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Dan Howell-Thunder Claps (FLUFF) SUBMITTED BY SQ

Request by anon: hi love , i’m not sure if you’ve done this before or not but i was wondering if you could write a short Danishnotonfire one shot where you guys are watching movies and it starts to thunder and lightning, and you try not so show that you’re scared but a big clap comes and you can’t help but cringe and cuddle into him, and he kinda teases you a bit but then he lays with you and comforts you ? if you do, thank you ^.^ btw i love your blog <3

(I’m having my lovely friend write a few so I can get out as many as possible)

I’m awaken in the middle of the night by loud booms of thunder. They startle me from my sleep. I have always hated thunder. I love the sound of falling rain, but I can’t stand the loud sound with out any warning, or the blinding flashes off light.

I let out a high pitched yelp, as the next boom, interrupts the silence of the room. I roll over to face Dan, pulling my pillow over my head, and my knees to my chest. I have hated thunder since I was a little. I don’t know why, but it frightens me. Dan however, hasn’t been warned about this fact.

My scream wakes him from a dead sleep, frantic to find me. He searches for me in the jumbled mess of blankets and pillows. When he finds me curled into a ball of fear, he places a comforting hand on me.

“(Y/n), what is it? Are you alright?” His voice is quiet and sweet. I lay there stunned. I try to respond but can not. Just then, the thunder answers for me. It booms louder than before. I flinch, then curling myself up further, if that were even possible. He instantly understands the problem.

“Oh come here it’s okay. It’s only thunder.” His voice was melodic and sweet. He pulls me against his chest, resting his back on the head board. With the next boom I pull the blanket over my head. He hugs me tighter. My body vibrated with fear. After a few quiet moments, Dan finally speaks.

“I have an idea.” He pulls him self from beneath me. I watch as he reaches over to the night stand and pull his IPhone off it, along with his headphones. He plugs then in. “Sit up.” He insists sweetly. I do so slowly.

Another bright flash is followed buy a loud crackle and boom. I pull my knees to my chest and cup my hands over my ears, rocking myself back and forth on the bed. He slowly pulls them down replacing them with his massive headphones. He warns me before he begins playing music. He turns it up gradually, until I confirm that I can not hear him.

He holds up a finger, signaling, and mouths the words “One second.” I nod hesitantly. He leaves our bedroom for a while. I see flashes of light, cringing every time, preparing for the thunder, that I never hear.

Dan returns a few minutes latter. He holds his hand out for mine. He takes me out into the lounge. The room is dimly lit, and there is a large mass in the center of it. I recognize the array of colors. Its a collection of blankets and sheets, from all about the house.

He turns, grabbing my other hand, leading me to the creation. Once in front of an opening he lets go and ducks down inside. He peaks out, of what I can now identify as a fort. He pulls one of his many adorable smiles, as he beckons me inside.

I get down crawling into the fort. Music still blasting in my ears. The bottom of the fort is covered in thick cozy blankets. It was lit only by the PAC-MAN light. It was a comforting setting in itself, but Dan made it even better.

I crawled over too him, curling up against his side. He pulls one side of the headphones off my ear. Just to say one thing.

“It’s okay you know, everyone’s afraid of something.” He them places the headphone back on my ear and wraps me tighter in his arms. He places a gentle kiss on the top of my head. I fall back into a deep sleep comforted by his warmth.