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The Endearing Woman

River isn’t sure why she keeps seeing this woman everywhere. It seems that every corner she turns, the woman is there. It’s not creepy. If anything it’s… endearing. River catches the way her light brown eyes soften, whenever she’s looking at her. There’s something oddly familiar about her. The innocence yet the hint of mischievousness behind those eyes remind her of a certain someone. Someone River hasn’t seen in over a century. 


It can’t be. 

Can it?

The woman has a bit of an awkwardness in her gait and she’s trying really hard to be nonchalant but it’s really not working. And that’s what gives it away. 

River gives her the slip while the woman is busy trying on various hats. 

“Oh, I swear to gods if you buy that cowboy ha-” River grumbles to herself and throws her hands up in the air when she sees the woman hand over a wad of cash to the shop keeper. “Well some things just never change, do they, sweetie?” She says, releasing a deep sigh. 

River hides behind one of the shops when she sees the woman look around, presumably trying to find her. Out of the corner of her eye, River notices how the cowboy hat falls over the woman’s eyes and she smiles to herself. 

River was right. She is endearing. 

As the footsteps get closer, River prepares herself. Her heart is beating hard in her chest. She doesn’t even know what she’s going to say. But when has she ever needed preparation to talk to them?

As soon as the cowboy hat comes into view, River reaches out and plucks it right out of her head. 

“Hello, swee-” The words die on her lips. 

It’s not the woman. Instead, it’s some old man with shriveled skin and a cigarette between his lips and he does not look impressed. 

“Oh no, I am so sorry, I thought you were someone else,” River apologizes quickly. 

He huffs and snatches his hat out of her hand before storming away. 

“Looking for someone?" 

River hears an unfamiliar voice and looks over to find the woman standing opposite her, leaning back against another store, with her cowboy hat on her head and a straw between her teeth. 

A laugh escapes River’s lips and she shakes her head. "No one in particular,” she replies. 

“Oh, but I sure am looking for someone in particular,” the woman replies as she moves away from the wall and makes her way over to River. 

“Oh yeah? And who would that be?” River teases back. 

“My wife. Have you seen her?" 

River’s breath catches in her throat as the woman stops right in front of her. "I wouldn’t know, you would have to describe her to me,” River lowers her voice down to a whisper. 

“Look into my eyes and you’ll find her,” the woman lowers her voice too and a bright smile spreads across her face. 

“When did you get so cheesy?” River asks, rolling her eyes. 

“I’ve always been cheesy, honey. Thought you already knew this." 

"So when did this happen?” River questions pointing towards the woman’s body. 

“Do you like it?” She asks. There’s a hint of self-doubt in her voice. 

“Do I like it?” River voices her disbelief out loud. “Do I like it, she asks! Why do you even bother asking me such ridiculous questions, Doctor?" 

"Ever consider that maybe I just love hearing compliments from my wife?" 

"Well then,” River whispers once again and closes the gap between them. “Take me back to the TARDIS and I’ll give you all the compliments you want." 


ok inspired by @aprilmaclean who i met at mcm yesterday, i’ve decided to make a post about everything that happened at comic con!!

i was late to the panel (i missed about ten minutes) because me and my mum got lost on the way to the theatre xD. so i came in late and sat down and it was pretty much time for questions when i got in!

- i asked them what it was like working with cgi and how it affected their concentration and vivian was like “imagine being terrified of a ball on a stick” and talked about a man in a green suit, to which greg replied “it didn’t leave much to the imagination” (i laughed)
- while greg was answering he was like “hi katie by the way” (i think he must have seen me come in or something? if you were around back in feb when i went to midlands comic con you’ll know he recognised me so he knows me quite well by now) and i died a bit
- most of the answers were mentioned in rosie’s post so i won’t go into massive detail about that stuff (see her post) but highlights included:
- vivian saying that tanya could possibly be asexual
- vivian accidentally swearing
- the hogwarts houses of the characters:
charlie: slytherin
tanya: ravenclaw or gryffindor
april: hufflepuff
- rosie went into detail on everything else so go read that for more info!

ok so after this i went to the signing table and sophie and vivian were at lunch so i spoke to greg first

