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The other day, I wondered how the world of Harry Potter would be different if all students were sorted every year, rather than only in their first. So I wrote this.

Little is changed from Harry Potter’s first year at Hogwarts. Still he sits under that hat, thinking, not Slytherin; still the Hat considers his potential before sending him to Gryffindor. Still he is joined in Gryffindor by Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, still the Slytherin he so feared to be in will hold Draco Malfoy. Little is different about the placement of the older students, for all the Sorting Ceremony is made longer, and the Hat’s song a little changed, with their participation. Fred and George Weasley, like their younger brother, are still in Gryffindor. Ambitious Percy Weasley may be in Slytherin by now, maybe not yet, but he is a Prefect regardless. Oliver Wood or someone like him will still be Harry’s first Quidditch Captain.

In Harry’s second year, he and Ron are in more trouble than ever for missing the Sorting Ceremony. Now the Hat must be got out again to Sort these two boys who have caused such a stir, to confirm what surprises no one: both will remain in Gryffindor this year. (This time, Harry is once again thinking his wishes to the Hat, but instead of not Slytherin, he is pleading, Gryffindor, Gryffindor – picturing the warm Gryffindor common room that is the first home he has ever known, the first place that has welcomed him rather than shut him away. The hat, once again, obeys his wishes.) Both boys are relieved to find their House much the same as they left it; Hermione Granger is in their midst again, joined by Ron’s shy little sister Ginny.

Neville Longbottom, who had been plagued throughout his first year in Gryffindor by doubt as to his right to be there, is with them again, too. They missed his silent drama at the Ceremony, too, as the boy sat under the Hat that could see into his mind and reflected on the end of term. He had remembered standing up to the three classmates he thought he could call his friends, only to be left behind – hexed, as he so often was, ridiculed. More proof that he did not belong in the brave House. But he remembered, too, Dumbledore’s voice at the end-of-year feast – praising him for doing what was hard. He remembered being awarded House points for this simple act, and with the meagre sum, winning Gryffindor the House Cup. That heady feeling of being, for just one moment, a celebrated hero – that was like nothing else. That was worth a year and more of self-doubt. So Neville now unpacked his bags in the Gryffindor dormitories again, and, like Harry, he felt for the first time that he was home.

Harry has grown complacent, all his friends staying with him from his first year to his second. He hears the warnings of the older students on his Quidditch team (some of whom go from one House’s team to the next from year to year), the reminders that he will need to make new friends soon, but he does not really believe them. He cannot imagine his world changing even more than it has.

This is why he feels as though his stomach has dropped out of his body, as though he has fallen into some bottomless pit, when things change in his third year. He is still in Gryffindor, yes, and still with Ron, thank goodness for that, but Hermione Granger is no longer of their House. Hermione, who spent the last term of her second year as a statue, whose research was the only part of her that got to be a part of the battle in the Chamber of Secrets, who scrambled and sweated when she was unpetrified to pass all her courses in the remaining days of term – despite the promises of the administration that classes missed by the basilisk’s victims would not be held against their grades. Hermione, who had been called an “insufferable know-it-all” so many times that it had almost stopped hurting, who had felt so frustrated with the cavalier attitude her fellow Gryffindors took to classwork. She was now a Ravenclaw, the blue insignia on her robes matching that of Ginny Weasley, who seemed to have shrunk in on herself after the events of last term. (Ginny, like Harry in his first year, sat under the Hat in her second year thinking not Slytherin, not Slytherin, but then she had paused, and thought, not Gryffindor, too, because Riddle had possessed her despite her red-and-gold robes, and because she did not feel brave.)

Ginny, Hermione, and Luna Lovegood (here is one girl the Hat cannot imagine placing anywhere but Ravenclaw, though it will surprise itself in years to come) soon find each other in the Ravenclaw common room, and form an odd, but tight, bond over the first few weeks of term. Hermione finds that it is nice to have close friends who are girls; she never had this in her two years in Gryffindor. She still finds time to talk to Harry, to help him with an essay in the library or to keep him company on restless Hogsmeade weekends or to walk with him to Hagrid’s hut. They are still friends, and good ones; no disparity of House can change the bond forged in fighting a mountain troll together, and all they have been through together since.

She explains this, at last, to Ron Weasley in the days before Christmas vacation, when the dark looks he has been sending her all term finally come to a head in a shouting match outside the Divination tower. Ron, too quick to view matters in black and white, had seen her Ravenclaw badge as a betrayal, a defection. Had imagined that this was her choice, rather than the honest assessment of the Hat. Had felt left behind, discarded, second-rate, dismissed like his brothers’ hand-me-down robes that he wore. With Harry to remind him not to be an ass, to remind Hermione that Ron was always like this, they made up soon enough. Hermione laughed and called Ron an idiot, but fondly; and he laughed back, and told her that the blue and silver only made her look more the nerd. The trio were reunited, even if they were in different houses.

And, after that fight at least, perhaps the difference of house was a blessing in disguise. Crookshanks could not worry at Ron’s rat when they lived in different common rooms. There was no fight between Ron and Hermione about their pets; when Scabbers went missing, there was no talk of foul play, only an agreement between the three friends that they would try to find him. The three were still present in the Shrieking Shack, two Gryffindor children and one Ravenclaw, to bear witness to the true identity of Scabbers, to bear witness to the reunion of the three living Marauders. They still saved Buckbeak; they still lost Pettigrew.

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❝ No one can touch you. ❞

Plot: When you was kidnapped but your boyfriend Yoongi is one of the most influent boss in Seoul.

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 1,9k

Warning: Slightly mention of blood; 

For @esu333; i hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

The italics part is a flashback! 

The soft light was the only thing you could see. Choking, you had something down in your mouth, you tried to move but your attempts were completely useless. Between the folds of the hood you wore, you perceived blurred voices. Something, in your mind, continued to echo because they were particularly familiar.  

Taking stock of the situation, you realized you were sitting. At least you weren’t dead, you thought in relief.  

“Don’t try… There is no use Y/N ” Someone muttered into your ear; “I’m sorry… I asked them not to hurt you. ” He added with a low tone.  

“KyunSoo?” You murmured, your voice emotionless.  

“Really Y/N.. I would have preferred not to resort to this. ”  

Your mind started racing, hectic and fast. If KyunSoo was in front of you, the reason could be just one. He had a score to settle with Yoongi.  

Sighing, you start fidgeting in your chair but a hand gave a hard shoot on your head, provoking you a groan of pain.  

“Stop Y/N.. don’t make things difficult. ” He warned you, but you did not have the slightest intention to listen to him.  

No one could give orders to you.  

The sounds around you were flushed and these makes you realize that you are locked into some soundproofed room. No one wanted to make you hear what was happening outside or to allow others to hear you.  

Cursing softly you started rubbing your hands together, in a desperate attempt to pull them from the interweaving of ropes that held them tight.  

“When they tie your hands with a triple knot, you can’t do anything but just broken two fingers of your hand and your wrist to set you free.”  

Yoongi’s voice, in the days when he was explaining and repeating concepts familiar to him, it was not to any help at that time. Holding back the tears you tried once again to remove one of the two hands, but a violent blow against your chest stopped you instantly.  

