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Eagles’ Take It Easy aesthetic post

Four that wanna own me,
Two that wanna stone me,
One says she’s a friend of mine
Take it easy, take it easy,
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can, don’t even try to understand,
Just find a place to make your stand and take it easy

Roman Music Reconstructed/Reimagined - YouTube
What music of the Roman Empire might have sounded like back in the day and what it could have sounded like, had it lasted into later eras. Contains a mix of film scores, video game soundtracks, modern reconstructions, and pieces inspired by Ancient Rome, as well as Ancient Greece and Byzantium.

a playlist assiduously curated by yours truly for your listening pleasure.

runtime: 3 hours, 50 minutes.

Listen to Me - Zach Dempsey Imagine

Request: I’m not sure if you make zach imagines but hey can you make a imagine about reader is kind of depressed about what happened hannah and jeff, and she gets mad at zach after she found about the tapes and then she realises that zach is depressed and sorry too so she decides to be strong & supportive about her boyfriend, taking care of him. and zach being sensetive and afraid of losing her girlfriend. it’s so long i’m a trash lmfo

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Word Count: 996

I haven’t stopped crying in five weeks. Well, I cried nonstop for a while after Jeff died and then was fine but the next day I heard about Hannah. Things haven’t been that great at school, either. My grades have dropped slightly and once the drunk driving posters came down the suicide posters went up in their place. What annoys me the most, though, is how people are faking everything. Everyone is acting sad, like Jeff and Hannah’s deaths changed them forever when in reality more than half of these people never said a word to either of them, especially not to Hannah.

Jeff and I were close. After I started dating Zach I hung out more with the sports crowd, despite my lack of knowledge in all things athletic, and Jeff was one of the few guys that didn’t make a single sexual comment at me. We’d always sit together at the basketball games and Jeff would ask me for help on his schoolwork when he couldn’t get ahold of Clay.

While not extremely close, Hannah and I had something special. We rarely talked or hung out but we were always there for each other. Whenever one of needed to vent or cry, we knew that we could call the other person and cry.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so my lovely gf and I went on our first date in awhile tonight (she dislocated her shoulder playing soccer and has had to take it easy) so we went to see Wonder Woman and we were driving home at about 10:45. We were both tired and ready to get home and lay down together, it was pouring rain outside. And suddenly she slams on the brakes and gets out of the car. I was so confused I was like "babe where tf are you going" and I see her jog down into this ditch that's more like a creek (1/2)

And she leans down into knee deep water and at this point I’m getting out of the car and chasing after her. I can’t see her very well because it’s raining so hard and it’s dark but then she’s calling for me and I move towards her and she’s covered in water and mud (Note: She’s wearing a vry expensive baseball jersey that is like her prized possession and it’s soaked and dirty and I can’t believe she would be willing to do such a thing in this jersey (2/4) ps Im guessing on numbers at this point

And she’s lifting up a plank of wood that’s fallen over into the water and she’s like “Help me move this” and I’m like “babe what the fuck you’re gonna hurt your shoulder worse” and she’s just like “just help me I’ll be alright” so I do and we set the plank aside and then I see it. There’s a German shepherd stuck in the water and my gf doesnt hesitate to reach down into the water and lift the dog out. It kinda whimpers but she just whispers trying to calm it down & carries it to the car (¾)

She gets in the backseat and lays the dog against her in a way that’s obviously going to be painful for her and she starts quietly singing Hallelujah (her favorite song) to it and petting it. And she gives me directions to the emergency animal clinic and I look in the rear mirror and I see the way she’s looking at this dog and I just go “Hey babe? I’m in love with you.” And she smiles real wide and says “I was in love with you first.” (4/4) Ps the dog has a dislocated hip but should be okay

@suprcorp this person asked me to tag you (and elly) in this and omg

11x11 Coda


Sam texts her even before they’re back to the bunker.

He hesitates over his words as Dean drives, typing and deleting until finally he sends Thanks again for today. A second later he hurriedly sends a second text: This is Sam. He sighs at his own incompetence and shoves his phone back in his pocket.

He doesn’t hear anything back until the following afternoon when he’s sitting and half-reading with his phone on the table alongside his book.

Glad I could help.

He could play it cool. Let her message sit there for a few hours or days. He could, but instead he responds the moment the text comes through, before he loses his nerve.

We have a huge Men of Letters archive if you want to come see if you can find anything about your parents.

