take me away from here


Never-ending. Utterly and completely silent. A watercolor of blues and greens, whites and blacks. A place of complete tranquility but also dangerous conflict. Where stars ten thousand times larger than our sun can explode, and not make a single sound. The ultimate peace. The ultimate destruction.

The place in which I wish to be.

younger characters deserve so much better than being crudely written by ADULT writers and being sexualized by ADULT fans.

the fact that most of the adults in the fandom support content that normalizes things that are harmful to minors is outrageous and disgusting, to say the least.

you’re all ADULTS. act like it.

I’m gonna be honest I’ve been eyeing RWBY Rock!AU stuff for a while and like, yeah. This couldn’t be avoided any longer. Digging through old posts for that Good Thoughts and I really had to do my take on my favourite team. Can’t get Doomtree away from me for inspiration here. Feels like they’ve already had a wild time of it and are easing back a little by now.

Bonus PR Velvet inspired by this fabulous comic, that’s The Good Content. 


I need to get back to the place I belong. I’M COMING H O M E .

Imagine your favorite character finding you when you’re a little kid– If you had a bad childhood, they scoop you up and take you away to live with them where ever they live. They introduce you to all their friends, and you’re safe and sound and never have to go back to that scary place you once called “home”. Home is with them now, and they hug you and take care of you and never yell at you as you grow into yourself. They accept you 100% no matter what and you’re safe and are never ever abused.