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Yuuri takes a breath, like he’s gathering up his resolve. He offers his hand. “Dance with me?”

Viktor feels a soft chuckle bubbling from his throat before he can help it. “Now?”

“You doing anything else?” There’s a teasing note in Yuuri’s voice as he curls his fingers in invitation. “Only if you want to, though. We don’t have to – ”

“I’d love to.”

It’s so easy to allow himself to get lost – in the music, in the slow steps they take in sync around the room, and the warmth of Yuuri’s hand around his. The glow from the fireplace casts flickers of light in Yuuri’s eyes, and Viktor finds that he can’t look away.

A scene from the final chapter of And Miles to Go Before I Sleep (collaboration fic between me and @orchids-and-fictional-cities for the YOI Reversebang!)


andymientus: 1 year down, Arden. It’s pretty on brand that we’re apart today because we are both making art- your art is the one thing you love more than me (well, maybe art and Papa Johns) and that is my absolute favorite thing about you. The way you see the world has changed the way I see the world. Your bravery to create, to take charge, to attempt the impossible is my bravery. I wouldn’t be opening this show tonight if not for your example. That’s so much better than a corny gift and a rich dinner. It’s not something every couple would understand, but it’s something we have always understood from day one, and even when things are hardest, that’s how I know this is it. Happy Anniversary xo

michaelarden: One year ago today I married my best friend and artistic partner. We don’t have a typical marriage in any sense and I am so grateful and proud of that fact. You inspire me and make me work, think and care harder than I ever imagined I could. I don’t know why you put up with me, my moods and my insanity. But God, am I lucky. And better. Because of you.


Chapter 62 and Chapter 209 - compare: 1) How verbal they are and how much they convey: the more they speak, the less they understand each other; 2) How Jian Yi corners Zhan Xi and how Zhan Xi goes to Jian Yi willingly; 3) Zhan Xi’s touch. 

I think that this is the chapter that gave me more mixed feelings than any other before - and that’s even considering that I’d already had mixed feelings recently. (I still stand by what I said in this post.) It’s pretty hard to explain clearly, but I’ll ramble a bit about three things that moved me: the confession, the kiss, and the “I know”.

1) The confession:

The hope: Jian Yi takes the plunge because he feels accepted and safe enough to convey his feelings. He doesn’t escape from the question and sincerely gives an “I love you always forever, here and now” answer that would move even the coldest heart. 

The heartbreak: Jian Yi takes the plunge not hoping for anything, and in fact, by walking away, he opens a breach between him and the person he loves the most. Judging by his trembling hands and lips, he probably believes that the cost of his confession will be the loss of that closeness.

2) The kiss:

The hope: We’ve seen Zhan Xi touching Jian Yi’s fingers. They’ve hugged before. But most of the time Zhan Xi is both embarrassed and reluctant to be physically close to Jian Yi. However, he’s gradually grown comfortable enough for him to unwaveringly touch Jian Yi. He’s not trembling or flustered like he was before when he couldn’t understand what was going on in Jian Yi’s mind. (I’ll keep insisting on the importance of what was going on through Zhan Xi’s head during that time that Jian Yi was kidnapped. I really hope OX will tell us about it someday.)

It is my understanding -and I’d be glad to be corrected if I’m wrong- that kissing is not that common in many Asian cultures, especially not between friends in a serious way. A kiss on the forehead, however, is a symbol of closeness, trust, and deep affection. It’s a selfless kiss in that it doesn’t need a reply. It can transform into a different type of kiss if there is gentle touching, and that’s what Zhan Xi is doing. 

The heartbreak: A kiss on the forehead is not necessarily romantic. In fact, if anything, it’s a kiss that’s “chaster” than other kinds. So Zhanxi’s could have been a goodnight kiss. It could have been a “thank you for telling me” kiss. 

In any case, a kiss on the forehead gives off a sense of “I’ll be there for you no matter what,” which is consistent with Zhan Xi’s promise to protect and care for Jian Yi. “He and I still have many promises to fulfil,” he says to the girl that had tried to confess to him. Jian Yi never forgets this, and that leads me to the most puzzling part…

3) “I know.”

The hope: Their trust in each other has not been affected. The promise to remain together, to protect each other, is still intact. I know that you love me in your own way - this could have been said by either of them because their history together is real, so is their affection and concern for each other. If Zhan Xi is the one saying it, then it could mean that all his silences and his looks can be accountable, that he just needed to hear it clearly from Jian Yi, and that he believes that he’s being sincere. 

