take me back and leave me there

i know you’d let me take you anywhere i wanted. keep seeing you pushed down against my desk, my hands at your hips leaving little bruises like purple violets. wrists crossed, wrapped and tied behind your back with a pretty little bow. soft ribbons.

all my papers shoved to the side, your breasts pressed against the cold wood and aching for friction. taut ass, little pink nipples that miss the memory of my tongue circling tightly around them. god, you’re so helpless against the motion.

kitty, you look so beautiful with your back arched, always begging me to go deeper. begging me to fuck harder.

isn’t it true? you belong to me. you’re fucking mine. now show me what a good little slut you are. let me shove your panties aside, all wet and utterly ruined. i’m going to fill you up and make you moan for me.

Take it Out on Me

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(Steve Rogers x Reader) 

After everything he went back to them, leaving Steve broken and you to try and pick up the pieces.

Words: 2021 Warnings: Angst, sad Steve, language

An: Just a little something, got a new part to Bad Habit on tuesday and Mischief on thursday. :) x

Tags: @lexbugz, @goal-mine

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Losing Bucky to Hydra had broken him, you saw him slip away more and more each day. He would deny it, tell everyone he was fine, but you knew, beneath the facade he put up, behind the false smiles and empty words he was losing himself to his depression. Every bit of news about Bucky made things worse, every act he committed for Hydra was another weight on Steve’s shoulders, another reminder he had failed his friend.

It was another damage control mission, the latest in an endless list since the Winter Soldier had returned to Hydra. Fury had intel Bucky was due to raid the SHIELD base for files on a new serum and you were there to stop him killing everyone to get them. By the time you arrived, half the base was dead or injured and the files had been uploaded to Hydra.

Steve’s hands were shaking as he aimed the gun at Bucky, his shield discarded beside him. Bucky was mirroring Steve’s stance, but he didn’t waver, didn’t show any signs of emotion.

“Please Buck, don’t make me do this,” Steve pleaded, getting no reaction from his friend, “you have to stop killing people, this isn’t you.”

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Pairing: Lucifer x reader

Prompt: “Don’t fucking touch me!”

Warnings: none

Fandom: Supernatural

You were working on a job with Dean and Sam to stop Lucifer but it wasn’t going so good. 

You were somewhere in a house tight to a chair in the middle of a living room. There were two more demons in the room watching you. 

 Lucifer walks into the room and signs for the other two to leave. 

“Hello, sweetheart.” He says walking towards you. “I hope that they didn’t tighten it up too much.” He says looking at your hands. 

“Where did you take me?” You said on the top of your lungs. 

“Come on sweetheart.”He walks towards you and puts a hand under your chin to make you look him in the eyes. 

“Don’t fucking touch me!” You said to him trying to get you head free from his grip. 

He gives you a smirk and takes a step back. 

One of the man from just a few minutes ago steps back into the room. Lucifer looks at him. 

“They’re here.” The man says and leaves the room immediately again. 

“Well then,” Lucifer says looking back towards you. “I will be right back.” and walks out of the room. 

The other two men walk into the room again. 

In what looked like hours Lucifer walks into the room again,  there’s blood all over his shirt. 

He sees you look at it. “It’s not their blood don’t worry.” 

You looked at him. “Who’s blood is it then?” You ask him angry. 

He walks towards you. 

‘That I can’t tell you.’ He says with a smile on his face. “So where were we?” 

There was quite in the room. “Ooh, I know again.” he places his hand under your chin making you look him in the eyes.  

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Can I get 28 with 707? Love you ^^

Nawwwww, I love you too!

You were…exhausted, honestly. Seven kept playing a game of back and forth with you. There were moments he was angry- Pushing you away from him faster than he could register what he was doing. Then there were nights where he would apologize continuously to you, and you just…Were tired. Exhausted.

But you were dealing with it. Taking the confusing blows because you were not going to left him run away from everything like this. When you stubbornly told him this, he was equally as headstrong.

