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The problem with Out’s profile of Milo Yiannopoulos 

Some journalists think their job is simply to push “facts” out into the world and see what happens. They lob grenades over the editorial wall and don’t think they’re responsible for the explosion on the other side.

This is what gay magazine Out did Wednesday, when it published a pretentious profile of Milo Yiannopoulos: “Send in the clown: Internet supervillain Milo doesn’t care that you hate him.”

The piece has rightfully led Out readers and commenters to ask: Why is a gay, progressive magazine showering such attention on one of the culture’s most toxic trolls? 

Rather than take the white nationalist icon to task, Out treated Yiannopoulos to a lifestyle piece. The author follows Yiannopoulos as he runs errands, including a trip to the barber and tailor, while the provocateur spouts racist and anti-trans garbage unchallenged. (Opinion)

if you find yourself wanting to interfere with a literal charity drive because your opinions about a boyband member differ from those of the people who are running said charity drive….. i think it’s time to consider taking a break from the internet

I know everyone us complaining about Ilvermorny bring a singular school/being a Hogwarts expy/etc., but imagine the college town it would have:

  • Older students can live in apartments in the town (reserved for 6th and 7th years + graduate students).
  • Local businesses run by alumni that allow students to take part time jobs because of block scheduling
  • An always packed Internet cafe/phone bank where students can contact family and friends and use their tech (but mysteriously their phone can’t open any camera apps).
  • Music stores that allow Freshbloods (No-maj parentage) to keep up with the music back home.
  • A cinema that shows a mix of classic movies (both of Wizarding and No-maj origins), current blockbusters, and even student films put together with analog film equipment or over student holidays from home (registering to do magic outside of school is a pain but the best films have them).
  • Stationary and school supply shops, because like hell Ilvermorny is providing 1000+ students with pencils/pens/paper for a semester straight. 
  • School pride shops that sell mascot plushies that move and interact with its owner, student produced shirts (though there have been temporary suspensions in this service, most recently a distasteful shirt with the slogan “Smash that Wampussy” written on it and sold during a Quidditch match), scarves, hats, jackets, and whatever else college shops like to sell. 
  • Giant open green spaces to walk dogs and fly their owls (falconry is surprisingly a fun intramural and Thunderbird host monthly tournaments)
  • Chain restaurants that are run solely by witches and wizards if students are tired of school food

anonymous asked:

how would RFA, V, and Saeran react to reading fiction-writer!MC's work, but then realizing that the two love interests say and do things awfully similar to them and MC? As if MC was basing it off of them? idk this is a weird request lmao.

Thank you for your request!I hope you like it!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • When MC was typing something on her computer, he could see the title without you realizing it, now he knows what you write!
  • After that he runs into the living room, searching that name on the internet and then he finds it.
  • He starts to read, it takes some time to make him realize how much that couple looks like him and you.
  • This must a coincidence…Right?
  • What? The character made an awful omelette? This is definitely about him!
  • At a point, the main character is thinking about her boyfriend…The boyfriend who reminds a lot of Yoosung.
  • The main character said that her boyfriend is beautiful, cute, perfect, good at gaming…Good in bed…WAIT WHAT?
  • He’s blushing now.
  • But now he has a confident smile too!
  • He’ll not talk to you about it, and every time he sees you writing he get super excited!


  • He needs to be honest…He doesn’t like when you’re writing when he’s there.
  • He needs attention!
  • When you go to the bathroom he runs to the computer and he takes a photo of the screen.
  • He always has his phone ready to take a photo.
  • When you’re back, he’s taking photos of himself…
  • You don’t suspect a thing.
  • When you’re writing again, he starts to search for that, and when he finds it, he’s happy.
  • He’s awesome.
  • When he starts to read…He already thinks that you based that character on him.
  • He laughs and hugs you from behind while you were sitting “I loved that you write something about our life…” he whisper in your ear, making you quiver.
  • He spins you making you look at him now, he’s with a sad face “But people are expecting a…How did they say…NSFW part…Do you need inspiration?”


