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what's your fav non-Larry moment?

Hello anon, this is my favorite kind of anon question, and I kinda want to talk about this forever. Let me tell you about how the boys take care of each other, and specifically, about how they take care of Niall. Because Niall is a precious snow flake who deserves only good things in life.

This moment is from the Take Me Home Tour, Aug 9, 2013 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles. The boys are singing Little Things. [x]

Right from the outset, Niall looks overwhelmed and out of it. I don’t know why, I don’t know what upset him, but he just. isn’t. coping. It is clear.

Look at his face when Liam starts singing. This isn’t Niall during Little Things. Niall is usually engaged, cheered because the crowd always sings back, and he is normally strumming along on his guitar like a little boy on Christmas morning.

Not this time though.

The others notice, because of course they do. We forget sometimes, how intimately the boys know each other, how much time they spend in each other’s company. So of course they figure it out.

Harry realizes, and you can tell, because he sings his entire first line with Louis while staring at Niall.

He doesn’t even try to hide it, and in the video, you see Liam catch on by looking at Harry, who is looking at Niall.

Harry gestures at Liam with his eyes to look at Niall, and then leans forward to try and see Niall’s face, presumably to check if he is crying.

When we get to Niall’s part, very clearly, Liam is gesturing to Harry in a “what’s going on” helpless shrug.

My heart breaks when Niall starts singing. His voice cracks on “you will never love yourself half as much as…”

Harry turns around fast enough to give himself whiplash the moment he hears that crack in Niall’s voice, concerned. Caretaker! Styles is in full fledged mode Harry and Liam gesture more to each other, with Harry mouthing “make sure he’s okay”. 

Apparently, this is all Liam can take. Because he starts to climb down to come closer. He gives him a moment though, he waits to see if Niall can get himself together without help. He doesn’t want to embarrass him in front of the crowd, so he waits, even though he wants to reach out and *hug him so bad*

Niall sounds upset again, and Liam sits by his side. First, he just smiles at him, leans in closer and harmonizes with him.

When that doesn’t seem to help, when Niall looks like he is about to crack, Liam puts his arm around his shoulders and pulls him in. A silent, comforting gesture, of friendship and brotherhood, saying “I am here if you want to fall apart. I will sing your harmonies for you.”

Finally, it gets a smile out of our boy.

When Harry starts singing again to finish the song, Liam tickles Niall’s ear and presses his lips together in a kiss.

And even when Liam climbs back up, he leans down to whisper something funny in his ear, making Niall laugh out loud, interrupting the final chorus.

When they finish, Niall is laughing, smiling wide, and Liam goes back to his perch, like a man who accomplished a dear mission.

Even though we don’t see it, I am sure Harry, Zayn and Louis from across the stage are smiling as well, happy that Liam could take care of their boy.

You know anon, we forget, admist all the drama that surrounds the boys every day, all the good and bad press, the poor management, everything - we forget that One Direction, at its core, is just five boys who love each other and stand by each other through the craziness that is their lives.

It helps to remember every now and then.

The Arrangement (Part 15)

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Summary: You have an encounter with Mark, and Dean shows up just in time. The next morning, the two of you talk things out. Sam arrives with some news.

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,300

Warnings: physical/sexual assault (minor, no injuries or anything but I know that can be a trigger), language, general angst, low-grade physical violence, little bit of smut… some of everything in this one

A/N: Buckle in, this one is long and jam-packed…. also I think there’s only two more parts left, guys… which makes me SO sad. Thank you all for your continued love for this series, I cannot believe how it’s taken off. You’re all awesome. Also picking a gif for this WAS SO HARD because there are so many Dean moments I wanted to show. But I went with angry because reasons…

Catch up on the series HERE

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This Day in 1D History - October 12


  • “Liam shut up I’m trying to do an interview” (Niall's Heat interview posted lmaooo)
  • ot5 meet fans, sign, and interview at the Carphone Warehouse launch for their Nokia phones (which came pre-loaded with 1D ringtones)


  • 4Music posts the most wildly unnecessary and unbearable video of 1D cute moments (NO THAT IS NOT A FAN EDIT THAT IS LITERALLY THE MUSIC THEY USED IDK WHY EITHER)
  • 1D go on the Late Late Show (in Ireland!) and Zayn can’t resist Liam’s buzz :))


