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What the MKX characters are saying to each other in the select screen ...

Pepper (Base Sim)

So I passed the 2000 follower milestone a while ago but I didn’t say anything (I had no gift ideas lol ;-;) but thank you! It makes me happy that people enjoy silly littlebigshortie’s posts XD Please take Pepper as a gift from me for your support and love. I hope you’ll like Pepper as much as I do. ♥

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Name: Ebony D'arkness Dementia Raven Way

Time and Date: 6:66 pm, October 31st, 2006

Average hours of sleep: vampirez don’t need sleep u prep

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: Bisezual (an: don’t u think bi guys r just sooooo hot!)

Height: well it depends on if Im wearing my black converse high tops with blood red laces and blood red writing that says mcr or my platform boots that go up to my knees and have lots of spikes and stuff and have pictures of gerards face on dem

Favorite color: Blood red of course or enoby like my hair (that’s how I got my name)

One place that makes me happy: hot topic, duh! (an: if u don’t know what that is den FUKK OFF PREP!!!) Or the forbidden forest where draco first put his thingie in my you know what

How many blankets I sleep under: umm none bc the fires of hell keep me warm enough XD

Favorite film: da nightmare b4 xmas or corpse bride bc they’re goffic like me

What am I wearing right now: I’m wearing a dark black corset from hot topic with corset-y stuff on the front and back and a black leather mini skirt with hot pink lace and stuff coming out of it and matching hot pink fishnets and spiky black high heel combat boots that say blood all over them in blood red letters and my hair is spray painted black and I have white foundation and black i shaddow and blood red lipstick and my hair is in two ponytails like in japan bc im KAWAII and I hav


Favorite beverage: blood obvs bc I’m a vampir

Favorite food: count chokula bc its goffic

Last film I watched: da ring (an: its a v goffic movie an if u never seen it ur a prep so FUK OFF)

Dream vacation: transylvania uf course and I already went that’s why I took that writing hiatus

Dream wedding: at a cemetery to my bf draco (or vampire) (or diabolo) (or hairgrid) (or sedric) (or

Dream pet: a bat or a black cat bc umm helo I’m goffic

Dream job: being in my death metal cover band 666 bloody roses (an: geddit 666 bc im goffic) and touring w mcr mc gerard is SOOOOO EFFING HOTTTT (but not at hot as my bf draco!!!!! drenoby 4 eva!!!)

i wuz tagged by leah-khaleesi I tag my goffic friends mac-and-cheese-interpretations sea-of-abs neighborhoodptamom and if ur a prep den DIS POST ISNT 4 U SO FUKKK OFFF

EXO Reaction to their teen running away from home

Gosh I want to run away so badly T^T But sometimes I remember that I can’t leave all my things… and can’t take them with me either XD Love, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Finds her daughter at her bff’s house but instead of scolding her he just hugs her and asks what’s wrong. He wants to understand her reasons for doing it and helping her in anyway he can*

Kris: *Knows perfectly where his son is and brings all the gang to pick him up* “Hello boy! It’s time to stop the party and go home. This can’t go on”

Sehun: *Looks for her everywhere. They are really close so he knows the places her daughter loves the most. But he is really worried and afraid he won’t be able to find her*

Tao: *He knows her daughter pretty well, after all she is just like her father. She “ran away” but immediately posted pics of her location on Instagram* “Tch.. are you sure you want to run away?”

Kai: *Really worried. He calls everyone, the police, his family, his friends and can’t stop wondering if something bad happened to you*

Xiumin: *Blames himself for it* “I haven’t been a good father… I’m always away and I know my kid needs me. I should spend more time with our children… I know. I need to apologize..”

Baekhyun: *Looks for his girl all over the city. It doesn’t matter if it’s late, he won’t rest until he finds her. She might be in danger and need her father*

Luhan: He is really angry because it’s not the first time that happens. He has talked with his son many times about it but no matter what he keeps doing it. He is desperate he doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Chen: *Disguised. He has been following his daughter since the beginning* “You can’t escape from me that easily”

Kyungsoo: Even tho he knows where his daughter always goes to, he is worried because it means she is unhappy. He tries his best to be a good father but he thinks he is failing and not solving the problem. For him, a father should be able to protect his girl and solve all her problems but for him he thinks he is not helping at all.

