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                             i call this post stfu atlas no one cares abt jeremy this much

              hello hi welcome 2 the post where i analyze / explain jer’s actions. don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying what he did was right, i’m just saying he’s got reasons for what he does. anyways, there might be typos but who fucking cares. let’s start :

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@itisasign awwwwww i guess it’s nice of your body to wait until you were done with exams???  mine usually jumps ship on me in the middle LOL

the cats in those gifs are literally me tho.  the second one?  the way it steals the blanket?  like “i need the large blanket but must avoid interactions with other beings” = me.  and of course, aggressive caring and comfort and cuddles always =v=

awwwww caerwyn is precious <333  i don’t think i could handle him though =‘D  i had an irl friend last year who tried to tell me to rest when i was sick before an exam and i literally avoided him the whole week >.<

also, here are some gifs of you that i found: 

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you and me ^^^

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you with a cat ^^^

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^^^^^ don’t forget to take your own advices, friend =v=

( drafts folder right now:

  • mohn yelling at her
  • sadie yelling at her
  • florie about to yell at her
  • k being simultaneously an emotional wreck and emotionally constipated as usual

i’m fucking dying squirtle )

Five things I like about myself. Positivity post.

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to your favorite followers. 🌈🌈<3 (Yay positive sparkles!) [originally non-negotiable, positivity is cool]

I have no idea if any of my followers want to do this, but if you do, consider yourself tagged by me, and feel free to tag me as the tagger too :D

The very sweet @insomniacapples tagged me, and since I think that being positive and showing yourself some love is important, *gulp*, here goes.

  1. I’m always a glass half full person. I always try to stay positive, no matter what. It rubs off on people (or rubs them up the wrong way, but mostly it makes other people feel more optimistic).
  2. I try always to keep an open mind about all sorts of things. This has led me to some amazing friends and situations. Stay open-minded, people, it can have some wonderful and unexpected bonuses. :D
  3. I’m really practical. Like, everyone always come to me and is like ‘this is broke can you fix?’ and I’m like, ‘yeah, gimme’. I make stuff all the time, I do metalwork, and I fix metalwork, so I’m good with my hands… XD I’m also strong, which has had benefits most recently for hefting ikea bookshelves and stuff around!!
  4. On a more external aspect, I like my eyes and my hair. I’m blessed with really big brown eyes, long lashes, and thick dark hair which I’ve let grow long now. 
  5. I’ve been low in the past - hear me out, this is a good thing - I’ve had a few really unpleasant things happen to me, and I’ve been bullied. I’ve come through all that now and I think it’s made me able to listen to people, and I don’t take myself too seriously either, which means I don’t really get hurt by anything much any more. I try to be compassionate and I’ll always try and make time to listen if someone reaches out. 

I think that’s it from Raufnir. Like I said, I tag you, whoever you are reading this, because everyone deserves to sit down and find a few good things about themselves, no matter how long you think it’s gonna take you, and no matter how small the things you find. (One of mine was nearly ‘I like the shape of my wrists’…)

Take care, Raufnir out. x

Patience yields focus.

Make Me Choose

Todoroki Shouto or Bakugou Katsuki asked by anon ❀


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)

Thanks @bakanohealthy for signing ???% headcanon

(it’s signing “happy” in JSL)