“That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”

“You didn’t hide your glare, and neither did he. He put his headphones back on, continuing.

“What I meant was stay away from me- Go and enjoy your life without me, focus on that fantasy until I can leave and get you out of here.”

“Maybe I want to focus on a fantasy of you not being such a damn jerk- To stop pushing me away and accept that I’m not going to let you treat me like this.”

“That’s exactly what it’s going to be- A fantasy.”

And he was turned back to his computer, ignoring you stomping away.

Funny how I can be five necks
deep in water
& still tread islands
like Galapagos & me
are running coast to coast, hip to hip.

Dump dye, let soak.
Come undone like women
beating every colour under the sun.

Me & my waterlogged heart
stacking shelves,

come back drenched, a little less—


But still the glory of skin.

Patchwork human being
wring out this sadness,
let dry, let set,
see if I come out
how they want me to be.


swinging east-to-east.

& then you’re running

& somewhere
in someone

you find yourself
in the middle of a road—

Funny how I go on.

A crooked smile,
a slight of misplace,

I will not say.

& I am
how I am
how I always will be:

always with the arms that go on for miles
telling you to tell me

& how you fold me
into the wall,

a fourth leg missing,

Funny how toes
& hands
can go a star & then some

& at the end of the day
my soles
are the softest part of me.

                                — S.A. Khanum | what it takes to leave 

hey so in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve returned from my trip and my short break from tumblr

i wanna kinda explain (?) why i left?

it was a really shitty weekend when i decided to leave, and i felt like no one even gave a shit about me (a fact i have no realized is not true, dont worry)

it felt like no one cared or wanted me here, and i decided to take a break until my mental heath stabled out

my trip helped with that so now im back, hopefully better so yeah!


anonymous asked:

"He left us! He promised we wouldn't leave US!" Alice began to cry and Rose only grew angrier. The walls began to bleed. The air grew thick and cold. "He lied to us... He never cared about us..." As Rose spoke lights began to flicker and the room shook. "No... He said he loved me. He said take care of me. He'd keep me safe. And then, he left. He said he would be RIGHT BACK!" Alice fell to her knees as the entire house began to shake. "Make it stop..." She whispered.

Dark grinned at the mental distress he was inflicting ​upon Alice and her other side. Anti, was trying to pull the girl back so as not to get hurt.

“The Host left you though,” Dark whispered. “He didn’t care. He lied. What did I have to ever lie to you about?”

“Darkiplier I swear to God please shut up!” She ran out of Antis close protection to Alice and promptly smacked her. There was no intention of harming her, just the hope that it would bring her back to something that was real.


Spinning, Ramadan and…

MUTASIM: Okay. What the fuck happened now?


ELIAS: What’s up everyone! Welcome back, I hope you’re well. Like I always say, you look good no matter what. Today, like you can tell, we’re in a totally different place. We’re outside, for the first time in history.

ADAM: Yousef!


ADAM: Why are were here today and not at home?


MUTASIM: It’s because one of the people here, doesn’t dare to go to another person’s place because..

ADAM: Explain!

MUTASIM: Something happened at someone’s else’s place with someone.

YOUSEF: Mutta is explaining. I thought we have to get tan and stuff because we’re..

MUTASIM: Because we’re sitting in the shade.

YOUSEF: Get some pigment.