  • Louis’ generosity truly knows no bounds
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Auckland, New Zealand


  • an important moment in history, commemorated forever (or at least as long as this poster lasted)


  • Louis literally gets lost in Liam’s eyes Lilo answer Twitter questions for ITV News
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Birmingham, UK #3 
  • Niall Horan is too good for this world


Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 9

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18Part 19

There were two reasons why Rhysand was wallowing in his own self-loathing that morning and the first one was the usual longing he felt when Feyre was in his presence yet he could do nothing about it. The second one was the more important reason – he was the one that let this happen. He let Tamlin hurt Feyre because his friends were trying to focus on his drunk self. The self-loathing increased monumentally when he slid into his car, ready to take Feyre home and she said, “Is there a reason why you’re refusing to look at me?”

Rhys whipped his head up from the steering wheel, from where he was putting the key in the ignition. “I’m not-“

“Oh please, you avoided eye contact at every possible occasion. Are you mad at me?”

Rhys’ eyes widened as he realised how his behaviour might have come across to her that morning, he instantly felt ashamed. But what could he tell her, as she sat there in some of Mor’s leggings and Cassian’s old rugby shirt from when he was 13 that his cousin had stolen a year ago. He couldn’t possibly tell her that the real reason why he was making every effort to avoid eye contact was because he felt disgusted at himself for letting Tamlin hurt Feyre and then having exceptionally inappropriate dreams about her.

I’m not mad at you Feyre Archeron, how could I? I’m hopelessly in love with every fibre of your being but you can’t know because you’ve just got out of a shitty relationship and maybe you need space and don’t even want another relationship. I can’t possibly tell you that I avoided eye contact with you this morning because I’m ashamed that I did nothing to prevent anything last night and even if I did look at you, I would melt into a puddle thinking about you touching me and I touching you. Just us. Together.

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Daaaamnnn…this is so important. On her most vulnerable moment she wants to go home. She considers ARKADIA, her brother, her people, HOME. 

The blakes have always been a weekness to me (since I have the most beautiful relationship with my siblings) so that hit me hard.

But…not only that. It hit me in the feels because I know every delinquents will choose the same. They have become a FAMILY. I family that no matter what will fight to protect eachother. And that’s beautiful


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prompt: weecest almost getting caught by john

Sam’s throat is sore from last night, but he doesn’t care. In fact, he revels in the ache in his jaw; the burning sensation in his throat because this – this is where he belongs. He’s crawling between Dean’s meaty thighs on dirty, cum-stained sheets with his big brother’s cock buried deep in his throat.

Dean sounds pissed off and wild with want when he glares down at Sam and hisses quietly: “Such a fucking slut, Sammy, aren’t you? Couldn’t even wait for dad to leave before you needed my cock in your mouth, ain’t that right? Gonna get us caught soon, you hear me?”

Little Sammy releases Dean’s heavy cock, slowly, letting it leave a trail of spit and precum down his chin as he watches his big brother, gaze dark beneath lowered eyelids. His voice is obscenely hoarse when he says: “Bet he’d be jealous.”

Dean growls, grabs a fistful of Sam’s hair and forces his weeping dick into his little brother’s mouth again, thrusting deeply. “That’s what this is about, huh? Putting on a show for daddy? Don’t you get enough attention from your big brother, is that it?”

Sam swallows the length, buries his nose in Dean’s pubes, his soft fingers playing with Dean’s balls, feeling a surge of power and satisfaction when Dean comes hotly and without warning down his throat, accompanied by the sound of Dean’s strangled moan.

The taste is bitter and familiar, and Sam thinks he could live off this.

Their eyes lock for a brief moment, and the question Dean had posed earlier hangs between them, demanding an answer. Sam licks his lips, prepares to reply, but is interrupted by a sharp knock on their door.

“Everything ok in there, boys?”

“We’ll be right out,” Dean replies loudly, too loud, his cheeks red.

Sam says, in a voice that sounds like sex over broken glass: “I think I might’ve caught a cold, daddy. Maybe Dean should stay at home with me today?”

John takes a moment to answer, then he speaks, his voice muffled behind the thin door. “Whatever you need, Sam. I’m taking off now, I’ll be back in the afternoon. Take care of Sammy, Dean. There’s aspirin in the kitchen if you need it.”