The heartbreak: Most of the times, it’s Jian Yi who gets the last word, and if Jian Yi is the one saying it, he could mean that he understands that kiss on the forehead as “we will always be friends” - or worse: it could mean “I shouldn’t have said it, because now I know that things will inevitably change.” What’s done is done, and even if he knows that Zhan Xi will not leave him… Well, how painful could it be to maintain that unrequited love for years? 

Also, the background of “I know” is dark. But it probably means nothing, right? … Right???

Definite shitposting ahead:

Once again, I’m not sure what I expect: a change of scenery, perhaps - either He Tian and Mo gossiping about JianZhan (I, for one, would love to see that), or He Tian asking Jian Yi what happened with Zhan Xi and possibly comforting him. Just imagine He Tian passing his arm around Jian Yi’s shoulders and Mo getting slightly jealous, heh. Anyway, this is all that pops up in my head if I go down the heartbreak route. If I’m hopeful, however, I could think of Zhan Xi and Jian Yi holding hands and sleeping next to each other. (As much as I hope for another type of kiss, unless Zhan is really willing to go through with it, it would just be cruel to Jian Yi.) 

I really want to be hopeful and think that, just as they’ve both matched each other’s feelings before, they will come together once more. (At this point, I no longer think the first one-shot and anything before chapter 50 could be taken as an indication of what we’re supposed to expect.)

(Also, I should probably change the “funny and cute” tag I’d set for 19 Days. I’m not even sure if OX themselves foresaw what this story would become.) 

anvil527up  asked:

Not sure if you want to go back there, but ForceSurprise with Ruins Researcher ObiWan hasn't had any love lately... Maybe with the declaration of war (flower bouquet from the Chancellor) Obi sets up Palps to expose him as the Sith? TAKE THAT FOR UNDERESTIMATING AN OMEGA YAH JERK!! Cause don't even TRY to threaten a Balanced Force user and his child <snarl> and no you can't have her Yoda, cause you a twit as well :p

“It was very foolish of you to take my babe from me.” Obi-Wan said calmly as he entered the office, staring at Palpatine. “I was actually becoming fond of you.”

Mas Amedda glanced between the omega and the beta before suddenly making himself scarce.

Tilting his head and setting his elbows on his desk and stapling his fingers together, Sheev raised a brow. “Me? I assu-”

“Please don’t demean us both by lying straight to my face.” Obi-Wan sighed and rolled his shoulders. “Where is she?”

The chancellor narrowed his eyes over the tips of his stapled fingers.

Then he shrugged and reached below the desk, picking up the infant who continued sweetly sleeping. He stood and moved around the desk, rocking the child carefully. “I do wish you hadn’t come here, I will have to deal with you now if I want to keep your child as an apprentice.”

Crossing his arms over his chest, Obi-Wan gave a low hum “You intend to dispose of me… but you forget that I knew who you were, the Jedi now also know it now.” He shifted a bit to the side and let the team of Jedi into the room, smiling a bit when he saw Anakin’s narrowed, angry eyes.

Settling the child down on one of the plush chair, Palpatine growled quietly. “That is most unfortunate indeed… I didn’t think you’d actually inform them.”

“I am neither Sith nor Jedi.” Obi-Wan rolled his shoulders again. “I don’t belong to light or dark and neither can exist without the other. Jedi and Sith are just titles in my eyes and there can be no light or dark without each other.” He tilted his head with his eyes falling down to the chair and his expression hardened. “But you took something of mine and that is a transgression beyond the balance I uphold.”

Obi-Wan raised narrowed eyes at the Sith for a few seconds before dropping them again, the colors of the galaxy swirling through them.

Stepping aside again, Obi-Wan allowed the battle to engage while keeping an eye on his mewling and whimpering baby, only jerking a bit when Anakin got a saber buried in his guts and all the Jedi fell injured and even dead in some cases.

Weakened, pained, still so fresh from the birth of his daughter.

Anakin despaired because Sheev’s victory was almost assured and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“Well, I may have to flee, but there are other chances for galactic power, especially with such an apprentice as your child will become.” The Sith sneered.

And then Obi-Wan spoke. “I am molting lava bursting from the crust of the earth.” He straightened, seemed suddenly taller and bigger. “I am lighting on a cloudless day.” His voice grew and Palpatine was hissing as Obi-Wan’s aura grew with power and colors, reaching out into every spot of the Senate. “I am the eye of the hurricane.” Wind seemed to fill the halls and Anakin felt like air was being pulled from his lungs. “I am balance.”

