take me south please

its 12 am and making this meme helped me with my dysphoria fjfjfjfjh

dailycupoftrash  asked:

Stan do you drink blood

STAN: Dude. That’s like asking if Kenny’s dead.


Okay but Craig’s first job being in an arcade and him constantly “slacking off” to play the oldie games like Pac-man or Centipede (because I see him as that kind of person).

But after awhile he starts to REALLY take his job seriously. Like REALLY.

And all the kids think it’s SOOO cool that Craig is workin at an arcade game and they think that he will give them discounts or allow them to play stuff for free because he knows them personally but Craig is like SURPRISE I TAKE MY JOB SERIOUSLY!! And then he makes them all pay full price.

Tweek probably even comes over to check up on Craig during his shifts and is like “Hey, Craig! How is work?”

And Craig is just like “I am doing my best.”

“Haha that’s cool. Anyway… you want to come over later tonight?”

And Craig just ends up completely blowing off Tweek by saying “Sorry, but I can’t diddle-dally while on the job. This is an important part of my life and I can’t have you distracting me with your persuasive and sensual mannerisms.”

And Tweek is just like ????? A simple no would’ve been cool.

Point is;; I think Craig has an obsessive personality that makes him over act the role of being top bitch at an arcade game job. No? Okay no.