Sam licks a long, wet stripe along Dean’s sensitive cock, and Dean hisses. “You heard him,” Sam whispers. “Whatever I need.”

Dean watches him, the look in his eyes suggests that he is partly astounded, partly scared of what he finds in Sam’s face. “He’s gonna find out if you keep this up,” Dean finally rasps, a desperate note of helplessness in his voice. “Don’t you even care?”

“It’ll let him know that you’re mine,” Sam mumbles, eyes almost black beneath his long bangs.

Dean stares at him under a stony silence. “You’re fucked up.”

Sam stretches like a cat. “Yeah,” he agrees lazily, in that fucked-out voice. “But I’m not blind.”

The Wrong Side of Heaven Part Two (demon!bucky x reader)

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Summary: Bucky is a demon, sent to earth to kill a human. But when he meets her, he can’t exactly figure out why she was chosen to die.


Word Count: 1.1K

Warnings: blood ritual, some fluff, a few swears

The Wrong Side of Heaven Masterlist

Two weeks have gone by, and you and James have somehow developed a strong bond together, always joking about, laughing, giggling, sending each other texts during your breaks, going out on friend dates.

Bucky didn’t know where or how the friendship started, honestly. One day, he walked in to work, only to discover you had bought him breakfast and coffee and left your phone number on the coffee cup. So, naturally, he responded to you, buying a coffee and doughnut the next day. Thus sprout the friendship between you two. To say Bucky was excited about the progress was a complete understatement. He never expected you to respond to him in this way. But here you were, always happy and giddy around him.

One day, as he walked next to you after work hours, he’d caught himself wondering why he was sent to watch you You seemed innocent enough, right? You had been a good worker, had amazing family members, as you’d told him. You traveled a bit in your childhood. You were an all around good citizen to the world.

So why had he been sent to collect her soul? Were you in some underground cult that only his elder knew about? Bucky wondered these questions quite a bit over the weeks, but never received an answer from his higher power. You lived a normal life. You lived that typical white picket life that many people strive to do.

So why? What was wrong in your case?

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Tommy Shelby: Season 1, Vignette 1

Warnings: Angst?

Word Count: 1267

About: Tommy Shelby and I were a thing. A big thing. Until he left for France. Watch through a series of snapshots at my life after he returns from the war. Requests are accepted.

Edited: Yes

Originally posted by luke-vaughn

The war had taken him from me. Those bloody French trenches had taken his heart and riddled it with holes until it hung in tatters. 

When he left, Tommy had been full of promises for the future. The letters he had sent in the first couple of months, had been full of hope for a quick return. It didn’t take long for the words, scribbled on recycled paper in the dark, to become bleak, the flicker of hope fading. The love faded and the frequency of the letters diminished. I told myself that he was busy defending his country, that it was near impossible to get a letter from the front. I refused to believe that he was dead, lying somewhere, unburied, in a foreign country. I watched as neighbour after neighbour emerged from their house, clad in black, weeping over a lost son.

Hope left my heart, but the love for Tommy did not. As I lay alone in bed at night, cradling an old shirt of his, I tried to muster the sound of his voice, or the feel of his breath in my ear as he slept, or even the feel of his hand in mine. Each day it grew more and more difficult. 

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Boy Meets Girl (Chapter 2)

Author: sumcp

Chapter two: The Closet

Characters: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Word Count:  2096

Warnings: occasional swearing, mentions of kidnapping(triger warning?) and terrible sentence structure/grammar ( I am working on it)

Note: This is based off the Disney Channel Movie Starstruck with a twist. I do not own the rights to the movie.

Chapter 1 // Chapter 3

You sat in the car, stunned that Dylan would even ask such a stupid question. You couldn’t form a sentence, trying to find the words to tell him exactly what you thought when he interrupted your train of thought.

“Earth to Y/N..” He trailed off, snapping his long fingers in your direction. You always hated when people snapped their fingers to get attention, it made you feel like they were talking to a dog telling it to sit. His hopeful look, quickly turned into one of annoyance. You have had enough of his attitude tonight.

