take me to the prom


Ruby: I’m serious ‘Cela, you could just be a little nicer to her.

Maricela: Right, because you’re so nice to her every time you come over here without her.

Ruby: That’s different.

Maricela: Yeah, you’re right. You’re worse. Cheating on your girlfriend is way different than me not wanting to share my booze with her.

Ruby: Look, just because Yumi and I haven’t…y’know… doesn’t mean I don’t like her. She’s beautiful, and funny, and she actually puts me first. I’m gonna take her to prom and everything!

Maricela: And yet you’re still here.

ok but bear with me: older!connie takes steven to her prom

all her friends have heard her sometimes talk about this mysterious “steven” she allegedly spends the summer with and they’re not entirely sure what to expect but it certainly wasnt the 6'7" hairy person wearing a tux and flip flops and riding on a PINK LION

meanwhile their quiet, braniac, restrictive-parents-having connie looks totally calm about all this madness as she slides off the pastel behemoth and introduces her boyfriend(??) as “Steven Quartz Universe”, who they later learn was begat by a rock star and an alien, but while he’s intimidating at first he’s also super nice so they cut him some slack and pretty soon they’re all chatting like old friends

UNTIL THEY ALL GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR and connie and steven are dancing and there’s a flash of light and suddenly the hottest 8-foot androgyne they’ve ever seen is standing where once there was a steven and a connie

this is all i want in this life ok


Yo so today is phandom prom???? I don’t have a date cause I procrastinated asking anyone and then forgot but I did take these pics on my friend’s phone so who’s the winner now???? Come talk to me! I suck at social life


Jess, is that you? Jess, I’m pretty sure it’s you and I’m pretty sure you’ve been calling and not saying anything but wanna say something. Hello? You’re not going to talk? Fine, I’ll talk. You didn’t handle things right at all. You could’ve talked to me. You could’ve told me that you were having trouble in school and weren’t going to graduate, and that your dad had been there, but you didn’t. And you ended up not taking me to my prom and not coming to my graduation and leaving again without saying goodbye again, and that’s fine, I get it, but that’s it for me. I’m going to Europe tomorrow and I’m going to Yale and I’m moving on. And I’m not going to pine. I hope you didn’t think I was going to pine, okay? I think… I think I may have loved you, but I just need to let it go. So, that’s it, I guess. Um, I hope you’re good. I want you to be good, and, um, okay, so, goodbye. That word sounds really lame and stupid right now, but there it is. G o o d b y e .

its 2:30am but its dONE

this is an art trade with linneart who requested hs!au :D i thought “hm what was my best high school memory” and i thought PROM mine was really nice like can you imagine????? them like taking a break outside or walking around and just???? confessing their feelings under the stars?????

i hope you like it linnea!! your art is beautiful and so are you <3333333


I have no idea about American High schools or how prom works over there so i’m sorry for errors <3 Also Sorry For The Stilinski Family Feels And Making This Super Duper Long

Prom Outfit

“Hey… (Y/N) What’s up?” Your brother had jogged past your room in a hurry, skidding to a jerky stop when he saw you curled up in your bed crying.


“The kids at school are making fun of me cause no one wants to take me to prom.” You stuttered as you tried to calm yourself enough to talk.

“Well I can go with you.” He offered cheerfully.

“Ew Stiles no that’s super weird.” You giggled as he clutched his chest and pretended to cry.


“Want me to see if Scott can take you?” Stiles was serious no, knowing his best friend loved you just as much as he did.


“It’s ok… I’ll just hang out with you.” you smiled up at him and Stiles swore his heart broke a little.


“Don’t sweat it (Y/N) you’re a cutie someone will ask you.” He ruffled your hair and headed back to his room.


“You know what your doing is stalking right?” Ethan asked as he strolled up to his brother. “And its actually illegal in some places.”


“I’m not stalking… They’re picking on her again, should I stop them?” Aiden asked as he watched a group of girls corner you.

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30 minutes ago….
Star: I had fun tonight Marco…
Marco: Oh really? To be honest it was a bit much for me…
Star: Oh c'mon it wasn’t “that” bad. Plus you finally got that dance with Jackie you always wanted right?!
Marco: *blush* Ha… I guess your right… But heyyyy you and Oskar what was “that” about?
Star: *blush* ohhhh nothing… Thanks for taking me to my first dance by the way Marco i appreciate it!
Marco: N-no problem Star… s'not like i was your date or whatever…
Star: hahaha yea… Even though that would be fine too…
Marco: W-what does that mean?….
*star falls asleep on Marco’s shoulder*
*Marco puts his jacket on Star and carries her*
Marco: The Stars have never shined brighter…
*Marco pecks Star’s cheek with a kiss*
I wish i could draw😫💯
Im seriously thinking about a making a Starco fanfiction off of pics…

random-stitches  asked:

Hanzo, Reinhardt, Mei, Lucio, McCree, Zenyatta

  • do the sexy love™ with: Mei?????? (i do not do that stuff so maybe mei would be content to fake it and play video games or read instead)
  • sacrifice myself for: ZENYATTA 900% zen– he Must Live
  • kick: McCree (before falling over and Dying because me foots hurt)
  • take to prom: Hanzo because I can’t feel like a pos when someone who looks like Hanzo is with me right? right
  • abandon in jurassic park: Reinhardt. He can take it and beating up dinosaurs is probably the closest he’ll get to actually fighting a dragon
  • push off a bridge: Lucio because I’d make sure it was near a wall for him to wall-ride back up so I could apologize profusely for pushing him off a bridge