There’s a long pause. He sees the little chat bubble by her name fill with dots then stop and start again. It stops a second time and he’s sure he’s pushed her too hard, opened too many wounds, when a new message appears.

I’d like that.


He’s waiting outside when she pulls up in a white, nondescript sedan. A dog is sitting calmly in the front seat. It’s medium-sized with shaggy tan fur. Black fur all around its muzzle makes it look like it’s been eating dirt. The dog eyes Sam but makes no move to get out of the car when Eileen does.

It’s unexpected enough to jolt him out of his nervousness.

“You have a dog?” he blurts as soon as she rounds the car to face him.

Eileen looks up at him as she explains. “She’s a service dog.”

Sam frowns. “Are you going to leave her in the car?”

“She’s fine there.”

Sam looks at the dog again. Her ears perk up. “You can bring her inside. I mean, if you want.”

Eileen looks at Bonnie who has her front paws on the window as her tail wags enthusiastically. She looks again at Sam who is working hard to give the appearance that whatever she wants to do is fine, even though he can’t keep his eyes off the dog. “Okay.”

The dog sits until Eileen clips on the leash and gives her a command. She leaps from the car to get to Sam, who immediately bends down to pet her. Now Sam can see her pronounced underbite, a row of white teeth starkly visible against the black fur.

“Her name is Bonnie. It’s short for Bronwen.”

Sam solemnly shakes one small paw. “My name is Sam. It’s short for Samuel.”

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silverdragonms  asked:

The UT/US/UF/SF bros world's got reset and UT sans, UF sans, US pap, and SF pap wake up from a nightmare of the last timeline. What do they do/their bros do?

(*Sorry this took so long!  This ended up being completely angsty, with just a smidgen of hurt/comfort if you squint.)


Sans jolts awake, his left eyesocket lit up with a vibrant blue that illuminates his dark bedroom.  The covers are tangled around him, and he’s breathing heavily, clutching the phantom lingering pain across his chest.  

It all comes rushing back.  The betrayal, the helplessness, the despair–all of it pits into a lead ball in the depths of his SOUL.  It takes a full minute for him to calm down, to dismiss his magic and stop his bones from rattling.

H o w   m u c h   m o r e ?

He pushes himself from the mattress, pulling his legs out of the covers without untangling them.  They end up in a wadded-up ball in the center.  Sans needs to check on Papyrus, to make sure he’s alive and well.  If there was ever one good thing about the RESETs, it was that all the damage is undone.  Except his.

A quiet peek inside the bedroom confirms that Papyrus is, in fact, sleeping quietly in his racecar bed.  Sans remains in the doorway for a moment, before he slowly pads inside.. and sits down beside the bed on the floor.  Papyrus is softly snoring, oblivious that anything had even happened.

… That, in countless other lives, he’s died.

Sans remains like that for the rest of the night, just leaned against the side of the bed, staring straight ahead and drawing comfort from the sounds of his brother breathing–of his brother living.  By the time morning comes, he’ll be stronger and his brother won’t be the wiser; Sans will have left the room.  There will be a few days of reprieve before the human comes through, and when they do, it’s a toss-up on whether or not they’ll show Mercy.  Either way, he’s given up on trying to change things.


Sans wakes up with a vocal shout, bolting upright in his bed.  With a crimson flash, a Gaster Blaster is summoned, floating directly by his head and making a soft whirling sound as it draws power within its maw.


The voice causes Sans to flinch, and with a string of muttered curses, he dismisses the Blaster before it can tear a hole through the wall.  It takes him a second longer to get his flaring magic under control, but by the time his brother literally kicks down his bedroom door, Sans’s eyelights are back to small red pupils.  

“h-h-hey boss.. uh..s-sorry, did i wake ya?”  Red’s voice comes out hoarse and thick with sleep, his nervous stammer kicking in at the sight of his furious brother.  Papyrus’s gaze is scanning every inch of the bedroom for an intruder, but when he finds Sans alone, his scowl deepends.


“i..i, uh.. fell out of bed..”  He’s so flustered from the nightmare–which he knows to be just another reality–to come up with a more viable excuse.  Red’s looking anywhere but at his brother.

Edge, of course, isn’t satisfied with that answer.  His eyesockets narrow.  "..ANOTHER NIGHTMARE THEN.“

"wh-what?  no, no, i..uh.. nothing like that,” he finishes lamely.  Papyrus is still staring, unconvinced, so Sans clears his throat, shifting to loop his arms around his knees.  "i’m fine.  you.. you can go back to sleep, boss.“


With that, Edge strides off, leaving Sans to stare after him.  A moment passes, and Sans releases a breathy chuckle, reaching up to scrub his hands over his eyesockets.  "my bro really is the greatest..” he mutters, before he stands up, slips on his jacket, and goes downstairs to join Papyrus on the couch.


