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My favorite thing about the gif with hair floof in the wind is how content Shiro is in wind that is gusting hard enough to blow another person away and to force Lance to brace himself behind Hunk. That kind of wind /hurts/ and Shiro is just so happy and content.

Fellow friends of tumblr, here it is: definitive proof that Shiro embodies the qualities of the Guardian of Air and Sky.

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[wakes up with a start] after the final battle it probably takes years and centuries for the winter queen and autumn sovereign to let their guards down around each other

It would’ve taken centuries anyway, but now they have the specter of that doomed, chaotic love hovering over everything they do, and the first admittance of affection is literally torture, laced with fear


I was tagged to do the most last song I’ve listens to?, selfie, and my lock screen by @tsumtsum!!!

I tag @madradiohead, @i-kick-ass-for-the-lord, and any one else who wants to do it cause idk who else to tag omg

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Favourite memory?

I have so many wonderful memories! Just about all of them are about Evan from when he was younger :-) If I had to pick a favorite…

I know! When Evan was just a little bit younger, I took the weekend off so we could go camping. He complained about it a little bit, but he got excited when he saw how many trees we would be surrounded by. We set up our tent near this cliff side and sat together while we watched the sun go down, and after that, we just looked up at the stars. There are so many stars in the sky when you’re away from the lights of the cities and towns! We lost ourselves in staring up at them. And he talked to me about trees and flowers and a bunch of other things that made him happy…

I really miss spending time with my little guy.

Okay guys but listen

Its only being like 78 days since Yuri on Ice came out and it already has 4419 fics so we have been writing at least 56 of them per day and I didn’t count the ones that are on Wattpad or Fanfiction

There were 1,440,596 Tweets made only from November 24 to December 14

Some of the most famous figure skaters in the world like Evgenia Medvedeva, Denis Ten, Ashley Wagner, Evgeni Plushenko and Johnny Weir have talked about this anime

Also the ep 10 ending scene has been approved and praised by professional Pole Dancers

It even appeared on South Park

Our Dean Fujioka made it 5th in the list of the most searched musicians

Queerbait? no thank you this fandom doesn’t know what’s that, our love is canon and about to get married

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And we broke tumblr like wow guys our fandom is amazing

Yuri!!! on Ice is amazing