“This bitch,” someone unknown said vehemently; “Why don’t you just kill her??” The person added lost patience.  

You did not recognize him, but you know he has no power over KyunSoo. He is the boss, he has always been. In your mind began to appear the memories of your days in College, you would never have thought he would become one of the most influential gangsters in the city.  

He was sweet, friendly and charismatic. Now he was just known for the highest amount of deaths associated with his name.  

“Did you have managed to reach him?” Kyunsoo asked, bored voice, and your heart will lose some beat.  

You did not want Yoongi to be involved, you would rather die than put him in danger.  

“Kyunsoo… What do you want from Yoongi? ” You asked, holding the hot tears that itched your eyes; “I can give you what you want. I have my money, I swear. ”  

A broke sigh between you lips caused you a chill down your spine; because you know that nothing would have distracted him from his goal.  

“What is mine, Y/n. I swear you won’t be hurt if he cooperates.”  

“And if he won’t cooperate…?” You asked with another tremble into your voice, reprising the attempt to free your hands from the grip.  

“You are going to die.”  

Not that you were surprised by his words, you were well aware of how that world worked. And yet you did not care to die if the man you loved was safe.

His hands started to rush on your neck, laying on your hips while forcefully you were attracted, making crush your bodies. It was the first time that you let him bring so much to you. Always too far away but connected in ways you couldn’t explain.  

“Do you know that if you stay with me, you could often risk your life?”  

“I don’t care, Yoongi” You muttered onto his lips, without taking your eyes off his.  

His eyes didn’t leave a moment, glided lenses on each stroke of your face, provoking you the most intense sensations ever.  

“I promise you one thing, Y/N”. He added with a serious tone, cupping your face in his hands by tapering and delicate fingers.  

A strange trait for the most feared of all boss in Seoul, but you had always loved his hands.  

“What?” You raised an eyebrow in a curious expression. 

“I would never let someone lay a finger on you. And if it, for a mere twist of fate, happen… They’ll no longer have their hands or their lives to do it again. ”  

That particular moment in your relationship made space in your mind and a quite feeling invaded you. He would protect you, you could even hear that the situation would end soon.  

So you renounced completely to free yourself from the ropes, your body is relaxed and even your heart slowed his beats. You felt completely different and it was the thought of Yoongi to help you; knowing he would save you.  

“Y/N, are you okay?” The voice of Kyunsoo brought you back to reality and you shake your head, just too tired of that hood on your face.  

The man in front of you understood the situation and decided that maybe wouldn’t have been a danger discovering your face. You were well aware of why you were there, seeing them in the face wouldn’t have changed anything.  

The newfound “freedom” allowed you to understand, finally, where you were. There were not a lot of clues, the bare walls and just a desk where Kyunsoo was sitting, checking documents that you couldn’t see from where you are.  



“He will hurt you. ” You were warning him, even if he did not deserve this at all.  

His laughter filled the air immediately, while your eyes rested on him and you observed with disgust.  

“I’m not afraid Y/N; not of him. ” He reassured, a frown amused onto his face.  

“You should.” You added, still teasing him in pride.  

One thing that you had understood of those men was just that; they were incredibly sensitive and proud. Hurting them at that point and they could become incredibly weak or ruthless killers.  

“For now, your dearly beloved did not give signs of life.”  

“He will.”  


The posture in which you were started to hurt a few hours earlier, but you did not stoop to complaining. Your mouth was closed for that entire time, while your legs became weaker and weaker and the pain in your wrists grew.  

Suddenly a dull thud made you to lift your face, turning towards the thick door that divided you from the rest of the world.  

No shot, no amount of screaming. There were total silence and disappointment surrounded you because if it had been Yoongi the screaming would not be missed.  

“Didn’t they tell you how to treat a woman? A woman that didn’t belong to you.” An icy voice, steeped in anger, rang out in the speakers making you lose a couple of heartbeats.  

He was there, he had not broken his promise.  

Kyunsoo began to look around, visibly frightened, by pulling the gun out of the holster inside his jacket. You smiled and began to experience a feeling different. For the first time, despite you always kept hidden your fear in front of Yoongi, you are not scared by the “work” of your man. For the first time, you are relieved, because otherwise, he would never be able to save you.  

The door, only wall between you and freedom, collapsed after a few moments, perhaps thanks to a minimum dose of an explosive charge. The smoke filled the room, provoking you a slight coughing while your eyesight was completely blurred.  

“Kyunsoo, I thought you were smarter than that.”  

“Yoongi… One more step and I’ll kill her. ”  

The barrel of the gun is pointed at your temple and you froze immediately, while the smoke was starting to branch.  

“Yoongi …” Your whisper reached the man, standing at the door with the gun lowered against his side.  

His gaze was completely emotionless on the outside. You were the only one who could see the anger that burst in his eyes and a shiver down your spine shook and assured you at the same time.  

“Touch her again and I swear, Kyunsoo–” He began to mean with icy tone; “in less than three minutes you’ll be dead.”  

“I die, she dies. You know I’m a trigger happy, don’t force me to hurt her. ”  

“You have exactly ten seconds to let her go.”  

He was calm, so calm that managed to soothe you. His voice had the power to be a soothing for you and this time was no different.  

“One.” His cold tone had become lethal.  

“Give me what is mine Yoongi.”  


“Yoongi.. Could you just go straight to three instead of waiting up to ten? ” You asked, completely drained of all energy.  

You did not want to die, but if it had to happen you would have preferred a quick thing.  

“Whatever.” He Murmured, this time a hint of amusement in his voice.  

You closed your eyes to hear a gunshot, not knowing if it was the Yoongi’s one or the Kyunsoo’s one directly to your head. You were prepared to impact so you have curled up about, but you could not feel any kind of pain.  

Slowly you unfold the left eye, just to see blood splatter on your hands. But it was not yours and this was a huge relief, so much so that you felt the adrenaline begin to slip away from your body.  

“Baby, I’m here… I’m here. ”  

You raise your eyes and when you saw at that time of the aggressive tremble that was shaking you, accepting with gratitude the loving touch of his hands on your face.  

“I’m here babe, sorry it took me so long.” He whispered, while one of his men entered the room and immediately freed your hands. “What did he do? See your face… God, I’m going to kill him. ”  

“Y-Y-you have already done so, Y-Yoongi.. ”  

“I’m going to kill him again just for daring to touch you” he hummed on your lips, finally relieved to see that despite all you were alive.  

He put his hands under your armpits after they finally had freed your hands and feet, lifting you effortlessly and clutching firmly against his body.  

Crying is liberating, hot tears flowed fast on your cheeks still stained with blood, while he rocked you gently.  

“It’s okay baby, everything is over.”  

“You’re here… you’re really here. ” You managed to say through tears and sobs, hiding your face in the crook of his neck and the collarbone.  