  • She always wanted to see what you write.
  • She wants to know how talented you’re!
  • She requested and requested, so you give the name and the site for her.
  • Now she was going to read what you have been writing for the past months.
  • Oh…those characters have a little resemblance of us…
  • No, wait, they have a BIG resemblance of us…
  • She can’t help but smile when she’s reading it.
  • It’s so sweet how you’re writing little things you two do every day.
  • She finds it very cute.
  • She’ll remember this, and she’ll every time she feels a little bit sad.
  • Thank you MC.


  • He needs to know everything about you.
  • He needs to know what you’re doing on that computer and on the phone.
  • What he can do?? He wants to appraise you in every way.
  • He doesn’t want to invade your privacy, but he’s so persistent.
  • You pick his phone and put the website there, so he can read.
  • He’s reading, quietly, you’re flustered because of that, so you go back into your writing.
  • After some minutes Jumin goes to you, he holds your arm and makes you stand up “Jumin? What are you doing?!”
  • He starts to kiss your neck, laughing a little, and then he looks at your eyes, “You wrote a lot about us, and about this…So you must know exactly what i want to do” He picks you up bridal style going to the bedroom.
  • Looks like your writing will have good content now.


  • When he sees you writing and writing you can bet he’s going to hack you.
  • Yeah, and like that he finds it.
  • Oh MC…Good to know you’re like that….( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • He doesn’t know why, but this makes him excited…
  • And those histories about you two…Will be in history forever.
  • And he’s happy that he’s your inspiration!
  • And it’s so cool to see those comments “This history is impossible in the real life”
  • Lol
  • Little did they know.
  • One day you two were in the living room “Hey MC…If you were writing something…You know…You think it would suit your writing the main characters make some babies, in the living room, kitchen, or…Garage?”
  • You look at him, what kind of question is that? You laugh “I don’t know Seven…Maybe…The living room?”
  • He laughs and then he’s closer to you within a second “This is good…We don’t need to go to another room then”.
  • ???
  • OH!


  • He can listen to the sound of the keyboard.
  • He already asked you if you were writing some history, you said yes.
  • When he asked if you could read to him…You couldn’t say no.
  • That smile…Who can say no to him?
  • So when you began to read for him, he’s just smiling, paying attention.
  • You don’t know if he realized that those two love interests were based off you and him.
  • But when he began to cry, you start to freak out “V…?!It’s everything alright!”
  • He smiles with a lot of tears on his eyes, “I’m just…So happy…You’re telling our history to everybody…It’s so beautiful MC…”
  • You smiled and hugged him “Thank you MC…For letting me be in your life…In your history” he said as he hugged you.
  • Now you’re going to read to him every time you do a new chapter, he can know all those situations…But he always wants to remember.
  • All the moments he spends with you are especial to him.


  • Can you stop with this noise? He’s trying to eat ice cream in peace here!
  • You know what? He’ll hack and discover this site you’re, delete it, and you’ll have to give him all the attention!
  • The perfect plane
  • *Insert evil laugh here*
  • When he hacked he saw that was a history with a title “The ice cream couple”…What are you thinking?
  • He read the chapter one, two, three, he even laughed when the main character said: “I’m not cute, i’m punk!”
  • Ok, this is based off him, now he has certain.
  • He puts that in his favorites and goes to the living room where you are.
  • He sits beside you and holds your hand without saying anything…He just smiles looking at the TV…Because he knows this moment will be in that history.
  • You can be writing that history, but the history of your life who will write is him.
Stop blaming Ron for leaving; there was a greater and more complex plot in there!!!

I have been wondering about this for ages. I mean seriously, was there less (unreasonable)Ron bashing in the internet for JKR to have provided fodder for the bad-mouthers, really? Was he really so very insecure that he could not take the life of a runaway as easily as Harry or Hermione did? Was Ron really weaker than the two?

Being an ardent Ron lover, I absolutely refuse to believe any of those and the hundred other foul things people spew about him. But there had to be a justification, right? After all, JKR has literally filled the books with secret clues that still keep cropping up. So was there something that was missing, an underlying clue, a hint perhaps?

Being an author really makes you think of a variety of scenarios, and while I understood that to break the monotony of three teenagers out on the run and completely cut-off from the world, something huge was needed– there seemed to be more to it. 

Look at it this way, the taboo on Voldemort’s name had to be introduced(although Ron had guessed it way earlier), the radio had to be brought into the scene, extra wands were required because Harry’s faithful wand needed to be broken for him to get more curious about the Elder Wand if nothing else.

