  John sees.  He sees

3)  The look in the mirror.  (I like looks between these two in case you haven’t noticed)  This look kills me every time.  SO much sexual tension.

2)  Sherlock restarting his heart for John.  Really, this entire scene in Sherlock’s mind palace is AMAZING.

1)  The entire ‘Fall’ scene, from the moment John steps out of the cab till they roll Sherlock’s dead body away.  Every single part of it is the best (however many minutes) of television EVER.

This was so hard, there are so many other scenes that I love and had to cut in order to narrow it down to just this.  But here, have a bonus moment:

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am i the only one getting sherlock ads on tumblr... like the water filling 221b promo with a big "miss me?" painted over in yellow

*buries my head in my hands* now sherlock is taking adblock from me too???

My favorite moments in BBC Sherlock

*John softly telling Mary he loves her

*Sherlock and Irene uncontrollably giggling together while cracking jokes under their breath.

*Sherlock yelling “Take my hand” to Molly as they run off into the night together

*John getting jealous of Mary’s ex-boyfriend David

*Sherlock’s sexual relationship with Janine

*Sherlock allowing himself to loosen up and dance the night away at John’s wedding reception

*The fact that none of these moments actually exist

Johnlock in Disneyland

These are a few headcanons inspired by my family’s recent trip to Disneyland.

- John indulges Sherlock’s sweet tooth by buying Dole Whips, beignets, churros, and candied apples shaped like Mickey Mouse, (not all at once, of course).

- They ride Space Mountain, John’s favorite, first. Even after Sherlock points out all of the secrets that make it feel faster (a combination of darkness, moving lights, and fans), he still loves it.

- Sherlock unexpectedly arouses John on the Jungle Cruise by murmuring the correct species names directly into his ear.

- Sherlock gets tired of looking for John in the crowds, eventually saying, “Take my hand, John,” which John does with a smile.

- Sherlock hates the Winnie-the-Pooh ride, muttering something about bee abuse.

- However, he is completely fascinated by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride because there are both pirates and dogs in it.

- Afterwards, John buys him a pirate’s hat, which he proudly wears the rest of the day.

what if john tries to start saying how he feels and sherlock gets anxious and starts moving away because hes literally just afraid even though he wants to know he wants john to love him and deep down he knows hes about to say it but hes scared and then john’s like. sherlock holmes. stand here. so i can tell you how i feel. kind of captain watsony but also about to cry? and sherlocks like, holy shit, because! he knows how bad john is with talking about his feelings!!! and sherlock’s like “take my hand” and johns like “why?” and sherlocks like “stop me in case i try to run again” and theyre bOTH BREATHING SO HARD AND SHAKING AND JOHN CANT KEEP EYE CONTACT FOR MORE THAN A FEW SECONDS but hes TALKING hes telling him how he FEELS and sherlocks just MOUTH AGAPE ABOUT TO CRY and theyre squeezing each others hands so tight it hurts but everything is on fire and they can barely even tell?!?!?!?! anyway everything just got too real peace out

john and sherlock dancing to can’t help falling in love……on their wedding night………..everybody watching…john quietly humming along in sherlock’s ear……… sherlock crying when john sings “so darling take my hand, take my whole life too, cause I can’t help falling in love with you”…….. sobbing into the shoulder of john’s shirt because he can’t believe how lucky he is……… john trying hard not to cry also………………. doing it anyway….laughing through his tears and and calling them soppy sods……….. saying they love each other so much……………….sherlock when they are older and retired picking up his violin and playing it……………… john getting up to stand behind sherlock with his hands around his waist while he plays and presses kisses to his back…………………………………….. i am crying


“What’s going to kill you?”

We’re losing you—! Sherlock—!

human error
and everything he holds dear 

Interesting, that soldier fellow. Could be the making of my brother.

Go, John
take my hand
go now

Or make him worse than ever.

oh sherlock what have you done

you are certainly going to die

you machine!

so we need to focus
narrow it down


Sherlock — human being —

caring is not an advantage

I’m not a hero. I’m a high functioning sociopath.

but look how you care about John Watson


John Watson is definitely in danger…

you have to control the pain

Sherlock, for me?

… come here.

The story of two men
To the very best of times


Very hard to find a pressure point on you, Mister Holmes.

“What’s going to kill you?”
“Like I said… human error.”

I’d have thought I’d be nervous, up on the roof with Sherlock in the middle of the night. It’s different somehow, when we’re together. Doesn’t feel scary. We climbed out on the roof of 221 Baker Street with a rug to lie on and a bottle of wine, and Sherlock’s hand is in mine, and I’m not afraid he’ll fly away from me. We’re flat on our backs, looking up at the clear, glittering, purple sky and the wine is nearly gone. The city is almost quiet, in the way that cities are almost quiet sometimes, and it’s close enough to peace. We’re wise enough now to take our moments of idyll where we find them.

Sherlock presses my hand and half turns his head to speak into my ear, puffing warm wine breath on my cheek and down my neck, “Tell me which constellations you know.”

“Constellations?” I turn as well, kiss the tip of his nose.

Sherlock’s face crinkles with pleasure, “Yes, you’re my expert, John. Tell me which ones you know.”

“I er,” I look up at the sky, then back at him and giggle, “I don’t know any constellations.”

Sherlock nudges me with his elbow, “Make it up, then, John. I’m giving you the opportunity to be romantic. I thought you enjoyed that.”

I laugh, “All right then. Hmmm.” I squint up at the sky, looking for shapes. “Okay,” I say after a moment of gazing, “There’s the Hound.”

Sherlock giggles, “The Hound, John? Does it have glowing red eyes?”

“Shut up, Sherlock. Don’t giggle at my romance. Here, look.” I point, “See the floppy ears? There and there. And there’s the wagging tail, just there.”

Sherlock follows my pointing finger and smiles a wine-muzzy smile, “Ah yes,” he murmurs. “I see it now. Beautiful.”

I grin and kiss his cheek, “Yeah?”

“Mmm, I knew you’d show me something worth seeing, John. You always do. My conductor of starlight. Yes,” Sherlock squeezes my hand again, “Yes, it’s quite beautiful.”