take it to the max


Max: “I take it he’s mad?”

Elizabeth: “Beyond mad. He could barely look at me. I told you last time we were struggling to conceive. Well, we’ve still had no luck, and we went to the doctors and I have scarring. It might be from the miscarriage. But it could also be from the abortion. I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me.”

Max: “Oh, Beth you’re in quite a muddle. But I forgave you, I’m sure he will too.”

Elizabeth: “Yeah, but you also dumped me. And I’m pretty sure it was because I hid stuff from you.”

The Fox Part II: The Last Dawn

Written by Praemonitus_Praemunitus

Chapter 2

“This is insanity, Don Esteban!” Max sputters above him, throwing up his hands in a very un-Max-like fashion.  "I cannot in good conscience approve of this.  I won’t!“

Steve squints up at him from his semi-seated position, his good hand clutching his throbbing shoulder as he prepares to push himself all the way up off the floor.  "I don’t really have a choice, Max,” he grits out, takes a couple of deep preparatory breaths.  "The longer we stay here, the longer Steve McGarrett is absent from public eye, the greater the chance that Wo Fat figures out who I am.  I’m putting everyone in danger by staying.“  He shifts, moving to stand up, hisses as the pain ratchets up a notch.  Convulsively, he sucks in another deep breath, holds out his left hand to the physician.  "Look, Kono is about to return with my clothes, Max, so if you could just help me up…”

Steve waits for Max’s response for all of two seconds before planting his left hand palm down onto the ground beside him and pushing himself laboriously up into a standing position. Max intercepts him halfway, hugging him awkwardly around the waist when he wobbles in place on feet that are not quite ready to support his weight.  Steve bites his lip, waiting until the room stops spinning so he can dare to pull himself away from Max’s steadying hands.

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dandelionnwine  asked:

I recently found out I can no longer use NSAIDs (Advil, aleve, etc). The problem is I get really painful menstrual cramps even on top of the max amount of Advil I was taking (prescribed by my dr) plus the use of hot water bottles. Do you/does anyone have any other suggestions for what might work for cramps? I have already tried 3 different birth control pills that didn't help and gave me severe stomach issues. I have a dr appt this week, but the only thing she's suggesting is birth control :/

There’s more types of birth control than pills! There is also the implant, the patch, the ring, the shot, and the IUD. Any of these methods can potentially help you. 

But if you’re really disillusioned with birth control, bring it up with your provider, and insist on it. You want to try something different, and you have a right to know all your options.

Though you can’t use NSAIDs, you do still have pain relief options. This article is a chart about what kind of pain relief is required for certain levels of pain. The most common “low level” pain reliever that is not a NSAID is Acetaminophen, of which tylenol is a common brand, though this is typically not considered very effective for menstrual cramps.

You could also see if you could find an electric heating pad, so you don’t have to constantly refill a bottle. It may help a bit, including if only to make things more convenient.

Other things that can alleviate or that many people say helps them:

  • Sexual stimulation and orgasm.
  • Increasing certain foods/nutrients.
  • Cutting out certain foods/nutrients (caffeine and salt seem to be the most commonly suggested).
  • Massage.
  • Napping/sleeping and lying down.
  • Light exercise.
  • Involved distractions that make you feel happy and fulfilled - conversations, shopping, video games, music, etc.
  • Cuddling or curling around a pillow, body pillow, plush toy, etc.

- mod BP

k-ede  asked:

I'm so here for the moment that max ask to magnus; are you my brother's boyfriend? and magnus looking alec like "what do I say?" then alec will take magnus' hand and he will look at max and say "yes, he is my boyfriend"


I’m just imagining everybody decked out in their best, just hanging around, chatting before the ceremony starts. Max comes in with Robert and Maryse through the door and Alec sees him immediately. Alec leans towards Magnus, who’s talking animatedly with Jace, touches his elbow and mutters a quick “be right back” before he stalks towards the door and bends down just in time for Max to run into his arms for a hug. 

“It’s your big day, isn’t it Max?” Alec leans back and surveys his younger brother while adjusting his collar, “Looking good.”

“Woah, you look like you’re dressed to impress. Did Izzy pick your suit?” Max looked at Alec, wide-eyed. Alec was taken aback for a second before letting his eyes drift back to where Magnus was and he gave a soft smile, “Come here. I’ve got someone to introduce you to.”

