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hi i dont like partaking in The Discourse™ on hellsite but??? come on??

like seriously what is with @nonon-jakuzure this is entirely unacceptable come on. they dont even have an excuse for something this gross and problematic.

like if they were lactose intolerant then maybe they could just like??? not do that?? maybe?? but no they dont even mention any lactose intolerence they just eat 

Wolfgang just appearing to everyone and not saying a word because he doesn’t know how to ask for help and he knows he’s in danger and he wants to see everyone one last time and he hopes they can feel his fear and that they’ll understand and help OMG IM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING

Question: Am I the only person who see Mick Rory as the motherfucking Captain America of DCTV? 

I mean, beside the fact he clearly hates nazis and loves to burn them to crisp, he spent 75 years in stasis at the bottom of the freaking ocean (which is BTW 7 more years than actual Captain America Steve Rogers did in the MCU), and he is haunted by his best friend/partner’s tragic death, who also happens to have a cold-related nickname.

So here we are. Captain Americaliente. 

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if you had a jojo stand what would it be? *o*

So i don’t know if you know about it but there’s this amazing fangame called the seventh stand user where it’s basically an amazingly well done self insert fanfiction of stardust crusaders. (i recommend this game 1000%) At the beginning of that game you take a personality test to determine the stand you get, and i got [JOYKILLER] and i love him and he’s my son. on the other hand, my “original” stand here is [BLACK BAlLOON] which is a hit song by the goo goo dolls which also has another hit, iris (which is my name). 

Please take a moment, if you will, to imagine with me:

We finally, finally have received the trailer for whatever they have decided to turn the scorpio races into–be it a movie, a mini series, a graphic novel (that’s…. actually not a bad idea), whatever–and it’s going to be glorious. It will be full of panoramic shots of Thisby, emotionally fraught scenes between Puck and her brothers, Puck and Sean, Puck and the islanders… Perhaps we will see her on the blood rock. Perhaps we will see Mutt and Skata, fearsome and terrible. Perhaps we will see Puck standing before a bonfire, with the scraps of a jacket spiraling up into the sky. Perhaps Sean Kendrick will tell us what we need to hear.

But first: the trailer opens on a shot of the beach. The sun is glinting off the sea. Corr and Dove gallop together, Sean and Puck on their backs. It is in suitably dramatic slow motion, so we can hear the thud of their hooves and the whuff of their breath and see the spray of water everytime Dove’s hooves come down on the surf. It cuts to black intermittently, the sounds continuing, so we can hear Sean tell us about what the races are like. He stops speaking, and the voice-over narrator begins (also suitably dramatic), and it goes something along the lines of this:

“Some race to win. Others race to survive. For the first time, a girl and her pony–”

There’s a record scratch and the frame freezes, a la the Emperor’s New Groove. Puck wanders on screen, hair disheveled and hands on her hips. She’s glaring fiercely at the camera. There is mud all along her right side.

“Horse,” she says crisply. “ Dove is a horse. Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me?”

The narrator isn’t visible but we can sense his bemusement. Sean wanders on screen and and places his hand on her shoulder, whispering something we can’t hear. Puck continues to scowl darkly, but allows herself to be led off screen. The narrator clears his throat, and hesitantly starts again as the frame begins once more:

“Some race to win. Others race to survive. For this first time, a girl and her horse…”

We receive the rest of our trailer in peace. It is just as wonderful as we always hoped.

I’m Naegiri trash, and all for Asahina being Kirigiri’s wingman.

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what are some things you do on the daily?

“this boy needs to stop”

“i’m sorry but this boy look like he came straight out of the avengers movie and it’s not even funny. somebody call captain america” 

“you know i just be judging internet couples who wanna blast “JUST GOT married”all up in my news feed .that boy will literally hulk smash  his ass  in to  two, does he want to be crippled????? how thirsty does one need to be to be hoppin hulk dick???” ( when you see a couple that look dusty together and you just gotta go “that shit ugly,they need to stop” )