take my hand close your eyes

流れ星 Translation

Nagareboshi/Shooting Star

Take your innocent wishes
We searched for tomorrow
Even if that sky starts crying
Draw a starry sky in your heart 

The same night sky as that day
When we stopped and looked up
Let me hear you say “let’s go”
The tears you wiped away, hold them in your hands 

We only knew the future
It was probably a miracle yet we believed
Don’t let it die with your eyes closed
Just the wishes in my heart
Will take off again 

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Ritual for Positive Thoughts

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  • a bowl
  • water
  • salt
  • lavender oil (optional; be sure it is safe for skin!)
  • a rag

INTENT: To bring forth positive thoughts and help reduce nightmares.


  1. Gather your water and salt into a bowl; use two drops of lavender oil if using.
  2. Let the tip of your rag soak in the water.
  3. Close your eyes and focus on the water. Charge it with positive energy by holding your hand over it, not touching.
  4. Take your rag and gently dab it from one temple to the other, using 5-7 light dots of the soaked against your forehead while focusing on positive energies.
  5. Save mixture and repeat daily and/or nightly.

Title: Massage

Paring: Reader x Pick Your Man!

Word Count: 606

Warning: It’s bathtub smut

 A/N: I could really use this right now. Anyone else?

Tagging some people I see on my dash a lot and suddenly got brave enough to tag in something :) Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged!!!!

Lowering yourself into the tub after a long day you feel your muscles slowly relax as the warm water surrounds you. The candle light relaxes your eyes as you let them close taking in a calming breath, letting the steam wave over your face. Your hands glide across your skin, loving the feel of the gentle soap and water.

Head falling back to rest on the edge of the tub, strong hands catch you, gently massaging your tight shoulders.

“Just let me take care of you.”

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it’s both inconvenient and incredible that I only know how to write about you in motion. suspended somewhere between the chicago and buffalo airports, I can’t guess where I was as the blue ink smeared itself all over my right hand and the pounding in my skull became more than an annoyance. I think that’s fitting.

you mentioned once that you dreamed of traveling, taking a plane not going to buffalo or chicago but to a place I can’t pronounce. I think that’s fitting too. I suppose I’m really only able to write about you in motion because when I close my eyes you are never in one place. you’re blurred. driving your white car down that dark road, speeding until I could see myself dying and not caring one bit. nudging a book across a table with scarred palms. eyes that would dart from my cheek to the floor, from my hands to the door.

if we’re being honest and sincere like I’m trying to be, I’ve yet to discover where in this endlessly rotating cycle I have the means to love you. right here, I don’t. not in the catastrophic way I know that I could. but, at the same time, too many of my atoms have invested themselves into waiting for you than to give up on sunflowers and being more than that girl from the spring before everything changed.

granted, I’m also positive that there’s more than simply empty space between point a and point b, but neither of us are naive enough to dive into something so hopelessly uncharted. actually, maybe I am. maybe I shouldn’t be.

all I really know is that every night, around 3:30am, I wake up with my palm pressed gently into the area connecting my neck to my shoulder blade. this, this is where we exist. this is where I try to find you.
—  “neither here nor there” - Caitlin Conlon
The Five Times Credence Apparated and the One Time it Backfired

@mustardprecum @coloursflyaway


Credence closes his eyes and takes in a deep, steadying breath, narrowing his focus to the wand in his hand. It’s only too easy to focus on something–or rather, someone–else with Graves’ chest pressed to his back, the solid line of his arm against Credence’s, his fingers curled around his own, but Credence has to concentrate. His magic isn’t going to work otherwise.

“Your magic is a part of you,” Graves says, voice low and soft in Credence’s ear. “I know you’re used to it, but don’t fight it. Just picture where you want to go, and let it happen.”

Suppressing a shudder at the hot breath on his neck, Credence tries to do as Graves tells him. He reaches for the magic that’s always lurked within him. It’s no longer the twisted, tangled mess he’s grown used to, but something clearer, almost pure. It at least feels kinder than it used to.