“Magnus, this is Max and Max, this is Magnus, who owns the house we’re currently in,” Alec introduces them as Jace rubs Max’s head affectionately. Magnus looks down with a tilt of his head and extends his hand, “Why, hello. Nice to meet you, Max. Hope you like the…place,” Magnus remarks while gesturing to the room with a wine glass in his other hand. Max reachs out for a firm handshake with a soft greeting and thanks Magnus for letting them have the ceremony at his place, to which Magnus returns a smile, “Well, you have your brother to thank as well. He helped with the decorations.”

Max looks between Alec and Magnus before something clicks in his mind, “Are you my brother’s boyfriend?” Magnus blinks in surprise as he hears Jace’s snicker in the background and looks towards Alec, who was looking just as surprised. He waits for Alec to catch his eye before raising an eyebrow, as if to say well, what are we and as Alec’s eyes grew wider, Magnus forces himself to glance back at Max and clears his throat to answer when he feels Alec step closer to him, shoulders touching and hand lingering next to his, feeling the reverberation through Alec’s body as he says, “Yes, he’s my boyfriend.”

Some non-Love Square ML aus

Because as much as I adore the love square, there are lots of other miraculous ships that deserve more au goodness <3


  • Greaser and Pink Lady au
  • friends with benefits except the benefits are weekly cuddling sessions au
  • college roommates au 
    • requires LOTS of mutual pining


  • handcuffed together after a prank gone wrong au
  • “I’m going to hunt down and slaughter whoever keeps leaving their sweaty towel draped across my favorite treadmi- oh no they’re hot” au
  • forced to take ballet lessons to increase their athletic prowess au


  • “I dont understand half of the words you said but I think you just asked me out???” au
  • kissing practice/ making out for the sake of science au
  • “I just watched you ingest a borderline lethal amount of caffeine so im going to babysit you to make sure you dont die” au

Bonus ot3 (Kim/Alix/Max):

  • paired up to do a semester-long project together au 
  • evil mastermind and his two (bickering) superhero nemesises au
  • “oh would you look at that, the bottle landed in between you two. guess I’ll just have to spend seven minutes in heaven with you both” au


  • we both sit at the same desk in chemistry class and leave each other anonymous notes tucked inside au
  • musician and muse (not-so) au
  • tattooist and flower shop owner au


  • Princess and the Frog au 
    • bonus points if Chloe is the frog
  • met while on vacation au

Chloe/Marinette (most could work for Chloe/Alya too):

  • personal shopper (Marinette) or publicist (Alya) and the client from hell au
  • “every year we get sent to the same summer camp and we’re always camp rivals except wow puberty really hit you hard since last year wtf??!?!?” au
  • Wicked au


  • rival radio hosts whom everyone in Paris ships au
  • Ladynino and Alya Noir au
  • “the optometrist accidentally switched our prescriptions so now I have to hunt you down while basically blind” au


  • underpaid fabric store clerk only keeps her job because of the cute seamstress who comes in every day and overworked seamstress only visits the fabric store every day to see the gorgeous store clerk au
  • fan fic writer and fan artist who everyone in the fandom ships au
  • “hey so I hear our college grants more financial aid to married people… wanna elope?” au


  • deaf!Adrien and musician!Nino au 
    • basically blind spots au but gayer
  • (NSFW) “Accidentally sent a dick pic to the wrong number but got an even better one back” au


  • rich kids playing pranks at society functions au (Alya’s mom is a world-renowned chef dont tell me this isn’t plausible)
  • “we’ve been yelling at each via reddit thread for weeks now and at this point I’ve kinnda forgotten what we were even fighting about wanna go grab coffee?” au
  • pen pals from childhood au


  • “Our families own rival businesses and technically we cant be friends but we still secretly trade macaroons for couscous on the DL” au 
  • street musician and street artist au
  • “I seriously didn’t mean to wander in to the women’s locker room but I heard you singing in the shower and I NEED to record music with you” au

Bonus OT4 (Alya/Adrien/Marinette/Nino):

  • “we’re in a famous band and our fans fight relentlessly over who to ship but jokes on them because we are all dating” au
  • stranded au
    • you could make this “overnight at the mall” or full-blown “shipwrecked on an island” I just wanna see these four snuggle STRUGGLE TOGETHER
  • “this dnd campaign started seriously but now it’s just devolved into us all flirting with one another behind the thin guises of our characters” au