- he said hi and hugged me etc
- my mum asked him a load of things about acting and stuff (because i act and she was not going to lose the opportunity)
- she casually dropped creeped out (the show i’m in) in there and he was really sweet about it, and he said he wanted a link when it aired
- more banter about acting and the chewing gum advert he filmed recently in prague
- i gave him the letter and he thought it was so sweet
- he also told me we were best friends after i said that a lot of my friends call me “greg stan #1”
- we took a picture and then left

me and my mum then went to get fish and chips and after that we went back to the signing table to see sophie and vivian - greg had now left to try and find a pokemon lmao xD i spoke to vivian first

- she was an angel as per usual!
- we talked about national youth theatre because she’s done it and i’m interested in doing it next year
- she loved the letter
- we took a picture and then i went to speak to sophie

- sophie was SO LOVELY I CAN’T EVEN
- she asked me about my holiday and again we talked about creeped out and she was like “I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU”
- i also asked her about her short films because i’ve done a lot of short films
- she absolutely loved the letter and asked me for my instagram so she could message me when she’d read it
- when she came to take a picture with me she was like “I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU A BIG HUG”, honestly an angel

we wandered around for a while after this and i went to stalls and stuff. bearing in mind me and my mum were literally whacked out as we got back from the airport at 4am, we decided to go home but i went back to see them again as i forgot to take polaroids

- greg was with some others and asked me to take a picture of them on someone’s phone (the pressure was intense)
- then a lovely lady in a tardis dress and a woman cosplaying osgood asked me to take a picture of them with sophie
- the tardis dress woman was very interested in my polaroid camera and was really sweet
- my photo with vivian was developing and greg was intrigued xD he said he loved my camera case (which is spacey) and then we took a polaroid
- he went to hug me but my mum was still sorting out the camera so he decided to not do the generic hug and kissed me which was SO cute and i sort of just stood there and laughed as you can see in the picture
- i then hugged him and said bye and went to see soph

- soph was lovely and gave me a huge hug then said it was so nice to meet me which made me cry a bit

I had the most lovely day and they were so nice! i’ll update you on the letter situation if sophie messages me. they absolutely loved them

props to you if you read all this lmao


Hello! And welcome to the first ever story written on this blog! And guess what! It’s shit! I wrote this at 6 am off no sleep so this will be terrible and I may re-write or delete it.

Anyways. This is 10 x Reader and it is angst. Because I was feeling me some sad times. Even if the ending is a little rushed.

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

You couldn’t do it. You just… Couldn’t do it anymore. Through the screaming, the yelling, the names he’s thrown out. You could barely handle that, but when he started calling you Rose… That was when it hit you that you wanted to curl up and die.

Fetch me my screwdriver, Rose.

Don’t touch that Rose!

Leave me alone, Rose!

That’s was when you decided you needed to just… Leave. For good? You didn’t know. All you knew was you needed to get off this damn flying hunk of space history! Away from that damn space show pony!

Your bum fell onto the bed that you just previously made, eyes filled heavily with tears you could barely hold back. And you didn’t, allowing them to flow free from your [E/C] eyes and down your soft cheeks. You didn’t want to leave. Not one bit after you declared this was going to be your new home. Next to him of all men.

Through everything your mind raked for an excuse to give, any reason to stay by the man who had drove his genius self into your little human heart. Excuses ranged from mourning her to just lack of sleep, your mind already giving in that that was the answer. It just had to be.

But strong will stayed firm in you, unable to give in to such measly thoughts. You were getting too worked over from a boy and you were not going to allow it to continue, and that was final. You were leaving for, hopefully, just a trip your brain kept telling itself. Trying to entertain an idea that this man will wait for you. Like you could ever live up to the precious Rose Tyler.

“Doctor?” You called out, voice having barely any to no confidence in it. You weren’t ready to go out and meet the man you had been traveling with for… What? A year? Maybe more? No, you weren’t ready was just a summary of emotions racking through your face, and when you saw those big brown eyes of him come up to meet yours another emotion joined the party. Guilt.

“I think…” You took a breath to clear any doubts. “I think I need a trip home. Alone. Please.” You did it, an accomplishment you were thankful for getting over like ripping off a band-aid.

“Oh, sure, how long?”

The question rang through your brain, unsure of itself on how you were to answer. Your head was tripping over itself with answers that it could possibly give before it blurted out one you never wanted to say.


