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A Milky Way gave me breath - chapter 5

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4

Resume of the fic/imagine: Reader is new to Beacon Hills High School. Her first day starts very badly, and the panic rises. Chance or destiny makes sure that a person well-accustomed to panic attacks passes by at the right time.

But a Milky Way can’t take away all the stress… Or maybe…?

In this chapter: Finally it’s the date! Nothing bad can happen… right?

Word count: 2414 (yeah longer for the last chapter!)

Ship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warning: contains social anxiety, panic attacks, but fluff and supportive subject

A/N: finally, the final chapter! I made it longer, and hope y’all love the ending! I really enjoyed writing this story, and I’m happy that so many people like it too; I didn’t think it would be that popular! So since this story is done, I have more time for requests! And I’ll also write a void stiles fic!

It was the big day, and a mix of apprehension, fear, nervousness and excitement habited my whole body. The meeting was at 7 pm, in front of the cinema. It was only 5pm, and I was in front of my wardrobe trying to pick up a suit, for already 25 minutes. What should I choose? Simple, with my usual clothes a little big but comfortable? Remaining myself? Or take out my best clothes, those who haven’t seen the light since my parents wedding? A dress? A skirt? Jeans? A shirt?

I bit my lower lip, pensive and nervous, my foot tapping regularly on the floor. I had no idea what to put on. Besides, I had not started to do my hair. Should I put on makeup? But we’re going to see a movie, in the cinema, where the lights are off! It was useless to try making myself all pretty. Anyway, he was probably going to be more interested in the movie than me. And then, I was back to stress for nothing, like an idiot.

I sat on my bed, desperate, putting my head in my hands. I had tears in my eyes, I felt stupid to worry like that only for a date with a guy … a terribly cute and attractive guy, and oh how nice.

I blush just thinking about it. I got up, wiping my eyes to stare again at my wardrobe.

I made my decision.

The movie was starting at 7:30 pm, but we agreed to meet earlier in order to have good seats and popcorn. Faithful to myself and my fear of being late, I arrived an hour in advance. I decided to put on a pretty pale blue shirt with a simple pair of black jeans as an outfit. And for my hair, I decided to leave it natural.  I also put some light makeup on the edge of my eyes. So there I was, waiting in front of the cinema, the fear and the nervousness giving me very bad belly aches for almost an hour and this, while glancing at my cellphone to look at the time advancing, or If I had received a text message.

Time passed slowly, and the chill of the falling night shook me. I looked around hoping to see him arrive with his pretty smile, but the street was empty, except for the many people entering the cinema, laughing and holding hands. I watched them pass and sighed while consulting for an umpteenth times my cellphone, which was starting to seriously run out of battery.


He was only 50 minutes late, and 20 minutes of missing movie, it wasn’t so bad … he was going to come, he promised me.

I put my arms against my body to warm myself. And the time went on, without any trace of the Milky Way boy anywhere. The sky was covering with menacing clouds and the moon disappeared beneath them.

Then the rain fell hard, something I hadn’t seen for ages. It is true that it often rained at Beacon Hills, but each time I do everything not to go out. I hate rain, I found it cold and sad.


I closed my eyes with tears running down my cheeks. He wasn’t coming. Why would he come anyway…?

My hopes melted like a candle under the heat of a flame. And despite my hatred for the rain, I went out my shelter to walk home. I had come by bus, but no one was passing at that time. Stiles were supposed to take me home after the movie, but Stiles was not there and would not come. So I walked, one step in front of the other in the water that was accumulating on the side of the road, as sadness accumulated in my heart.

I didn’t notice, however, that my phone had died a long time ago.

Third Pov

“Shit, it really had to happen today, huh? Today, the only day I just want to spend without werewolves or other supernatural creatures that came out of nowhere to kill us? Is it too much asked? ”

“Shut up and help me walk …”

“No, Scott, I will not be silent! It was you who planned everything so that I could ask her to go out with me, one evening, Scott, and that same evening you asked me to come with you to see a dead body at the morgue? “Oh, it will not be long, you will not be late? ”“

Scott spat blood, holding his belly scarred by four distinct marks, scratches.

