take me to spain :(

I will fight for Net Neutrality.

My family is poor.
I’m saying it right here and now, in front of everybody. My family is fucking poor.
We can’t afford the money to pay for Internet.
Internet is literally all I have left. Sean, Mark, my friends are all I have left.
I can’t pay for this. I can’t pay money to be happy everyday.
They want to take this away from me.
I can’t let them take this away from me.
I can’t let them take Jimena, @midiplier, my best friend from Spain, my crazy bitch I love with the bottom of my heart.
I can’t let them take June, @tubergirl, the girl that I’ve known for just three months but I’d trust my life with.
I can’t let them take Sean, @therealjacksepticeye, the man who saved me without knowing who I am, the Irish boy that has become a part of my daily routine and never fails to make me smile even if I’m crying.
I can’t let them take away Mark, @markiplier, the silly YouTuber that warms my heart and dries my tears every time he appears on my screen, the one I’ve supported since 8 million.
I can’t let them take away @fear-is-nameless , @markired, @no-strings-puppet, @irosl6, the bloggers that have no idea who I am but I’ve grown attached to, the people who made me feel safe through the screen.
I can’t let them take away @simpleagle, @rustybean, @shuploc and countless other artists that have brought me inspiration and have made me feel creative and confident enough to start drawing.
I can’t let them take away the Internet from me, I can’t let them take the community from me, I can’t let them take these people that mean so much to me and turn them into money.
Please fight. Fight for yourself, fight for me, fight for the community, for everybody else that can’t afford this. Fight for eachother. Fight for the greater good. This is a disaster, but together we can fix this.
Don’t let Net Neutrality slip through our fingers.

Katharine’s Speech at Blackfriars

Those who haven’t studied history don’t realize what a huge SCREW YOU this was to Henry VIII, or what tremendous damage it did his cause for the “divorce” (annulment) or what Katharine of Aragon’s subtle digs were all about. Allow me to “translate” by filling in historical references, just for fun.

Sir, I beseech you for all the love that hath been between us, and for the love of God, let me have justice. Take of me some pity and compassion, for I am a poor woman, and a stranger born out of your dominion. I have here no assured friends, and much less impartial counsel.”

This references the MANY times Henry insisted that he cared deeply about her and wanted her to receive justice (that he would abide by the decision of the court and be “delighted” if they found her to be his “true and lawful wife” because if he had it to do over again, he would pick her); he had made those assertions in public, the latest one mere minutes before, and Katharine is calling him out – if you love me so much, why won’t you let me have a fair trial outside of England, where those officials presiding over the case are not on your payroll? Not even my lawyers are foreigners! You control them! 

Katharine knew Henry. She’d lived with the man for 20 years. She knew public opinion and approval mattered more than anything to him (enough that he tried to hide his affairs and indiscretions and became very upset if they fell into or became public knowledge) and he had a warped sense of chivalry. Knowing this will stir his emotions, she assaults his honor, shaming him in front of everyone, and hinting that she needs him to have pity on her… in front of about a thousand Londoners who worship the ground she walks on.

Alas! Sir, wherein have I offended you, or what occasion of displeasure have I deserved?… I have been to you a true, humble and obedient wife, ever comfortable to your will and pleasure, that never said or did any thing to the contrary thereof, being always well pleased and contented with all things wherein you had any delight or dalliance, whether it were in little or much. I never grudged in word or countenance, or showed a visage or spark of discontent.

This reminds him that she has sided with him even against her father, Ferdinand of Aragon, and against her nephew, Charles V, in the instances where the two nations were in conflict; that she has conspired with him and bent to his will in favor of England over Spain and not once raised any complaints about participating in his childish masques and public fripperies. Katharine is also drawing attention to her reputation – renowned for “wearing a smile” even in her deepest miseries. She’s also reminding him of her eventual submission in those matters where they had any great dispute (such as Henry Fitzroy).

I loved all those whom ye loved, only for your sake, whether I had cause or no, and whether they were my friends or enemies.”

This is about his mistresses. Strong, subtle reminders that “I have put up with your adultery, and I have been kind to your mistresses.” In other words, YOU OWE ME. She is probably also referencing Cardinal Wolsey, whom she specifically disliked, but whom she also treated with respect.

This twenty years or more I have been your true wife and by me ye have had divers children, although it hath pleased God to call them out of this world, which hath been no default in me…”

Divers means “many” – many children; she is referencing the basis of his entire argument and invalidating it. Henry is arguing that their marriage is not lawful because she was not a virgin when he married her, and any union so formed (based on a text in Leviticus) will be “childless.” Not only do they have a living daughter, Katharine is reminding him of their many children (some miscarried, others stillborn, and at least one that lived for some weeks). She is saying that their deaths are not her fault, she was without sin, because…

When ye had me at first, I take God to my judge, I was a true maid, without touch of man. And whether it be true or no, I put it to your conscience.”

… she was a virgin. Thus his Biblical argument is faulty.

Henry’s entire argument, he claims, is built entirely on his conscience; he has argued from the first that his conscience has provoked him to take action. She is referencing that and inviting him to “out” her if she’s lying. She is directly telling him that both of them know his reason for this trial is untrue.