Stretch jolts awake from a nap on the couch, with Blueberry standing in front of him, holding a platter of glittering tacos.  "PAPY!  I MADE TACOS FOR US, AND–OMPH!“  The air rushes out of Sans as Papyrus abruptly clutches onto him, dragging his brother against his chest in a tight hug.

The last thing he could remember was the feeling of his brother’s bandanna wrapped around his hand and the overwhelming scent of dust overtaking his senses, coating his bones, and clogging his nasal cavity.  

He had misstepped.  He had broken the routine, the script.  Papyrus had decided to warn his brother, to try to get him away from the human, but–


Sans turned toward him right as Papyrus reached out.. and the hit with the dull Toy Knife tore all the way through his brother in a violent flash of crimson.  His brother looked completely surprised, one gloved hand gingerly touching his chest, while Papyrus grasped his shoulders.





He exploded into dust all over Papyrus.

.. And then Papyrus killed the human.

This wasn’t a RESET.  
This was a LOAD.

“PAPY?”  Blueberry’s voice came out a little uneasy, and Papyrus realized he had his face buried in his brother’s shoulder.  This was unprecedented.  He had gone through the song-and-dance several times, but whenever a RESET occurred or he had a nightmare, he always kept it from his brother.  He couldn’t let him even begin to shoulder this kind of burden.  He just couldn’t do that to him.

“heh, sorry bro.  i interrupted you while you were trying to taco me.”

Blueberry didn’t look entirely convinced, so Papyrus pulled back and forced his lazy grin into place.  Then he took a taco and ate it, giving his bro a thumbs up while he chewed.  Sans was so excited over the fact that Papyrus liked it that his eyelights formed into stars and he launched into a quick ramble about how he prepared it.  

Stretch tried to shake off the terrible foreboding feeling.  Unfortunately, he had tipped his hand when he tried to break the cycle and save Sans; now it was obvious that he remembered everything.  

The real question was.. did the human?


Papyrus wakes up, gasping and automatically slapping a hand over his mouth.  It wasn’t that often that he slept hard enough to have a nightmare.. so surely that meant that the RESET was fresh.  With the way the timelines kept jumping, it was difficult to tell anymore, and sometimes, memories overlapped.  What day was it?  What had happened right before he went to bed?

He tugged absently at his own collar, grounding himself.  

This wasn’t something he could let Sans know.. Not that his brother would believe him.  If he told the MALEVOLENT SANS that a mere human was able to kill him despite his LOVE, he would only be pissed off and order him to stop confusing fanciful nightmares and reality.  

Oh, how he wished they were only nightmares.

Papyrus teleported outside, where the sudden chill of Snowdin felt good against his flushed face.  He pulled out a cigarette and lit it, deciding to chance Sans’s wrath over the smell of smoke.  His fingers were shaking, and he needed something to steady his nerves.  He wasn’t allowed the luxury of falling apart, so he had a limited time to pull himself together, to let a subdued sense of apathy ease back into his being.  

*heya, hun.  you’ve been busy wrecking this place, haven’t ya?

*i guess this is what happens when people like me take it easy, huh?

He exhaled a giant plume of smoke, driving away the thoughts.  His free hand rubbed at the back of his neck, phalanges dipping beneath his collar.

The phantom pain from the strike that’s beheaded him countless times never really goes away.

anyway here’s my rant about driving inspired by: this post 

yooooo i know at least three ppl who are 25-27 and don’t have their licenses!!!! there are a lot of reasons that ppl might not be able to get around to learning to drive (hey car insurance for teenagers is hella expensive????) (learning to drive is fucking terrifying and only becomes more so the longer you get past the point where it’s considered “normal” to have learned?)

like hey friends if you wanna learn to drive, here is my two cents: it’s terrifying, i didn’t want to, but my dad forced me to when i was sixteen.  that’s an advantage some ppl didn’t have!!! and that’s ok!!! it is really complicated, but i promise it does become easier, it just might take a lot longer than some ppl might say.  i think a lot of people forget what it was like to learn.  also it is really nice to be able to drive urself places.  freedom!!


