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im rlly stuck between pronouns like im REALLY feeling the she/her today but i know i might feel like super strong dysphoria later on and sometimes. i truly do not give a fuck about pronouns. like. how do you build a fucking gender identity when you haven’t been cis since u were like, 15, and the only thing u know about urself is that ure exclusively attracted to girls

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hi I'm honestly stunned in every way by tales from the special branch. just curious...how do you have time to write it??? like, I'm just in school and a couple of extracurrics and have zero time for writing??? anyway, you're wonderful and admirable and I can't wait for an update tomorrow

Oh, man. This is a question I ask myself a lot, lol! I have to admit, it takes a LOT of time to write Tales from the Special Branch. Writing takes me anywhere from 25-30 hours a week, plus I usually spend anywhere from 6-12 hours on posting days working on editing/formatting/etc. So that’s a lot of work! Honestly, since I started this story arc, I don’t do much more than write and go to work. I stopped really watching TV, my book consumption went down, I haven’t seen a movie in months. Even being on vacation recently, I’ve spent a huge amount of time writing. I privilege probably 85-90% of my spare time for writing and put everything else aside, which can feel exhausting and overwhelming sometimes, but God, it’s so worth it every time I put up a chapter because I love these characters so much and I really love seeing how much you guys love them too. <3 <3

My wife is also an enormous support when it comes to writing Special Branch. @noeeon does so, so, so much, from helping me plot to unravelling stuck places to talking through the logistics of sex positions to drafting scene structures for me when I start to fall behind and I’m panicking about meeting my deadline. She is amazing and talented and incredible, and this story would not exist the way it does without her.  

And I have to give huge, huge props to @sassy-cissa for all the help she gives me too. Honestly, she’s my continuity keeper who reels me back in and says, hey, dumbass, you can’t do that because it contradicts this thing that happened two chapters ago, and man, do I really need that sometimes. <3 I have two amazing women standing by my side as I write this roller coaster of a story, and I love and adore them both sooooo much. 

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Can you do some Link x reader date night hcs?

Link Date Night Headcanons
- He’ll take you basically anywhere as long as it isn’t dangerous.
- He might talk about certain plants he learned about from Zelda if you see any.
- He usually just listens to you though.
- It’s usually in nature, since Link feels calm when outside.
- He keeps track of blood moons just in case.
- He learned to do this the hard way when one appeared in the middle of a date.
- He lifted you onto your horse and took you home as quickly as possible.
- Was a little embarrassed aftwards.

Oh golly, one of my training clients got a puppy, and I knew she did a few weeks ago. Today she tells me, “well she’s having trouble a bit with going poop outside”…I give her some tips, she’s thankful…and then she says, “yeah and our vet told us not to take her out anywhere until all her shots are done.” I was like oh, dear…D: I ask, “how old is the puppy?”

“4 months!”

-internal screaming- This puppy, is 4 months not socialized at all!!! I tell her amidst my panic, that you can socialize puppy safely, and please do! There is a higher risk for dogs to be euthanized due to problems and behaviors arising from unsocialized dogs than there is a risk of the puppy catching something and dying from it. Calmly told her, “hmm, let’s get together and socialize this puppy pls!” 


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)

i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers

Men of Reddit, what innocent behaviors have you changed out of fear you might be accused of wrong doing? • r/AskReddit
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Just a short selection of comments I found. It seems men can’t seem to get away from being called pedos and perverts.

Sticking to myself at shopping centers.

I’m a tall(6'3), bearded man who grew up in a small town of about 800. So I grew up holding the door for anyone, saying have a nice day or howdy everywhere I go, and help anyone with anything if they need it. It’s just how I was raised.