Hesitantly, Credence draws it out, allowing it to flow through his body into the wand. He can feel it building in intensity, pushing at the tip of the wand, begging to be used. Credence squeezes his eyes shut and releases it.

There’s a rush of air, the brief sensation of being nothing, before Credence snaps back together, slightly sick to his stomach.

Graves’ hand lands on his shoulder, steadying him, helping him keep his feet. “Where… where are we?” Credence asks when he’s collected himself a little more.

Graves looks around, a shadow of confusion passing over his face when he realizes where they’ve ended up. “We appear to be in my office.”

Oh. Credence flushes, turning his face away from Graves to hide it.

This office was the first place Credence had ever met Graves, the real Graves, and his subconscious must have decided it was the safest place to take them. He’d been concentrating so hard on actually making his magic work that he’d given barely any thought to where he actually wanted to go.

“Credence,” Graves says, and Credence turns towards him, half expecting to be scolded for intruding where he doesn’t belong. Instead, Graves gives him a small, unexpected smile. “I’m proud of you.”

Credence doesn’t get the opportunity to hide his blush that time.

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“What is it?” You ask Ivar worried, but he doesn’t answer.
Slowly you’re getting angry. Never he talks about when he’s clearly in pain.
“Does your legs hurt? I could make a bath with…”
“It’s not my legs.” He interrupts you harsh and you wince.
“My shoulders, my arms.” He adds whispering.
Wordlessly you stand up and pull his shirt over the head while he watches you confused.
“Lie down on your stomach.” You say quietly, not knowing if he’ll like it.
But to your own surprise he does it and you sit down on his butt before you start to massage his shoulders.
A groan leaves his mouth and shocked you take your hands away.
“No, it feels good.” Ivar says, his eyes closed.
Again you put your hands on his shoulder, kneading the flesh there while he let out little noises in enjoyment.
Your fingers feeling numb, but you don’t stop as he suddenly starts snoring.
“Ivar?” You ask and smile as you see his relaxed face and the open mouth.
As quietly as possible you stand up as he grabs your ankle and you nearly fall on the ground.
“Stay.” Ivar mumbles and you nod, lying down next to him.
He wraps an arm around you, his face snuggled in your neck where he murmurs a ‘thank you’.

Preference 04: Confession

Joffrey Baratheon:

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“You look lovely today my lady.”  He complemented, pulling her closed to his side.

“Thank you, your grace.” You smiled thankfully.

“Joffrey, please.” He spoke kindly, stopping at a bench.

“Joffrey.” You paused, closing your eyes fearing a blow to your cheek but when none came you sighed and look at him, and he flashed you a cat-like smile, “Joffrey, thank you for taking time to walk with me.”

Though it was you who requested my company.

He smiled brighter, growing into a smirk and dropped your arm for your hand, “Yes.. Sit with me.” He spoke emotionless and you obeyed quickly looking at the flowers instead of him, still slightly afraid.

“The flowers are beautiful yo- Joffrey.”

“I’m sure they are nothing compared to the ones Highgarden, I am sure.”

“Neigh.” You forced a smile as the lie fell through your lips, “Everything is more beautiful in the capital.”

“Certainly.” He sighed in a whispered tone as he grabbed your cheek and turned you to meet his eyes, placing his hand under your chin and not moving it. “Y/N… I have brought you here today, to the spot were we first met, for a reason.”

“Yes, your grace.”


“Sorry… Joffrey…” You blinked and portrayed a look of innocence in attempts to hide your fear. But his gripped stronged as he placed his other hand on your cheek.

Joffrey smiled gently, “Lady Y/N Tyrell… I know I am promised to your sister-”

Oh gods… Oh Gods please no…

“And I did love her for her beauty. But then I laid eyes on you.. And the moment I did my world stopped… What I am trying to say is I have moved my bethrothal to you other than your sister and we will be married by months end and I couldn’t be happier.”

You were gaping but you couldn’t hide your shock.