you’re not a worse person for not being able to drive!!! i know a lot of ppl look at you and go “whaaaaat you can’t drive? but–!!”  but you know what fuck them.  i love all my friends who can’t drive and i will continue to pick them up when they need it if i can and we need a hell of a lot more public transportation in most of america anyway and you are NOT a bad or unworthy person for not being able to drive for whatever reason!!!!  (again money???? is a thing too??? cars are so expensive wtf)

sorry i just have a lot of feelings about this because i hate that this system is set up to disadvantage ppl who can’t drive so badly and then ppl are just ??? mean about it instead of sympathetic like !!!! there are so many reasons ppl might not be able to drive yet!! just because it was easy for you or circumstances were good for you don’t mean it was like that for everyone else.  god!!!! 

Winchester Sister- Backseat Driver

Title: Backseat Driver
Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam reader!sister, Winchester family
Words: 541
Summary: Dean gets hurt during a hunt and you have to drive him to the hospital, much to your disliking
Warnings: mention of blood

“Y/N, get the car! Dean’s been shot!” Sam shouts as he picks Dean up and drags him toward the car. You run to the impala and get in the driver’s seat, switching on the ignition. Sam opens up the back door and throws Dean in and him getting in with him. “Go!”
You mash the petal and speed out of the abandoned building. Once on the open road, you frequently look back at your two brothers in the rearview mirror, “Is he going to be okay, Sammy?” You ask, panic in your voice.
Dean groans in pain and you see him lift his head up, “Oh god Y/N’s driving Baby?” He says weakly, “Sammy you let Y/N drive my car?!”
“Dean, shut up! Someone had to drive.” Sam says, putting more pressure on Dean’s already bloody shoulder, making Dean shout in pain.
“Sammy!” You yell, swerving the car from surprise. Dean shouts again, telling you he’d make you regret it if you wreaked his baby.
“He’s fine! It’s fine, Y/N! Just keep driving, we have to get Dean to a hospital.” Sam says as he pulls his phone out to get directions.
“Hospital? Hospital my ass, Y/N you keep driving until we get home.” Dean tells you and points in the opposite direction, which confuses you even more. You swat his hand away and he hits your head lightly, “Keep both hands on the wheel, kid!”
“No, Dean, we’re going to the hospital. That bullet didn’t go through all the way, man.” Sam says, annoyance hinting at his words. “Okay, Y/N take the next right.”
You nod but can barely see anything because of how dark it is outside. “I said take a right!” You slam on breaks, which causes Dean to curse loudly, and swing right when you see the road in the headlights.
“What the hell Y/N?! Are you trying to get us killed?” Dean yells as he holds his shoulder tightly.
“I can’t see anything Dean! When was the last time you cleaned this damn car?” You shout over your brother’s insults and try to wipe away the grime on the windshield.
“My car’s perfectly clean and you shouldn’t- WILL YOU SLOW DOWN?”
“Dean I’m going the speed limit! Will you please shut up?!” You yell again, wishing that Sam is the one driving right now. Dean has always been hard on you when you drive; he won’t even allow you to drive it to the grocery store.
“Dude, take it easy, you’re going to give yourself a stroke.” Sam jokes, trying to calm your oldest brother down.
“I swear to god, Y/N, one goddamn scratch and I’m going to make you wish that-“
“Turn off the ramp to the highway.” Sam shouts over his brother’s threat.
“Hey, hey, hey, use your turn signals!” Dean shouts, when you pull off the ramp.
“Dean SHUT UP!” You shout, “I can’t concentrate on anything when you keep yelling at me! If you aren’t hurting now, I’m fixing to turn around and make you hurt!”
Sam shoves Dean and he again yelps in pain, “Alright, turn left, it should be somewhere right in here.”
“Thank God,” You say when you see the tall building with ‘Smith General Hospital’ on the front.

Dean’s Stupid Face

Request by anon: I don’t know if you’ve already done this, but can you write something where Dean is unable to speak for some reason, so he keeps making stupid faces?

Word Count: 1892

Warnings: None

A/N: Do you know how hard it is to write Dean without dialogue? That kid is full of witty, stupid little one-liners and sarcastic comments. He doesn’t stay quiet!

Version en Español: Dean’s Stupid Face

You pushed Dean back onto the couch and stood over him with your hands on your hips. “You are not coming on this hunt.”

“Aww, c’mon Y/N,” Dean rasped through his sore throat. “I’m fine.”

“You’re sick. If you come along then you’ll just get worse.”