One day I was headed to my girlfriends house and decided to stop at Walmart to grab some snacks on the way down. I was 20 years old at the time, but for as big as I am and the beard you could confuse me for 25-30. Anyhow, I was standing in the chip isle and noticed a little girl no older than 5 wandering around looking frightened, so I walked over and said are you lost? And she just kept saying “ mommy ” so instantly trying to do the right thing I thought to take her to the cashier so she may call over the loud speaker and call for her mother. As I walked she held her hand up to hold mine and I thought nothing of it, being as I was only doing the logical thing. Next thing I know the mother runs up to me screaming and snatching her daughter up, calling me a kidnapper and threatening to call the police. I tried explaining the situation and where I was trying to take her, unfortunately she was an uneducated moron and at that point I got a little heated and decided to tell her to maybe not let her child run off next time. Moral of the story, I tried to do the right thing not even thinking about how it would look for a bearded man to be walking with your little girl, even though they shouldn’t of been left alone, but it’s definitely something I’ll never do again.

When shopping with my wife and she wants to try stuff on I just have her text me pictures of her outfits if she wants my opinion.

We were at Macy’s a few months ago and I was just patiently waiting outside the dressing room waiting for my wife and she would open the door and step out to get my opinion.

I was just looking at my phone and minding my own business when I notice people walking up to me. A middle aged woman had gotten a manager and she had brought a security official of some type and asked me to leave or they would be forced to call the police.

It was super embarrassing and now I feel super self-conscious when shopping with my wife.

I stopped going to the playground with my niece. She loves it when I’m there with her. Going on slides with her or pushing her swing. But according to the mother’s there and the old ladies its creepy for a man to go there, even with my niece.

At first I didn’t care, I just ignored them. But some even went as far to ask my niece who’s only 3 if I was her father and other inappropriate things. Even got the cops called on me twice and after explaining the situation and having to go as far as having to get my sister down there, they left. But I’m still a creep to the woman’s eyes. I don’t talk to the other kids, I say Hi back and answer them if they ask something.

But… I just don’t understand.

I’ve been getting driving lessons recently and after the first one the instructor dropped me off and when we were organising new lessons we just said we would meet at the same place. It’s outside a school.

We probably met there about 10 times at various parts of the day in a car with massive “Driver Learning School” stickers all over it.

A woman came up to me yesterday as told me how it was wierd that two men met there and how people were talking and how there were “weirdos” about who people thought were selling drugs and how we wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were “weirdos”.

I’m a large dude. I seem to get more scared of this at work.

I’ve been told I’m intimidating in meetings. I pay close attention to my tone and body language now.

I stare at the elevator doors with my headphones on, especially when a lady gets on.

When the kids charity uses our offices for events every few weeks, I go to a different floor to use a private bathroom so I’m not alone in a public bathroom with any kids.

I volunteer at cub scouts. No parent or scoutmaster (predominantly male) is allowed to take the children anywhere alone. Not even to let them play in the gym after the pack meeting.

A female colleague was leaving the company. I offered a handshake. She asked for a hug (which I gave). I told her that in a company with 60% women, you never assume a hug. She nodded and said ‘Fair point.’

I have a bad back. I asked for a place to lay down occasionally during the day for short periods of time. They told me to use the 'wellness room’. Which is built for and decorated for nursing moms. And it’s outside the women’s bathroom. I told them a 6'4" dude with a beard laying on the floor outside the women’s bathroom is not a good look. They agreed. I lay on the cold tile of the handicapped bathroom now.

All it takes is an accusation, even if wholly unfounded. The conversation will always be there. I make sure I don’t even put myself in that situation.

since I have no room for an altar in my small apartment, I transformed this plate on my table where my candles stand on, into my altar. The perfect thing about it is that I can just take it anywhere and hide it if someone(who can’t know about my craft) comes over. It is still a work in progress, but I’m already happy with it 😊💕

Dating Tom includes...

