take me from my lace

What’s that? Another picture of fem!Bilbs?? Oh my, how could this possibly happen!? [gasps in spanish]

Lmao no I just wanted to draw Ms. Baggins on her first-date outfit. Her outfits are too cute I can’t. This AU is gold and I hope for the life of me and many others that the fic gets an update soon *gross sobbing*

‘Perfect’ songfic

*Harry’s POV*

She stood at the bar across the hall, her long dress trailing slightly behind her as her loosely curled hair fanned out across her back. Each few moments she would glance behind her, meeting my eyes for a split second before she would look away again. 

She was curious. I could tell by the way she would look at me, it was a look of interest and perhaps, slight wariness. We are different people, brought together in an unusual way, but there must be something there.

“You’re staring at her again” Liam said, sliding in beside me at the large round table and taking a sip from his beer. 

“Can you blame me?” I asked, lacing my fingers together and furrowing my eyebrows, “I mean look at her”. 

“Harry this can’t happen” he said. 

“Why?” I asked, tearing my gaze away from the beauty across the room and turning in my seat to face him. 

“You know damn well why. Harry you are from different groups. Your side is dark, unsafe and not the place for a girl like that. She could never live in our world mate, this life is no place for a girl like that” he said. 

“You underestimate her. You don’t know how well she could handle it, she could be the one that might actually stick by my side through all this shit that we have to go through” I said with a clenched jaw. 

“And what if she isn’t. Harry you know you get attached to girls too easily and you just end up hurting yourself when they walk away. What makes you think that she will be any different?” he asked. Sighing, I shook my head and looked at her again just in time to see her glancing at me. 

“I don’t know, there is just something about her” I said. 

“Harry what are you looking for?” he asked with a frown. 

“Something different…. I know I’m not the type of guy to buy a girl flowers, or text her in the middle of the night to let her know that I love her, or hold her when she is feeling down, hell I’m not even the guy most girls will bring back to meet their mothers. But I just want something that isn’t fabricated by management, or by feelings I think that I should have. There is something here Liam, I’m just not sure what it is yet” I said. Liam stayed silent, so I carried on. 

“I want someone I can have fun with. Someone who was mess around with me at each hotel we stop at, someone who will sneak out to meet me at a moment’s notice, away from the eyes of the fans and the paps and anyone else who would judge us. I want someone who will drive with me to random places in the middle of the night because we can’t bear the thought of being locked up in a hotel room any longer. I want someone who thinks I am perfect, and in return I want to think they are perfect, flaws included” I finished.

“Girls like that are hard to find” Liam said. 

“You’ve found it!” I exclaimed, both of us taking quick glances at Sophia who was across the hall dancing with one of the bridesmaids and congratulating the bride and groom. 

“That’s different-”

“How is it different?” I interrupted, “I see the way you look at her Liam, and I see the way she looks at you. Is it wrong for me to want that for myself?” I asked and he sighed. 

“No, no it isn’t. Go talk to her Harry. Go introduce yourself and get to know her. Go find whatever it is you are looking for” Liam said, patting me on the back with one hand before standing and making his way back over to Sophia. 

This is it, I thought, this could be the start of a change. This could be perfect.

My contribution to Pibroch & Ewelock’s amazing Bagginshield lingerie model au! 

No, seriously, it’s so sweet and fluffy!  Read it! 

Take Me From My Lace


Pibroch: pibroch.tumblr.com

Ewelock: ewelock.tumblr.com



And sorry for the sketchy-ness. I did this on the fly during work last night. I doubt that I will finish this, but we’ll see… 

Take From Me My Lace

Bilba Baggins, popular model for a premier lingerie company, isn’t always entirely convinced that the perks of the job are worth the hassle. Can’t she even go to the shops without being recognized?

But Thorin Oakenshield doesn’t seem to recognize her at all, even with her nearly-naked breasts forever plastered across half of London.

That’s… a very refreshing change.

The best Fem!Bilbo AU that you can find at the moment. It’s so cute and well written…Even if you really want to shake Bilba because she really need to trust Thorin, damn it. It’s one of the fandome favourites, and it’s a nice start, if you are new to Au’s. 
It also has the very best Fanarts that you can find, and it was basically Ewelocks Idea, written by littleblackdog. 
You can read it here

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Take From Me My Lace by pibroch

“'But tell me,’ Dori said, precisely lining up deep blue boxes of custom blended chamomile. ‘Which seems like the more attractive option: that this man is really so unobservant that he’s never noticed the twenty-foot posters of your derriere gracing the sides of buses, or that he’s uninterested in the sight of you in naught but beautiful underthings?’

Explicit // FM // Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield // Modern AU, fem!Bilbo

(28/05/15: Love Up Fic Writers Month)