“I promised two years ago. No one can touch you without lost their life. ”

11 skinny rules🦋

1) never eat more than your set calories a day. keep your portion sizes small so your tummy shrinks and gets used to tiny meals
2) fast at least one day a week to cleanse your body and get rid of everything icky you ingested
3) exercise every day. even if it’s just half an hour of yoga. get some activity in, skinny girls aren’t lazy
4) don’t binge, a princess would never be interested in such things
5) drink at least 2L of water every day. your skin will thank you and so will your body
6) take all your vitamins and moisturize your skin and hair!!!! you will look good and feel good and to everyone else it will appear effortless
7) don’t smoke. i know it curbs your appetite but dainty little faeries don’t taint their bodies with harmful toxins and smokers don’t smell like perfume and clouds
8) no meat or dairy!!! little ones eat fruits and veggies and are happiest when eating clean and natural. almond milk can be your friend
9) keep your room and bathroom tidy!! organizing your life organizes your mind. you are capable of keeping yourself and your space in check
10) wake up early. find a tea you love, brew yourself a cup and think about why you want this, about why you deserve this. do some squats while your water is boiling.
11) take some time each week to appreciate your progress. don’t be too hard on yourself, celebrate your determination
you will be skinny, i promise

♥︎ guidelines for your little self ♥︎

  1. If you can, set yourself a bedtime and wake up time. It’ll help you feel more on a schedule and you’ll be more energized throughout the day.
  2. Set aside at least a few minutes to do something ‘little’ every day! Whether that’s watching one episode of your favorite little space cartoon, or coloring a little picture, make sure you have some time to unwind!
  3. Set reminders on your phone to brush your teeth and take any medication you have to, you’ll thank me later!
  4. Always keep a cup of water by your bed for when you get thirsty in the middle of the night!
  5. Try to eat at least one full meal and one snack a day, and not all junk foods.
  6. If you’re not usually social, try to talk to some people! Make some little friends, in real life or just here on tumblr. You’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to talk and be your friend!
  7. Make sure to always treat others the way you’d want to be treated, and keep kindness in mind.
  8. Make sure you’re doing things to take care of yourself, like bathing properly and eating and going to class/work/whatever you have to do.
  9. Make sure you talk to at least one person a day! Whether it be a teacher, a friend, a parent, it’ll be nice to make sure you have at least some kind of interaction with someone you care about!
  10. EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY, So don’t stress so bad over it! If something goes wrong today, that’s okay, because you have a fresh start tomorrow, and you’ll be able to get through it.
A Letter From Dean

Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

Summary/Author Note: I think most of us get down about something sometimes. Whether that be work or school, relationships, friends & family, or even just how sometimes we aren’t very nice to ourselves. If something’s been bothering you, let Dean Winchester remind you exactly what he thinks of you…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 900ish

Warnings: one little F bomb

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omfg one of the things the boys hesitated on was whether they wanted to take the Chalice to save Barry from Phandolin

the next time Red Robe-Barry shows up, he thanks them profusely for not choosing to use the cup, saying it must’ve given them an incredibly tempting offer to turn down

he doesn’t know that they nearly gave up the whole timeline to save his life

25; hoseok

pouty lips (25)
p: kissing pouty lips

“hobi, i’m going out to a party, not a flight. i’ll be back soon!”

“that just means more time without you because you clarified of where you’ll be,” he latches himself onto you from the back, adding extra weight on you as you put on your shoes but never too much because he knows. you scoff and nudge him off, without much effort he straightens his back and stands properly, taking in the sight of you dolled up to the tip but it’s not him that’ll be the receiving end to your presence.

“hey,” you say, turning around to tap him on the shoulder, “you leave the country all the time but you don’t hear me saying anything,”

his lips forms into a shape of expressing his sadness as he reaches for your hands, “i know but that’s for work!”

“then this is for work too! a work on my social life!”

“…i’ll miss you though…”

“come here you,” you root his hands down with one of yours, your other cupping his cheek where his pouty lips squish slightly and you kiss it. when he doesn’t show or crack under your affection, you do it again. a couple of times too many in a row until he starts to grin and - “okay! fine! you better come back in one piece, you hear me?”

“loud and clear,”

“good,” he huffs, his forefinger pointing to his cheek, “one more,”

shaking your head with a chuckle, you lean in to give him what he wants and when you’re done you - “may i leave now, your highness?”

he turn to show you his other cheek, “no, one more,”

you end up hitting him, without your lips.

“i’m kidding!”

“no you weren’t,”

“well, i most definitely won’t turn down a kiss from such a gorgeous person if that’s what you meant and-”

“i’m going,”

“come home safely! you have a boyfriend who cares for you very much and will scream down the roads if you’re not back by twelve!”

I said Andreas not to worry. It’s hard for every athlete and I know he doesn’t want to listen to anybody for now - I go through exactly the same thing every time something goes wrong. It takes some time to realize that you have to move on with your life. I feel truly sorry for him because he was the most stable competitor of the whole tournament, he messed up just one jump - and this particular one jump decided about his lost in the whole event.
—  Kamil Stoch about Andreas Wellinger after the final competition of RawAir Tournament in Vikersund, World Cup 2016/2017

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#24 'Don't look at me like that!' please :) xxx

24. Don’t look at me like that


Robert wakes up slowly. There are gentle fingers sifting through his hair and familiar lips peppering kisses up the back of his neck. Aaron is a warm weight all along his back. He turns his head to smile into the pillow. He’s never moving.

“Happy birthday, husband,” Aaron murmurs, breath stirring the hair behind Robert’s ear. It makes him shiver.

God. Thirty five. He’s bloody ancient. 

Robert’s never really been bothered about birthdays. Not much point when no one else cared. But they matter to Aaron and that means they matter to him now. Besides, Robert’s never been one to complain about being adored.

Aaron shifts until he’s propped up on an elbow and Robert rolls on to his back with a sigh, stretching. It never gets old, seeing Aaron first thing in the morning. Seeing him still soft and open and so wonderfully, perfectly Robert’s. He’s so lucky.

Some of what he’s feeling must show on his face because Aaron’s eyes go warm and he leans down for a kiss. Soft and sweet, a wet little suck of Robert’s bottom lip.

“So what’s the plan?” Robert asks, when Aaron’s pulled back it’s clear that’s all he’s getting for now. “Party over the road or into town with Adam and Vic?”

Aaron raises en eyebrow. “Am I really that predictable?” he asks. “Maybe there is no plan, maybe this is your lot.”

Robert grins, lifts the duvet to peer down at Aaron’s naked body teasing. “I could probably make do,” he says.

“You could probably fuck off,” Aaron says primly but he’s smiling ruefully, teeth in his bottom lip.

“Now is that anyway to treat the love of your life on his birthday?”

That gets him an eye roll and Aaron’s leg slung across Robert’s thigh.

“Maybe the love of my life should learn to keep his mouth shut,” Aaron suggests, as though his hand isn’t already on its way to cup Robert’s balls, fingers teasing at the skin behind them. 

“Never,” he says. And if he’s already a little breathless, well, Aaron doesn’t call him on it. It is his birthday after all. 

It takes Aaron exactly sixteen minutes to get him off. Two fingers crooked just right and Robert’s dick down his throat. Robert spends most of that time working his jaw silently at the ceiling, one hand in the sheets and the other gripping Aaron’s shoulder for dear life. He shouts when he comes and Aaron doesn’t even call him on that either. It really is good to be the birthday boy.