"I couldn’t know that the body wasn’t dead …”

Stiles rolled his eyes as he carried Scott on his shoulder to help him walk (stagger) into the empty corridors of the hospital basement where the morgue was, leaving a long streak of blood behind them.

“She will never want to talk to me after that, that’s for sure …”

“Stiles! I think it’s more important to settle our situation now than your missed date! "Scott interrupted as he saw the undead body in front of them, threatening, his yellow eyes shining in the dim light.

"Okay, we’re dead.”

Then, out of nowhere came a short-haired girl wearing short jeans with blue-glazed eyes and another girl with long black hair holding a not reassuring at all katana darkened on the enemy like two super entrained ninjas, and succeeded in putting him down in less than two seconds.

Stiles turned his face to his friend with a bewildered expression.

“You are the alpha and it’s a kitsune and a werecoyote who do all the work?”

Scott grunted, shooting Stiles with his red eyes.

“If he hadn’t opened my belly …”

“Yeah, yeah, excuses,” Stiles grumbled before walking up to the girls. Kira ran towards them (towards his boyfriend actually), and came to unload Stiles from his heavy load.

“Scott, are you okay?” “

"Yes, it will heal,” he replied before grinning a reassuring smile.

For his part, the only human of the group grabbed his cell phone to watch the time.


He glared at the rest of the pack before looking at what a poor state he was, his clothes freshly bought for the occasion covered with blood.

“Run at your house to change, text all the excuses of the world and go join her,” his best friend said by giving him a friendly pat on the back to encourage him.

Stiles nodded and ran off.

His phone showed 20:03.

By the time he arrives at home, changes and leaves for the place of meeting, half an hour has passed and the rain has begun to fall. He had tried to text her almost twenty times, but all his messages remained unanswered. Stiles nervously poked his thumbs against the wheel of his jeep. He hoped she was still there waiting for him. That she would understand and accepts his apologies.

He hoped, but he knew there were slight chances that this would be the case.

When Stiles arrived in front of the cinema, he rushed out of his car without closing the door. Soon he got soaked by the rain. He looked everywhere, shouted her name, called her, but no answer. He even went inside the cinema. Nothing.

Fear and panic began to gain him and he had to lean against the wall to calm his breath to prevent a panic attack. It wasn’t the time. If Y / N weren’t in front of or in the cinema, she had to be on her way home, walking under the cold rain…

Stiles rushed towards his jeep and lit the headlights.

Reader pov

The road was long up to my house, and soaked like I was, I was going to be sick for sure. I was feeling the cold biting my bones. Luckily, the rain masked the tears that didn’t want to stop flowing.

A bright light lit up the street in front of me, sign that a car was about to pass. I walked away, hoping that the driver would see me and not sprinkle more water on me, but the car didn’t pass near me. It stopped behind, the engine still rumbling and I heard a door open.

“Y / N!”

My feet stopped moving by themselves and I rotated my body to look at the person who had just spoken. The Milky Way boy.

To see him in front of me, I didn’t know if I had to be relieved, offended or even sadder.

“You’re late …,” I managed to say after a while.

His face was defeated, sad and guilty. He kept licking his soaked lips and blinking quickly to clear his gaze from the water that seemed to blurry it. Then, Stiles spread his arms as a sign of defeat.

“I’m sorry … I did my best to arrive on time but …”

He didn’t finish his sentence, as if the reason behind his delay was private. I felt betrayed.

“Why … why have you invited me if you’re not even able to find a credible lie to explain why you’ve let me wait for hours, no news or text messages…”

I raised the tone to make myself be heard under the sound of the rain that buzzed in our ears.

“But I sent you tons of messages!” “

I bent my head and understood.

"My cellphone is dead …”

I passed a trembling hand on my face.

Stiles approached me and put his arms over my shoulders.

“You’re cold … come on, let’s get inside.”

I let myself go, sticking to him more than I thought I could. For the moment I was cold and the idea of ​​getting warm again seemed welcoming.

“But we missed the movie,” I mumbled sadly.

“I have a lot of great movies at home,” he answered, smiling.

It was the first time I went to Stiles. And it was also the first time I went into a boy’s room, which, moreover, apologized for his messy room.

