take it *shoves*

eene-fangirl  asked:

Does Ed have any hidden talents?

ed has many talents which consist of art, of course, considering he does a lot of art for eddy’s scams. for example, the scam in take this ed and shove it, which i think is the most artistic scam? i could be wrong.

he even draws the characters in either almost the show’s style, or the show’s style. if you think about it, it means in the show’s universe, he does realism.

ed even supposedly sculpts or creates toys, or, at the very least, paints them, as his table has sculpting and painting material on it (sorry for the horrible quality and sign in the way)

and he clearly has musical art talent.
he’s seen in the show playing the flute exquisitely

and even though it was quite bad, the violin

at school, he plays the saxophone, but also quite badly

however, as for hidden talents, it’s a possibility he does have some. i dont have absolutely all the episode plots in my mind, but ed does a lot of things. he probably makes his own comics.
this may be a wee bit odd, but with a tongue like THIS

he can probably do plenty of things with it (i know its cartoon exaggeration, but- its evidence he’s probably got the longest, right next to eddy since eddy can do a whole turban with his)

sorry if this didnt exactly answer your question otl ive never gotten an inbox to answer before

i am just putting it out there now, that if trump wins (which is looking like a Real Possibility, guys), i 100% am blaming you third party voters. there are always going to be stupid, racist republicans. they were always going to vote trump. but the third party voters could have saved this election. we told you, over and over again, but your sense of personal morality was more important to you than the literal safety of marginalized people. take your white liberalism and shove it up your collective asses. this one is On You entirely

we are all carrying the bodies of our younger selves, arms full of her crying, of her begging us to take back that night and shove it into a better place. of the memories of her leaving where we screamed our throat raw. the child we were is sobbing and we are always carrying her uphill. things are getting cold. our feet are slipping in the frost and we’re so tired. so so tired. and she’s hungry. she is constantly whispering about the small things that hurt us. 

i just want to get her somewhere warm. where she can learn we are happy, where her whispers can be shouts but i don’t slide backwards. blizzards show up from nowhere and she and i freeze in the nothing. i forget to keep walking. i want to be somewhere flat, where i can see storms coming.

but i am always always climbing.

auguste was problematic 2k17

i’ve been seeing a lot of talk about how laurent wasn’t really a reliable narrator about auguste and his faults so i made this post about things that were wrong with auguste

  • had an irrational dislike of the word ‘pelvis’
  • his favourite food was strawberries but he became allergic as a teenager….. didn’t stop him from eating strawberries
    • ‘auguste, please don’t’ ‘the world can’t take this away from me’ *shoves a strawberry into his mouth* ‘that is so good…. please take me to the physician’
  • made muscles at himself in the mirror…. vere’s saviour everybody
  • so?? comfortable??? with his sexuality??? it got ridiculous
    • this is more for modern!auguste but please consider the following: laurent is reserved and damen is confident with himself but he’s also private about his sex life. and then there’s auguste. who is just so casually open about e v e r y t h i n g 
    • ‘damen, i hear you’re bisexual’ ‘yes’ ‘wow that’s great. i’m straight but let me tell you about the times i experimented with men -’
    • ‘hey laurent i need to use your phone’ ‘okay - wait no! don’t look at that!’ ‘why?’ ‘it’s my…. bank information. i’m doing online banking.’ ‘your boyfriend is sexting you, isn’t he? laurent that’s nothing to be ashamed of. i have been in countless relationships where we found pleasure in-’ ‘stOP’
  • his hair got frizzy when it was humid
  • could not sing at all
    • also couldn’t play an instrument
    • my guy had no musical talent whatsoever
  • flirted with EVERYBODY
  • sent his girlfriends love letters and would sit there for HOURS trying to get them right. he kept a thesaurus in his chambers. each one had at least three drafts…. he wrote really cheesey poetry…. what a loser
  • pretended to take notes during political meetings when he was actually doodling
  • his best friend was his baby brother
    • who am i kidding that’s adorable
    • fuck i don’t even know him but i miss him

feel free to add your own Auguste Flaws

nolan: take 99

harry: [gets shoved off the boat]

louis: [strips off his shirt and runs to rescue harry baywatch style]

nolan: for the last time you’re not in this movie

louis: how do you expect me to stand by and watch while my man drowns


As a Pukwudgie Slytherin

this is what is means to be ruled by a selfish heart

Fuck your Hippocratic Oath, your sweet and cuddly characterizations. We are poisoned arrows and venom in our fangs. 

As healers, we are not concerned looks and kind smiles. We are the ones dragging your bodies out of rubble, out of battlefields. We are the ones looking Death in the eye and saying, “fuck off,” as we take your soul and shove it back into your body. 

If someone tries to stop us, we will not hesitate to strike them down. We pick who we want to live and choose who we want to kill. “Do no harm” can blow us.

We will heal you with single-minded determination regardless of consequences. Self-preservation doesn’t mean a thing if we can’t stand to live with ourselves.

Losing someone is a personal failure. 

The blood on our hands is as red as the anger for ourselves. We are angry at not moving faster, angry at not preventing all this in the first place, angry at not knowing better ways to do this.

Later, we will demand better healers to be our mentors and lose ourselves in research and experiments. 

They say it is our ambition, but we feel it as frustration of not being enough.

We do not care with gentleness and compassion. 

We care with harsh words, fierce dedication, and sacrifice to ourselves.

We will laugh at our friends when their silly antics hurt themselves and wipe tears from our eyes as we mock them, but we will also make sure their injuries are properly treated and not neglected. 

Hurt the people we care for, and you will understand why dying is a mercy. 

Our poison will not be quick.

You will suffer where we can see you.

We are hearts, and the heart can be a terrible, wicked thing when it wants to be.

This is what it means to be ruled by a selfish heart.

And if we happen to cook or bake, you can bet it’ll be fucking delicious.

I really love bold, confident Yuuri. Other things I love:
- Yuuri being the one to initiate their first kiss
- Yuuri straight up telling Victor he loves him, no vagueness or implications, just ‘I love you,’ in English or Russian or Japanese or whatever