The Doctor stood there, as if he was appalled by your choice of words. Like you were just telling a child you killed their puppy.


It rang in his mind with unsteadiness, the poor Time Lord needing to sit in his pilot chair to fully grasp the phrase and his own emotions. “You wanna leave forever?” His voice was barely audible, barely over a mumble to where you strained your ears to catch what came out of him.

“N-No! I don’t!” You were quick to defend yourself despite what you knew came out of your mouth. What you wished never came out of your mouth. What was not the truth.

“You said it.” Already his hand was flipping levers and pushing buttons to bring you back to the place that was, unfortunately, your home.

“But I didn’t mean it!” You cried, rushing to him to try and grab onto him, with success you should add. Because as he was staring off at the lever that would shoot them off to the destination, you latched yourself onto him. Much to his dismay.

“Get off me, Rose!” He practically pushed you off as he yelled at you, your eyes full of more hurt than the Doctor could imagine.

“My name is [Y/N]!” You yelled with new tears rimming the bottom of your already puffy eyes, threatening to spill just over your eyelashes. And the Doctor beat himself over it in seconds. He had done it again, this not being one of the first times he notices it. No… This was just the first time he addressed it and his mistake.

“[Y/N]… I’m sorry…” Was what he managed to mumble out, staring down at the console of the TARDIS. “I’m sorry…”

“Just take me home.” You didn’t want to stay any longer. Not with the Doctor who didn’t want you.

And that was it. With a swift nod and a lever was pulled, shooting the TARDIS off into time and to where you first lived when you met him that long time ago. No goodbyes were given and no hugs. Just you walking out with a bag wishing for what could have been a final adventure instead of a final fight.

I think OP blocked me so I’ll take this opportunity to thank @tardis-in-a-moonbeam for this great find.

1) I’m just calling straight up bullshit on that statistic You pulled that out of your ass. And even if it were true if you have to use the word “rather” to justify shoplifting, you are an incredibly entitled individual that has no grounds to preach to others. If it’s that much of a necessity, they can steal low-grade makeup just so they can have something. They can get what they pay for, so to speak.

2) I would love to see some sort of citation for that law, because as far as I know nothing like that exists (though there should be some sort of protection IMO). Also, the second half is irrelevant to whether one should or shouldn’t be against shoplifting. It’s still wrong for workers to steal from their employers, and it still hurts the existing workers as well.

My main problem with this overall is actually this: Why are you bragging about shoplifting? People who need to steal aren’t the ones posting about it on the internet. They’re keeping a low profile, because in their minds, that’s the only option left to them and God forbid they should get caught or go to jail, especially if they’re stealing to take care of their family. These people know what they’re doing is wrong and have decided to carry that sin with them. I have no problem with these people, because they accept the immorality of their actions and are doing it because they have no other options.

But as for you and everyone else on this blue hellhole of a website, if it’s really such a necessity, there’s no reason to dedicate entire blogs to showing off your haul and totalling up how much you stole so you can brag about it like getting #1 on the criminal high score board validates your actions. Why steal the most expensive things instead of just what you need to get by? Don’t kid yourselves, you’re not doing this because you have to. You’re doing it because you think you deserve it. “The system” has cheated you, so you’re cheating the system.

I’m telling you right now that you’re nothing but a bunch of entitled and spoiled brats preaching from the very dregs of the Internet like you have some sort of enlightened moral high ground by “realizing” that stealing is actually ok. You can attempt to justify it all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t be taking what isn’t yours.

midcentury-stardust  asked:

okay ur plan for a bill/jenny+vastra meetup is a lot better, how about just summery Clara/Bill platonic fluff since it's winter for you suckers down there ; )

this is set between Knock Knock and Oxygen for Bill. and Ashildr/Me got herself in here far too much, whoops!

posted on AO3 here because I was so taken with it. 

The invitation comes the way it did the last time - mysterious letter through the door, older than every other bit of mail by a noticeable amount, yellowing with age.

Uphill Slipway beach, Saturday, noon. 

Bill grins. 

Come Saturday, she takes the bus from Bristol to Uphill, just under an hour and a half, and enjoys the peacefulness of the journey that gets her through her weird playlist that’s just a mix of David Bowie and Hayley Kiyoko. 