He moved with such speed that Anakin, nor any of the other Jedi could follow it.

He had expected violence.

Obi-Wan did nothing of the sort.

The world felt frozen as he rested two fingers against the Chancellor’s forehead. “And you Sheev Palpatine, Darth Sidious, Supreme Chancellor and Hydra’s head of the Confederate of Independent Systems, are not.”

Palpatine froze and then he collapsed to the floor as Obi-Wan turned and moved to the chair where Satine was still laying safely, smiling softly as he picked her up. “There you are, you’re going to drive me to all worries aren’t you?” He whispered before moving towards the still frozen Jedi, heading towards his potential mate.

Obi-Wan knelt by Anakin’s side, his eyes still shifting colors as he did. “I am water from the wellspring.” He whispered, voice so soft as he rested his hand on Anakin’s stomach first while holding Satine. “I am the blooming flower in the sunlight.” His hands glowed and the alpha could feel healing Force gently prod at his injuries before sealing and healing in an accelerated speed. “I am a breeze on summer days.” Obi-Wan seemed to grow smaller, pull back into himself. “I am balance.”

His eyes were still changing colors and he stroked Anakin’s cheek before he leaned in as his healing had finished what it could, putting his lips to the others ear. “The Jedi are not very accepting of the dark, they will want to confine me since they will consider me dark for this. I can’t allow that. When you all wake up again, I’ll be long gone but come find me. You’ll know where when I’m ready. Palpatine will no longer be a problem… after all, a Sith is only dangerous as long as he can use the Force, which Palpatine no longer can.” He pressed a soft kiss to his alpha’s cheek before getting up and moving out of the Chancellor’s office at a sedate pace, Satine’s soft mewling filling the air until the door shut behind him.

Anakin finally passed out.

Hello my loves!

Peachii here, and boy oh boy have I got some news for you guys- my commissions are OPEN! They are, however, open for a cause.

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Thank you for allowing me to take the time I needed at the end of last year to step away from all the craziness. I’ll admit, I was worried that people would get upset with me. But what I saw was that instead of getting upset, literally every single one of you wrapped your arms around me and showed me how unwavering your love and support is. I’m so happy that I was able to come back to writing music more energized and inspired than ever, and to be able to give my all and more, to this new chapter. Sorry Not Sorry is the first of many songs that I’ve been working on, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear all of them. I hope this song makes you get off your seat and dance like you never have before. This is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been hated on and has risen above it and come out from the other side like a fucking savage!!!  

Take It or Leave It 4

Hi lovelies!  I haven’t really got anything to say apart from thank you again for all the incredible feedback and I hope you enjoy this part!

PS: I’ve put up a story idea on my page so if you could tell me what you think that would be amazing ❤️

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Song: Feeling Good - Michael Bublé

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .. … … … … … … … … … … … … 

“Paulina! What is Harvey doing tomorrow morning?” Was your greeting as both you and Harvey walked to his office. 

Paulina looked up from her desk. “There’s a meeting with Travis Hill at 10 and then a meeting with Andrew Washington at 3:30.”

You nodded. “Okay then. Push the meeting with Hill. I need Harvey." 

"How do you need me, Y/N?” Harvey smirked and raised an eyebrow at you.

“Jokes aside, Harvey. The phone call earlier wasn’t just for fun; Mr Stark was calling me to tell me that Ross and his attorney turned up without my consent nor presence." 

"God damn it, that’s an offence. What are we doing tomorrow morning?" 

"Going to court. We’re getting a TRO for Ross. And a warning for his attorney, whoever the guy is." 

"Good idea. Good to know I didn’t hire you just based on looks.” 

You smirked. “You think I’m pretty, Mr Scott?” 

“Don’t push it.” But even he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

The next morning, both you and Harvey, who had agreed to help you, stood in a court room with Emory Myers, the prosecuting attorney which you were not happy about in the slightest.

"I’m not in the habit of just handing out TROs, Miss L/N.” The judge told you as you stood before her with Harvey at your side. 

“I know your honour, now just hear me through. I had a phone call from my client yesterday afternoon stating that Secretary Ross and his attorney had visited them with my consent nor presence. All I ask is for a Temporary Restraining Order against Secretary Ross and a warning to Mr Myers for the offence." 

Myers was quick to stand up for himself. "Your honour, we did no such thing as the defence claims." 

"Objection, your honour! I have evidence to discredit his claims." 

"Like what? Your honour, whatever it is it’s completely fake.” Myers was quick to rebut your statement.