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I just want to get out of here. I want to call you and tell you everything that’s wrong and i want you to tell me that its going to be okay. I need you to tell me its going to be okay.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the thought of Harry and Draco back at Hogwarts years after they leave? If not, let me take a few moments of your time to elucidate:

  • Banter
  • Inter-house rivalry at the head table
    • inter-house rivalry between classes
  • Knowing (memorizing) each other’s schedule and casually bringing it up in conversation–with or outside of each other
  • Seeming like a married couple to everyone else but not realizing it themselves
  • Intense quidditch debates in the staff room
    • students like to hang around outside because they’re always loud and always hilarious (and sometimes often result in creative new insults to add to their repertoire)
  • Grading together in one of their quarters and snarking over ridiculous student answers
  • Quibbling over teaching methods to the point of pedantry just to be annoying to the other
  • Trying the “I’ve never been more shocked by student behaviour in my life” approach on students who misbehave, none of whom believe it because they’ve heard stories of Harry and Draco’s time at Hogwarts (usually by the other in classes, ex. Draco climbing a tree because he wanted Harry’s attention)
  • Patrolling the hallways over Christmas hols
    • “Here. This is the statue Flitwick said he’s caught kids fooling around behind. Go check it out.”
    • “Why do I have to go?”
    • “What are you, scared?”
    • “… Fine, you absolute tosser. …Woah, Malfoy, come check this out.”
    • “What? What is it?”
    • “Just get back here and you’ll see.”
    • “I’m not going to fall for your tricks, Potter. I’m not going back there.”
    • “Malfoy….”
    • Fine.”
      • They end up necking behind the statue like students
      • It becomes a repeat occurrence

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Wrong Taxi (Part 1)

Summary: You get into an already occupied taxi and what ensues can only be bad luck. (Done for Kait’s 5k AU Writing Challenge).

Word Count: 2,757

Warnings: Drinking. Throwing up. 

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble series, but it is definitely not lol. I hope you all enjoy this first part. It’s gonna be a fun ride :D

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The heartache was more than you could have ever foreseen. You were blissfully unaware of how much value you had placed on your relationship with your now-ex boyfriend. It was a slap in the face when he broke up with you and you found yourself crying in a bathroom stall at work. Cursing at yourself, you wiped your eyes with the coarse toilet paper, hissing at the sting it caused on the sensitive skin. Kleenex did a much better job, but the box was currently sitting on your desk, which was in the middle of the vast office you worked at. And the last thing you wanted was wandering eyes and gossips flowing around the office with you in the center of it all.

Blowing your nose, you groaned and buried your face in your hands. Expletives ricocheted back and forth inside your brain, almost all of them directed at your former boyfriend, but some of them were for yourself. You had been foolish, utterly and completely foolish. Thinking that he was as in love with you as you were with him, you had even asked him to move in the previous week. He had just smiled at you and told you he’d think about it.

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Just Right


Requested. No. I just really wanted to do something fluffy about Shawn admitting his feelings for you. Kinda sucks but who cares 

Word count: 2,016

She was so insanely beautiful. The kind of beautiful people write songs about, the kind of beautiful I want to write songs about.

Even when sleeping deeply with her messy hair in a bun. Even with her mascara smashed out under eyes. Even when she laid here in my lap and those cute, little snoring noises slipped out of her unflawed rosy lips.

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Bad Temper


Requested: Jealous Shawn. Not sure I like this but I tried. 

Word count: 2,658

“I think this might actually be it!” I said, folding the last box together. I ran my fingers through my hair, breathing out heavily. 

I thought it would never end. No matter where I looked, there had always been more boxes to start on. But now, I’d actually unpacked the last one.

“What?” Shawn yelled from the other room, fumbling with his precious guitars as always. 

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a***NOTE: VENT *** (excuse my poor english)

I hate when I am having Social Anxiety and Depression. It’s feels like. Killing me inside. When I was alone, this feeling.. the feeling that you are drowning into the deep ocean and unable to escape from the wild wave. Making me unable to continue what I was doing, just sit and lean there and stare all over the surrounding. I never been checkup with a psychologist, but I could tell that I have these kind of disorders I’ve mentioned from above. How do I know that I’m suffering these disorder?

Well, tbh, i’ve been having Insomnia from what i’ve remembered when I was 12 I guess. Which mean, it has been 5 years straight. I easily lose my appetite, and my weight decrease to Severely underweight. I can’t even do any physical activities because I am easily get kidney pain from the left. Other than that, i can’t even concentrate in class and easy to forget every words of what teachers have said to me. And last but not least, I was acting harming myself (throughout school week), knocking my head to the wall, hitting myself , etc, etc.