After giving me a towel and lending a few dry and warm clothes, Stiles apologized and went to talk to his father who had just returned from work. He had to tell him why a wet girl in his room was wearing his clothes. I took advantage of it to look around. His bed was against the wall, walls that contained many posters. In the middle of the room, now stuck on the opposite wall for space was a big transparent table that police inspectors usually have to solve cases. It was covered with many pictures and unreadable inscriptions. But it wasn’t my business and despite the curious desire to look, I didn’t. That would’ve been rude of me.

I was waiting since a couple of minutes when I realized I was wearing Stiles’ clothes.

His clothes that had touched his pale skin. His clothes with a peculiar smell, a captivating scent.

I made sure that he was still far from the room to put the sweater sleeve near my nose to smell it. Immediately, a mixture of laundry soap and his own odor tickled my nose and raised the red to my cheeks. What was I doing?

“Everything is in order.”

I jumped more than I wanted when I heard him speak and lowered my arm immediately, not subtle. I hoped he had seen nothing!

Stiles lowered his head and scratched it nervously, looking at the ground before raising it, and stretching out his hand towards me.  He wanted me to take it? I didn’t move immediately, hesitant, but ended up taking it. His hand was large comparing to mine, and it was warm.

“Your hand is cold,” he whispered in a low voice before taking my other hand to warm them. I sniffled, embarrassed, and then crossed his magnificent look. My heart got even more excited, and I really hoped it would calm down.

“Yeah, I … I’m a little cold I think …” I mumbled, absorbed by his eyes that never looked away from me.

“I’m sorry again for …”

I nodded my head, not letting go of his gaze.

“You must have your reasons, I …”

He approached me, and I had to raise my head not to lose sight of his face. He was a few inches away, and strangely, except for my heart that was drumming loudly in my chest, I wasn’t afraid. My social anxiety was gone. I just felt very close to Stiles, safe. I didn’t need to hide. Of course, both of us had our little secrets, but at the time, it didn’t matter that much because I knew that very quickly there would be no barrier between us.

“So, you give me a second chance?” he whispered softly as he approached his face towards mine. My cheeks burned me, my legs became weak and my breathing accelerated.

I nodded positively.

He came closer again and I didn’t draw back. I was tired of running away, of avoiding people out of fear of being judged. I didn’t want to run away from Stiles.

So, it was I who take the initiative. I crossed the few inches that separated us and I put my lips softly against his. It was the first time I kissed a boy, so I was a little clumsy but soon Stiles guided me. He put his big hands against my waist to bring me closer and I found myself sticking to his chest. His lips moved slowly against mine so that I could get used to their shapes, textures, taste.

And it was very good.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I didn’t focus on them. I let them act on their own. They rested against his face and I found myself stroking his cheeks gently, and even passing a hand through his hair still wet by the rain.

When our mouths parted, I left my hands against his face, which was very close to mine. Our eyes never ceased to look at each other, magnetised.

I was still stroking his cheek when Stiles broke the silence.

“I … I think I love you, Y / N …”

My heart stopped beating as I understood the meaning of his words. But my gaze was suddenly attracted by something my thumb was touching on his cheek and I smiled.

“I love you too … my Milky Way.”

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I am being attacked??

Imagine being on your period and everything hurts so your boyfriend Liam takes care of you <3

A/N - Okay so guys I’m really sorry I’ve been a little inactive the past few days. But at my house right now we have no internet soo. That means I haven’t been able to update or write. We still don’t have internet but I’m writing this on my 3G and after this I’m not gonna have anything left. 

I’m writing on the part three of the Stiles imagine. It’s taking me a little long since I want it to be good but I kinda don’t know what to do with it. 

Anyway - I hope you like this little imagine!

You knew it was a bad idea but you came anyway. How could you not it was Lydia’s birthday. She always made a big deal out of it and you didn’t want to miss it. Even though your stomach was hurting and dying you had put on your party dress and make up. In your bag you had your pads and some pills to take the pain. You had already taken two.