You needed to get out, right now.

“May I be excused, your grace?” You asked, pulling away, standing up and walking off, before getting your response Tears of fear and panic cluttered your face as you bit your lips to stop a sob from escaping your mouth.

Jorah Mormont

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The sand felt nice on your as you walked along the beach, your friend carrying your shoes in his hands.

“You are right, Jorah.” You smiled at him, then at the ocean beside you, “This truly is beautiful.”

He smiled thoughtfully at you, nodding in agreement and a calming silence filled the area.

“How is the Khaleesi?” He asked, breaking silence.

“Doing the best she can I suppose.” You shrugged sadly, “She is so strong and brave. yet so graceful. I wish sometimes that I held her faith and strength.”

Jorah smiled at this, grabbing your hand and giving it a small squeeze as you looked at him, then back out at the never ending sea as it spit in your face.

You sighed, knowing that there was no use in waiting.

If I do not tell him, Dany will.

“Jorah?” You questioned looking at him, he made a small hmmm, and looking at you, your hands shaking and you looked away. I must do it now…. “Jorah I have these feelings for you… And I have to know if you share these feelings at all or if… If I not I would not like to lose our frien-”

He cut you off by placing a sweet kiss to your forehead, squeezing your hand tightly. Murmuring against your brow, he said, “I have found myself loving you as well, Y/N”

Smiling at this, you looked up at him, leaning on his shoulder saying a silent thank you to the gods that you did not make a fool of yourself.

Jon Snow

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Tear flooded your eyes as you looked at his body.

This literally cannot be happening… You thought. Why is this happening…

“M-May I please have a moment alone?” You questioned the men, not looking back to see their response, only hearing the door shut.

It was then when you threw yourself onto the slab and clung to your friends dead body, sobbing uncontrollably.

He is cold.  Cold and bruised and scraped. Something he should never be.

Shaking, you placed your lips to his forehead and hugged him, whispering in his ear silent things that you had kept secret. You whispered of your love for his eyes, for his hair, for his mind, for him, and trembled at the sight of his pale skin.

You barely noticed when a women placed her hand on her shoulder and a man picked you up, setting you on a bed where you fell into a dreamless sleep.

You woke up to warm breath and the tickle of beard against your neck, the sent of pine filling your nose. Looking up, you saw those dark eyes that you had fallen for such a long time ago and reached up, cupping his face with your hands.

“Have I died from grief, my love?” You spoke weak and hoarsely, blinking several times as Jon moved closer to you.

He shook is head, a smile brightly on his lips, one you had never seen in your life. You made a small o with your lips, your voice hurting too much to respond causing both of your eyes to water slightly.

“I heard your words.” Jon confessed.

“Did you?” You asked, too weak to figure out if he was truthful or not.

He nodded, “Aye.” He smiled again giving you a small gentle peck on your lips and pulling your weak body up as to hug you tightly. When at last pulling apart, you placed your forehead to his as he mumbled against your lips, “I feel the same.”

Robb Stark

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“Are you doing alright Lady Y/N? Truly?” He asked panicked as you nodded, grabbing his hand as you knew it calmed him down.

He was afraid, and rightfully so. A Baratheon in the North? It was danger which is why he locked you in his own tent, you sleeping in the day and him at night, though truthfully neither of you got much sleep.

You had told him all the plans you, knew, which wasn’t much but his words fear was one of his men finding you here and hurting you, perhaps even throwing you in a cell with your Uncle Jamie. Who knows what would happen from there.

“Robb your generosity is something I cannot thank you enough for.” You smiled lightly, “I am safer here than I was in King’s Landing.” You squeezed his hand gently, causing him to exhale and kneel beside you, his eyes never straying from yours. “I… I am so sorry Robb.” You sighed gently, tears in your eyes as you looked away. “I wish I could have-”

“You were packing and on your way to me, Y/N. There is nothing you could do.” He sighed to quickly, something you assumed he was doing to mask his tears. “I am sorry about your father as well.”