Aaron kisses him after. He tastes of Robert and damn if that isn’t always far sexier than it should be, but he twitches away when Robert reaches for him properly. “We, ah. Should probably head downstairs,” he says. “Liv’s probably about ready to kill me.”

Robert feels his face go slack, “Liv’s here?” He’s already out of bed. There’s a t shirt on the floor, that’ll do. She wasn’t meant to be back ‘til the weekend, Robert was supposed to be making to drive to collect her so she didn’t spend all her student loan on train fare.

Aaron politely refrains from laughing. “Course she is, it’s your birthday.”

No one can prove that Robert runs down the staircase. At least he doesn’t insist on constantly sliding down the bannister like it’s a bloody helter skelter. Like some people.

Robert stutters to a stop in the kitchen doorway. Because it’s not just Liv at the table, jumper held over her nose to hide a grin, it’s bloody everyone. Not even just Vic or Diane, Charity is there. And Noah and Marlon and a couple of Dingles he only ever speaks to at Christmas dinner. They’re all there, dotted around the kitchen in between a mass of balloons and drinking Robert’s expensive coffee. 

They’re also all looking at him like they know exactly what he was just doing but Robert’s too stunned to feel any shame. Isn’t great at that at the best of times.

He turns to Aaron helplessly.

Aaron shakes his head. “Don’t look at me like that! It wasn’t my idea.”

Liv gets up for a hug. “He knew about it though,” she says, pulling a face. “So gross.”

Which makes everyone laugh and winds up with Liv in a head lock under Aaron’s arm for most of a quite rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Robert tucks into his cake in shock, accepts hugs from all the ladies in the room, doesn’t even pull a face when Chas slaps a party hat on him. He can’t believe they came here for him.

He tells Aaron as much later, when they’re clearing away sticky plates and ferrying glasses to the sink for Liv.

Aaron knocks his knuckles to Robert’s chest as he passes. “S’what family’s for innit?”

Robert catches his sleeve, tugs him back in for a kiss. “Thank you,” he says.

“Thank Liv, I just paid for the cake.”

“No,” Robert says, lets his voice go soft like it only ever does for Aaron. And Liv and Vic, if he’s feeling soppy. “Thank you for all of it. For everything. For,” he shrugs, at a loss. “For this life.”

Aaron’s smile is tender, like something inside him hurts. “Robert, we love you okay? I love you. You don’t have to say thank you for that.”

Robert nods. “Must be getting sentimental in my old age.”

He gets another kiss for that.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be good day.

Luck of My Life

So I finally had the time to make it… Here’s chapter 1 of the childhood friends AU idea I had before- just in time for day 12 of adrinette month! <3 These kiddos are 9 in this chapter. 

Chapter 1

Adrien couldn’t stop crying as he stared at the remains of his toy in his shaking hands. This was the third time this week. He so badly wanted to scream, but he was worried that it would attract more attention. He may be allowed to cry, but he drew the line at wailing. He was an Agreste, he could stay strong. No one needed to know what he could do.

His sniffling sounds brought over his mother though.

“Oh kitty,” she said soothingly. “Don’t cry. I’ll buy you a new one. You can control it next time.”

He gave her a sad look that displayed all the longing he had to be normal. “But mama, I can’t! I’ll just destroy it again. I’m a monster.”

His mother gently shook him from his despair. “You’re not a monster, sunshine. Life may have given you this power, but it doesn’t make you a monster. You have a kind heart, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.”

She cupped her hands over his, and took away the toy’s remains. “Now, let me take this. I’ll go buy you a new one. Thankfully no one saw you destroy that- they might not understand.”

She kissed his forehead and guided him to the playground swings. “I’ll be back. I love you.”

“I love you too, mama.” Adrien gave her a small lopsided smile while wiping away his tears. “Thank you.”

He sighed as he watched his mother leave. He was alone again. It wasn’t crowded in the park today- only 3 other children were there. None seem to be paying him much attention. One kid was off at the sand box building some sort of castle as he hummed under his breath. Another kid was hiding behind a tree, writing something down on a notepad she carried along while watching the boy in the sand box.

The last child was holding a cat stuff toy on one hand as she swung across the monkey bars. Adrien flinched when he realized that her gaze was on him.

Did she see him destroy the toy?

Fear suddenly gripped his heart. This was what his parents warned him about, people will finally look at him differently. He was going to be Paris’ monster. The child that destroys everything he touches. The child that brings bad luck.

He braced himself for the inevitable scream from the girl, but instead she gave him a toothy grin. He stared at her for a few seconds before giving her a small, confused yet questioning smile.

It must have looked weird because she giggled and dropped herself off from the monkey bars with a graceful flourish.

She approached him enthusiastically, not showing any signs of fear. Adrien relaxed, she couldn’t have seen him destroy the toy. But as she came closer, she had a glint of excitement in her eyes that showed that she knew something.

“I saw you.” She said simply.

Adrien’s heart dropped. He gripped the chains on the swing and readied himself to run away. The young girl realized what he was about to do and consoled him.

“Oh no, no, no. Don’t go! I won’t tell anyone.” She said frantically. “I-I just wanted to say that- that, you have a gift!”

He stared at her smiling face sadly, and almost regretfully, he told her. “It’s not a gift.”

“But it is!” the girl insisted fervently. “That’s what my parents tell me.”

“You don’t understand!” he said bitterly, new tears now streaming down his face. He embarrassedly hid his face in hands.  

“But I do!” she said patiently. “I have a gift too.”

He raised his head and looked into her eyes- her bright bluebell eyes. “You do?”

She sat down on the ground in front of him and smiled. “I do.”

Adrien gaped at her. “I’m not alone?”

“You’re not alone.” She repeated.

Adrien just stared at the girl in front of him, taking in her midnight dark hair, her gorgeous eyes, and her pretty freckles. This girl was just like him. And for a moment, everything was okay.

“Why are you sitting on the ground?” Adrien questioned after long moments of silence. “Aren’t you worried you’ll get dirty?”

“Well, there is not other seats around, and I didn’t want to leave you alone when you are sad.” She said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Almost at once, Adrien shot up from the swing and said, “Then sit here! You shouldn’t get your pretty dress dirty.”

“No, no, it’s alright!” she waved away his offer. “You were there first, it wouldn’t be fair.”

“N-no, I insist.” Adrien gave her a solemn look. “My daddy said that that’s what a gentleman would do.”

The girl contemplated it, “No, it’s alright. I’m fine on the ground.” She said firmly.

Adrien hesitated, but upon seeing her steely eyes, he gave in. “Alright, if you won’t take it, I’ll just sit down here with you.”

Adrien plopped down on the ground and gave her a friendly bump on the shoulder. “I’m Adrien. Ca-can we be friends?”

“Mari.” She responded, returning the bump with a wide beam. “And of course!”

They stayed there for a while, just talking about anything. Before today, Adrien didn’t allow himself to believe that he could ever make a friend. His first real friend.

It would be about half an hour before Mari’s parents would come by, and Adrien tried to make the most of it by joining her in the playground.

