take his twitter away from me


I honestly can’t believe some IGOT7s.. It even went so far that BamBam had to practically scold the fans on his own twitter and state what he meant. He shouldn’t have to, you all knew he meant as a fatherly figure, but some fans ruined that by twisting it to inappropriate language. English isn’t BamBams first language, and although Jackson called a fan his “daddy” doesn’t mean BamBam knows of the other meaning.
Not everything is about sex and kinks. I know we all have the dirty thoughts in the back of our mind, but please keep them to yourself and not all over an idols social media. Especially since BamBam looks through basically all of his tweets. Not only that, but this is a sensitive topic for BamBam. He didn’t grow up with a father, he passed away whilst he was still an infant. He stated he sees Marks dad as his own, and that makes me really happy, so what makes it acceptable to joke about his choice of wording. From previous tweets we can see that BamBam takes a lot to heart, because he cares, and he is trying.
As an IGOT7, I’m disappointed, our fandom is better than this. We should be grateful BamBam takes the time to update his twitter to communicate with us in ENGLISH. So please, be more careful and responsible next time. Let’s make fan x idol interactions on social media more fun for the both of us.


Your feedback is always welcomed :) I’m almost hitting 1,500 followers and I really cannot believe it! Thanks you guys so so much! <3 Btw this is the picture that is mentioned in the story! Enjoy! And check out my other works! (Pictureis not mine!!!)

“Damn girl! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes!” My best friend Ella calls as I finally enter her car and plop down onto the seat with an exhausted sigh. The belt to my shoulder bags slips down my shoulder and I position it on my lap. Ella has gladly volunteered to take me from college this time or I had to deal with public transportation which I definitely did not want to spend my last nerve to. My life is chaotic enough at the moment and I can’t have other things to tear me down. Recently, I have been very sensitive to everything and even a little unnecessary stuff can be a cause for my outburst. For example, yesterday I was out of ice cream and I immediately started to cry because it was the only treat that relaxes me when I come back home from a very long day in college. Crazy isn’t it? To cry over ice cream?

“Chill, Ella. I’m sorry! I just had this very important conversation with my professor and it took a little while. It’s not going to happen again.” I lean my back against the seat and close my eyes. All I need is silence now. My head is killing me and I really desire to slip into my pajamas and sleep.

“Is it okay for you if I turn the radio on? It’s just boring and you ‘re not going to talk to me anyway.” Ella asks and she gets a nod from my side.

“Sure…” I say nothing anymore.

After she turns on a fancy radio channel, Ella starts the engine and we drive off. It will take us approximately 20 minutes to arrive at my apartment and while driving I spend my time with observing the buildings we pass by. The movements of the car along with the nice music coming from the radio is a perfect mix to make me fall asleep and I think it isn’t a bad idea to take a little nap. However as I am about to drift off, a voice I have not heard for a while sounds through the radio. His velvety voice. Kiwi starts to play and Ella immediately turns it off.

“I’m sorry, babes. I didn’t know.” She apologizes and blushes even though it’s not her fault. She’s the only one who knows about him and our break up. Nobody else in the world has an idea that I once used to date the most popular and successful British artist.

“No problem…” I croak. Hearing the sound of his voice after so many months of our break up causes another wave of pain in my heart. There is still this familiarity in his voice that I could have listened to for hours. I close my eyes and try to prevent tears to leave my eyes.

“(Y/N) are you okay, sweetheart?” Ella inquires with a hint of concern on her face.

“Just take me home, Ella.” Is all she gets as a response from me. The walls I have tried to build the months after Harry has left me begin to crumble down just by a simple sound. Even though it is hard to admit, I still miss him so much although he was the one who gave up on us. He was the one who suggested it was the best way to go separate ways and he made this decision without my consent.

“You know, you don’t have to stay alone tonight. “ Ella soothes me. “You’re more than welcome to join Brandon and I to hang out. He loves you like a sister and a little bit of distraction will do you good. What do you think?” I would like to accept her offer however seeing couples being lovey dovey around me is something I cannot deal with at the moment. Not that I’m not happy for Ella and her boyfriend, I love them both as they were my siblings but it makes me realize that I have no one who cares for me anymore. Harry was gone. The love of my life is not here with me anymore. And it hurts beyond imagination.

“Thanks, El but I really need to be at home. I have lots of studies and projects going on and the sooner I deal with them the better.” By now she is parking in front of my apartment. I give her a soft kiss on her cheek. “See you later.” I tell her and get out.