It’s a beautiful day, with just a right amount of wind and plenty of sun. Bill smiles into the breeze and basks in the feeling of the sun on her face. 

A familiar diner is perched just on the edge of the dunes, but none of the locals seem to be paying it any notice. Bill heads inside, and sees a familiar face - the shorter brunette with the nose piercing, who is always rolling her eyes but never at Bill. 

She’s nice to Bill, actually. There’s something compelling about her, a weight to her eyes and her words, that almost reminds Bill of the Doctor. 

Not to mention, she tends to flirt with Bill at the most surprising moments, which is fun. 

“Hey, Me,” Bill says. 

“Hello Bill,” Me says, from where she’s perched on the counter painting her toenails a deep purple colour. “She’s out on the beach, not too far off. Green sundress, you won’t miss her.” 

“She’s a bit hard to miss,” Bill replies, and Me indulges her with a nod, and a small smile. 

“You look nice,” Me says, eyes trailing over Bill’s colourful jumpsuit (the one she had worn on her first trip to another world) and the denim shorts it was tucked into. 

Bill tries not to blush. “Thanks. You look nice too.” It isn’t surprising that Me’s beach getup is more sophisticated - a wrap dress over what looks like a modest swimsuit, as well as a large floppy hat. 

Me smiles again. “Thank you.” 

Bill lingers awkwardly, her stupid little crush making her want to prolong the conversation. “So I’ll, uh… go see her, then.”

Me nods. 

“See you out there?” Bill asks, trying not to sound too hopeful. 


There’s something to Me’s soft eyes and the curl of her smile that makes Bill think Me is all too aware of Bill’s little crush, but it doesn’t feel like it’s returned so much as a source of flattery and faint amusement. Not in a cruel way, though. It’s like… it’s like Me is just in a level that Bill could never comprehend. That’s what it feels like. 

Bill ducks out of the diner and heads for the beach, and sure enough spots a figure in a green sundress. 

Clara Oswald stands at the water’s edge, with her feet in the sand, letting in the waves come in and cascade over her feet and ankles. Her face is tilted up to the sky and her eyes are closed, a content smile on her lips. 

“You made it,” she says, as Bill approaches, without looking around. 

“Seriously, how do you do that? It’s like him all over again,” Bill says, amazed, and Clara just laughs a little, but in that way that is always a little bit sad whenever the Doctor is brought up. 

She finally turns to look at Bill, and Bill has to stop and take a moment, like she always does, at just how beautiful she is. 

Like, the oh my god I’m so gay how do girls do that, how am I standing in front of an actual goddess right now. That kind of taking a moment. 

Weirdly, Bill is more in awe of Clara than crushing on her, unlike with Me. She’s not quite sure why that is, but she suspects it’s because Clara always feels like the Doctor’s, like she’s out of Bill’s reach in a way that’s impossible to describe. 

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These Are My Confessions

Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 843
Warnings: Angst

Part 2 of Dean’s Soul Mate


Seeing the person that means the world to you break down kills you. I’ve faced Lucifer. I’ve gone against dickbag angels. I’ve been torn to shreds by hell hounds, shot, stabbed, punched, kicked, and who knows what else. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the fear and pain of being the reason your soul mate breaks down.

I should probably start with happier times, right, Sammy? Many you were there for, but you weren’t behind the scenes.

We stayed in her little apartment all weekend. Talking, laughing, and getting to re-know each other. We also cried, talked about what happened at the bunker, and decided to work past it.

After she put in her two weeks (because you know she couldn’t just quit), I drove back to the bunker to grab some clothes. You called me crazy, shook your head, and smiled. I knew then that things would be okay, at least for a little while.

Over the following year we had the usual couples moments- bickering, giving each other the silent treatment until we forgot why we were mad, going on dates, and falling asleep in each other’s arms. Now, I’ll let you know now… Agreeing to hold off on sex? Hardest thing I have ever done. Hands down. Also the most heartfelt. I’d do anything for her, you know that. I didn’t bat an eye or hesitate when we had that talk. I instantly agreed. I’d gone this long, right? What was a bit longer?

I proposed to her by a lake. We were on the way home from a date, and I saw how the moonlight reflected off the lake. I knew that she would enjoy that. I’d had the ring in my wallet for a couple months now. It was nothing like she deserved, but she said it was perfect. I slipped it on her finger, and felt myself swell with pride.