“Well unless I woke up in Russia this morning, this transcript and video recording are very much real.” Harvey smoothly discredited the man with a smirk.

“Please pass forward the evidence.” The judge commanded and you did so, passing a memory stick and the transcription forward.

“This seems legitimate. Prosecution, do you have any evidence to discredit this.”

“No, your honour.”

“TRO and warning granted. Watch yourself, Mr Myers.” The judge gave the man in question a meaningful glance.

You shared a look with Myers and said nothing as he glared at you, walking out. You calmly walked back to Harvey who was still stood, waiting for you. 

“Miss L/N?” 

You turned to face the judge. “Yes, your honour?” 

“I must wish you luck. People are heavily ambivalent about the Avengers considering recent events. You’re going to have to fight hard to convince the jury to see them as Not Guilty.” She looked at you seriously.

You inclined your head. “I know, your honour.”

She inclined her head in return before walking off. You turned to Harvey with a tired look on your face. “Why Myers? Of all the possible people why did it have to be him, Harvey?” 

“The guy’s an asshole and you’re going to be working like hell to win this case because goddamn it I am not letting you lose your winning streak now.” 

“Not that you actually care about me then.”

“Of course not.” He said and you nodded smiling.

Back in the office, you were in over your head in work, relaxing sea waves sounds playing from your laptop. Well, when you say office, you meant building because truth be told, you were currently sat on a conference room table papers, strewn all around you; a black pen tucked into your messy bun; a highlighter in your mouth as you flicked through a file as you dived into the deep end of discovery. When Paulina had swung by with coffee she had just stared at you and wordlessly handed you the hot beverage. Honestly, she couldn’t be blamed for her actions because there had to be at least fifty boxes packed with files and paperwork. She had left quickly and that was an hour ago. You hummed quietly, trying not to let the stress get to you but that was quickly ruined as a commotion started outside. Everyone was rushing to the elevators and you couldn’t understand it in the slightest. Carefully manovering off the table without disrupting any of the papers, you quickly slipped your heels back on and paused the sea sounds before walking out to see what it was all about. 

The thing is, you heard the problem before you could see it and what’s worse, you could see Allanah Wood, the managing partner who took over when the firm ousted Hayden Hughes, making her way into the fray and the crowds parted like the Red Sea. 

“Mr Stark, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Allanah’s polite voice made everyone go silent apart from the occasional whisper; because of this you slowed your stride to see how it would play out. 

“I know it is. I’m here to ask a question to someone.” Tony’s ego never ceased to amaze you, despite the fact you had been friends with him for years.

“As Managing Partner here, you can ask me any questions you need to.” Allanah’s cool outward appearance shone through the curious cloud all the others present were emitting. 

Tony laughed. “I’m sure I can but see, the thing is that I’m here for someone very specific and you won’t be able to answer my question.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” 

“However, I am so sure though.” You stepped into the clearing of people next to Allanah who looked pissed that you were interfering.

“Bunny!” Tony grinned when he saw you and spun you around in his arms, which was very uncharacteristic for the billionaire and you quickly pushed him away for personal space. “It’s been so long!”

You could feel rather than see all the looks you were getting and it was doing wonders for your confidence as it was sending it sky high. “Tony. I was there yesterday morning; that isn’t exactly a long time ago.” 

“Actually it is thirty two hours, twenty four minutes ago which, in case you hadn’t noticed, is a very long time.” He looked very smug as he removed his glasses and looked around with that arrogant air that he somehow made work. “Thanks for the welcome party, Bunny, but it wasn’t necessary.”

“Careful there, Tony, you almost sounded kind of humble.” You teased.

“Anyway,” The man swiftly ignored your comment. “You didn’t come back to the tower last night.” 

“Look around you Tony, we’re at my workplace which means I have a job and that therefore meaning I must have been working last night.” Sarcastically you answered his non-verbal question.

Tony looked affronted before schooling his expression into his signature smirk. “Are you coming back tonight then?” 

You almost groaned at how persistent the man could be. “Let me show you something.” You dragged him away from the elevators, hardly noticing the gravitation towards you or Harvey magically appearing at your side. You walked him to the conference room you had been in. “See this? This is all for your little boy band. All 52 boxes and currently I’ve only gone through 3 and a bit of them. That’s leaves 48 and a bit of them and that’s-”

“That’s 93% rounded to go.” Tony finished for you as Allanah was doing damage control outside and sending everyone back to work.

