take it take it love me love me

Shiro resting behind Keith with his legs crossed. Keith’s been growing out his hair since he was younger, it now falls around his hips. Shiro brushes a comb through the hair. He’s delicate and respecting; starting from ends and working up to roots, in sections. Keith sighs contentedly. When Shiro’s brushed the oils from scalp to end, leaving the hair soft and shining, he braids it. It’s so long, and managing it is hard for Keith. It’s always a treat when Shiro pulls him away to re-braid it for him.

Keith moves his head to watch him from behind. He smiles a gentle smile. ”I love you, Takashi. Thank you.”

”I love you.” He whispers and kisses the pleat that spills over his hand.

Shiro untucks his legs and pulls Keith between them. His arms are large, circling around Keith and cradling him to his chest. He rests his head in the junction between the other’s neck and shoulder. Keith laughs softly, as tender and sweet as every other gesture he gives when they’re alone; when Shiro is tending to him.

”You’re so beautiful, Keith.” He turns his face and ghosts his lips across his neck.

Mornings like this are my favorite. The power goes out, just as the coffee finishes brewing. We all sit around the table, sipping our coffee, a candle lit in the middle, talking, laughing. Not one of us complaining, just enjoying these small moments of uninterrupted peace, before heading out for the last day of hunting this season.

I don’t know if my wife @thatlilredfox ever posted this, but I still love this wonderful pic of my wife and me, she looks so frickin beautiful and cute in this, so I just post it here now 😸 The picture was drawn by the amazing @OtterPopsical on Twitter by the way, and they did an incredible good job on this, don’t you think? Oh man, every time I see this I am reminded of how much luck this stupid lynx had to meet such a beautiful vixen. I love her with all of my being and I don’t think I tell her this often enough, my life wouldn’t be the same without her.


“The ideal nap scenario is that you get a break midday for some reason, like your schedule suddenly opened up. When does that happen, right? You go home, it’s warm outside, there’s a bit of a cool breeze so you can open your window. But there’s no traffic outside, no cars making loud noises. Maybe just birds, and the faint sounds of children playing. Throw in a wind chime. And you just play some nature sounds, turn on your white noise machine, and you get 30 good minutes. Just long enough to reset, and then when you wake up, you have food somehow.”


Cheritz hardcore testing my devotion for this route