take me to katsucon


I was too busy to post as they came so here’s some of katsucon for today (feat. @driftingbystars and her boyfriend as Cloud and Aerith)


I ran into these Bravely Default / Second cosplayers on Friday of katsucon as Tiz!! They were super sweet and took photos together! Credit to the 707 that was with them,,, i never got their contact info orz ;; and let me know if the Magnolia has any social media! I don’t think she has a instagram so!

Ringabel / Edea- @somersetsews / Khint / Tiz / Magnolia


Yes hello I’ve been dying to cosplay prisoner matt and give people feels…including myself.

I am currently sobbing again

I’m so happy we were able to take these

Matt- me
Pidge- @koditsa
Shiro- Shannon

Photos taken by Chengyi

“Tomorrow night lights will appear just like they do on my birthday each year.” 

Concept Art from Tangled by @claireonacloud
Rapunzel: @imagineeri
Photo: @jii-dragon / @jii-cos

This costume is by no means perfect. I plan on fixing all the issues I have with it for D23 later on this year, but as of right now, I have finally cosplayed Rapunzel after like five or six years of dreaming of cosplaying her and I am so happy I could do this particular design for my first Rapunzel cosplay. I don’t feel I’ve done the design justice, but I fully intend to! 

A special thank you to Jii for not only taking the time to take photos for me on Sunday, but also sending me some so quickly.


@shibahri as a desire demon, me as fem!cullen, and @sassygaykorra as fem!dorian (based off this art!) – who totally surprised me on that cause i HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS GONNA COSPLAY DORIAN WITH ME ;A; !! (featuring Phil, the Staff) @blind-tiger took the photo !!! (u can click to see it bigger)

on friday another cullen cosplayer handed me lyrium (rock candy) and I laughed so hard i couldn’t believe it- SO CLEVER THOUGH! 

then @cloud-killed-by-doors asked to take a selfie with me and I WAS SO SURPRISED AHAH– i have to tell you right now i am very very self conscious so it was surprising to be approached like this ;;; (they are such a fab Cullen too wtf?? And the dorian they were with was so A+++) it was nice meeting them! (here is their winter palace group!)

if u wanna see more pics of katsu (literally only DA and Rvb/Halo pics lMAO) you can check out my twitter or my instagram ^u^


Went to Katsucon this weekend! Even though I was nervous about going alone, I didn’t want to miss it. And it went awesome, since this is my first time going to such a large convention :D

I also met some of my favorite cosplayers!
@phantasmalfawn (upper photo) and @saccharinesylph (second photo)
Thank you so much for taking a picture with me! You guys made me very happy! :)


The top photo was from the very first time I cosplayed Sophie in 2012. I had absolutely no idea what make-up was and I used my own hair for the braid which you can barely even see. 3 years later and I can’t believe the improvement. I haven’t changed the dress or the hat at all, but the difference having a wig, learning how to do make-up and some false lashes made a world of difference! Practice makes perfect!

Thank you to @chasisphotos for taking this gorgeous picture of me at Katsucon 2015!