take me in your tardis

run! (a tdbm, jean/lucien fic)

a doctor who au prompted by @marcuskaen and @lucienblakes); almost 3000 words. i’d be delighted to write more of this if y’all want.

The first time they meet it’s in a darkened greenhouse, the air thick with the scent of earth and humidity. She’s snipping and pruning and watering as any diligent gardener would. Here, in the quiet of her greenhouse, Jean Beazley can escape the noise of a mundane life. A perfectly fine life, certainly. But not the one she dreamed of once upon a time; no adventures, nothing exciting, nothing out of the ordinary. 

And then, just as she’s rounding the corner, ready to check on her newest addition–a thick, green pod she had come across in the market from a mysterious seller–he’s there. 

The man before her is tall and broad-shouldered, wearing a three-piece suit and a thick, heavy patchwork coat. There’s a manic grin on his face and a screwdriver-like device in his hand and before she can ask what on earth he thinks he’s doing in her greenhouse, he’s grabbing her hand and leaning in close and he whispers one word: Run.

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Clara dealing with this new-fangled huggy Doctor and still holding down the teaching gig is probably like being the one person in your friend group with a job and everyone wants to party on Wednesday night, except with far more clingy Time Lord.