take my diploma away

“I’m belly up in the swamplands.
In east Texas, you don’t die dry.

You huddle down in the mud
baring your teeth, your legs, your throat for
water moccasins.
They’ll bite you gentle.

You sip un-aged shit whiskey from
a plastic water bottle.
You have friends burrowed,
in your hometown.
You have an ex to be avoided, who left you covered in blue lace.
Asshole played football.

You thought you got out of here,
but it hooked a knife in
your pelvis.
Drags you back screaming.
Drags you back gutted.

Until you’re climbing the top of the
water tower, slamming the back of
your head against
the high school mascot.
Leaning over the rail, hollering
‘You think you’ll let fucking go,

-K.Stark/Clichés, State, 5A


Kim Jung gi is a monster.