“I have to go,” Mari said as she saw her parents approaching. “But before I do, I want to give you something.”

She pulled him into the playground castle. It was a closed place, hiding them away from the rest of the slowly gathering crowd.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” she said nervously as she stared at him through her bangs.

He gave her the sincerest look he could possibly muster. “I promise.”

“Okay.” She said softly.

She stared at her hands, slowly opening and closing it as she shook ever so slightly.

“Uh, Mari?” Adrien asked questioningly.

“Shhh.” She said, giggling quietly. “I’m trying to focus.”

A bright red glow covered her hands. “Now, what’s your favorite color?”

“Black and green.”

She grinned and the red glow grew. All of the sudden, a stuff toy dropped out of nowhere onto her awaiting hands.

Adrien stared at it.  It was a medium sized black cat stuff toy. The ears were long and pointy and the electric green eyes were a little too comical to be realistic. A mischievous quality was almost visible and familiar to him, grinning at him in a liberating way.

“It’s for you.” Mari said shyly.

Adrien withdrew the hands that he didn’t even notice was reaching out to touch it. “I couldn’t.”

Mari’s face fell. “Oh, I understand. It’s alright.”

“No!” Adrien said anxiously. “It’s- it’s just that I’m worried it will get destroyed.”

“It won’t.” Mari said surely. “It’s my gift.”

Adrien tentatively stretched out to touch it. The moment his fingers hit the soft furry toy, he instinctively pulled back his hands as if he was afraid the toy would burn. When it didn’t, he let out a gasp and he took it slowly from Mari, cuddling it close to him.

“Your power is beautiful.” Adrien said gently.

“You’re beautiful.” Mari murmured.

Adrien felt a warm feeling spread itself across his chest. This girl didn’t see him as a monster. The most beautiful girl in the world thought he was beautiful.  Adrien felt lighter than he’s ever been.

“Thank you.” Adrien tried to put a much emotion as he could in those two words.

She only smiled tenderly in response.

When Mari’s parents arrived, Adrien almost couldn’t bear to say goodbye. But after assuring him that she would be there the next day, he beamed and shyly gave her a gentlemanly kiss on her hand.

“Goodbye, my lady.” He said to her retreating back. “See you tomorrow.”


Only, he didn’t. The next day, his family boarded themselves on a flight to China to find a healer- someone who can cure him of his gift. He came back 2 years later, without a cure, and without his mother.

He wouldn’t see his lady for another 10 years. By then, he didn’t even remember her face or her name.

He only remembered her eyes, her smile, her power and her kindness.

He remembered so little, but without a doubt in his mind, he knew he found her that fateful day he decided to use his powers for good.

He found her- his lady.

Ladybug, whoever you are behind that mask, I love you.

Downpour Run-ins [Dan]

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Word Count: 1316
Warnings: None 

Forgive me, for this is about to be the longest thing I have ever posted.
I’m thinking about turning this into a series, so lemme know if you’d like that! Also, would you like me to keep the character as (Y/N) or should I change it to an OC? Ps: If you get the pun at the end ily

The bell affixed to the door softly chimed as she exited the store, her small hands clutching a brown paper bag tightly to her chest as she briskly walked down the rain-soaked footpath. Her hair whipped her back, the leather shoes on her feet squeaking annoyingly as she dodged other shoppers who were also trying to find shelter from the downpour. The black trench coat she was wearing was beginning to soak right through to her skin with the cold rain, making her shiver.

‘Typical London,’ she muttered under her breath with a huff, a small cloud of air escaping her lips due to the icy cold temperature.

Out of all the days she could’ve forgotten her umbrella at home, today just had to be the day. She was in such a rush to get to the store early that she bounded down the stairs out of her flat, completely ignoring the fact that the clouds outside had turned an ominous dark grey. Instead, she noticed the beautiful muted reds and oranges of the fallen leaves swirling and fluttering about in the breeze, getting lost in the blur of colours. She was just that type of person; the type who noticed the beauty in almost everything.

Even if it was just a bunch of dead leaves floating in the wind.

The rain began to pour down harder and the drumming on the tin roof of the shelter became increasingly louder. She decided that the coffee store just a few metres away was her best shot to get out of the rain and cold, so she tucked the paper bag firmly under her arm and prepared herself to run.

The icy air whipped against her face as she bolted down the footpath, turning her cheeks a rosy red and chapping her lips slightly. The rain pounded down on her mercilessly, little droplets trickling slowly down her back and face. She squinted in an attempt to try and figure out where she was going, but the misty air made it almost impossible to see anything in front of her.

It was bound to happen in this horrible weather; her impaired vision wasn’t helping either. As she ran down the path, the leather shoes on her feet squeaking as annoyingly as ever, she slammed right into the chest of a stranger. The paper bag went flying out of her small hands, landing in a tiny puddle on the footpath, absorbing the water like a sponge and shriveling up like wrinkly skin.

‘Oh my goodness,’ the voice shouted over the intensity of the downpour. ‘Are you okay?’

She just nodded timidly, scrambling to her feet and inspecting herself for any injuries. Of course she was alright; the man had softened her fall.

‘I’m okay,’ she replied honestly, looking up to see the tall man gazing at her with his brown eyes.

‘Ahh! Your coat is soaked!’ He exclaimed, biting his lip and ruffling his slightly curly fringe with his hand. ‘C'mon, let’s head into the coffee shop to dry off.’ She followed the stranger inside the café, a little bell tinkling as they opened the door. Both were immediately met with a pleasant blast of warm air to the face along with the comforting smell of grinded coffee beans. A smile washed over her face as she stood in line to wait for her favourite beverage; coffee.

She suddenly got the feeling that someone was watching her, and she turned to see the dark-haired stranger sitting at a table with a small smile on his face. She looked ahead shyly, her cheeks turning a slight pink.

Both didn’t utter any words until she joined him in the back of the bustling café, the hum of coffee machines in the background filling their silence. She wrapped her hands around the paper cup in an attempt to warm up her frozen fingers.

‘Crazy weather out there, am I right?’ He questioned with a cheeky smirk set on his lips, taking a sip of his drink soon after. She raised her eyebrows slightly in surprise.

‘The old “isn’t the weather crap” conversation starter,’ she laughed slightly, brushing some of the damp hair out of her face. ‘Nice one, um…’

He smiled at her before holding out his hand across the table, ‘Dan. Nice to meet you…’

‘(Y/N),’ she grinned, shaking his hand firmly and taking a sip of her hot coffee. The two conversed for what seemed like hours, talking about their hobbies and interests. He learned that she was obsessed with anime and they spent quite some time arguing over which ones were the best.

‘I’m telling you, nothing beats Tokyo Ghoul!’ She exclaimed, placing her cup on the table. He just shook his head with a smile and began to rant about his favourite- Haikyuu! She had never laughed harder in her life with this almost-complete stranger and his hilariously awkward jokes; she was in stitches by the time she had drained her cup of coffee.

She stood up from the table, adjusting the bag on her shoulder and ruffling her still-damp hair. He followed her to the door, his empty cup which once held tea still in hand. By now the storm had calmed down, but not enough for her to walk back to her place without being soaked again.