“And what have I told you about turning up at the office?” Tony looked at you and just grinned cheekily, knowing full well what had been discussed; the man was infuriating. You began to walk him out. “Now shoo! I have 48 boxes to do and 2 other cases going on so I really need to get back to work. So no, I doubt I’ll be coming back tonight.” 

You could have sworn Tony looked disappointed but you never got to see it properly before it disappeared. “I’ll see you soon then, Bunny.”

“Of course, Tony. You’ll see me soon.” You both shared that knowing smile you had before he got in the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor.

 “What the hell was that, L/N?” Allanah was waiting for you as you turned around to return to your files. 

“That was my longest standing client doing what I told him not to do.” You replied, already walking back to the conference room 

“And Tony Stark is your client?!” She sharply followed you into the room where she was quick to shut the door where Harvey was still stood there, looking at all the files sprawled on the table. “You know something, L/N, when I saw his name on the clientele list, I presumed he was one of the partners’ clients but no. He is your client and has been for a long time and you didn’t feel the need to goddamn tell me?” 

Allanah was angry and that much was blatantly clear. 

“Forgive me, Miss Wood, but shouting around the fact that you have very famous clients doesn’t normally do anything beneficial. You want to know the facts? Hughes gave him to me as my first client 9 years ago, told me to close him as Stark Industries. Couple months later I closed him as Tony Stark and I also took on Pepper Potts on as well, although nothing has ever risen for us to work together. You want to know more facts? The Avengers Corporation and each of its members joined my client list yesterday. Whoopie doo, there’s my main 18 or so clients.” 

Allanah’s expression was stormy yet no sharp tongued response came out. You were both staring each other down before she broke the silence. “Don’t screw this goddamn thing up.” She quickly brushed passed you and strode powerfully out of the other door at the end of the room

“Damn. You’re in deep shit.” Harvey helpfully supplied as your prepared to kick off your heels again before stopping yourself.

“Can I work out of your office for a bit? I can not deal with this many people staring at me as I work.” 

Harvey went to object. Therefore, your well-known puppy eyes came out.

With a roll of his eyes, Harvey grabbed one of the boxes. “Come on, puppy, grab the files and box you were on.” You grinned in success and followed his orders. As you shut the doors behind you, you locked them as well. “Those doors can be locked?” Harvey asked surprised.

You nodded as the pair of you walked to his office. “Electromagnetically, yes. That’s why any files are done in that room for security purposes so what is confidential, stays confidential.”

“Huh.” The senior partner hummed intelligently as he opened the door of his office for you before closing it again. You sat down on to sofa in his office in what you had dubbed, ‘your corner’, as Harvey sat in the seat perpendicular to it. His jacket came off as did your heels as you both got comfy for a long night ahead. Glancing at Harvey, you quirked the corner of your lips up because despite the fact that you helped him on cases all the time, you were obligated to as he was your boss but here he was, dropping whatever he had been doing to help you.

The meeting with the Washingtons had been and gone with a successful wind; by now it was dark outside and soft jazz music was playing as the pair of you sipped some of Harvey’s scotch, a further 19 boxes had been completed. Paulina had bid goodnight to you hours ago when she left so at that point Harvey had taken a break to finish what he had been doing before coming back to you. Humming you sifted through the files with your mentor, highlighting, annotating, sticky-noting, the whole lot and the pile of done boxes were slowly but surely piling up against the other side of the conference room to the uncompleted boxes.  

The rapt sound of knuckles tapping glass dragged both of your attentions away from the papers. Allanah stood at the door, as regal looking as always. “It’s getting late; how come both of you are still here?”

“Did you not see the conference room earlier?” Harvey leant back in his seat.  

She tilted her head and walked in. “I did.”  

“That was only some of the boxes for the case I’m on.” You temporarily stood up before resettling, legs folded underneath you meaning your skirt rode up to your lower thigh. 

“And you convinced Harvey to help you?”

“Actually, he just sat down and started going through the files." 

That caused Allanah to raise an eyebrow at the man in question. "Is that so?”
Harvey nodded. “I couldn’t let my dear associate drown in paperwork, now could I?" 

You snorted into your hand. "You’ve let me drown in paperwork before.”

He gave you a betrayed look and Allanah looked amused at the exchange “Feel free to get food on the firm’s pay. You’re going to need it.” She gave you both a meaningful look before saying goodnight at walking out.

Harvey pulled out his work phone. “Pick a cuisine, hotshot.”

You smiled. “Pizza?”

“Pizza it is.” He called the 24 hour pizza place and placed the usual order you had. 