Smiling at the memory of your Lord Father, you looked down and sighed, “He died justly. Peacefully. It was the only way I could imagine him going I suppose.”  Robb and you both chuckled at this and silence once again fell until Robb broke it.

“I.. I think I am love with you, Y/N.”

Your heart panged in your chest and you looked at the ground blinking slightly until you kneeled beside him, wrapping him in a tight embrace.

“I think I am in love with you too Robb.”

Tommen Baratheon:

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“Can’t we go on a walk around the garden?” You smirked at him, “Aren’t you bored?” He looked up from his desk and eyed you as you toyed with books off the shelf. Gently smiling, he looked back at his paper work. “C’mon Tommy!”

“Fine.” He confessed, “I am bored. These people think they get so much for doing so little. But I am the King. It is my duty to finish this. Ser Pounce is sure in need of a bit of fresh air though-”

You sighed, picking up the cat and sitting on Tommen’s desk, the cat being put in your lap as you stroked his ears, “ Tommy I haven’t seen you properly since Joffrey died-”

“Nor I you since the Red Wedding.” He spoke in agreement, taking a free hand to pet his cat. “Look… Y/N I-”

“Is this for the wedding?” you asked, seeing an envelope with the Tyrell Rose on it. Tommen nodded, a strange look on his face and you bit your tongue to prevent yourself from swearing, “I am very excited for you my friend.”

He chuckled curtly, “I am not.”

You eyed him suspiciously and looked him up and down, “Why not Tom?”

“She is a beauty. Any man would be lucky to call her his Lady wife, but there is such an age gap.” He pursed his lips, “Besides, my heart lies with someone else.”

Your heart skipped a beat at this. You knew that it couldn’t be you, but you truly hoped. I am a traitors daughter. A deserters sister. You reminded yourself  I mean nothing to him.

“Who?” you asked numbly. Though you did not really want to know, it was polite to ask.

Tommen blushed and dropped his pen, reaching for your hand across the desk with one arm, and the other turned you to face him. His eyes were the softest and most gentle you had ever seen and it as though you were having a conversation with your eyes.

Forcing him to drop your hand you fell into his arms, looking up at him so you could respond.

I love you to Tommen. I have always loved you.

Theon Greyjoy:

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You couldn’t stop crying. You knew you had to, but you couldn’t. It was worse, somehow, when “Reek” had come to walk you down the isle.

Instead, you ran to him, wrapping your arms tightly around him and sobbed into his shoulder.

“Please don’t make me do this.”

“Lady… Y/N…”

“I don’t want to marry him.” You let go of Reek and began pacing. “He’s a foul creature. A monster. He’ll kill me I’m certain.”

He slowly made his way before you to reach out and touch you. “Y/N.” He repeated, still in a whisper, clearly not audible to your panic.

“He’ll poison me with his seed and as soon as I pop out a son he’ll feed me to the hounds like all the daughters I birthed before our boy.”

“Y/N!” He yelled at last but you weren’t listening.

“No… No maybe he won’t.” You pondered, oddly calm, “Maybe he’ll throw me from a tower. Or maybe he’ll cut off my legs so I can’t-”

Reek cut you off by grabbing you tightly and pressing his shaking lips to your temple, knowing it calms you.

“Y/N…” He whispered again, “I don’t want you to marry him either.”


“Re-No… No Theon… Theon…” He smiled gently, “More or less.. Theon Greyjoy would say he has loved you for the longest time and will defend you to the best of your ability. And will kill anyone who tires to catch your fancy,”

You laughed quietly and squeezed him tightly, “Y/N Stark would say that she shares his feelings and would wed him right now to save the two of them to the bastard she is promised to.”

He kissed your chin as he let you go, looking you up to down.

“Theon Greyjoy, and Reek I suppose, must protect their lady. Starting with this.” He dropped a small vial in your hands and you looked at it confused, “Drink it now.”

You almost dropped it when a knock came at your door.