Just as she put her right hand on the cold handle of the door, Dan placed something in her left; it was the paper bag from earlier she had dropped in the puddle outside. Even though the bag itself was wrinkly, its contents were one-hundred percent dry; she was extremely grateful for this. The two exchanged farewells before she ran out into the rain with a huge grin on her face, clutching the bag as tightly as ever.

He watched her rush down the street through the window, noticing how her black trench coat absorbed the rain the way her package did. As she disappeared down a corner, his hands flipped up the hood on his jumper, leaving the store and walking down the street in the opposite direction. Before he had met her, Dan was on his way to the DVD store just down the road to buy an anime that his roommate had wanted to watch; the brown paper bag was an all-too familiar sight to him.

She bounded up her stairs once she had reached her apartment, throwing her sodden boots to the side without a care in the world. All she wanted to do was curl up on the sofa with a steaming mug of hot tea and watch the raindrops have a race down the window in the living room.

As she sat down on the leather couch with her hot chamomile, (Y/N) grabbed the paper bag which contained the item she had been searching on the web for almost two weeks. She placed the cup down on the coffee table and started to tear through the bag, pulling out the DVD she had always wanted. Something suddenly slipped through the packaging, fluttering in the air and onto the floor. She furrowed her eyebrows and bent down to pick it up. It was a receipt filled with grocery items; not the one from the store she had been to. Turning it over, she saw a messy note scrawled on the back.

Ah of course, Tokyo Ghoul season 2. Haikyuu! is still better though.

She grinned, shaking her head in amusement at his statement. Her eyes travelled to the bottom of the crumpled note to see a barely legible phone number hastily written down. Her hands immediately reached for her phone which was sitting on the armrest beside her. Oh boy, was he gonna get it.

(Y/N): You can’t HIDE from the truth that Tokyo Ghoul is better than Haikyuu! my friend.

Her phone beeped soon after with a reply, and the pun war had begun.

The ER.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Charlie, Ellen, Sam and a mention of a few other SPN characters.

Pairing: Detective!Dean x Doctor!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, blood, some angst. But just for a hot moment. Then it’s fluff, promise.

A/N: it’s an AU because I love those.This was sitting unfinished in my drafts for a while and today inspiration struck. Thank you for reading! You like, let me know because I looooooove feedback!

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My Queen (King George III x Reader)

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Requested by: Anonymous who wanted some fluffy King George x Reader

Summary: It’s your wedding day and you are all ready to marry your fiancé, who just happens to be the King of England! When you start having self doubts, George is there to comfort you.

Warnings: None!

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 1530

A/N: So, I loved writing this because I love King George and Jonathan Groff. To the requester, I hope this is what you were looking for. Sorry if I got any detaisl wrong about royal weddings during the 1700s. Anyway, thank you so much for everyone’s support and please feel free to leave some requests!!

You woke up and rubbed the reminiscent of sleep from your eyes. As mind started to think about the day ahead, your eyes shot open and a huge smile stretched across your face.

Today was the day you had been looking forward to for months. Today was the day you would be marrying George, the love of your life.

Jumping out of bed, you looked around the room, and your eyes landed on a bouquet of flowers. Right next to them, sat a small card with George’s fimilar handwriting. It read:

My dearest, (y/n):

You are the light of my life, and I still cannot belive that you agreed to marry me. I am eagerly anticipating the moment your beautiful figure glides down the aisle so that we may become man and wife. Until then, just know that I am thinking about you.

Forever yours,

(King) George

You smiled down at the note and brought the flowers closer to your face so you could smell their fresh scent. After setting them down, you ate the tray of breakfast that had been laid out for you.

Next, two maids came into your room to help you prepare for the ceremony. They sat you down in front of a mirror and pulled your hair into an elegant updo, curling the front sections that framed your face. Afterwards, they applied some makeup.

Finally, they laced up your corset and helped you into your wedding dress. It was a white, ballgown styled dress with lace. It had three-quarters length sleeves and a train coming off the back. You were finally allowed to see the final product when your veil was put on.

You beamed at your reflection because you felt truly beautiful. Everything felt absolutely perfect. All that was left to do was wait until the ceremony started. You thanked the maids and they offered their compliments before they left.

“You look truly radiant, miss.” the shorter one told you.

The other maid nodded and smiled at you before saying, “You almost look like a queen.”

With that, the two bowed their heads and left you alone to your thoughts.

All of the sudden, you began to get this nervous feeling in your stomach. It made you feel like you needed to throw up, so you decided to pace back and forth to keep the feeling at bay. The feeling did not go away, and the thoughts running around in your mind were not making it any better.

Your mind was a jumbled mess, but the only thing you could make out was the phrase, “You almost look like a queen.”

What was that supposed to mean? Was she mocking you? Subtly saying that you were unfit to marry King George and rule by his side?

Unfortunately, these thoughts were not anything new. Ever since the beginning of your courtship with George, you had contemplated whether you really deserved to be with him or not. All of these thoughts took you back in your memoires when you and George first began your courtship.

It was not like you were born into royalty or any sort of nobility. Your father was a black smith and your mother was a seamstress. From a young age, you were given the reasonability of looking after your younger siblings and learning the duties of a housewife.

The life your parents lived was not one you could ever be satisfied with, and you had vowed that you would make something of your life. Never in your wildest dreams did you think you would end up marrying the King of England, but it happened.

You had been going into town to pick up some food, when you came across two men having a political debate. One was saying that the King (who was George at the time) was young, inexperienced, and had no right ruling the country, while the other man was defending the King.

Quickly, you had stepped in and defended the king. Eventually, the debate had ended and you turned to the man you were supporting, He asked if you could walk you home, and the rest was history.

Once you and George had been courting for a few months, (he had revealed his true identity already) he decided to let your relationship be known to the people of England. The news was not well received.

People of nobility and those you were not were appalled over the fact that you were just a commoner. Instantly, you received letters upon letters saying how you were nothing more than a dirty whore, looking to steal the government’s money and destroy the monarchy.

Each time you would receive one of these letters, George would rip it up and gather you into his arms. Then, he would draw patterns on your back, while reassuring you of his love.

You were brought from your thoughts with a sharp knock on the door. You wiped away the few tears that had slipped down your cheeks and called to see who it was.

“It’s me, my darling,” A familiar voice spoke.

The grin you wore earily returned as you heard the soothing voice of your fiancé. You took a few steps forward and you were about to open the door when a thought hit you.

“Goerge, you know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” you chided him.

“I do not care, I want to see my beautiful bride. I cannot wait for you to officially be my queen” he admitted.

At the word queen, your smiled dropped and sat down on the nearest coach. Although a your heart was racing, you knew what you had to do.

“George?” you spoke, your voice barely above a whisper. “Are you absoutlley positive that you wish to marry me?” you questioned, voice cracking in the middle.

“Of course, my love. Why would you ever doubt the love I hold for you?” he asked you, shocked at your comment.

“I-I just, I am not royality.” you admitted, half ashmaded. “And I know many people did not want that wedding to happen for that reason. And while I was preparing, one of the maids told me I almost looked like a queen. I know she didn’t mean anything by it, but it just made me worried.” you explained, rushing through your sentences.