Okay, I’m really sorry there hasn’t been much Avengers in this story so far but I’m just setting up a base for the story to work on in the future and yes, Avengers are BIG in the next chapter; don’t worry. Also, I’m still looking for pairing opinions for this story as I’ve currently got a wide range of responses. 


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loved - peter parker

word count: 414 short n sweet
pairing: peter parker x reader
summary: in which peter has to sacrifice his own feelings for the sake of the reader.
prompt: “i loved you. loved, past tense.” “i know. thank you. for loving me, for trying.” (this is from a tumblr post of writing prompts, I lost the link, sadly.)

“i loved you.” peter says quietly, his eyes averting away from you sadly. "loved, past tense.“

“i know.” you say quietly, and there’s a moment of comfortable silence where neither of you say anything, then, you open your mouth to speak again. “thank you, yanno.” you add. “for loving me.” you take a long sip from your water and shake your head. “for trying. i just,” you pause to collect yourself, letting out a bated breath. “never saw it in time.”

peter sighs heavily and sits beside you on the fire escape. “are you going to be okay?” he asks hesitantly, resting his elbows on his thighs and his chin in his hand. your heart swells at the sight, peter had always been one of the cutest things you’d ever seen. always, just not in the way you should’ve realized months ago. maybe even years ago. “how long?”

his head snaps up, his brows furrowed in a familiar way. he’s confused. “how long?”

“how long did you love me?”

“oh,” peter’s cheeks go red and he looks to the side, shaking his head slowly. “uh,” he fiddles with his thumbs quietly, clearing his throat not long after. when his eyes meet yours said they’re flooded with embarrassment. “that night when you came over at three a.m. and we sat on my fire escape.”

your eyes widen slightly, face crumpling as you gaze at the boy. “peter that was in ninth grade.” you point out, and he nods slowly.

“yeah, i know.”

before you can help it tears are flooding your eyes and you’re averting your gaze away from peter, down to the ground. one blink and the tears spill over, fat and rolling down your cheeks. “that’s three years, pete.” your voice wavers and peter is instantly concerned, grabbing your shoulder gently in an attempt to get your attention.

“no,” you sniffle, standing up and opening up your window again.


“no, peter, please just go.” you shoot out quickly and climb back into your room, shutting the window in his face before he has the chance to speak.

peter can’t tell you. he can’t tell you that he still loves you, and he can’t tell you that he probably always will.

he has to protect you. he reminds himself, wishing he could change the way things are, wishing he didn’t have to always be the good guy.

but he did, and he may have just lost you because of it.

daddysprettypinkbabygirl  asked:

I just posted a photoset that my husband did of the Museo De Arte De Ponce and I was hoping you could take a look and I remembered you're from PR and could perhaps, tell me what else you might know about it's architecture... I know it was updated and renovated in 2014, but that's about all. Love your Blog :)

Thanks! Great Images.

I remember visiting the museum many times in my youth. When you are a kid, in an island without many museums, visiting one can be an intimidating experience. I remember having to keep silent (a difficult proposition at best), the sounds of each step on the quiet halls and the art, most of all the art. That is where I first saw works by Puerto Rican artists like José Campeche, Francisco Oller, and Francisco Rodón.The building itself is one of our Modernist treasures, designed by Edward Durell Stone, the same architect of projects like the Kennedy Center in DC and the original MoMA in NYC. When it opened it received all kind of accolades, including an AIA International Honor Award.

The museum was really created by Don Luis A. Ferré a former governor of PR who basically invested in art and wanted to share it with his fellow countrymen in his birth town. Ferré’s vision for the museum extended to its architecture, and he laid out certain basic requirements for the design – namely that it should “express, with simple and sedate lines, the noble spirit of Ponce and, while being modern, should also be serenely classical.”

As described in ArchDaily:

Stone designed a rectangular building of two stories to house the museum. The first floor contains a lobby and seven rectilinear galleries, while the second floor houses seven hexagonal galleries encircled by a terrace. The two floors are linked by an elegant double staircase located in the lobby, which acts as an architectural centerpiece for the building. Additionally, two gardens to the north and east of the building were designed by Stone’s son, Edward Durell Stone Jr. (a third garden was added in 1991). The heavy roof, which forms deep eaves over the balcony, and the low horizontal composition of the building appear to reference Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie houses. The choice of materials, however, is closer to the International Style; the marble aggregate with which the building is clad recalls the formal purity of European Modernism.

Source text via.  All photos by @prettypinkbabygirlsdaddy.