“Reek! Hurry now! Everyone is freezing.” The bastard yelled from outside the door, “Tell my bride to walk down naked if she must! I will not wait another-”

“Take it. Now my lady. Hurry.”

You obeyed and forced the liquid into your mouth, Theon, taking the bottle once you had finished and threw it into the fire, linking arms with you and leading you outside.

And you cried out again. Tears of fear, loss and helplessness, but oddly enough, tears of joy.

Tyrion Lannister:

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“Why are you here, mi-lady?” He questioned you. “Is everything alright?”

You smiled at him, bowing your head before you sat at his desk, a small blush on your face.

“I am sorry to disrupt you, my lord but it is a matter of most importance.”

Tyrion dropped his pen and looked up from his piece of paper, his mind filling with concern as he went through all the possibilities big or small.

Are you dying? Are you leaving?

Did something happen to your family? Did something happen to his family?

 Are you hurt? Are you sick?

 Are you-

“My Lord?” You asked, your eyes filling with his concern, “My lord are you all right?”

He nodded, grabbing your hand and forcing a smile, “Quite. What Is the matter?”

You sighed and squeezed his hand tight before releasing the grip to calm yourself, “I have… How do I say it… I have grown feelings… But they are improper.. And I have tried to push them away but I have failed.

“Feelings?” He spoke numbing, fearing the response you would give, “Feelings for Joffrey?”


“For Jamie?”


“For my lord father?”


“For Gods sake.. Please tell me they aren’t for the Queen regent!?”

You chuckled slightly at this, “Nay my Lord. I have grown feelings for you.”

His eyes widened at this and he opened his mouth to release an Oh, but no noise came out as he sat in shock.

“I am sorry my lord. I know of the improper nature, for I am a serving girl and you are a high born Lord but I thought it best to tell you that-”

“Nay.” He repeated and you tilted your head to the sighed, “No don’t say another word about impropertity cause I do not care.” He smiled brightly at you and brought your hand to his lips, “Meet me here come nightfall. We shall take a walk.” You bowed your head, smiling before standing up and walking to the door before he stopped you.

“Oh and Y/N.”

“Yes my Lord?”

“Thank you for telling me.” He smirked at you.

For I feel the same and never would have told you the truth

Charging with your own energies

There are a lot of methods for directing your own energy into a sigil. I will explain the two methods I usually use. First, this is best done somewhere quiet and comfortable to help you concentrate. I also like to keep my eyes closed through the whole process to help concentrate and visualize the energy. Alright, here’s what you do.

1. (Touch) Imagine your energy flowing through your body like blood. Imagine that energy starting to flow and gather in your hand. Touch the sigil, keep the intent in your mind, and imagine all of that energy flowing through your hand into the sigil. Let go of the sigil to cut off the energy flow.

2. (Breathe) Take deep purposeful breathes. With each inhale imagine energy flowing into your lungs with the air. Each breathe gathers more and more energy, pooling in your lungs. When you feel ready, take one last deep breathe and hold it. Bring the intent of the sigil to the forefront of your mind and exhale that pool of energy onto the sigil.

Hiraeth Pt.9 (Preview)

He nods and watches as you spin around to the door but you only go so far as to prop it slightly ajar before he is grabbing onto your hand, threading his fingers through yours and stopping you abruptly. Your heart skips a beat at the touch of his hand and your eyes instantly fall to the familiarity of his fingers twining with yours, fitting into place ever so perfectly as if it was made for him. A blush pinches at your cheeks and you stare up at him, dumbfounded.

“One more thing,” he whispers.

You don’t reply, but he doesn’t need an answer. He takes a step towards you, closing the distance, and his hand cups the side of your face gently.

“Do you love him?” he asks.

“With all my heart,” You reply without a second’s hesitation.

“Do you still love me?”

