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…ANd THEN THe forest girl grew up and so did everyone else, and she married the person she met one time when she was 12, thus ending of the swapped version of the story. SO MUCH happened in this arc (that i love) and i couldn’t even get to my favorite bits, but…that’s the ending. …I mean, theres not MORE after this. Surely nobody would be crazy enough to continue something that had a solid enough ending 8) *nervous laughter* ….

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Pjaca’s Skills vs Palermo | 17.02.17 

Guys....I think most of us took DB Super Episode 60 in a bad way (even some Japanese gochi fans)....xD

(just making this post cause other people messaged me about this and were upset too) 

((Click here to see the video if you haven’t yet))

SO I finally saw episode 60 fully and……

You can clearly see here that Trunks tells Goku to “give him the senzu bean” and then chews the senzu bean for mai because she is too weak to chew it herself. 

Then Goku goes on to say “Trunks! I’m surprised that you can lock lips with her!”

Then Vegeta says, “You! Haven’t you done it?” <—-Vegeta didn’t specify whether talking about kissing or passing senzu bean through the mouth

Then Goku over here thinks *What is vegeta talking about? Passing Zensu bean through the mouth**?? Silly Geets of course I haven’t gave senzu beans through the mouth!

so he replies with “Huh? of course not!”

Vegeta: Aren’t you married??!

Then Goku says, “Is there a connection to that?” <—– showing that he was thinking that vegeta was talking about passing senzu beans through the mouth. xD

Then Vegeta gets frustrated and says “Whatever!” probably thinking man this moron! So in short both Goku and Vegeta misunderstood what each other were talking about xD