Oh my frickin’ god, you guys. You guys are so unbelievably amazing and I was brought to tears when I saw how many of you had sent me support and advice and everything… Like… SO MANY of you came in and wrote me a chunk of text to try and help.

I am so frickin’ grateful for the lot of you and all the love and support you give little old me.
I think special mention goes to @elsa12tmnt, who wrote me a gigantic note that had me bawling like a small child. Heck, all of you had me crying. I love you guys so much, thank you for all of the support💦

All my trademark sappiness aside, pretty much everyone said I should take a break from my work and collect myself, and take a break I shall!
The Undertale Graphic Novel is going to go on a brief hiatus for at least another week, to give me some time to reconnect with what inspired me for the project in the first place (my strong feelings about Undertale and its themes!), as well as just going and absorbing the goodness of life again.
I’ve kinda not been taking very good care of myself for a while either, so I’m gonna use this break to work on that too.
Part of my thinking and refreshment process is doing what I enjoy the most, which is, in fact, making art!! So I’ll be finishing that palette challenge, maybe opening themed requests from you guys, doodling really stupid stuff… the whole works. A break from my big work means more time for fun!!
It’ll be a good time.

So uhm… thanks, you guys. You all really are the best follower base a silly artist could ask for.

I’ll seeya soon, and stay awesome, you guys.✨


Marigold boy,
you take the thoughts from my mind
with a gentle sweep,
leaving me in a warm confusion of how to explain
how you are one of the wonders of this world.
I’ve watched you adorn everything around me
with the dazed red of a sloppy grin
and the beaming yellow of your hand on mine.
And on the nights when all you brought was gray,
you cried glass tears,
asking me I still loved that color
like I did the others.
Well how was I to explain when you left me so dazed?
Just give me a moment to catch my breath
and I’ll spill out the secrets of the world
that tell a tale of a boy so beautiful
he brought colors to every
empty home.
—  Miriam K, Letter sequence 5/?


I sit at my desk
pouring over papers
as fingers slip through mine
my eyes look up to find
at long last - smiling
your steel gray eyes
(as I knew they would)
and I am again speechless
your laughter, a deep suede
I want to run my hands through,
but I just stare
through the months
that brought you from the sea
a nymph transported
through the mind
to read the lines of me
and there you are
staring lovingly
I stand up shakily
moving closer
as time whisks forward
leaving us entranced in this slice
of intense moment
I can barely breathe, my love,
you’ve brought me coffee
(as tenderly promised)
my hands reach out to take it
holding it as if you’d
brought me diamonds
and the pent up tears begin
falling endlessly
(I laugh)
your fingers carefully
trace their wet descent
gently drying my nerves
cupping my face
within your palms
you whisper, “Hello, babe”
at long last -
and then, like that,
we kiss

Irish knot // Rhapsodyinblue45


So, admittedly I had forgotten today was the day bleach ended, and it occurred to me in a sort of existential heap that that means that over a year ago today i first contemplated actually… joining… a fandom?! Wild thought, I know. But here’s a thank you. I’ve written a bit of a warm up drabble-esque …thing. I haven’t brushed up on writing in a while now, but I hope you take some enjoyment from it nonetheless. Also, here is a bop.

Bleach. Ichiruki. Post TYBW. Inspired by the lovely @kingkuchiki.

“Rukia… Kuchiki.” He tests it on his tongue, as he has done religiously for the best part of his non-existence.

But see, it becomes an entirely different thing when post war reconciliations turn muscles to honey and vision to soft, corrosive haze. Because god- he had thought this their swan song, and so the possibility of several thousand more swan songs passing - or perhaps the sheer delight in his naivety to it all - sends his voice carding just a little lighter through the air.

Rukia rewards him with a kiss to his lips and an oozing hug. He is not quite sure where the remnants of his shihakushō end and the ribbons of Hakka no Togame wither, though he is entirely sure that he does not mind.

She is beating in his view like a bird, like a kaleidoscope of ice, spiralling unfathomably tall. White blush. Flickering light. Gorgeous ocean eyes- heating, heating, heating his gut. Her bankai is truly stunning, he doesn’t think he’s ever seen it look more beautiful than now, fragmented by his lashes and his lazy slitted-view. He reaches out his hand to her cheek, and smiles.

“We did it.” Her voice is the cusp of a wave, rasping with fatigue and battle-field grit; flooding oh so cooly into his senses. Her crown jewels shimmer, depositing ice onto his face.

      She laughs at the way his nose scrunches.

He laughs, picturing Ywach, shrivelled up to nothing - void - and their future so bright and full and bursting in retaliation - as much as the soaring in his chest. 