“Actually,” Sam said as he walked in. “I think we’ll need Dean on this one. It looks like a pretty big coven of witches.” He looked up at you. “We can’t handle it alone.”

“Ha!” Dean coughed, ruining his victorious moment.

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Learning How To Drive

Originally posted by clubeskimo

Artist: Dean

You wanted to be and independent person, and one of the qualities of that required knowing how to get around without having someone drive you everywhere, and taking the bus wasn’t easy since your job place wasn’t close at all.

So your lovely boyfriend Dean had offered to teach you how to drive, and you were great full.

“Are you ready to learn babe” he asked

“Yes, I’m so excited”
You’ve watched him while he was driving and you thought that you knew what you were going to be doing, but unfortunately you didn’t.

You were siting behind the wheel and Dean was siting next to you.

“Come on babe, move the chair closer to the front, your shot let’s won’t reach” he teased

“Deaaan” you whined at him

“I’m joking babe, but for real get it closer”


After you situated yourself and we’re buckled with your seat belt, Dean showed you where everything was and how you use it, you thought this shouldn’t be too hard.

You started driving slowly trying to get used to it, but you were so scared and you felt your stomach was gonna explode. He had warned you not to freak out and of anything happens just press the break and not gas, and now you were being extra cautious.

“I think I’m getting the hand of it” you said very happily

“Babe, we’ve been driving straight on a 20 speed limit” he said while laughing.

You just groaned at him for being a party popper.

“Babe you can’t keep stopping like that” he said when he felt his neck was going to crack any second, every time you saw a car coming you would hit the break because you were scared thinking you were too close

“But there was a car coming”

“And there was enough space for three care to be on the road” he said

“Okay now when you turn you have to be cautious not to hit the curb”  he told you

 “Okay, I got this” you said

And what exactly he told you not to do you did it.

“Babeeee” he said in a high voice

You freaked out and hit the break quickly making him almost fly from his seat.

When you saw his face and how shocked he was you couldn’t stop laughing at him.

“You almost killed me and your laughing” he said

“You know I freak out easily, you shouldn’t have screamed, it’s all your fault” you said, and he gave you this look not believing that your blaming him.

You saw a squirrel coming and you pressed the breaks again

“Again babe” he said

“There was a squirrel passing”

“You barely stopped for the stop sign but for the squirrel you do”

“But I cant kill it” you said pouting “Okay” he said and kissed your pouty lips

You were driving for almost twenty minutes now and you started getting the hang of it.

You took a turn and did pretty good on it you looked to the side to see his expression to see how you did, and he was smiling proud on how fast you’re learning.

He petted your head praising you.

“My girl is so good” he said and kissed your cheek.

“Does that mean you will let me drive the sport car” you said trying your luck.

“Mmm, I don’t think so” he said You didn’t even trust yourself.

Dean started letting you drive more often so you could get the hang of it, and it was a win-win situation since he would always be tired from work, he gets to rest and you get practice, you loved it, it was so therapeutic for you, having music in the background and the night breeze made it perfect.

Thank you so much for reading the scenario and I hope you enjoyed it.

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your-taxidermy  asked:

hey mom I'm lowkey scared to start driving so do you think Leon would support my choice of purposely flipping the car to pass the exam?


Driving is a big responsibility. And being afraid of it is nothing unusual. Since you not only have to trust yourself but also others. The more you do it though, the better it gets. If you always drive responsible and look out for other people making mistakes, then you lower the risk of an accident and it also boost your confidence. At least pass the exam. Then you have the choice if you want to drive or not. Take it easy and only do what you are ready to do. ❤️ I believe in you.

self care tips
  • take it easy
  • take it easy
  • don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy
  • lighten up while you still can
  • don’t even try to understand
  • just find a place to make your stand
  • and take it easy
Summer Driving Playlist

Songs I like to listen to on sunny, warm, breezy days, when I’m driving with the windows down…💛☀️💛☀️💛

California Dreamin’: The Mamas & The Papas
Fireproof: One Direction
Going To California: Led Zeppelin
The Fool: Ryn Weaver
Go Your Own Way: Fleetwood Mac
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful: Florence + The Machine
Wild Horses: The Rolling Stones
Teenage Dream: Katy Perry
Sugar, Sugar: The Archies
This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherfucker: Maroon 5
Maggie May: Rod Stewart
Wildest Dreams: Taylor Swift
Different Drum: The Stone Poneys
Runaway: Ed Sheeran
Eagles: Take It Easy