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A/N could be set before dr3 or could be a sequel to Kizakura’s IF

Uncle Cockblock - kizakura cockblocks naegiri

Office romance wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

Especially not when the two involved parties have already confirmed their feelings for each other. They weren’t the first couple at Future Foundation either so there weren’t any qualms so long as they did their job. They were even past the overly sweet flirting stage and it wasn’t like they wanted to public displays of affection. After all, they had realistic expectations and rules on what was acceptable in a working environment.

They didn’t expect much when it came to privacy at the work place. They ate lunch with just the two of them just as much as they ate with the rest of their friends and coworkers. Whatever moments they could make together were brief and fleeting. Sitting beside each other during meetings, brushing hands when passing on reports, stealing glances whenever one passed by, and all the other small moments they could catch between them. There weren’t many of those moments but the few that did happen was usually and rudely interrupted.

No matter how hard it was to get some privacy between the two of them, a third party would constantly and easily intrude on their company.

Kizakura wasn’t even subtle about it but he sure was damn smooth when he did so. Sliding in between them out of seemingly nowhere with a cocky grin whenever they got too close, passing files or highfives whenever they tried to hold hands, redirecting the conversation before they could even say something sweet, shooting down invitations by coming up with acceptable work agendas that suddenly needed immediate attention- the list went on. One time he almost poured hot coffee at Naegi which he admitted was a calculated risk. He laughed that off and got away scotch free like with everything else he did.

The man persisted and he looked so professional about it that it was almost admirable if it weren’t downright infuriating.

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re doing.” Kirigiri eyes narrowed into a glare that could shake anyone but apparently not Kizakura.

He even smiled lopsidedly at her. “Is that how kids say hello these days?”

Her eyebrow twitched at that but she ignored his jab by refuting with her own. “You’re being childish for an adult.”

“And you’re acting like teenagers on hormones.” He chuckled in satisfaction as she tried to contain the blush that already spread across her face. “Where’s your sense of professionalism?” He further teased.

She huffed in an effort to mask her embarrassment with cool controlled anger. “As I recall, it was you who suggested that I lighten up.”

“We were in a killing game.” He noncommittally shrugged. “I say a lot of things when stressed.”

“What’s your real motive?” She demanded more than asked.

“Aren’t you the detective?” He shot back but her glare was formidable and had he been any lesser man, he would have withered on the spot. But he did eventually cave in. They were cutting it close for break time and the boss didn’t take tardiness too well. “Alright, you got me. I just always wanted to play the overprotective guardian, you know. Exercise my power and give tests to whoever wants your hand. You know how I live for the drama.”

She stared at him with a calculated gaze until she nodded, satisfied with his answer. “Well it’s working. Naegi is already gathering the courage to ask for your blessing as we speak.”

“I’m the cool uncle. He just needs to share a drink with me and he’ll pass. I’m sure he knows that I’m chill like that.” He pointed out with a laugh but it was shortlived since she didn’t join in on the fun. He stared back at her, his mouth agape. “You’re kidding, right? He does know that I was just messing with you.”

“Oh, he’s very serious, I assure you.” She held a hand over her mouth to cover an amused smile.

Kizakura’s face broke into a mischievous grin. “That’s great! I finally get to be a melodramatic uncle!”

“Weren’t you always?” She rolled her eyes at him.

“Ah, but now I don’t need to hold back!” He turned towards her and smirked. “Don’t think I’m going to go easy on your boyfriend just because he saved you during the first killing game. I’m still holding it against him that you almost died during the last one because of him.”

“By my choice, without his prior knowledge.” She reminded him.

“Still a foul by my book.” He playfully clicked his tongue at her. He was enjoying this too much.

Kizakura had a duty as an uncle to protect Kyouko’s life and by extension, the right to harass her and her boyfriend.

thewolfsdoctor  asked:

"but did you do it?" & nine x rose ? <3

“But did you do it?”

The Doctor looked up at the eager voice, blinking up at the nineteen year old sat on the edge of the grating, blonde hair tucked behind an ear, trainer-clad feet swnging, shoulders shielded by his battered leather jacket that swamped the small frame, wide hazel eyes watching him as he conducted TARDIS maintenance. 