You knocked on the door and Lydia was soon pulling you in for a hug. “Hey sweetie! Welcome.” she said with a drink in hand. “Thank you. And happy birthday. I hope it’s just the way you want it.” she gave you a smile and said it was already great. You then walked into Lydia’s big house and found your boyfriend standing with the rest of the pack. “Hey guys. Havin’ fun?” you sneaked an arm around Liam’s torso and he slipped his arm on your shoulders. “Hey” Liam said and kissed you on the cheek. The others said hi but soon went back to their conversation. “What’s wrong baby?” Liam asked. He always knew when something was wrong. “I just have cramps…” 
“Oh… why did you come then?”
“I didn’t want to miss Lydia’s birthday. Come on she would kill me.” 
“She’s a girl she would understand sweetie. You can’t just walk around having cramps at a party.”
“But I don’t want to miss it. What if something super crazy happens and people think it’s awesome but yeah I wasn’t there because I’m on my effing period.” 
He snorted. “Come on let me take you home. We’ll stay in, watch a movie and cuddle. I don’t think something super crazy is going to happen. Even if something cool happens I haven’t seen it either. So none of us feels left out because we both weren’t there.” 
“Are you sure. I don’t want you to miss something super crazy?”
“100 percent sure. Say goodbye to Lydia and explain, then come meet me at my car” he kissed your cheek again and went out the door to get his car. 

The cramps became worse on the way home. Liam could smell the pain in the small car. “We’re almost there baby.” he gave you a sympathetic smile. You tried to find a comfortable position but nothing helped. When you finally arrived you felt like you were dying. Liam helped you into bed and tossed you some pajamas. “Change and I’ll go downstairs and find something delicious to eat.” he closed the door behind him. He had given you your favourite pajamas and you smiled. He always knew. He came back with two spoons and a ben&jerry’s. “Oorrrh I forgot we had that. Hey could you take my computer over here too?” He sat the spoons and ice cream on your night table and got your computer for you. The two of you got settled and you put on your favourite movie. Liam didn’t complain even though you had seen it a billion times. You sat in comfortable silence and ate the ice cream. “Liam?”
“You do know you’re the best boyfriend in the whole world, right?”
“Yes I know. But do you know I have the worlds best girlfriend?”
“I had my suspicion.” you gave him a peck on his lips. 
“I love you, Dunbar.”
“I love you too, Y/L/N.”


Country Roads, take me Home to the place I belong~

Mine / Chapter 3

Baekhyun walked down the path in the forest that led out to the meeting spot where he would see you. You had texted him back earlier agreeing to the movie with him and his brothers. Instead of meeting him after school as usual you would go straight home and change into something comfortable and then meet up with him later.  

He stepped under the light post and looked around in search of you. He leaned against the post and pulled out his phone getting ready to call and nag you to hurry up.


He looked up when he heard the familiar nickname and watched as you walked down the street waving to him with a bright smile. He kept staring at your clothes when you arrived in front of him.

You gave him a frown and looked down at the cute shirt you picked out with some jeans and the opted converses. You let your hair stay down for the occasion and wore a warm jacket for the chill, so you didn’t know what the problem was. “What?”

“Sorry, I’m just used to seeing you in your school uniform.” He answered, still staring at you awkwardly.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “Well I’m capable of dressing up every now and then. Let’s go.”

You grabbed a hold of his wrist and walked in front of him to lead the way back. He smiled behind you, finding it funny how you always thought you knew where you were going but got lost along the way. You were going to let him take the lead once you doubted which way was which.

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I saw the sentence starters. I am in need of some blessing. I have several, if you're bored! One for Nichkhun "“I’m not cheap, but I am on special this week.” and Chansung "“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”

[ quick drabbles ]


He was always paying for things, but not this time. You had made up your mind, and not even his cute pout would change it! You lifted your chin, straightened your spine, and marched right into the room where Nichkhun was writing something in a journal. He heard you, looked up, and then raised his eyebrows, amused.

“Yes, my dear?”

“I’m going to take you out tonight. Dinner, movie at home, all on me.”

“Why do you look like you’re in pain saying that?” he chuckled, setting down his journal and pen.

“Because you’ll probably pout and say you should pay for it. And you’re pout is really cute, so I have to protect myself.”

“… fine, fine, but I’m not cheap. I am on special this week, though.” Nichkhun stood and pulled you into a hug, nuzzling his nose against yours.