  • when you first meet 
  • tom thinks you’re fucking beautiful and he can’t stop staring at you
  • but you think it’s kinda creepy, but he’s lucky because of his cute looks
  • then he finally got the courage to talk to you
  • and he didn’t leave empty handed too bc you gave him your number
  • soon enough y’all started dating
  • everyone shipped you for the longest times
  • inStAgRAM CAptions AbOut EaChOtHer 
  • and its indirect af
  • but everyone knows its about you two
  • taking that cliche beach picture of him holding your hand but you’re ahead of him
  • but let’s be honest he just wanted to see you in a bathing suit bc you’re perfect the way you are to him.
  • cuddles™
  • you on his chest sometimes
  • tom between your legs sometimes
  • tom constantly has to be touching you
  • he loves it when you have your hands in his hair
  • and you like touching his curly messy hair
  • its soft af.
  • being accused of being a gold digger
  • but you were oblivious to the fact that tom was famous for like a month or two
  • “tommy, why do you always hide your face when you go outside?”
  • “paparazzi”
  • “haha, no seriously.” 
  • tom feeling like he can’t take you anywhere bc of paparazzi.
  • once you had a panic attack in front of him and he held you for hours afterwards
  • sometimes your depression gets really bad and you stay in bed, but tom joins you.
  • but you’re up against the wall because you don’t wanna talk or be touched and he gives you time
  • then you give in and he cuddles, kisses, and snuggles you all day.
  • holding HANDS UGHH
  • you lucky bitch you
  • spooning
  • tom constantly taking pictures of you
  • you sometimes being mad because you say you look ugly
  • tom then being mad bc you’re not ugly
  • tom calling you cute names that make your heart flutter
  • princess™
  • baBY GIRL™
  • DarLING™
  • getting to hear his morning voice and that shit turns you on
  • speaking of being turned on
  • lots and lots of sex
  • but seriously
  • sometimes there’s the fluffy passionate days
  • sometimes there’s the rough angsty days
  • but overall it’s great
  • “don’t you dare hold your moans in, babygirl.”
  • tom found your sweetspot on your neck one time
  • and you moaned loudly
  • and he continued
  • “i- da- mhmm” 
  • tom pulling away. 
  • “huh, daddy, babygirl?” 
  • let’s just say it was an exciting night and one to not be forgotten of. 
  • going on set with him
  • and tom getting head after a long stressful day on set
  • getting to meet the avengers
  • and you almost collapsing
  • “tommy, i told you i had to pace myself meeting them. i almost died.” 
  • tom sleeping in your lap sometimes
  • “tommy, baby, you have gray hairs.”
  • “wut??!!!”
  • the holland brothers love you
  • mostly bc you’re a pro at roasting your boyfriend
  • quackson claxon™
  • “omg, tom, can we keep her?”
  • “harry, no. she’s mine.”
  • “i don’t recall being an object, stanley.” 
  • him deathglaring you and now you know your in for it tonight.
  • harrison constantly gagging at you pda
  • zenday and laura being your bestfriends
  • catching tom singing on camera
  • using it as blackmail
  • jacob being like the brother you always wanted
  • being the biggest prankster on set
  • “damn, i should be an actress.”
  • one time you two had a fight
  • and tom left and slammed the door
  • and didnt return or talk to you for a fucking week
  • and you were a wreck
  • then when he did come back, you were still in your bed crying over it
  • “i’m so sorry, princess. i’ll never do it again.”
  • makeup sex
  • “daddy’s sorry, princess.” 
  • and you guys being cute af together everyday
  • you end up being on the avengers gc
  • they all adore you
  • especially seb
  • and mackie
  • you all roast tom together
  • silent treatment.
  • “baby, we were just joking.” you would murmur, kissing his neck. 
  • hollywood’s young lovers™ forever. 
Joss Whedon to Take Over Justice League
The Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator is taking over for the super hero director after the family tragedy

My super nerdy doorman: I need to know what you think about Joss Whedon.
Me: Like in general, or….?
Doorman: Did you not hear?
Me: Oh god – 
Doorman: He’s on Justice League.
Me: …..yikes.

All my sympathy to the Snyders, of course, who are dealing with a terrible loss and absolutely made the right decision to take time as a family.

But still. Yikes.