Katharine is giving him an enormous opening here, and he does not take it. Henry does not argue with her and say that she was not a virgin. He has raised it as a potential reason for their dead children up until this point by implying that she might have lied about her virginity, but Henry believed lying in a canonical court before representatives of the Church would have endangered his soul. If Henry knew she was not a virgin, he could have said so without endangering his soul – but he did not say it. He never said it, not then nor at any other time, though he allowed others to say it for him. He met it with silence, which was as good as an admission that she was telling the truth. Another serious blow to his case in the eyes of those watching.

If there be any just cause by the law that ye can allege against me either of dishonesty or any other impediment to banish and put me from you, I am well content to depart to my great shame and dishonor. And if there be none, then here, I most lowly beseech you, let me remain in my former estate…”

Here’s another dig at his honor, and an appeal for him to stop this case. If he can find a “just cause” (not fabricated – this is an attack on this trial being unfair and stacked against her) she will step aside, though it will destroy her reputation. The references to shame and dishonor are reminders that if this court rules their marriage invalid, she will be seen as his whore of twenty years. She is making a grand dramatic overture and playing the part of a dutiful and obedient wife, making others see her as the wronged woman who will step aside, though everyone will know it was unjust. A master stroke!

“Therefore, I most humbly require you, in the way of charity and for the love of God – who is the just judge – to spare me the extremity of this new court, until I may be advised what way and order my friends in Spain will advise me to take. And if ye will not extend to me so much impartial favor, your pleasure then be fulfilled, and to God I commit my cause!

One last assault on his honor, through an implication that if he does not let her have impartial justice through an appeal to Rome, he is a knave and she has no choice but to rely on God to protect her, for her husband clearly will not. 

This mass assault on him, using his own words against him, did exactly what she intended it to do. Henry fell for it, as she knew he would. To save face after being called out, Henry agreed to let her appeal to Rome, which stalled the proceedings and screwed over his case for years. His decision was made in a rush of emotion and the embarrassment of having everyone in the room (the public gallery and streets were full, so thousands were watching) thinking he was an unjust king and husband. Only later did he realize the full extent of how it would prevent him from obtaining a divorce but by then it was too late.

Henry massively underestimated Katharine. He assumed her former compliant behaviors would mean she would simply give him what he wanted – he did not realize he had a tiger by the tail. Her natural ease in winning people over, her talent for winning tremendous popularity and public support, her cunning, all those things that had benefited him throughout the last 20 years suddenly turned on him and unveiled her as a powerful adversary. Henry finally had to annul the marriage by overturning the Church, because Katharine blocked him at every turn – destroying months of research and planning with one deft blow after another, for as long as she could. But this certainly was her finest hour.

This Day in 1D History - May 25


  • the boys (gently) drag Harry “I think I snore” Styles for his sleeping habits at Coup de Main (posted) 
  • More Than This” is officially released as the fourth and final single off Up All Night!
  • Up All Night Tour concert – East Rutherford, USA, feat. Harry being the most helpful duckling


  • PUPPY LOVE CUDDLE PILE at Take Me Home Tour concert – Madrid, Spain #2 <33
  • *GASP* I knew it


  • Where We Are Tour concert – Dublin, Ireland #3, feat. sunbeam prince Louis and Harry’s mid-banana surprise catch ;) 



  • new shots of Harry on the set for Dunkirk!!
  • Niall takes on the BMW PGA Championship!
  • Louis and Danielle are all smiles at Jamie Vardy’s wedding :))

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I don't know why but I am low-key terrified of Spain so after seeing that post with anon like "we need more Spain" and him just "Hola"-ing from nowhere, I should point out that I terrifiedly muttered "Take him back". Well done, your Spain just spooked me

Spain: “This isn’t the 1500s anymore, so I guess I can’t really be spoopy like I used to be.”

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How would the 2ps react to their s/o getting bullied so much they refuse to go to school, and flinch or cry at everything and they don't tell the 2ps till they're having a breakdown?

(Ahhh yes, this brings back memories~)

2p Italy: “Bella, I want you to write down their names, and tell me where I can find them. They won’t bother you anymore~”

2p Germany: “Mein häschen, why didn’t you tell me???”

2p Japan: “Let me get my katana before we go.”

2p Romano: “Ohhhh no they didn’t! Let me take care of them for you, hon.”

2p Spain: “…That’s just fucked up.”

2p Prussia: “How dare they do that to you! J-just stay home and we’ll settle it tomorrow.” *cuddles them*

2p America: “Give me their names and what they look like so I can wring their fucking necks.”

2p England: “Dearie, please don’t cry. I’m here to help you. Now, tell me who these people are and I will handle it.”

2p France: “ *groan* What a bunch of immature assholes. Just stay home today, I’ll take care of it.”

2p Russia: “That’s it you’re being home-schooled.”

2p China: “Why the hell would they do that to you You’re amazing how can they not see that?! Tell me who is doing this to you and I will fuck them up.”

2p Canada: “Tell me who these assholes are right now.”

“Some times you FaceTime @lilireinhart as she’s grabbing tacos and Mountain Dew from Taco Bell”

My mind automatically went to→ maybe she’s getting some for her and Cole :P

***and I know it probably takes 10hrs to fly from Spain to US but let me live in my own world where it didn’t and Lili actually was😂***