The ache between my chest still remains as I run up the stairs to my apartment. I take out my key and unlock the door and enter my messy home. Another regular day where I just walk in to an empty apartment. Normally, Harry would always be there before me, cooking a meal for the both of us while he used to sing along to his favorite songs. I loved to watch him in this state. The silence in my apartment is just a reminder of what’s not there anymore.

I place my bag onto the ground and get rid of my jacket and shoes. Right after that, I go to the kitchen to grab a snack and a bottle of water. I head to my bedroom and sit in front of my desk and dwell myself into my studies. It has become my daily routine. Waking up, going to college, coming back and studying. I desperately search for ways of escaping reality and for me this routine is the only way to achieve my goal.

I take my notes and writings in my hand and start studying for the upcoming exams. However, from time to time I feel myself drifting off. A memory hits me suddenly, leaving me breathless.

“Come on babe, I need some loving here.” Harry pouted, laying on his stomach on my bed and waiting for me to cuddle with him.

“One minute.” I said, nibbling on my pen while trying to work on a paper sheet.

“(Y/N)…” He sighed and gets up, moving towards me and all I feel is his strong arms wrapping themselves around me and his breath on my neck. He placed soft kisses on my skin which caused a shiver running down my back. “You already said that 10 minutes ago.”

“I know, H. I’m sorry.” I sighed, rubbed my eyes and let him take my paper and placing it far away from me. He grabbed my hand and led me to my bed where he lied down at first, then opened his arms and I slipped between them. I loved being this close to him because he always radiated a sense of security and home. His one hand ran up and down my arms while his other hand was placed at the back of my head. His lips touched my forehead ever so softly and I felt complete in that moment.

“That’s how I like it.” He whispered. I buried my face in the crook of his neck and inhaled the sweet scent of his cologne.

“I wish I would be always like this. You and me.”

“It can be.” He told me. I looked up at him, our eyes met to a loving gaze.


“When I marry you someday. And of course, when my job gets less chaotic.” His answer made my heart swell. Being with him forever until death did us part was something I wished so badly.

“Will you still perform on stage then?”

“I think I will never stop making music but you know I don’t have always to perform in front of people. If things get serious between you and I and I can promise it will, I will definitely want to settle down and start a family. With you, love.”

I leaned in to connect our lips to a gentle kiss and we spent the rest of the day with many cuddling sessions and talking.

I shake my head and my heart feels so heavy. “You promised…” leaves my mouth.

The desire to continue my studies leaves and I push everything aside and stand up. It has become dark outside and the clock on my walls shows that we have 7 PM. I position myself on my bed, take my pillow and press it against my body. I really wonder how Harry is doing right now. Is he thinking about me like I do? Does he miss me? Does he regret the decision he has made?

I’ve seen plenty of pictures online and he never appears broken or sad. Quite the opposite: he always looks happy and is smiling on every photo the fans shoot. He seems to cope very well with our break up, leaving me being the one who probably suffers under such hurtful heartbreak. I have loved him so much, still do and I gave him everything I had without flinching an eyelash.

Even though it is hard to keep myself away from checking up on him, I still do because after today there is no way that I can relax when I do not see him.

I am about to take my phone as my notifications on Twitter goes on and I see that an update account that I use to follow has posted a picture of him. It leaves me breathless and my heart slams against my chest. He is currently in Shanghai it says.

He looks absolutely and indescribably beautiful and tears just begin to stream out of my eyes as I observe his perfectly shaped face. His hair is messy and curly as I remembered. His outfit consists only of black material which outlined the color of his eyes even more. I always have loved it when he wore black. It suits him so damn well and honestly there is nothing he could not wear without looking like a complete idiot.

A salty tear wets my display. “I’m sorry..” I whispered into silence.”I’m sorry I could not be enough for you when you’re still the one I want.” I scroll further and find more pictures of him posing with his fans and signing autographs. The more I look at them the worse I feel and it ends with me burying my face between my hands and starting to sob.

There is no way I could ever move on. Harry has taken my heart and claimed it as his own, there was no chance I would ever get it back. While he would continue his life like nothing had happened between us, as if I do not exist, having another girlfriend, marrying her and having children, I would be still longing for him. My love for Harry is endless and it will always be that way. Even on my death bed I hope the last few words that will escape my mouth would be me telling how much I loved him through all these years.

“Why?” I sob. “Why did you leave me Harry? How will I live without you?”

It feels like it was yesterday as he ended things with me, tears covering his handsome face. I could tell he didn’t want this as much as I do but he still walked through that door and never came back.

“I’m sorry and I love you.” Was the last thing I’ve heard from him. All the things he said about marriage and settling down with me have been nothing but a lie. A bittersweet lie. He made my hopes up only to crush them afterwards.