“Dylan you just hit me with a door, gave me a concussion, and practically kidnapped me.. Hell no I don’t want to go to a party with you. Take me home.” We sat in silence for a moment after you just  blew up on him. Dylan was still making his way to whatever destination he turned us around too, not looking at you anymore. You took the moment of silence and tried to turn on your phone, fixing to text your friends and explain everything that has happened in the last 20 minutes. You clicked the home button 3 times but nothing was working, then you noticed the small hairline fracture running up your Iphone. Great, just what I needed, you thought.

“In my defense, I ‘practically kidnapped’ you to take you to a hospital.. That’s not nearly as bad. That’s the best type of kidnapping.” Dylan offered nonchalantly, daring a glance in your direction.

“You know what the best type of kidnapping is? No kidnapping at all!” You caught his gaze, having a silent stare down with the gorgeous boy. Dylan caved first, averting his eyes back to the road with a low sigh. He didn’t bother to turn back around at the red light like you thought he would, instead when the light turned green he went right through. 

“Are you serious? You realiz you just went from practically kidnapping, to full on kidnapping right?” You yelled at him again. 

“Just Calm down Y/N.” Dylan sighed again, shaking his head lightly as he continued to stare at the road.

“I don’t want to calm down, I want to go home.” You fumed, throwing your broken phone in his direction out of anger.

“Ow! What is wrong with you?” Dylan yelped, obviously not prepared for your assault. Dylan swerved the car momentarily, and turned to look at you wide eyes. He looked shocked, not believing you actually threw something at him.

“What’s wrong with me? Nothing. Nothing at all, I was looking forward to getting abducted tonight.”

“Oh is that why you’re so crabby?”

“I am not crabby.” You huffed. It seemed like Dylan was just trying to make you angry at this point.

“Oh.. right, not crabby, defensive.” Dylan rolled his eyes at you, griping the steering wheel tighter.

“I am NOT defensive.” You put more emphasis on the word, trying to get your point across. You realized you had only known him for 30 minutes and all you have done was argue with each other. You let out a small breath of air defiantly, turning your body so you could gaze out the window.

“See you disagree with everything I say.”

“Do not.”

“Do too.”

“Just take me home!” You yelled at Dylan for the what seemed like the 100th time.

“I will!” He yelled back. He had his jaw set and his hands were still tense on the wheel. A couple of seconds passed before he calmy added, “But first, we need to make one teeny-tiny little stop.”

15 minutes passed, neither of you saying a word to each other. You continued to stare out the window, not wanting to sneak a peak at Dylan for fear he would be looking at you too. You made a plan, once you arrived at the party, for whatever reason he couldn’t be bothered to take you home first, you would borrow someone else’s phone and call an Uber. You noticed the car pulling into a subdivision full of fancy houses. You knew we were getting closer to the destination when Dylan turned onto a smaller dead end street. Unless he’s planning on killing you, you thought. 

“Is this the part where you cut me up in little pieces and hide my body?” You mused. He scoffed, turning the wheel around a sharp curve. You heard the blaring of music before you saw the house. Dylan made one more turn before the house came into view, cars were pilled all around and it seemed like every light was one. People were milling about, half of them having red solo cups in their hands. Dylan quickly grabbed a garage door opener from the visor, opening it so he could park the car. You forgot you were in Tyler’s car and not Dylans. 

He quickly put the car in park, closing the garage door behind him by pressing the button. Before you knew it he was at the passenger side door, opening it for you. What a gentleman, you thought. No Y/N, this guy was a stuck up celebrity who only cares for himself. You were torn away from your conflicting thoughts when you finally got out of the car and heard the music first hand. You were surprised the whole city of Los Angeles couldn’t hear it.

“Alright so we’re gonna go through this door, and up the stairs as quickly as possible.” Dylan spoke, while pointing to the door on your right. He looked nervous, and you couldn’t help but wonder why so you asked.


“Because, there is someone here I need to meet. You can just wait in my old room until I’m done and then I promise I will take you home okay.” He was defiantly nervous and you were full of questions. You pondered the offer a moment, and reluctantly agreed. He didn’t know you, which means he didn’t know how stubborn you really were. He started walking toward the door and you followed in line with him. He paused before opening it, looking back at you. “Ready? On my count. 1…2…3..“ 

Dylan opened the door quickly, the banging from the base making your head throb again. You were stunned at the inside of the house, pausing to take in the sight. “I didn’t know being werewolf paid this well.” You mumbled.There were people practically shoulder to shoulder, filing out to the backyard. You watched as a couple of girls pass by, dressed in what couldn’t even be classified as a bikini, making their way to the pool. Dylan was a few steps in front of you when he noticed you still standing by the door, watching the party unfold. He grabbed your hand, tugging it in the directions of the stairs. You let him lead the way, as you tore your gaze from the party. Just as you reached the top step, you thought you saw a flash go off out of the corner of your eye, but you didn’t have time to turn around and inspect it before Dylan turned the corner to the hallway. 

