take luck!

GOT7 during exam
  • Mark: seems very focus, but actually, there's nothing in his head
  • Jaebum: studied everything, but suddenly forgot the answers
  • Jinyoung: nervous af, but the only one who'd ace the exam
  • Jackson: glance at the first question and already stress the fuck out *internally screaming* /starts panicking/
  • Youngjae: bite his nail nervously, and look as if it's the end of the world
  • Bambam: starts dabbing for an answer
  • Yugyeom: ... peek left and right for answers and then whispers to Jinyoung "Hyung, help me"

from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco

  • Jaune: I'm sorry, but we have to run. We'll die if we fight near Qrow's semblance! We're being cursed by bad luck.
  • Ruby: Well hey, so is the Grimm!
  • Jaune: Yeah, but there's 4 of us, and there's only 1 of it! So we're 4 times as unlucky!
  • Ruby: Yeah, so it'd be expected for us to lose, and it'd take some really bad luck for it to not work in the Grimm's favor, wouldn't it!
  • Jaune: God damnit, how does his semblance actually work?
  • Qrow, pulling out a whiteboard: Well, it can all be explained using a branch of mathematics called Bad Luck Theory, or BLT.
  • Qrow: Wait, before we get into this, how many of you have taken multivariable calculus?
  • Nuckelavee: *Raises hand*
  • Qrow: Only one? Fine, I'll try to simplify it.

Hc that tsukishima has no filter when he’s exhausted. I mean, he’s always tired but I’m talking about bone deep, i-havent-slept-since-i-was-born exhausted. He usually is very in control of what he says and who he says it to and keeps proper manners, but come finals week? Everyone is shit outta luck tsukishima’s taking no prisoners. Imagine hinata one day tells him during exam week that he’s lucky he’s just “naturally talented” at schoolwork and tsukishima drags his face out of his textbook, looks hinata dead in the eye and goes, “The only things I’m ‘naturally talented’ at are overthinking until I want to die, napping for 6 hours in broad daylight and waking up wishing I was dead, wanting to die, and chasing away all potential friends with my intimidating height and award winning personality so idk what ur running ur mouth for but this is my formal invitation to come over here and eat my entire shitty ass over it.” Yamaguchi’s in the corner basically choking he’s laughing so hard and hinata’s horrified like that was a Bad Word right? you can’t say Bad Words!