It was awhile until George spoke again and you knew it was partially him trying to deicive what he said. Finally, you heard shifting on the other side of the door, and you saw a bit of his hand underneath the door, searching for your hand.

Smiling, you let your fingers brush against his and sighed. “(y/n),” George started. “I do not care what others say, or if you are royalty or not. All that matters is I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” he confessed.

Now, a few tears of joy slipped down your cheeks, and you brushed them away laughing gently at yourself. How could you ever think such thoughts or doubt George’s love?

After you thanked your fiancé, you heard his footsteps get further away, and you took a look at yourself in the mirror. Luckily, your makeup was still in place, and you just had to pin back your hair a bit.

Not long after your conversation with your soon to be husband, a knock was heard at the door. You knew it was time to walk down the aisle.

You gripped tightly onto your wedding bouquet and took a few deeps breath to try and calm yourself down. Then, the wedding march started and the doors opened. All heads were turned towards you and you put on your brightest smile.

Slowly, but confidently, you glided down the aisle, your dress and veil flowing gracefully behind you. As you reached the alter, you turned towards George and he was beaming right back at you. He extended his arms and pulled back your veil, showing off your radiant face.

Once vows and rings had been exchanged the officiator of the wedding asked you both a simple, yet so important question that you had the same answer to.

“I do.”

“Then I now pronounce you husband and wife.” you heard briefly.

But before you could move, you one of George’s arms wrap around of your waist, while the other cupped your cheek. He brought you into a passionate kiss, pouring all of his love into it. 

When you pulled apart, you felt happier than you ever had before in your life. Taking your hand, George gently turned the both of you to face the crowd. Gazing across the sea of people, you saw everyone smile, which boosted your own confidence.

“May I introduce for the first time, King George and Queen (y/n).”

While the crowd applauded again, George leaned in and whispered in your ear, causing you to giggle.

“Did you hear that? Your my queen.”

Resolution - [Extended Ending]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Mature
Summary: The aftermath of your steamy night with your boyfriend.
Words Count: 1.1k
Genre: NSFW and some fluff.
Warnings: Language, talks of sex and hickeys… is that even a warning?

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   The next day - Avengers Tower, Manhattan, NYC

When Steve felt the rays of the morning’s sunshine hit his shut eyes through the window, he slowly opened his eyelids and smiled at the sight next to him. Peacefully lying on your back with just your head peaking out of the covers, a small smile graced your lips while a hair strand was stuck across your face.

“It’s almost illegal to be that cute in the morning.” He chuckled softly and lovingly placed a protective kiss on your forehead.

Steve grabbed a paper from the nightstand and wrote something before, leaving the bedroom. He searched for his clothes in the mess around the sofas and eventually gave up on searching for his blue shirt. He went to the bathroom and took a quick warm shower as he tried to not wake you up. Memories of the night before came into his mind as well as a sly smirk curled his lips.

Once he was looking fresh, he didn’t bother to brush his hair as the steamy night you shared with him was written on his under eyes. Steve was tired and it was nothing compared to you.

He left your apartment, closing the coat around him and stepped into the elevator ready to go buy everyone’s breakfast outside the tower. The parking lot level reached, he searched his pockets for his car keys and stopped as he saw a certain brunette woman approaching him.

“Hey, happy New Year, Wanda,” the super soldier smiled, waving his hand ‘hello’ as he walked to his vehicle.

“Happy New Year to you too, Steve,” she mimicked, a steamy cup of coffee held in her hand. “Looking very fresh this morning, aren’t you?” Wanda giggled, passing by Steve who was about to leave and she left him puzzled.

*.* Your P.O.V. *.*

Meanwhile, in your bedroom, you emerged from sleep, feeling the cold spot next to you. As you blinked your eyes opened, you stretched your arms to notice Steve had woken up before you.

Swinging your legs out of the mattress, you yawned as you read your boyfriend’s note, telling you he was outside to buy a ‘family breakfast’. Rising up from the bed, you put on Steve’s blue shirt- you stole when you went to drink water in the night -to cover your naked figure and you slowly walked to the en-suite bathroom, not missing yawning again.

As you rubbed your eyes, you opened the tap to pour fresh water on your skin and you brushed your teeth. All of this without looking at you in the mirror. You were too tired to do anything else than enjoy a long, warm shower and spend the day with your friends.

“Holy shit!” You gasped, finally noticing the marks on your neck and you blinked a few times.

You unbuttoned your boyfriend’s favorite shirt and saw lighter shades of two bruises drawn on your hips. Steve definitely didn’t hold back the night before and he’d unwillingly left marks on your surface. You’d wanted to unleash the beast inside of him and saying you had succeeded was an understatement. You were a mess with love bites- decorating your soft skin left by Steve Rogers.

“Oh, Steven,” you giggled, remembering what had happened in the night, but you didn’t regret it. You loved it!

“About time you wake up, Sleeping Beauty.” Steve chuckled, entering the bathroom and his jaw hung low as he saw the bruises he’d left on your skin. “Holy Molly!” The soldier’s blue orbs widened and took a closer look at your neck.

“Well, that’s a first thing to say,” you laughed as he rolled his eyes.

“I did that,” Steve’s voice was no more than a whisper. “Really?” He knelt to take a better look at your hips while his fingers ghosted over the bruises.

“Yep, it appears to,” you looked down with an amused smile.

“I’m sorry,” he put a gentle kiss on them, “I mean- I… I shouldn’t have done that. Wow. I’m-“

“It’s fine, Steve. You just lost yourself.”

“No, it’s not,” he stood up with a horrified look. “Look at you. You have bruises. I hurt you.”

“Stop being so dramatic for one time in your life, babe,” you cupped his cheeks with your hands. “It doesn’t hurt. It’s a pleasant pain… if you know what I mean. I liked it. Really.”

“Are you sure?” He made the puppy eyes you loved.

“I am,” you placed a sweet kiss on his cheek as his expression softened with a nod and you looked at the mirror. “I’m an Avenger, so if I can handle an alien or robot invasion, then I can enjoy a hickey or two.”

“More like five or six,” he argued and you cocked a brow.

“Hopefully, I’ll be able to cover them with the best makeup I have.”

“Sorry,” he came behind you to wrap his strong arms around your waist.

“It’s okay,” you leaned your head on his shoulder. “But I’m looking forward to our new night.”

“Recover first and then we’ll see about that,” he whispered in your ear.


“Nope. You are too beautiful to leave bruises on your skin that everyone could see.”

Your heart fluttered at his words and you turned around, putting your hands on his chest as you stood on your toes to leave a soft loving kiss on his sweet lips.

“What about our breakfast with the team?” You murmured, and a light pink tinted his cheeks.

“Well, I think it’s in our best interest to share a romantic breakfast rather than a family one.”

“They heard us, right?” You asked a bit ashamed already.

“Actually, Wanda is the only one who probably figured out what happened. The others didn’t hear because of the loud music.” He shook his head as the realization hit his face. “Oh, God… and I planned to discuss the new developments of the facility with Tony today.”