Yes, I can feel how depression feels like when I’m studying in boarding school. I don’t have friends that i could trust, all I can see was they are being hypocrite towards me, Including my close friend in school, i know they were judging about my social interaction with others, for being shy, quiet, cannot start a simple conversation, bla bla. something like that. It’s unfair when they forced me to communicate with them, even I DID try,  they didn’t even respond what I was about to say. So, what I do is stay solitude.

I remembered when they being so nice to me, during lunch, they invited me to their table to eat together. Everyday. But, it’s different when who’s come to the table first, they invited me to their table because they came to the cafeteria earlier than me.  But when I was the one who came earlier, and sat the table that can fit 5 people in it, waving my hands, inviting them to sit where I was at. But what they did, they ignored me, and went to the other tables. And I’m here like, “oh, okay. Your welcome then” and eats alone. After that day, I started to avoid them calling me to eat lunch together. I don’t like it, because. backstabbers.

I thought holidays is my FREE times to feel freedom. Actually, I was wrong. I know have so many good friends on the internet, I know they are good pals. I know they are busy with schools/finals/works/assignment/etc. I understand about their inactive, i respect what they were doing. But sometimes, the more they are inactive, I kinda feeling left out. Alone in the silent group chat where we used to be together, makes jokes, sharing ideas, and all wonderful time we experience.

To those friends i’ve been close for so long ( i don’t want to mention their name) I just wanted to say, I am very sorry for not cheering around in our group chat when I was having school holidays. I should tell you earlier about my days to come, but I failed. My ego have taking me over, leave it the group with no ‘cheerful welcome back conversation’. Leaving you guys questioned to yourself, ‘is Golzy left our family group?’ . I really didn’t mean to leave the group. and I never wanted to leave the group because you are like a family to me since 2014. 3 years have passed you guys are all growing up, some of you guys are taking jobs, some of you went to college, schools, family, business, et cetera!

I’m feeling unmotivated day by day, although I have some new friends in a crazy group. It doesn’t makes me very happy. I feel myself i’m betraying my old friends and left them just like that , and I develop hallucination of your voices, to arouse my thought, making me FEAR of you guys.

I’m so sorry, The school have ruined me the way I communicate with people, and I’m feeling much worse lately. Even you can see me being happy, behind this virtual screen, i’m mostly a faker. I’m sorry.

Thank you for reading this.


"Why doesn't he care?" 5.0

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

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Y/N’s p.o.v

After Hobi dropped me off at home and helped me gather a few things, I took a long bath trying to soak away my indescribable pain. Not the pain of my injuries, this pain is something that is so much worse. So much more painful. I can feel the strain on my heartstrings, feeling how one by one are being snapped thinking about how this all came to be, how I ended up losing the only thing I’ve ever learned to love. It wasn’t easy trying to think of way to let all my feelings out to him, after a while of thinking I gave up and decided that I’ll just say what comes to mind when I see him.

It still hurts, every time I click back onto his messages I see how brutal he was with his words. I looked at my phone more than enough times the last few days to see that he didn’t care enough to send me a message, no ‘good morning beautiful’ no 'I miss you baby’ no 'I love you to the moon and back’ and definitely no 'I’m sorry’, you’d think the least he could do after lashing out on me would be a simple apology right? But no, nothing came from him. I guess that’s a sign for me not to forgive him anymore, like how I usually do.