“Don’t you want to know?” he responded, flashing a grin before returning to his tinkering.

Rose Tyler rolled her eyes. “Well that’s why I asked.” Her legs were still swinging, head tilted to one side as she observed him. “Go on. You have to tell me!”

The Doctor glanced at her, before turning his gaze back to his work. It was delicate work, TARDIS maintenance, and he needed to concentrate. “Don’t have to tell you anything,” he responded, but there was no heat in his voice. He was grinning as he spoke.

Rose tugged at his leather jacket as it slipped off her right shoulder, pulled it a little tighter around herself. The Doctor observed the action out of the corner of his eye, but kept his gaze firmly on the sonic screwdriver.

“It must’ve been amazing though, yeah?” Rose was suddenly speaking again, and her eager tone was back. “I mean, I’ve never even been swimming with sharks, let alone alien sharks! Couldn’t even swim properly until I was nearly ten. Not much need to know how to swim when you live in south London.”

The Doctor turned back from his work on the wires to look at her once again. “Rose, you do realise that your sharks are alien to me, right? And the creatures on Salshax Prime aren’t even what you’d call sharks; they just look like them.”

Rose shrugged, indifferent. “It still must’ve been amazing though, yeah? An’ you did swim with them? The not-sharks?”

He rolled his eyes, but smiled. “Yes, I swam with them,” he admitted eventually, and Rose’s returning smile could have powered the TARDIS for a week.

“Could you take me there sometime?” Rose begged, wide-eyed. “Please, Doctor?”

The Doctor turned back to the wiring, seeming to take a few moments to mull Rose’s question over. “You’re not gonna give up until I agree, are you?” he asked eventually.

Rose beamed, and shook her head.

He mock-sighed. “Fine. I’ll see what I can do.”

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Lady in the Garden -- Chapter 3

Series: Fairy Tail/Doctor Who

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Genre: Adventure/Angst

Summary: She was a falling star; an angel speaking in stardust dialects.  She was madness and wonder, and she asked him to come with her.

Note: Chapter three!  I initially thought I might make each adventure their owner chapter, but I decided to split this one in two.  I’m not as concerned with making the chapters for this story so long, as the whole thing is gonna be a kinda collection of stories, if it works how I planned it.  So here is the first part of their next adventure!  Also, I am not a historian.  This is why this story is taking me so long and if anyone is wondering, I am 100% basing the setting of this chapter on a mix of scenery from Skyrim and the Witcher, just so I had something to reference.  The third Witcher game, according to my searches, takes place around 1272.  The stories will be far more enjoyable if no one gets hung up on my historic shortcomings…  ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy the next installment, it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted but the next part should be fun to work with!

Ch. 1  Ch. 2

“So where did you say you wanted to go, Mr. Redfox?”  Levy called out over the humming and lurching of her ship.

Gajeel took several moments to answer, trying desperately not to hurl all over the grated floor in front of him.  “P-prove this damn thing is a time machine,” he swallowed heavily and took a deep breath,  “Take me back ten years.  Where you found me.”  

Levy puffed her cheeks, “All of time and space and you pick a decade in your own home town.”  With one hand she spun a dial, and with the other she flipped a lever, “But if you insist.”

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Off Limits

A Liam Dunbar Fan Fic

A/N: The start of a new Liam series that was requested.

Warnings: None yet.