His second question catches you completely by surprise, though you had been expecting it in the very back of your mind. Suddenly, you are at a loss for words, and staring at him with lips that part and shut every passing second as you try to form your thoughts into words. The answer is simple but you aren’t entirely sure if it’s the right answer. Instead, you lock gazes with his and find yourself lost in the beauty of his deep carob brown eyes that haven’t changed since you last saw him. A whisper of an answer slips past your lips.

“Yes,” You say. “Do you still love me?”

“I’ve never stopped.”

And then he’s kissing you, all at once and without any stuttering. His lips are warm and soft and inviting, making you melt against his lean figure as past memories and happier thoughts swarm your mind. It’s comforting, kissing him, but it’s in an melancholic sense. It makes you sad as you remember simpler times with the single touch of his lips but that doesn’t excuse the way your heart seems to thump erratically against your chest or the way your face flushes a deep red. 

The taste and feel of his lips, you concur, is something you will never forget. It is something that will always make you happy and the single thought both leaves you in content and absolutely, positively terrifies you.

Winter Song
Winter Song

luhan: winter song 微白城市

Watching snow melt in our hands, the city becomes white

Put love in a gift box waiting for you to open

You’re the future I want the most in my wish list

The sound of golden bells

The reflection of neon lights

Getting closer to you in the cold wind

White clouds of breaths meet

You look so wow wow

Passerby all turn back to look at you

Santa’s heart has skipped too

Let me take you out out

Waiting for the smoke in each other’s eyes to rise


Watching snow melt in our hands, the city becomes white

Put love in a gift box waiting for you to open

You’re the future I want the most in my wish list

When the countdown starts

Let me hold your hands

The branches full of wishes

I will always be with you

The condensation in New York

Floated to the hot waves in Sydney

Don’t matter if your winter freezes

It’s time to open up Oh yeah

We look so wow wow

Those uncontrolled laughter are our jingle bell bells

All problems can get out

This time no need to close our eyes when making wishes

When winter comes
I will always be with you

Say You Need Me

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Comforting Bucky after another nightmare you both consider what your feelings for each other.

Word Count: 1035 words

Prompt: “You didn’t have to ask” and “One more chapter.”

A/N: This one is for the amazing @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester and a lovely anon who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I Love You.’  

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He sat bolt upright with a scream, a look of wide-eyed terror on his face, his skin glistening with a thin sheen of sweat.  Totally disoriented he heard a door open and close and then felt hands cupping his face and a pair of familiar eyes met his.  “It’s okay Buck.  I’m here, nothing’s gonna harm you.  Just listen to my voice, take a deep breath in and out, in and out.”  He felt himself calming down and he realised he was in his bed, in his room at the tower and the cold clammy grip of fear began to melt in the warmth of your touch and your voice.  It was usually Steve who appeared when he had a nightmare but he had been away on a mission for the past week and so you had taken up the role.  At first Bucky didn’t like you seeing him so weak but his need for you, your soothing voice, your reassuring touch soon outweighed his embarrassment.  He found himself relaxing far quicker with you than with Steve and more often than not managed to get back to sleep.

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“Such beautiful skin,” the Dollmaker says, stroking your cheek as his eyes roam over your body. “You’ll be the pride of all of my creations.”

Cringing away from his hand, you choke on the tube in your mouth as you think about the events of the night. The plan you had set up couldn’t have gone worse, and a tear slips down your cheek thinking about it. It was simple enough: You’d feign innocent, and the Dollmaker would capture you and take you to his lair, with Digg and Oliver following close behind.

But that was supposed to happen now, three hours after you arrived here. What you hadn’t anticipated was that you’re pretty enough to spike the villain’s interest and be taken in broad daylight. You were heading home from work, and if you hadn’t been on the phone with Oliver during your capture, you wouldn’t have the small sliver of hope you do.

You can still hear his voice saying, “I’m coming,” as you were taken away into the dark van. He was going to blame himself for weeks.

You’re snapped out of your thoughts by the man smiling and saying, “Are you ready, sweetheart?”

