take me home trailer

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‘Take Me Home’ - Primeboi feat. Jimin is now available on iTunes

          eyes are tinted pink,  she getting into the car of his jeep.  sabrina’s  SILENT  –  salem sitting in her lap,  a filled bag in his back seat,  her hair still wet.  she looks  TIRED,  sabrina knows this.  but jughead was the only person she trusted.  it was time,  maybe.  to let everything out in the open.  he deserved to know,  really.  the witch leans up against the back of the passenger’s seat,  damp hair wetting the fabric,  she turning her head to look at him.       can you take me home  ??   ’    she’s talking about his trailer  –  their place,  their own private place.       //  @gingerbeanie  ’d.