And one of the three had to go out into the world and come back. Neither Harry nor Hermione had a place they could go to- it left only Ron to help their creator with the plot lines of the story, not to forget, dooming him to years of bashing for that act.

But that is not all. There is a reason and a pattern- a pattern that links each and every Horcrux with the one destined to destroy it.

The story always maintained that Horcruxes were the most evil of all evil objects. And seen with Tom Riddle’s Diary, the soul inside a Horcrux has the power to think, decide and execute plans by clever manipulations. And, by every means, it tries to save itself. How else can one explain why the piece of soul inside the diary suddenly changed its goal from killing Muggleborns to targeting Harry specifically?

My theory is that each Horcrux pulled the person who posed the greatest threat to its existence and tried to kill or dangerously maim him(or her).

Sounds far fetched? Read on for the pointers that support the idea. 

  1.  First Tom Riddle’s Diary- destroyed by Harry- Effects Ginny the most who is going to be Harry’s better half. The 16-year-old Tom Riddles accepts that he was targeting Harry through Ginny. Strange isn’t it? Salazar Slytherin is so adamant about ridding the school of muggleborns that he creates a monster to get his dream fulfilled, Voldemort leaves behind his sixteen-year-old self to finish his noble ancestor’s dream and the soul simply changes the centuries old plan? No, it guides Harry to, what it hoped, was Harry’s death. Because Harry posed the greatest threat to its existence. And it would have been successful if not for Fawkes.  
  2. Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring- destroyed by Dumbledore- Voldemort places the Horcrux with the one Hallow, the Resurrection Stone, that appeals the most to Dumbledore. Had it been the locket that Dumbledore found in the Gaunt house, it would not have endangered his life or affected him like that at all. He would not have been poisoned and would have lived. Dumbledore tries but fails to retrieve any other Horcrux except the one he was destined to destroy, except the one that had the capacity to lure him to his death.
  3. Slytherin’s Locket- destroyed by Ron- Here comes the main part. Although all the three wear it, it affects Ron the most, drives his insecurities to such heights that he leave the hunt, abandons his friends. That in itself is a pointer of what the Locket was doing to him. Ron was the one who was the rock solid backbone of the trio, the Locket makes him behave like someone else altogether. Will it be too far fetched to assume that the locket knew that Ron was the one who had the power to finish it and so tortured him the most to send him away? What if sending Ron away and breaking him from the trio was the sole target of the Locket? From the moment they possess it, Ron’s problems begin, he gets splinched and we know from the book that it was bad. And when they finally get the weapon to finish it, Harry is unable to retrieve the sword. I think, Harry was not destined to finish the locket at all. Otherwise, how was it that Snape found out about their location, not during those five weeks when Ron was away, but precisely after Ron had returned?
  4. Hufflepuff’s cup- destroyed by Hermione- All the clues are right in front of us. Where was it hidden? In Bellatrix’s vault, the one witch who tortured Hermione and almost got her killed. She chose not Harry neither Ron but Hermione. Still a coincidence?
  5. Nagini- destroyed by Neville (okay this one is a little symbolic but still ) - Neville’s greatest fear was Snape, the Head of the House of Snakes(Slytherin). He literally gets most of his injuries the year Snape is the Headmaster, the year the school is under a snake (Voldemort).
  6. Ravenclaw's Diadem- destroyed by Crabbe(Malfoy n Goyle)- They had been literally outside this very room the whole of their sixth year. This room gets the Death Eaters into the school and sets the ball rolling. During the Battle of Hogwarts, they confront Harry here, although it could have been any place in the castle or the grounds. It could have happened when Harry was alone, but no. They wait till he enters the room where the Horcrux is hidden?  It is as if the Diadem literally pulls Crabbe to a place where he meets his death.
  7. And last but not the least- part inside Harry- destroyed by Voldemort- No questions here that Harry was the biggest trouble Voldemort ever had. Had he not been so paranoid about finishing Harry he might have actually lived because no one would find out about his Horcruxes in the first place! Harry is literally like a magnet pulling Voldemort to himself. In all the years since his first defeat, Voldemort manages to find a supporter in Quirrell but as his rotten luck would have it, it's the time Harry starts school. Had it been before, he might have actually managed to get a hand on the stone. The part inside Harry was literally pulling him to itself to finish him.