Tears slide down your cheeks as you realize that this is the end. This is the day you die. Just as the man flips the switch, an arrow embeds in the back of his hand as the wretched substance flows into your mouth and down your throat. Sobbing now, you barely see Oliver run after the Dollmaker, before Digg comes and rips the tube out of your mouth. The world goes black as you fall forward into his waiting arms.

Your eyes blink open, and you see Oliver sitting next to your bed, eyes on the floor. Getting your bearings, you see you’re in a hospital room, and your throat hurts. “Ollie,” You rasp, wincing at the way your voice sounds. His head snaps up and he smiles softly, taking your hand and kissing it. “What happened? Did we get him?”

He smiles, kissing the palm of your hand. “Yeah, we got him sweetheart,” he assures you. “All thanks to you.”

You snort, closing your eyes from exhaustion. “All I managed to do was get captured.”

At this Oliver looks down, eyes going blank as his mouth goes back into a hard line. “Hey,” you lift his chin up gently with your finger so he’s looking at you. “It wasn’t your fault. There’s no way we could have anticipated this happening.”

Then you cough, and he stands up, chair screeching across the floor and making you wince. “I’ll let everyone know you’re awake,” he informs, walking out of the room as you watch him with sad eyes.


“You don’t have to be afraid.” Ezekiel whispers behind you as he notices your shaking hand.
“I’m just afraid that she’ll not like me.” You say, watching Shiva how she sits on the ground.
“She’ll love you as much as I do.” He responds and taking your hand, guiding it towards Shiva. “Shiva, that’s my lady (Y/N).”
A smile appears on your face as Shiva smells on your hand and she lowers the head a bit.
“Now you’ve to rub her ears, she likes that.” Ezekiel smiles and together you do it while Shiva closes her eyes in enjoyment. “See? No need to be afraid of her.”
“She feels so soft.” You say excited and turn your face to Ezekiel. “Thank you.”
Gentle he wipes a strand of hair behind your ear and kisses you.

i just juiced 196 lemons so here are some facts i learned:

  • your average lemon contains 26.5 mL of juice
  • it takes about an hour to juice 100 lemons
  • after having lemon juice on your hands for such a long period of time, your fingers will be extremely wrinkly and feel slightly slimy even when completely dry
  • lemon juice will squirt everywhere if given even the slightest chance, and it is a miracle none got in my eyes, though there were several close calls
  • people don’t expect you to count such a volume of lemons, which is foolish, because of course you have to know the exact amount in order to effectively complain about it afterwards
Keith X Reader

I dunno, dude.

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You hummed along to the old song, standing up and quietly dancing alone in the training room. It wasn’t long before a shadowy figure appeared, in the shape of a friend, taking your hand and dancing with you.

“Laughing at my sister as she’s dazzling the room, then you walked in and my heart went boom!”

You fell back, your shadowy partner being just solid enough to catch you by the waist and pull you back up. You hummed along to the song, joining the singer for the last word. “Helpless~” You rested your forhead against the shadow’s, who had leaned down to your height. A small smile grew on your face as you closed your eyes, letting the silence cover you two for a few seconds.

“(Y/N)?” You jumped, the shadow disippating when you lost physical contact with it. “What are you doing in here? You’re not a fighter.” You turned towards the red paladin, shrugging and clearing your throat.

“Keith, you startled me,” you replied, placing a hand over your quickly-beating heart. “I was just doing some, uh, self-defense. you know, if I end up getting attacked by the Galra or something. I am a member of your team, even if I am just a healer. They might try and get information from me,” you explained, your gaze shifting around the room as you did so.

“Nice thinking, but-” Before you could process what was happeing, you were on your back with the edge of Keith’s sword hovering over your neck, “-your lack of a weapon would be your downfall.”

“Noted. Can you let me up now?” you asked, a smile crossing your face. His sword retracted and he held out his hand. You huffed and grabbed it, letting him pull you to your feet. “Thanks.” You brushed yourself off, sighing. “I suppose I should go find myself a weapon,” you muttered, studying the ground as you began to walk towards the armory.

