take me away from tumblr

Question: Am I the only person who see Mick Rory as the motherfucking Captain America of DCTV? 

I mean, beside the fact he clearly hates nazis and loves to burn them to crisp, he spent 75 years in stasis at the bottom of the freaking ocean (which is BTW 7 more years than actual Captain America Steve Rogers did in the MCU), and he is haunted by his best friend/partner’s tragic death, who also happens to have a cold-related nickname.

So here we are. Captain Americaliente. 

I’m Naegiri trash, and all for Asahina being Kirigiri’s wingman.

Meme Originated Here!


More Merrill and Iron Bull inspired by this video.
(Iron Bull would probably make a good dad)

Someone, please, take me away from Tumblr, Dragon Age and Photoshop.

Bonus! I felt bad writing all this down and you can only read like 20% so here it is!
Enjoy a sampling of my world class potty mouth.