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Wolfgang just appearing to everyone and not saying a word because he doesn’t know how to ask for help and he knows he’s in danger and he wants to see everyone one last time and he hopes they can feel his fear and that they’ll understand and help OMG IM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING

L: I love-

Light: -food. I know. We all know you love food. You’ve told us. You’ve never hidden the fact that you love food. We KNOW you love food. Trust me we know that YOU LOVE FOOD. We get that you love it! We get it!

L: No, that’s not what I ment. I love-

Light: -justice. Oh yeah. We know that one as well. You’ve told me that you love justice. It’s so important to you. You wanna bring people to justice because you love justice. We know. We know that you love justice. You love justice. WE GET IT.

L: -you.


Light: oh.

Question: Am I the only person who see Mick Rory as the motherfucking Captain America of DCTV? 

I mean, beside the fact he clearly hates nazis and loves to burn them to crisp, he spent 75 years in stasis at the bottom of the freaking ocean (which is BTW 7 more years than actual Captain America Steve Rogers did in the MCU), and he is haunted by his best friend/partner’s tragic death, who also happens to have a cold-related nickname.

So here we are. Captain Americaliente. 

Blur albums: Honest names

  • Gay? Sure.
  • Life Rn Is Shit.
  • YOLO.
  • Fuck This Shit I’m Out.
  • Nothing Makes Sense.
  • Slaying While Crying.
  • Bby Come Back I Luv U.
  • Fantastic Reunion.

Happy birthday @rahafwabas!!!

Hope you have an awesome day! You’re such a great inspiration and a lovely person, so you totally deserve to enjoy your day <3 I made you this little gift because I really love your OCs, and I would love to see more of them in the future :’3 you have my full support~ Keep being amazing Rahaf!

Oh yeah, here’s a bonus xD

I’m Naegiri trash, and all for Asahina being Kirigiri’s wingman.

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if you had a jojo stand what would it be? *o*

So i don’t know if you know about it but there’s this amazing fangame called the seventh stand user where it’s basically an amazingly well done self insert fanfiction of stardust crusaders. (i recommend this game 1000%) At the beginning of that game you take a personality test to determine the stand you get, and i got [JOYKILLER] and i love him and he’s my son. on the other hand, my “original” stand here is [BLACK BAlLOON] which is a hit song by the goo goo dolls which also has another hit, iris (which is my name).