“I can help you test them out, if you want.” You froze, turning towards your friend.

“That’d be great.” You smiled before continuing your walk to the armory. When you came back with various weapons in a bag slung over your shoulder, you leaned against the wall and watched Keith spar with the training gladiator. As you did so, you let out a small sigh and smiled.

“(Y/N)?” You jumped, blinking and focusing on the red paladin. “You alright?”

“Uh, yeah, sorry. You ready?” He nodded, and you two spent the next hour or so testing out different weapons. When you ended up in a stance with his bayard against your neck and your large meat cleaver-like weapon against his.

Both of you were breathing heavily, and you weren’t about to break eye cntact with him. After a moment, he stepped back and both of you lowered your weapons, you stumbling forward slightly and resting your forehead on his shoulder. “You tired?” You nodded, and you heard him chuckle. “Let’s go get a drink.”

“Sounds like a plan,” you muttered, standing up straight and watching as your weapon turned into a ring, resting comfortably around your pinky finger. “Cool.” You followed him out of the training room, smiling when he handed you a drink pouch.

“What’ve you two been up to?” Shiro asked as you two walked in and fell onto the couch next to each other.

“Training,” Keith replied simply, as you took a sip from your pouch and nodded.

“Taste this, it tastes weird,” you said, holding it out to him. He leaned forward to take a sip.

“You’re right. Weird.”


18. Imagine Dean taking every opportunity to flirt with you

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You met Winchester boys few months ago when you rescued them from some vampires. Since then you were helping them occasionally and every time you do Dean’s flirting with you. The problem is you never now how to response. Currently they’ve been working on some weird ass case and asked you for some aid - you sometimes wonder if Dean’s choosing them on purpose just to see you.

When you were doing some research in the Bunker you heard deep voice behind you:

“Did you find something?”

“Not a damn” you dramatically closed the book you were reading

“I like you in that shirt Y/N” Dean smiled

“Does it mean you don’t like me without it?” you blushed as you are realy bad at taking compliments

“Oh, I think I would like you even more without it” his green eyes shined in mischievious way

“So, why we don’t check this theory?” you said shyly as Dean took your hand and showed you way to his bedroom

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Valentine Drabbles #1 | Ravi, you

Requested by Anon: Ravi + cuddles; I want to feel you closer. you’re my girlfriend.

Words count: 617

Returning back to the studio, you found him sprawled, leaving his PC open. You assumed that he was so tired and decided to take a small nap to continue working. Letting go of a sigh, you put in the drink, that you went out to bring for him, on the table before heading to put the PC on the sleeping mood.

But before you could take any more steps, you felt a hand grabbing on your shirt, stopping you. Half turning, Wonshik’s eyes were still close, but his hands were holding onto you tightly. A small smile placed on your face as you kneeled beside the coach, taking his hand in yours and faced him closely.

“You aren’t sleeping?” You asked. With your other free hand, you caressed his face slowly.

“I have a lot of things to do. I’m sleepy too.” Wonshik said, with a husky voice, making chills running down your spine.

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“Your god is wonderful and magnanimous, I understand,” Allura says, keeping her voice as light and pleasant as she can. “I just don’t see how any of what you’ve said is any help to us.”

The paladin takes another step forward, and actually raises her hand and pokes Allura hard in the chest. “And your frippery and light shows are so useful, is that it?”

Allura gapes, her closely held propriety abandoned in the face of such a patently ridiculous insult. “How dare- my magic is hardly frippery!”

The paladin smirks, running her eyes over Allura’s robes. “Maybe not, but that outfit certainly is. Honestly, Allie, how large do a person’s sleeves really need to be?”

-Excerpt from “and oh it aches (but it feels oddly good to hurt)” 

I got @mischief7manager for the Critical Role Secret Santa and it was so, so hard not to want to draw a scene from every one of her fics!!! I barely managed to narrow it down to this amazing exchange between Kima and Allura, which is my personal canon for the two now. 

Mischief, I hope you like your present!!