It was a stupid dare, but here he was, taking a deep breath and about to say a really cheesy pick-up line. You, someone he had been eyeing for a long time, were relaxing, humming to yourself as you scrolled through your phone. Chansung glanced back at his friends, the jackasses, then back to you. His stomach was flopping all over the place, but … the worst you could do was say no, right?

No, you could laugh at him and reject him in a huge display. Damn his friends!

He cleared his throat as he sat down next to you. He put on the smile he knew could make girls’ hearts flutter, and looked at you bravely. You blinked at him, recognizing his face but nothing else.

“Oh, hi…um… can I help you?”

Chansung took a deep breath, glanced over at his friends, then back to you. You saw them watching and realized what was happening. He was gonna ask you out or something along that route. He was cute so…. you put a soft smile on your face and waited.

“Okay, look, I was dared to use a cheesy pick-up line on you, but I really do want to ask you out without the studied pick-up line.”


“Okay? You mean, yes?”

“Yes, but you have to tell me the pick-up line first.” You grinned and leaned close. Chansung grinned back, looked at his heads, a bit bashful about the line. 

“Fine,” he sighed, looking back at you.  “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”

“Okay, that is adorable.”

“Really? Would it have worked?”

“Not at all.”

Tie (Assassin!Jin)

Plot: ♠: You adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc. with assassin!Jin

Word Count: 496

A/N: so I realized I haven’t done a Jin drabble in a while (I didn’t mean to I just got busy with the Christmas stuff and then tae’s bday and all of that) so I decided to do one today, this one is from the first set of drabbles, the link for this post will be the assassin!Jin post (here)

You weren’t fully on board with Jin’s “amazing” plan yet but you knew he had to find a way to ease out of the assassin business. It wasn’t easy to get in and it was nearly impossibly to get out but you hoped he knew what he was doing. He told you that he was going to purposefully fail the rest of his assignments, get to the point where they’ll want to fire him or at least no one will want to choose him for the job. You knew the risks that came with his job, you knew how desperately he was trying to get out, especially now that you two had your first child on the way.

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For the Jan. 19 episode of Mom on CBS, Parks and Recreation funnyman-turned-action star Chris Pratt will star opposite his wife, Faris — and EW has the exclusive first look.

In the episode, Pratt will play Nick, a charming horseback riding instructor whom Christy (Faris) decides to pursue — despite the fact he’s the nephew of Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy), who declared him off-limits.

This isn’t the first time Faris and Pratt have worked together. Having married in 2009, the couple appeared in What’s Your Number? and Take Me Home Tonightin 2011, followed by Movie 43 in 2013. This is the first time Pratt has appeared on Faris’ comedy since its debut in 2013.

McDanno headcanon

Steve is a tough guy who doesn’t cower to criminals or give in to their demands but he’s utterly powerless when it comes to his stepchildren and his niece.

Danny: Do you have any idea what time it is, Steven?

Steve: Relax. We’re home now. The kids are fine.

Danny: It’s 9:45 pm and you’re just walking through the door.

Steve: Lighten up. The kids are on summer vacation. You know I wouldn’t keep them out late on a school night.

Danny: I have a schedule Steven. The kids should already be in their pajamas and have their teeth brushed. I don’t mind if they stay up but it’s way passed curfew.

Steve: I couldn’t just take them home after the movies, Danny.

Danny: Enlighten me as to why, Steven.

Steve: Charlie said he’s never tried shaved ice so I took the kids to get some before we came home.

Danny: Doesn’t explain the 6 hours after that.

Steve: We went to the aquarium.

Danny: Uh-huh.

Steve: And then the park, then we stopped by Kono and Adam’s place and then we went for a drive and Gracie asked if we could do some donuts in the parking lot.

Danny: You couldn’t tell them you’d do it some other time?

Steve: …..I could not.

Danny: Why not?

Steve: I can’t say no to them.

Danny: Unbelievable.

Steve: Yeah, I know.

Danny: You don’t even think twice when we’re taking down extremely dangerous criminals up to 6'8 weighing hundreds of pounds but somehow you can’t say “no” to three harmless children no taller than 5 feet with a combined weight of at least 190?

Steve: …I’m weak.