He stopped once he reached the second door, ushering you in side and looking both ways before he closed it. Once the door was shut he leaned against it, visibly relaxing. He let out a small sigh, rubbing his slight peach fuzz that was on his chin. You wandered farther into the room, even if there wasn’t much to look at. You noticed a drum set in the far corner with a couple of posters hanging on the wall from various bands, and a couple of pictures as well. There was two doors in the room, one was already opened revealing a luxurious on-sweet, so you assumed the other door was a closet, but what got your attention the most was the king sized bed that set perfectly centered against the back wall. You made your way over to the bed, running your fingers along it lightly. The comforter was soft to the touch which had your imagination in over drive with images of you and Dylan rolling around under it, getting tangled up in what appeared to be Egyptian Cotton sheets. 

“Okay so you can stay in here, just don’t make too much noise. Feel free to watch TV, I will be back as soon as possible.” He said, teetering back and forth looking at you nervously.

“Okay.” You simply said, making your way to the TV stand to grab the remote. He looked up at you shocked, he was obviously prepared for another fight. You glanced back at him, but you couldn’t read his facial expressions anymore. Before you could make your way back to the bed, Dylan grabbed your arm gently, pulling you so that you were facing each other. He didn’t say anything for a moment, just continuing to look at you.

“Do you need something O'Brien? Am I suppose to curtsy as you exit?” He raised an eyebrow at the question, which you returned with more sass, giving him a small bow. He let out a small chuckle, shaking his head slightly.

“Listen smartass,” he laughed again, “I just wanted to say thank you. You are doing me a huge favor, even though you don’t like me and I really a–”

“It’s not a favor if you are dragged somewhere against your will.” You pointed out which earned you a playful glare, but Dylan continued talking ignoring your comment.  

“And I REALLY appreciate it.” He put emphasis on the word, and you could tell by the glimmer in his eyes he was telling the truth. He gave you a small smile, which made you smile in return. We continued to stare at each other, this time the silence wasn’t uncomfortable or hostile, it was peaceful. He broke eye contact for a moment as his chestnut colored eyes darted to your lips and back.

It was so fast you barely noticed, but it still caused a lump to form in the back of your throat. Your mind was racing and you were surprised Dylan didn’t hear your heart that was pounding in your chest. He tilted his head slightly, licking his lips. He looked at you, trying to judge if you were okay with this but the problem was, you didn’t know if you were or not. The last person you kissed was Ryan, and the thought of someone else’s lips on yours was hard to imagine since you thought Ryan would be the last person you kissed. Ever. He tilted his head further, only inches separating you from him now. When you felt his breath fanning on your lips, you made a spur of the moment decision and closed your eyes. Dylan took that as a sign, but before he could close the short distance to crash his mouth on yours, his phone rang.

The ringtone pulled you out of the moment, causing you to pull away slightly opening your eyes. Dylan coughed, pulling all the way away from you as he ran his fingers through his hair before grabbing his phone out of his pocket. The moment you two almost shared, was gone and the peaceful silence you were sharing had turned awkward. Dylan read the text that interrupted us, and his eyes widened momentarily. He quickly put his phone away and started walking toward the door.

“I gotta go, I’m.. I’m sorry,” He stammered, he coughed lightly trying to pull himself together. “Like I said make yourself at home. Just stay.” He offered you a small smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Woof.” You pouted, putting your arms up to resemble a dog. His face fell, hurt by your joke.

“Y/N that’s not what I meant, I—”


Dylan’s eyes practically fell out of his head when he heard his name being called by a female voice. You looked at him concerned but before you had the chance to say anything, the voice called again.

"Dylan O'Brien I know you’re up there!" 

Whoever was yelling was not happy, even through the loud music you could hear her stomping up the stairs. Dylan quickly grabbed your arm again, spinning you around. He was dragging you toward the second door in the room, as the girl screamed his name one more time.