Thinking so much only made me tear up, so I decided that it was time to put his things away. Wheeling suitcases slowly whilst being in a wheelchair ended up a lot harder than I thought, slowly but surely I was able to gather all of Taehyung’s belongings and pack them in the suitcases I had and a few boxes, placing them all neatly by the door. I owned this apartment that we lived in together, so it’s not as if I’m taking away his property, nor was I leaving him with no place to stay. He could always go back to the dorm and stay there since he likes it so much there anyway, wow that was bitter of me huh? But it was true, he had a place to stay, and it’s not as if he wasn’t supposed to stay there to begin with anyway. Staring at his stuff only made my chest tighten. I’ve returned all the hoodies and sweaters that I’ve 'borrowed and accumulated’ over the years, putting them with his other belongings. He’s always told me that it was okay for me to take any pieces of his clothing that I’d desired, and he’d compliment me calling me adorable when I wore his clothes that were obviously too big for me. His clothes where his scent lingered, wearing it made me feel as though I was engulfed in his arms especially when he was away or busy. But it wouldn’t feel right wearing his clothes anymore. How could something that once felt so right suddenly become so wrong? I gave him my everything, but it seems as though it still wasn’t enough. Like it never was and never will be. And for that I couldn’t be more sorry. 

 It was already 8am by the time I’d got done with cleaning things up, in pain I sat there in the living room staring at all the pictures hung up on the the walls. But I couldn’t feel much, everything just seemed


Here is 5.0! I hope you enjoy it! It’s a little short but it’s kind of a build up for what happens next ~

Request for 6.0 ^^

Even Still

A/n: So this was kind of a quick write and it focuses more on emotion than plot, but I’m proud of it. Hope you enjoy!

Betty: I still have your flannel. Are you ever going to pick it up?
Jughead: I don’t have time to get over there. 
Betty: Well I don’t want it.
Jughead: Then I guess you’ll have to bring it to the trailer.
Betty: Fine. Tomorrow. After school.

Betty locked her phone screen and hurled the device onto her bed, trying and failing to fight back the oncoming fit of tears. Every part of her body ached. 

How did she end up here? Just months ago she and Jughead had been closer than ever. So in love and so happy. 

And then the town had to go and fall into a civil war. 

Betty trudged through the next day, barely present in any of her classes as her stomach churned with anxiety. It felt like every five minutes she had to remind herself to unfurl her fists, her nails cutting into the skin bit by bit until the skin finally gave way. 

When the day finally ended Betty practically bolted off campus, making her way to the trailer park in record time. The second she saw that trailer door, however, she froze. Was she really ready for this? Once she returned his things she’d likely never speak to him again. With the town divided the way it was it’s not like she was going to casually run into him at the grocery store. 

“C’mon Betty,” she whispered to herself, “you can do this.” She gripped his flannel even tighter before reaching up and knocking on the door.

A few seconds passed before she heard movement, her chest tightening as heavy footsteps approached the door. 

The door swung open and there he was. Betty’s heart stopped short. He looked… undone. His hair was ragged and beanie-less, his shirt was wrinkled and his eyes were tired. He looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks.

“Oh my god, Juggie, are you okay?” Betty instantly became concerned, reaching out to touch his cheek before remembering herself and pulling back. “Sorry.” She apologized, her shoulders deflating as she stared down at her shoes. 

They stood in silence for a moment, neither of them quite sure what to say. 

“Do you -” Jughead finally spoke, “Do you want to come in?”

Betty wasn’t quite sure how to respond. Just being near him made her want to scream. She didn’t want to stay, she wanted to run away and never look back. But years of practiced politeness was too much for her to resist, so she stepped past him and into the trailer.

The living room was surprisingly messy. Not in the way it had been when FP was on a booze binge, but definitely not as nice as Jughead tried to keep it. Jughead sat down on one of the couches and Betty sat on the other, the distance between them feeling foreign and awkward.

Betty set the flannel on the coffee table between them and rubbed her palms on her knees. He was the one who had invited her in, he could be the first one to speak.

“Well this is…” Jughead trailed off, unable to find the words.

“Awkward? Uncomfortable?” Betty offered, her tone biting. She knew she sounded cruel but she didn’t care. He was the one who had broken up with her, he was the one who invited her inside, she didn’t have to be nice.