Lay: *He has been running all over the city trying to find his son. He won’t rest even if he has no strength left. It’s his son and he definitely should help him when he is in trouble*

Suho: He is in so much pain because the girl of his eyes is missing. He has a lot of people looking for her and he went to all the places he could think of with no positive result. He can’t be a minute without thinking all the pain her daughter has been through to want to run away, and this is killing him inside


Wow I’m proud of my selfie with Seungkwan

Well I got tagged to do the selfie like your bias tag by fy17trash and a selfie tag by  whywonwoo  thank you cuties! It’s my first time posting ma face on the internet… so… yeah… also I was also tagged as angelwonwoo but since it’s me there’s no point in posting twice. Don’t wanna make you guys go blind xD

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Okay so darling laura-p-g and I don’t remember who else tagged me for this meme and then I saw Kris’s post this morning about how it would be fun recording our voices and in a bad case of terrible decision, I did just that… Please do forgive me for the awful croaky voice (morning was hard) and the fucked up sound (I think I spoke too close to the thing, I’m not used to speaking to machines you guys) and the general randomness and silliness!

Here’s my recorded answer, enjoy if you can (and don’t laugh too hard at the French girl trying to speak English and doing so horribly, ‘kay?)

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Coloring Raph’s skin was a PAIN IN MY ASS, because I use like… 2 to 3 different shades of Green… I’m taking a break from here. My neck’s killing me. XD I miss using these… I hope it turns out okay…

The last request by mrsotome
Number 38! “You fainted… Straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

GOGOGO! *gets motivated*
Here it is~!!!

You had to work everyday, even overtime since Erika and two of her friends got sick.
You barely slept at all, too busy doing every room, cleaning every hall.
Shuichi was worried for you.
“You should get some rest.” He suggested.
You jumped in surprise, not expecting his visit.
“I’m in the middle of work… I can still do one more…”
“You have to stop, look, you’re terribly pale, your stress is killing you.”
You couldn’t disagree with him, you know he said the truth, but you couldn’t accept it.
“I HAVE to work, the others are sick, there’s just me left…”
“Got it, if you won’t be convinced, I’ll ask directly to your manager, so you’ll have the day off. You’re overdoing it, Jane. Listen to me.”
“… Alright, you ask him while I do just one more room, okay?”
“Yeah…” He answered, his tone was relieved.
Gladly he left, leaving you alone in the customer’s room.
You started cleaning the floor, then redoing the bed.
“Seriously, I can’t wait to finish… I’ll have to thank Shu for earlier…” you thought as sense of guilt started to spread through you.
“I treated him badly… He was just worried about me…” You looked pensive, distracted, while you worked.
Then you started to feel dizzy, your mind went blank.
You started to sense as if your feet were replaced with jelly. You trembled in fear and weakness.
Your balance was soon lost, as you let yourself fall down.
But something, no… someone, stopped you.
You felt yourself being lifted up by strong and muscular arms.
“You nearly fainted… Straight into my arms… You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes…” Shuichi whispered to you, jokingly, trying to hide his worry.
“Shuichi, you came… Thank you…” You weakly smiled while talking.
“Of course I came, let’s go to my bedroom, in here you’ll get some sleep.”
“I’m sorry…”
“For what?” He asked surprised.
“I’ve ruined everything… You wanted to stay with me, but I can barely keep myself awake…”
“Don’t even say this” he replied coldly, “You know you can rely and count on me, whenever you need me, just ask…”
You smiled and hugged him with both of your arms, putting them around his neck.
You lost yourself in his scent, and placed your head upon his chest.
You heard his heartbeat.
It was beating so fast. He was happy, or concerned?
“I just want to know how you feel about me…” You thought out loud.
“How I feel?”
You snapped out of your thoughts, realizing you were talking instead.
“Well… What a curious girl you are.” He smiled mockingly.
You suddenly felt your consciousness fade, slowly.
Everything started to become pitch black.
“You know…… That……” He was speaking to you, but it took everything you got to understand his words.
“I……. Love you……..”
Everything faded.

The end XD yayyyy I finish I finish!! Gosh I did it!!! *^*


{ So yesterday I saw asksonabuvelle‘s post about Emofuri and I just… couldn’t resist. XD It didn’t take me very long, the most tedious part was to get this goddamn software to work and to display something else than gibberish characters. So yup! Have some cool gifs of your friendly neighbour Noxian High Counselor. }


I really love your Show Me the Money story and I wondering if I could see what you looked like, kind of like a seeing the person behind the story kind of thing. Only if you want to though. Don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t worry Anonie, something like a photo wont make me uncomfortable and thank you so much for liking my scenario. It means a lot to me that people enjoy it. In all honestly I only created it in the first place because I was watching the first episode and the moment people kept calling Taewoon “Zico’s brother” I was like “If I was there I would beat a bitch up.” and that’s honestly how the whole story started. No one fucks with my baby Taewoon xD

These were my most recent pictures I took, which were from yesterday. I was also tagged in some kind of photo challenge a while ago but I completely forgot to do it, so here I am hope you enjoy my face xD