Ron does not leave because he is weak, he leaves because that is how the Horcrux can hurt him most, taking him away from his best friend, away from the girl he loves.

Boxing Day Dinner With My Brother's In-Laws
  • Brother's father-in-law: You're still at BuzzFeed?
  • Me: Yep! I'm on the "social" team, and I run a few BuzzFeed Tumblr blogs.
  • Brother's mother-in-law: What's Tumblr?
  • Brother's wife's aunt: Oh, I've heard of Tumblr. Explain it to us!
  • Me, 20 minutes later: ...and that's how some people on the internet got obsessed with a gorilla who was killed in a zoo.
  • Them: And this relates to your job...how?
  • Me: It's important for me to know my platform and the audiences for the pages I run!
  • My sister-in-law, refilling my wine: Have you told them about that cartoon frog yet?
  • Me, taking a sip of wine I can't afford: OKAY SO...
  • Keith: Wanna know how punk I am?
  • Keith: [punches a wall]
  • Keith: Take me to a hospital.
Chamber of Secrets - Part 5

Originally posted by collisionofdcandmarvel

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’m sorry this one took so long to post, today is the last day of finals and I’M FINALLY FREE! Also, my internet was being a bitch, I can’t even open tumblr for the past few days. This one is a little bit short but I promise the next part won’t take this long :)

Previous Part


Steve Rogers stood silently in front of his best friend. A million things were running inside his brain, some were not nice things. He was sad, devastated, desperate, angry and all of those emotions mixed into one. He had never been this anxious in his life and with the little control that he has, it was driving him near insanity.

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* Determination.

No ask compilation today, but we do have another comic page going up, as scheduled!

Behind the scenes, we’ve had many various fire-drills that threatened to delayed comic updates (work emergencies, school commitments, traveling, sickness, etc), but this last weekend may actually take the cake pie.

Last Wednesday, Nacho’s internet was abruptly disconnected, due to a “one in a million” faux pas on the provider’s end. We were already running slightly behind schedule but this unprecedented blocker threw us for a loop. Without internet, communication between Nacho, Ellipsis, and I was severely limited. Sending the comic page back to me required ridiculous effort, moving the huge photoshop document to her phone and uploading through Google Drive (which, for some reason, did NOT want to cooperate that day). But our struggles were not futile: through a mixture of obscenities and encouragement, the page made it to my computer, where I was able to quickly wrap it up and schedule it, right in the nick of time!

In the end, the only drawback is that we were not able to roundup asks for the compilations that we usually do between pages. You guys sent in some great ones, so rest assured we will be publishing them eventually, probably when we are operating with all hands on deck again. ^^; Nacho’s internet is STILL dead but hopefully she’ll be back online sometime tomorrow. At least we were able to finish up more coffee art (and kicked off the highly anticipated nsfw blog) despite bad luck getting in the way.

There may be a day when we have to delay an update or take a hiatus, but by god, that day is not today.

I wonder if that disastrous original script for the Holes movie, which was written by the guy who wrote Donnie Darko, is still in circulation on the internet. It was insane.

Like the landscape was all barren not because of a curse but because there’d been a nuclear apocalypse and subsequent plague, and Stanley went to prison camp not because he stole a pair of shoes but because he mercy-killed his own plague-riddled sister. And Pendanski sneaks the boys out to take them to a truckstop bar and buys them prostitutes. And it’s revealed at the end that the conspiracy of the camp is that they’re digging for, not buried treasure, but old nuclear warheads. And there’s a running theme about how “you can’t bury the past.”

I mean the scope and intensity of the changes made to make it more “adult” were pretty clever, but so unnecessary. The fairy tale-esque whimsy was so integral to the story and such a part of its charm that making it darker kind of defeated the entire purpose

I can only imagine the Nickelodeon execs reading this script in open-mouthed horror, and then a long silence before they went “well what if we just got the guy who wrote the book to write it”


DOWN THE ROAD AND BACK AGAIN by @godihatethisfreakingcat

When someone takes and sells a shirtless photo of King Thorin II of Erebor without his knowledge or consent, advertisers grab the opportunity and run with it. So does the Internet, and now Erebor’s firewall is under siege with everything from marriage proposals to the unprintable. Being a Dwarven king in the age of technology is already a job and a half, and Thorin needs help if he’s going to keep from going completely mad.