Chapter 1

Considering Beacon Hills track record I should have been scared but a teaching job fresh out of college is hard to come by so I had to have it. Broke was an understatement and the hefty sign on bonus was something I couldn’t afford to pass up on. I entered the school with both excitement and nervousness coursing through my body. I found the front office with ease thanks to my orientation that was last week and approached the desk. “Good morning.” I said sweetly. The receptionist looked up from her computer with a less than pleased look. “Can I help you honey? New student I suppose?” She spoke flatly. “Uhm no I’m actually the new Anatomy teacher Ms. Y/L/N. I was needing to clock in for the day.” I replied. “Oh heavens honey I am so sorry, yes right here on this paper is the staff sign in log. Have you been shown your classroom and such?” The lady perked up a bit with her response. “Yes I was given a quick tour and I’m sure I can find it again.” I didn’t want to be such a bother on my first day. She seemed relieved that she didn’t have to move from her seat. I simply said my goodbyes and left for my destination.  Room 1086. I walked in to find it super clean and adorned with a few anatomy posters. I would work more on it later but right now I needed to get my supplies in order, class starts in 30 minutes, or so I thought. While I was bent over getting folders out of my bag I heard foot steps entering the classroom. Two young boys were standing there staring at the sight before them. “Can I help you gentlemen?” I asked. The one with soft blue eyes just stood there staring. His friend spoke up. “Uh yeah I’m Mason this is Liam. You’re the new teacher right?” He said with a hint of confusion. “Oh yes I’m Ms. Y/L/N. I am just trying to get some last minute things together. I have 30 minutes before the bell rings right?” The boys looked amused. “No class starts in about 10 minutes actually.” Mason said. I groaned in frustration and tousled my hair back. The blue eyed boy was still silent and was now gawking at me. “Well the principal must have told me that wrong time. Of course my first day is off to such a great start. Would one of you mind doing me a favor? I need 28 copies of this syllabus for first period. And 60 for my other 2 classes. Could you do that for me? I won’t count you as tardy if it takes a while. I need them before we can even start.” I said while fetching the paper. “Yeah I don’t mind at all. I am great with the copier. Be right back.” Mason happily took the paper and flew out the door. “I have a feeling he is going to be the errand boy. So what’s your name?” I asked the boy who was still quiet and standing there fidgeting as if he were beyond uncomfortable. “Uh its uhm. Liam. My name is Liam. “ He finally spoke up. “Well Liam it’s a pleasure meeting you. At least now I two of my students. Not going to lie I am a bit nervous starting here in the middle of the semester. I look like a hot mess, the coffee decided to fly out of my hand this morning. I couldn’t find my dress flats so heels were my next option and…I am probably boring you to death aren’t? I’m just rambling on like an idiot to someone I just met!” I finished by catching my breath. Liam flashed a smile, “It’s fine, I don’t mind to listen. It’s your first day, accidents are bound to happen.” As he continued speaking the seats were starting to fill up with bodies. The bell was going to ring in the next 2 minutes. The chatter of the now full classroom was growing louder. “And you don’t look like a hot mess…..just hot.” His final words were barely above a whisper but I still heard them. I don’t know if he intended for me to though because when I smiled back at him his face was flashing 50 shades of red. He scrambled to a seat and threw his books into the desk in front of him, probably saving it for Mason who still wasn’t back yet with the syllabus. I have a feeling this day is only going to get worse. I’m off to a late start and I now have an admirer that’s one of my students. What else could possibly happen next?

Chapter 2

When I first heard How Big How Blue How Beautiful, I jokingly suggested that it was about The Doctor and the TARDIS. But when I heard the more vocal demo version, the lyrics opened my mind to a ground breaking realization.

“And meanwhile a man was falling from space…” This literally happened with Amy Pond.

The Doctor fell from space in her yard.

“and every day I wore your face…” But after The Doctor left, she kept her belief in him alive by making toys and drawings of him, so she figuratively wore his face.

“And meanwhile a man was falling from space, as he hit the earth I left this place…” Rose Tyler also left immediately after The Doctor returned to take her aboard the TARDIS.

“Let the atmosphere surround me, satelites beside me.” How does the TARDIS allow one to breathe with the open door? With a surrounding atmosphere!

“What are we gonna do? We’ve opened the door and it’s all coming through.” This sounds exactly like what everyone says after going in for the first time.

“Tell me you see it too. We’ve opened our eyes and it’s changing the view.” This sounds exactly like when Donna Noble told the Doctor

‘You’ve opened my eyes Doctor!’

“And every city was a gift!”

“And every skyline was like a kiss upon the lips!”

“So much time on the other side, waiting for you to wake up.”

Remember how Rose Tyler was gone for a whole year and she had no idea?

Or how The Doctor went away from Amy Pond meaning to be gone for a few minutes but left for all those years?

And again for two more years?

There was so much time on the other side and they kept on waiting!

“Maybe I’ll see you in another life…”

“…if this one wasn’t enough.”

And of course,

How Big.

How Blue.

How Beautiful.

The whole song is all about Doctor Who, and that is pretty super gosh-darn exciting.