Rukia is so wonderfully alive that he almost mistakes the heat of the sun for a phoenix.

ID #68546

Name: Ana
Age: 18
Country: Spain

Hi, my first name is Ana and I’m a 18 year old from Spain. I’m starting University in September to study Bussiness Management and Administration.

I speak Spanish and English fluently and also French (but I’m not very fluent).

I’m interested in reading (any sugestion is welcome), art, cinema and music. My music tastes goes from anything that is on the radio to classic bands; I listen to almost every genre.

I’m very talkative, as I can ramble for hours about anything I’m slightly interested in, so feel free to message me if you just want to talk. However, I have to say that at first I am very shy, but it takes no time for me to feel comfortable and open up

I just want to get to know different people from various cultures and countries. I love learning about cultures other than my own which is the reason why I like travelling so much.

I have no preference as of gender, race, etc. I just want someone close to me in age who loves to talk ad discover new things as much as me.

Preferences: 16 to 22, I don’t care about gender, race and else, just someone nice.

This is feminism?

This is a Swiftie. This a woman so mad that I don’t like her Queen that she is hoping I get raped and beaten. Is this how you want your worshipers to act @taylorswift?  This fan of yours sits in her hovel in Brookline, Massachusetts down the street from the GAP and spews this shit at me for daring to accuse you of lying. 

That’s right you batshit crazy motherfucker- I see you. You’ve been on my blog for 13 hours. You’ve visited 263 times. I hear that part of Boston is lovely, you should get out and breathe some fresh air and take a good hard look at your life. You are blocked and reported. 

You took me out to dinner,
ate your bloodied steak
and asked if I considered Mother Mary

We drove back home,
and my crimson dress
was raised above my thighs.
I would never do this with any other guy.

Take me back to my bedroom,
tear me apart,
rip my dress from its seams.
I promise to be the girl of your dreams,
if you just tear me apart.

—  Me and Crimson
The Trouble with Kittens Update 48

Read Me!

Sneak Peek:

Chat Noir put a hand on her shoulder. “You’re not your mom.”

“Are you sure? Because I definitely feel like her these days.”

“Well, you’re up here and not passed out drunk on a couch so that’s a plus.”

Queen Bee let out a bitter chuckle and reached behind her, lifting up a bottle. Chat Noir swore, taking it from her hand. “Don’t bother. I wasn’t going to drink it…probably.”

“You just thought you’d bring some liquor up to the top of a building and hang out with it? Chloe, this is serious.”

“I honestly wasn’t going to…is it stupid to feel this way? I mean, I’m getting in my own way. Camden is gone…Hawk Moth is gone. Everyone is safe and happy and having babies. Nath loves me and we’re living together and…and he wants to marry me. Why am I trying to make things hard?”

Chat Noir pursed his lips. “You’re scared.”

“No shit, Sherlock.”

Taking A Break

I will be taking a break from writing for awhile. I’m just a little depressed the last few stories I worked so hard on barely got any comments or attention at all. People say they love my writing so I try to keep creating stories for those who do but then when I see the stories be neglected it just hurts my heart and makes me want to stop, I don’t know what to believe anymore. I dunno I just feel people do take writers and artists for granted at times. If you don’t appreciate them when you have the chance then it may be too late. I try my best to make my readers happy but I just feel no matter what I do it’s not good enough. If you like my stories, tell me. If you don’t tell me how you feel how am I supposed to know if it was liked or not? Instead I just get depressed and want to stop. It feels like no one appreciates the time and effort I put into creating the story and think I will just keep putting them out anyway.

I need to distance myself from writing for the time being or I will get way too emotional about it and possibly start hating it. I am someone who thrives on seeing people comment with their thoughts and enjoy what I create and I imagine many others feel the same way. I don’t think many understand just how important it is for us. If no one was ever shown appreciation for their work and always taken for granted, then we might not have any fanfic writers or artists anymore.

Remember we don’t get paid for what we do. What we would consider payment, something that money can’t even buy, is the joy and happiness from those who enjoy our work. It is what fuels us to keep going.

I don’t want to sound obnoxious or be hated for what I said but I am just expressing my feelings. And the last thing I’m trying to do is guilt trip anyone. I’m sorry if it offends you but as this is something important to me I felt like it was necessary to let everyone know how I felt. After all, it’s no robot that creates these stories but a human being with feelings. Sometimes I feel like that fact is ingored way too much. If you think I’m guilt tripping for simply having feelings then you need to get your head out of the clouds and back to reality.