Enter Bilbo Baggins, Esquire, belligerent barrister of the Shire. He’s small, he’s furious, and he’s here to help.

(At least that’s what Thorin hopes.)

happy chanukah hallie! 

(EDIT: Just to clarify, these are MY words, MY thoughts, MY opinions. NOT Candice’s. I should have made that clear when I posted this. I am not speaking on her behalf. Please do not hold anything against Candice if you do not agree with what I have to say. Thank you.)

Wherever you live in this world, I’m sure you heard about the results of yesterday’s 2016 United States Presidential Election. I would just like to take this moment to use this platform that I have on the Internet to say a few words about what this means for the future of America and the world at large.

As with every election, there are people who are happy with the outcome and there are people who are not. But this time, the level of disappointment, despair, and fear is unlike anything many of us have seen before. 

I will openly say that I voted for Hillary Clinton. In the words of First Lady Michelle Obama, she was the most experienced and qualified person -male or female- to ever run for presidency. And besides Donald Trump, she was the only candidate who had a real shot at winning this election. (Third party voters: whether you knew it or not, you must have known that the likelihood of your candidate winning the election was practically zero. And I hope you understand the consequences of voting for your desired candidate, so I shall digress). But as we all know, and as much as I have trouble accepting it, she did not win. And now we have a man who has made some of the most disgusting comments about various groups of people (e.g. women, POC, Muslims, LGBTQ+, the disabled, etc.) and who has absolutely NO political experience moving into the White House and leading the most powerful country in the world with an incredibly homophobic and misogynistic vice president by his side.

It is a terrifying thought for those of us who did not vote for him, and even more so for women and the minorities he has targeted. The fact that we now have to accept this is a reality is beyond painful. We thought we lived in a country that welcomed and embraced people of all backgrounds. And with Trump’s victory, it seems like that is no longer the case. After all the progress that this country has made in the last 240 years, it’s almost impossible not to feel that we may very well be going back in history.

The bottom line is that there shouldn’t be anyone who genuinely fears their future president; there shouldn’t be anyone who feels afraid to be themselves because of the things he or his supporters could potentially do; and there shouldn’t be anyone who has to worry about their basic human rights being taken away, especially in a country that was founded on and represents hope, opportunity, and freedom.

So I just want to remind you all who did not want Donald Trump to win, that it’s okay to feel sad, angry, or confused. But we must remain strong and hopeful, and become open-minded because I do believe that there are better days ahead and a bright future for America. And for those of you who did, all I ask is that you show respect for our loss and try to provide assurance that your candidate will lead our nation in the right direction.

The fact is, there will always be disagreement and dissatisfaction in a country. But we as Americans must look beyond our differences, learn to tolerate one another, and work as one so that we can move forward and be the best country that we can possibly be for ourselves and generations to come.

From tiny houses to microapartments to monochromatic clothing to interior-decorating trends — picture white walls interrupted only by succulents — less now goes further than ever. 

…minimalism’s ban on clutter as a “privilege” that runs counter to the value ascribed to an abundance of objects by those who have suffered from a lack of them — less-empowered people like refugees or immigrants. The movement, such as it is, is led in large part by a group of men who gleefully ditch their possessions as if to disavow the advantages by which they obtained them. But it takes a lot to be minimalist: social capital, a safety net and access to the internet. The technology we call minimalist might fit in our pockets, but it depends on a vast infrastructure of grim, air-conditioned server farms and even grimmer Chinese factories. As Lerner’s protagonist observes in “10:04,” even a dull convenience like a can of instant coffee grounds reaches him thanks to a fragile and tremendously wasteful network of global connections, a logistics chain that defies all logic, one undergirded by exploited laborers and vast environmental degradation.


There’s an arrogance to today’s minimalism that presumes it provides an answer rather than, as originally intended, a question: What other perspectives are possible when you look at the world in a different way? The fetishized austerity and performative asceticism of minimalism is a kind of ongoing cultural sickness. We misinterpret material renunciation, austere aesthetics and blank, emptied spaces as symbols of capitalist absolution, when these trends really just provide us with further ways to serve our impulse to consume more, not less.