“You’ll have the big brother talk if she speaks to him,” you giggled and his forehead fell on your shoulder. “We need to avoid Wanda…?”

“If we do so, the team will have questions,” he sighed and you ran a hand on his messy hair.

“What do we do? Act like nothing happened when she’s with all of us?”

“Seems like the right thing to do.”

“What about we stay together today… all alone?” You smiled and he nodded.

Steve cupped your face in his hands and brushed his lips gently across yours, a sweet prelude of what was about to come. He teased the corner of your mouth, gently, making you wish for just a little more. When he took your mouth into his, all the sweetness was increased by the soft touches he left down your body, along your bare skin covered by his fabric.

“I’ll take a shower,” you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Care to join?”

“A soft round three?” He smirked and you nodded, biting your lip with a smile. “I think you look even better without my shirt. Wanna take it off?”


@feelmyroarrrr @gallifreyansass - message me if you’d like to be added. :)

There was a time that I measured my life in baby steps.
Today, I would tell myself, today I will shower.
Today I will talk to someone other than my phone.
I had to force myself to believe that if I could
only make it through one more day,
the next one would not be as cold, as cruel, as muted.
I fought myself each night. I battled myself each morning.
I painted my face rosy and settled into my silence
so carefully I knew I was the only one who knew I was silent at all.
It was all I could do. Try. A little more. Each day.
Time came, as it always does. Conquering the landscape
of my life with change. And slowly, each day, my baby steps became more.
Today, I would tell myself, today I will smile.
I will bask in the sunlight. I will make a good cup of tea.
Time. My savior. Urged me to stop picking open wounds.
To pray. To forgive. Him. Others. Myself. To remember the moon.
The sky. The light at dawn. Symphonies. Literature. Beauty.
To take each day as it came and be wholly present.
Live in my moments. Make memories instead of talking to ghosts.
Today, I would tell myself. Today I will rise. And I did.
—  Alson Malee @alisonmalee

Pinky Promise is a Yuri (Girls’ Love) themed roleplay group!

Perhaps you’re a first year just stepping into high school for the first time or you are a seasoned third year preparing yourself for the difficult semester ahead. Maybe you are a teacher, cup of coffee in one hand and your lesson notes barley hanging on in the other as you scramble to beat your students to the classroom.

Here at Pinky Promise, you take on the role of a character whose life currently takes place at the Aomori High School for Girls. Further your education, form long-lasting friendships that could shape your character’s life and hopefully find love.

Home | Message | Guidelines | Application | Setting

It was finally quite for you - home again, home again, you sang this to yourself as you slip off your shoes within the front door entrance area. Taking a third shift job is really taxing; sure, being able to ride the city streets with next to no traffic is great, but always around 3AM you find yourself hating such a boring desk job as sleep begins to attack you.
Shuffling your way into the living room you saw something that nearly brought a tear to your eyes.

Spread out upon the longest couch within the living room was Papyrus, in nothing but his black tank top - that hang off his boney figure just perfect and sweats that seem to hug his hips bones in almost a teasing way.
You let a please purr escape you as you beheld the glory that is your boyfriend.

“Heh, seems like my lil'kitten’s home” He yawn as he stretches, you could hear some of his joints pop.

You give him a tire chuckle, “Damn dude, how long you’ve been out here on the couch.”

The question seems to bring a realization to his half mast sockets, “heh, long enough that Sans already left for his job.” He give you his famous lax smirk.

“Someone fell asleep” you tease with a smile towards him, then you light panic hit you, “Oh, wait did you JUST fell asleep, aw pappy m'sorry for waking ya.”

He chuckle, a deep sound from his chest that always made you so at ease, you could feel the tension melt away in your shoulders.

“C’mon kiddo, I ain’t worry about that. I’m happy to wake up to ya,” he rase a bone brow as you let out a long yawn, “Even though you seem dog tired, you alright there, kiddo?”

“Dear goodness, I am” you admit as you slipped off the outer jacket of your business outfit.

The sound of bones and fabric rustling and rattling cause you to bring your attention to the lax skeleton, arms out stretch toward you he gave you a soft smile.

“C’mere kiddo.”

Your smile warm along your face, a shy chuckle left you. Now, you are not a petite flower the bone brothers always treat you as, you are on the round side – chubby.

“Pappy, you know I’m a sooch too big to share the couch.”

“Then lay on top of me.”

“Papyrus, I’m too heavy.”

“Love, you take me too lightly. M’bones are way sturdier and stronger than you think.”

With a defeated sigh from you and a victorious smirk from the rather tall skeleton, you now found yourself awkwardly clamoring on top of Papyrus. You were nervous, it’s not like, your first time snuggling or anything – it’s just, you fear that he might be like the others from your past love life; often starting just like this but ending with an ‘you’re too big’.

After a few,



“Are you okay?”

From you, the both of you found a position that is quite cozy. One hand cup behind his skull – somewhat supported by the arm rest. His long body lay, nearly melting into the couch. You lay on top of him, your larger form draped on him like a soft warm comforter. Papyrus’ other hand relax on the middle of your back, you could feel him drawing tiny circles with his index finger – from time to time.
You lightly chuckle into the makeshift pillow you created with folded arms upon his broad chest.

“Heh, what?” His lax sockets looks down at you with a smile within his teeth.


“Oops, my bad, kiddo”

He put a pause to his doodling digits on your back and let your body settle in the moment.

This is perfect, the sound of the clock on the wall ticking and counting away the seconds that pass, seem to sync with the beating of your heart. Papyrus took notice of this and couldn’t help but become more astounded by this amazing body of yours.

He could feel the expansion and deflation of your chest as your breathing slowed, he felt how the stress and ache of the world seem to disappear around your soul. Your soul feels so warm and so cl I send like this, he wish so badly to let his soul reach out to yours – but as of right now, no, right now its time for you to rest and relax.
Why does your body have to be so soft, warm and perfect.

Papyrus squeeze your back, softly. This was enough to stir you out of a slumber you had not known you fallen into. You shift and steeply open your eyes, his gentle grip on your back ease away.

“Sorry, babe, did I wake ya?”

You shook your head, giving him an answer along with trying to wake up.

“Sleepy.” You state in a drowsy manner.

Papyrus famous lazy smile pull itself onto his face as he look down at you, “ Cuddle and nap.” He retorts.

“Hm, only if I can kiss your neck.”

Dear stars above, you really don’t know what you do to him. You saying that with such a groggy tone, it made the disc in his spine shiver with want. Cheeks already stain with warm hue, you feel the hand on your back slowly travel upwards, boney fingers soon becoming lost within your hair.

“Mmhm,” He purr with that deep voice of his.

He crane his neck down – hunger in his sockets. The sudden grip and tug within your locks awaken a lustful spark within the pit of your belly.

“But we won’t be napping then.”

It was all that he whispers before he crash his teeth within your lips.

It might not be a nap, but it’s a hell of a lot fun to rejuvenate like this.

CASUAL | part two

“After spending the night with the university’s basketball superstar and biggest supporter of one-night stands, Kim Taehyung, you find yourself falling for him. Sadly, he doesn’t feel the same.” 

Words: 2,470

- smut

Originally posted by mayfifolle

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