“Can you-” He paused, “Can you just come over here please? I can’t focus with you sitting there. It’s too weird.”

Betty looked at him for a moment, flustered, before slowly standing up and moving over to sit beside him on the couch. As she sat down, her shoulder brushed against his and she felt her heart rush. Every fiber of her screamed to back away, to move across the room once more, but it was too late, she was already sitting. She stared straight forward, refusing to say a word.

“Betts, I - can you look at me? Please?” There was a desperation in Jughead’s voice, a pleading that pulled Betty’s eyes toward his. “God, Betty, I’m so sorry.”

Betty’s breath hitched as his breath tickled her chin, her stomach dropping under the gaze of his piercing blue eyes. She physically could not make sense of all the thoughts running through her mind, his proximity leaving her breathless and senseless. 

“Please,” His voice was a mere whisper, somehow felt more than heard, “Forgive me.”

Her lips parted, an attempt to say something - anything, but it was all too much. He looked at her, eyebrows knitted together in distress. His eyes flickered down to her lips, only a millisecond of weakness but she saw it. He inched forward, his nose brushing against hers as he grew closer with each agonizing second. 

Before her mind could truly process a response, his lips were on hers, her hand instinctively reaching up to cup his cheek. She squeezed her eyes tight, the tears that had been brimming finally flooding over, as her heart attempted to fly out of her chest and toward him. She pulled away, pushing him with a gentle hand on his chest and looking down toward her lap, trying to collect herself.

“Sorry.” Jughead mumbled. “It just… it hurts so much.”

“Yeah.” She whispered, her voice growing cold, “It does.”

“I shouldn’t have said what I did Betty. I mean, god, I haven’t seen you for three days and I’m already falling apart. Please, please, take me back.”

“You said we were wrong for each other. That there was no more point in trying. That you didn’t love me anymore.” Betty’s eyes were brimming with tears, every word leaving a bitter taste on her tongue.

“I didn’t mean it. Any of it. I just…” his shoulders slumped, “I got scared. This town is falling apart, Betty. I just kept waiting for us to be the next casualty. I got tired of waiting, and I just… I decided to put an end to it.” He took her hands in his, holding onto her as if he was afraid she might fly away, “But it was a mistake.

“Jughead,” Betty softened, her anger melting away as she looked into his heartbroken eyes, “Don’t you get it? We’re not going to be a casualty. I’m not going to let us.” She placed a gentle hand on his cheek, stroking her thumb against his jawline, “I love you.

“Still?” Jughead asked, his voice brimming with uncertainty and hope.

“Still.” Betty smiled, leaning in and kissing him again. But this time, there was no uncertainty, no sadness - only the reassurance she had been trying to give him for so long. And for the first time in a long time, Betty could feel him accept it. 

Galway Girl

1940’s Bucky x Reader Oneshot

Summary – You meet a handsome soldier in a pub one night, but is he the one?

Warnings – Mostly fluff, with an allusion to some steaminess, and then some angst because I had to!

Word Count – 1,288

Notes – This is my fic for Annie’s @hellomissmabel Shuffle Challenge.  This fic is based off of Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl.  I know this is supposed to be a generalized Reader Insert fic, but the song is pretty specific about her being a Galway Girl.  From my research Galway Girls are known for having dark hair and blue eyes and they’re Irish.  Please forgive me for being a bit specific, but I hope you enjoy the fic anyway!  As always, I enjoy reading all of your feedback, comments and questions!


Originally posted by stallingdemons

The trip across the Atlantic had been long, but it had given Bucky a chance to get to know a few of the guys in his unit.  The one he’d grown the closet to was Sergeant Dugan.  He and Dum Dum had hit it off immediately, so it was no wonder that once they’d landed on the shores of Great Britain and Colonel Fraser had given them leave for the night, the two of them had found the closet pub.

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