take me home tour: toronto


These two pictures were taken by my RL best friend, shirethief. The first one was taken last July during the Take Me Home tour, in Toronto, and the second was taken just last month, in August, at the Where We Are tour in Foxborough.

I love that both times, while decompressing and searching through scores of the pictures snapped after the shows, I came across a lovely moment between Harry and Zayn.

The Zarry friendship is somewhat elusive. We know it exists, but we don’t always get to see it. So these rare moments are important to me. Zayn doesn’t give his attention on stage too freely in the first place, so when you catch him in a moment with Harry, it’s always a pleasure.

I love that both of these snaps are from a similar angle. I just felt like they needed to be put next to each other and examined.