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On Tour: TMH- Chapter 14

Premiss: You’re a youtuber joining the boys for their North American leg of the Take Me Home tour. Your job is to film as much of the tour antics with the boys but it’s a huge adventure where anything can happen.
*disclaimer- not completely following what’s actual events that’s happened in the actual TMH tour*

Word Count: 1362

A/M: I hope you enjoy reading this. Tell me if you do Xx

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—Day 17- 8:15 AM—

You woke up and found that the bus was still moving. You slipped out of bed and looked out the window to find you were on a long stretch of road with unfamiliar buildings surrounding on either side. 

“Danny. Where are we?” You yawned. 

“Toronto.” He called back from behind the wheel. 


"Yup. We’re in Canada again honey. Lucky for us they speak english here so you don’t have to brush up on your French or hear Lyla go on about her high school french class.” He laughed. 

You smirked as you walked over to stand next to him holding onto his chair to keep from falling, “She annoyed you with that too didn’t she?" 

He rolled his eyes, "Yeah. You could say that again. Anyway hun, we’re about to make a big turn. You might want to sit tight.” He warned as you quickly took the empty passenger seat next to him as he continued driving. “We’re almost there." 

"Are we late? We’re usually there by this time." 

"Heh, yeah. I had to take a little truck stop. Fill up on gas, take a leak. The others are already there but based off what one of those boys told me, they’re all more or less busy with interviews all day. So you’re not missing much." 

"One of them called you?”

“That curly haired one. He called on your phone but you weren’t waking up." 

"What? You took my phone? When did you do that? And where is it now?!”

“It’s right here.” He said gesturing to the front of the dashboard, and when you saw it you took it back. “He rang just as I got back on the bus. That was about two hours ago maybe? Funny how he still felt the need to call you. Also I don’t know why you guys even keep those stolen walkie talkies if you guys just use your cellphones all the time." 

You suddenly felt nervous at the mention of the walkie talkie, not confessing to him about it since Niall had given it to you, "Walkie talkie?”

“Don’t play smart with me. I saw it, and heard it a couple of times on this bus before.” He said giving you a side eyed look. 

You suddenly felt shy and guilty, “You’re not going to give it back are you?”

He gave you a look and raised an eyebrow, “No. If it means that much to you. But I don’t know why you keep it. You guys rarely use it, especially since you see each other practically every moment of every day.”

“Yeah. But it’s still nice anyway. Makes me feel like I’m a part of this tour somehow." 

"You are though [Y/N]. How don’t you see that?” He questioned. 

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