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     Take it easy, take it easy
     Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy
     Lighten up while you still can
     Don’t even try to understand
     Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy

Learning How To Drive

Originally posted by clubeskimo

Artist: Dean

You wanted to be and independent person, and one of the qualities of that required knowing how to get around without having someone drive you everywhere, and taking the bus wasn’t easy since your job place wasn’t close at all.

So your lovely boyfriend Dean had offered to teach you how to drive, and you were great full.

“Are you ready to learn babe” he asked

“Yes, I’m so excited”
You’ve watched him while he was driving and you thought that you knew what you were going to be doing, but unfortunately you didn’t.

You were siting behind the wheel and Dean was siting next to you.

“Come on babe, move the chair closer to the front, your shot let’s won’t reach” he teased

“Deaaan” you whined at him

“I’m joking babe, but for real get it closer”


After you situated yourself and we’re buckled with your seat belt, Dean showed you where everything was and how you use it, you thought this shouldn’t be too hard.

You started driving slowly trying to get used to it, but you were so scared and you felt your stomach was gonna explode. He had warned you not to freak out and of anything happens just press the break and not gas, and now you were being extra cautious.

“I think I’m getting the hand of it” you said very happily

“Babe, we’ve been driving straight on a 20 speed limit” he said while laughing.

You just groaned at him for being a party popper.

“Babe you can’t keep stopping like that” he said when he felt his neck was going to crack any second, every time you saw a car coming you would hit the break because you were scared thinking you were too close

“But there was a car coming”

“And there was enough space for three care to be on the road” he said

“Okay now when you turn you have to be cautious not to hit the curb”  he told you

 “Okay, I got this” you said

And what exactly he told you not to do you did it.

“Babeeee” he said in a high voice

You freaked out and hit the break quickly making him almost fly from his seat.

When you saw his face and how shocked he was you couldn’t stop laughing at him.

“You almost killed me and your laughing” he said

“You know I freak out easily, you shouldn’t have screamed, it’s all your fault” you said, and he gave you this look not believing that your blaming him.

You saw a squirrel coming and you pressed the breaks again

“Again babe” he said

“There was a squirrel passing”

“You barely stopped for the stop sign but for the squirrel you do”

“But I cant kill it” you said pouting “Okay” he said and kissed your pouty lips

You were driving for almost twenty minutes now and you started getting the hang of it.

You took a turn and did pretty good on it you looked to the side to see his expression to see how you did, and he was smiling proud on how fast you’re learning.

He petted your head praising you.

“My girl is so good” he said and kissed your cheek.

“Does that mean you will let me drive the sport car” you said trying your luck.

“Mmm, I don’t think so” he said You didn’t even trust yourself.

Dean started letting you drive more often so you could get the hang of it, and it was a win-win situation since he would always be tired from work, he gets to rest and you get practice, you loved it, it was so therapeutic for you, having music in the background and the night breeze made it perfect.

Thank you so much for reading the scenario and I hope you enjoyed it.

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-Şile, Turkey

Istanbul is such a huge sprawling city that sometimes it’s just good to get away.  An easy hours drive north will quickly take you into tree covered hills and mountains.  And beyond that you will reach the Black Sea and the town of Şile (She-le).  During the summer it will be bustling with tourists and locals alike but in the off-season it’s a quiet little fishing town.

I shot this just after sun up facing away from the sunrise using a tripod and a 10-stop ND filter.  The ND filter lets you shoot a longer exposure without everything being over-exposed.  That’s why you get this liquid-glass look to the sky and water.


Day 241

My first Saturday one in awhile. Very nice day to day. We had an appointment with a tax preparer today. It was eye opening and it will take some time to gather everything they want but even with a mortgage and the way they figure medical deductions we may still have just the standard deduction. We thought for sure the way we built up debt last year that we would be able to put that those medical expenses into a little larger return. Maybe still but we have some research to do so we will see. I just keep thinking how sick do you have to be before you can claim it is as a deduction and no I don’t want to find the answer to that.

We took the opportunity to meet with some friends which was really nice plus Norma got to spend time with her favorite people. I did most of the driving which included multiple transfers which is going to be the hardest part of driving. The driving part is easy but it still takes 5 minutes or so to get in or out if the drivers seat but it is getting easier. The problems is it is very physically demanding and tires me out quickly also some of that effort puts my body in positions that could be problem for bowel accidents. Today after lunch during a transfer I heard a loud noise which I thought for sure was trouble luckily it wasn’t. It very easily could have been as well. Another thing I tried was cathing in the van. This most certainly will be something I will need to be able to do especially while getting to public facilities still is a little stressful. We have pretty shaded windows but we took extra care to guard my privacy but there will be situations this is needed to stay on schedule. All in all even though my legs are real stiff tonight it was a good day. A day practicing skills, taking care of business, and seeing friends are all things that can help me bettereverday.

Hey guys

Can we start trying to remember that not everyone is good at everything. People have different talents. So saying things like “Math is so easy,” “Skateboarding takes no effort,” or “Driving is easy, what do you mean you find it hard?” can really hurt someone’s feelings.

So please try to word things along the lines of, “I find math easy,” “Skateboarding is fairly effortless for me,” or “I find driving easy, would you like some tips?”

Saying things that way can help cut down on people’s embarrassment and bringing them down. It won’t stop it completely but it can make a difference. Please keep this in mind! Thank you!