Daddy Daughter Moments - BTS


Seokjin: Jin would definitely teach his young daughter how to be an incredible cook, just like him.

Yoongi: Yoongi would pretend it was a hassle bringing your daughter to work with him sometimes, but deep down he loved having his little princess in the studio with him, putting pink clips in his hair while he produced.

Hoseok: Whenever you left your husband and daughter alone, no matter how long you took running errands, you could always count on coming home to them dancing around the house in crazy costumes.

Namjoon: Namjoon would like to steal his baby girl at random times and take long walks around your neighborhood, talk to her about anything and everything, even if she was too young to understand yet.

Jimin: Jimin can’t say no, not to her pretty big eyes and cute pouty lips. Whatever she wants, she’ll get, even if that means his pink piggy tails go viral all over the internet.

Taehyung: Taehyung saves himself a beat down from you by sending you pictures of your precious little girl in the tub while you were busy at work, then another of him with a matching ‘stache and beard.

Jungkook: Not having a son to workout with everyday keeps Jungkook up at night, but that doesn’t stop him from teaching his girls the correct way to do push ups the moment you leave them alone.

Okay so imagine this:

You live in the world of Remnant. This is shortly before Cinder and the White Fang fucked shit up. You decide to take a break from the mindless work of the day, and you visit an internet board. This one is dedicated to you passing interest: Atlesian cartoons. Instead of honest and free discussion, you see this:

“Atlas is the greatest!” “Atlesian cartoons are better that anyone else’s! Prove me wrong!” “Atlesian weapons, culture, and history are better and more interesting than anyone else’s!” “Atlas committed no war crimes!” “SDC did nothing wrong!” “Jacques Schnee is good and pure!”

A chill runs down your spine. You thought this would be a fun place. A place to have free and honest discussions. But no matter what, you just can’t escape them. The Schneeaboos.

- bravadopinfire

I Love You

Pairing - Dean X Reader. Sam, Doctor (unnamed) Nurse (unnamed)

Word Count - 1471

Summary - Part 3 of the Baby Winchester series.

Read part 1 HERE

Read part 2 HERE

Taking things slow with Dean wasn’t exactly easy, as each day went by it grew a day closer to when you’d be having his child. Yet you both made it work, Dean insisted you moved into his room with him so he could keep an eye on you, the room slowly became your room too, when guns disappeared from the walls and photos took their place.
With every supply run Dean took he brought back baby books and pregnancy guides for you to read but mostly for himself. His internet history switched from porn to baby names. He spoke about which room would be a nursery, which was safest, which could be warded further, despite the fact the bunker was the safest place in the world Dean was still paranoid.

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Hey peeeeeople! What’s up?

So I just wanted to share some study tips with you, some you probably know, some maybe not and so on.

Let’s start!


  • Always have some sort of snack around you, because sometimes you can lose energy by studying just as much as if you were running! Our brain needs food. So next time take some crackers, chocolate, fruit or even a whole freaking chicken! Cause there is no reason for you to expose yourself to sickness, tiredness and stress more than you already need to. Plus if you take it with you once you start studying, there is no reason for you to get up and search for some food and lose time.

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Your luck is about to change. I’m here!

Hi, I’m MeMe, and amazingly, I am waiting for adoption at Buckeye’s Missions and Sanctuary​ in Brunswick, Ohio. This means you, yes YOU, or someone you know might be the lucky person to take me home!

Seriously, I’m pretty sure once this post goes out there into Internet land, the lines will be AROUND THE BLOCK. Even if it’s snowing. Even if it’s a BLIZZARD.

I’m that rare combination of a dog who will go out skateboarding and running with you, then come home, flop down on the sofa, and watch Netflix. I love playing with humans – your opposable thumbs are SO CUTE! – but I also have a game I play by myself, where I throw my rope with a ball in the middle of it up in the air and catch it.

I am super-affectionate with people and can live with a male dog, but I have to be your own and only girl dog.

So beat the rush, folks… just email buckeyethepittie@gmail.com and set up a meeting. And hey… TELL A FRIEND! They’ll be really upset if they find out and someone else snapped me up!