"Look I will explain in just a minute but please just be quiet.” Before you knew it, he had the door open and you didn’t have time to react as he gave you a slight nudge into what you guessed earlier was a closet. It was dark inside but you could faintly make out the outline of clothes. You stumbled back, stepping on what you thought was a pair of shoes. You were fixing to come barging out when you heard Dylan’s door open and slam shut with a bang. You pressed your ear against the door just in time to hear him.

“Hey Brittany.”

Time Upon Once, Ch.11 (11/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M (eventually)

A huge thank you to @tnlph @businesscasualprincess and @blessed-but-distressed  for beta duties and @shady-swan-jones for the banner!

Tagging a few people that showed interest in this story:@lk0622 @nowforruin @sambethe@xemmaloveskillianx  @l-e-x-a-xd @profoundlyfadedprincess @once-uponacaptain@icecubelotr44  @poetic-justice-96 @allietumbles @el-kelpo @jennjenn615 @leiandcharles (want to be tagged? let me know and I’ll do it)


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Chapter XI

The next few weeks went by in a blur of keeping track of August, all the while avoiding Sidney’s attempts to lure him to be part of a supposed exposé on Regina Mills alleged misuse of town funds. Killian listened to Sidney’s plans for his so-called investigation but decided to pull out in the end. He didn’t buy it. His lie-detector was buzzing around at every step and it made him edgy. Furthermore, he knew men like Sidney. The would never have the backbone to go after powerful people like Regina, not when it mattered. So he stepped aside and let the man do whatever he wanted to do.

Nevertheless, he hadn’t walked away unscathed in the end. Regina had used any excuse she could find to forbid him to see Henry again, and even his short meeting with Sidney seemed grounds enough in her eyes. So as much as Killian wanted to go against her, he knew his best chance was to lay low and weather the storm. It was a small town after all, he would have a few chances to run into the lad.

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#2 with Simon from Shadowhunters :-)

Simon Lewis - “It reminded me of you.”

You took a deep breath while you pressed the doorbell. Your finger was trembling and you bit your lip while you tried to make sure not to lose your balance. In your arms you were holding a big box with a bright red bow tied around it.

“(Y/N)!” Simon opened the door with a wide grin. His bright white teeth were glimmering in the moonlight and his superman shirt had a clearly tighter fit than a couple of weeks ago.

Not that you complained about it. You had to admit that you had needed some time to get fully used to the new Simon, but the new Simon was nothing but the heart and soul of the old Simon with a few small upgrades here and there.

The only downside was the fact that he couldn’t leave the house during the day.

You couldn’t have everything and there was no such thing as perfect.

“What brings you here?” Simon stared at the big box in your arms and he raised his eyebrows slightly while a soft meow reached his enhanced hearing.

“I’ve got a present for you…” You bit your lip. All of a sudden you were all too aware of the fact that Simon was a vampire and that maybe he didn’t want a living and breathing present roaming the house. “If you don’t like it, I will take it home with me, but…” You hesitated for a moment. “It reminded me of you.”

Simon took the box from you and carefully he untied to bow so he could open it.

A small, cute little kitten hurried to climb out of it, straight into the arms of the vampire. It’s tongue started to lick Simon’s pale skin and Simon started to giggle.

“A cat? You gave me a cat?” Simon looked up at you and then he focussed on the cat again.

“I found it in our street. I made sure to check if he didn’t belong to someone, but I think he was left behind.” You bent your head. “But he was so sweet and cute and he had those big eyes staring at me and I fell in love with it instantly and then I thought…”

“And then you thought you could give it to me?” Simon carefully grabbed the cat and lifted it up. When he smiled, the cat smiled back showing it’s sharp white teeth which made Simon laugh out loud. “Okay, I do have to admit that maybe we do have a few things in common.” He placed the cat on his shoulder and leaned towards you to press a soft kiss on your forehead. “Thanks.”

“You…you like it?” You widened your eyes and then your lips curled up into a smile.

“Of course I do! How can I not like it?” Simon shrugged his shoulders, catching the kitten that almost fell from his shoulder. “But you do understand that you won’t be the most important person in my life anymore, do you?”

“Sharing your love with this kitten will be my honor.”