I have a look at Twitter again and the update account says Harry will perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. After reading the post, I click on Harry’s profile. I decide to send him one last message and after this one I will never ever bother him and try to continue living my life. As easy as it sounds, it is still the hardest challenge in my life.

I open the DM because I have no other possibility to contact him since I deleted his phone number after he left me. Why do I even do this to myself? Why do I torture myself like this? And what did I do to deserve being treated like this?

I’ve always supported him throughout his solo career, telling everybody that I know how brilliant his music is and even convinced them to buy his album and give him a chance to prove himself. I’ve been there when his mood was on downfall and anxiety played around with his mind. I’ve built him up with my love, with my admiration and devotion for him and he took all of this for granted.

Call me pathetic, stupid or whatever for still wanting him after he left me out of nowhere but if you had loved him as much as I do you would understand. You would understand that you would do anything in your power to keep someone with an amazing personality as Harry’s in your life. But I had failed. I have tried but obviously it was not enough.

I sob hard as I type short sentences, my fingers trembling as I try to form proper words. What would you tell someone if you know this would be the last time you would ever contact him? There are so many things in my mind, I could simply write an essay about my feelings however I don’t want to bother him any longer. He might become sick of me.

“I’m proud of who you become, H even if that meant to break my heart. I will always love you forever and I will never forget you. You will be endlessly in my mind. Go and rock that stage, my little dreamer. X.”

I contemplate for a little while if it’s a good idea to send him this message, it kinda sounds cheesy but what have I got to lose anyway? The person I have treasured and who had a huge amount of value in my eyes is gone anyway.

With a heavy heart and a bit of uneasiness consuming me, I press the send button and the message appears on the screen one more time. I observe it a few minutes and after that I inhale deeply, turn off my phone and lay it on my desk far away from me. I wonder how he will react to my message but for now I cannot deal with it.

I snuggle back into my bed, taking my pillow as a replacement for Harry. I cuddle against it and imagine he was still here with me, embracing my body with his strong arms and keeping me safe during the night.

“That’s it.” I whisper before I slowly drift to sleep. One tear flows down my sore cheek. “It’s over.”

If (Y/N) had known that on the other side of the world, a young man with green eyes and a wonderful dimpled smile is crying over her message like she had over him hours ago.

Mine (part 2 of Hers)

This is part 2 to this imagine. Hope you enjoy it!

You know one of the worst things about being in love with your best friend? You can’t just get away from them. It’s like even if you’re sure that ignoring them will be helpful, they just won’t take it.

Since that night, a month ago, I’ve been doing everything in my power to get away from Harry. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him out of my life forever, but just for a little while so I can try and get over him. Because now he’s engaged, and trust me, the world doesn’t let me forget this.

Although I’ve been busy with work – or at least that’s what I tell Harry to avoid him – the world seems to get against me all the time. Fans bombarding my twitter with questions about his engagement and how I feel about it, Harry and Lexa on the cover of every magazine, Louis texting me every day asking me how I am doing, Anne complaining I haven’t been to their family reunion on weekends… It’s tough to ignore this whole thing when it seems it’s out to get me.

Harry knows something is wrong. I don’t think he realizes how hurt I am by his decision to get married to Lexa, but he definitely knows something is wrong. He keeps texting me, saying he misses me and that he wants me to be part of his wedding. So far, I’m not even sure if I’ll go to the damn thing.

Will you be free this weekend? Mom said she’ll be giving a small get together and that she misses you. H

Not sure. Working and all that.

Why are you so distant?

I’ve already told you, I’m working. Big project.

I’ll be honest and say I miss him. Probably more than I should. I miss his hugs, I miss his voice, his smile, his mesmerizing green eyes, his way of making me smile by only looking at me. I miss him. But I also feel angry. Harry is probably the smartest person I know and yet he doesn’t realize the mistake he’s making. Lexa doesn’t get him like I do, she probably doesn’t care for him as much as I do and definitely doesn’t love him like I do. I guess I am just angry at myself, at the end of the day. I could have had him. It took me too long to tell him my feelings and he moved on. No, to someone to move on from someone there has to be feelings involved and I’m pretty sure he never had those feelings for me.

It hurts, most of all. It’s hard to ignore the aching feeling in my heart, especially when I don’t know how to get rid of it. I’ve been on dates the past weeks, dates that went nowhere. That ended with me in my couch, a bottle of wine, old photos of Harry and me and many tears. Tears because I miss those times when we’re inseparable, when it was us against the world. I miss those times when I knew I could tell him everything. I miss his comfort after heartbreak. But how can I go to him when the reason I am so devastated is him? Is the fact that he loves someone else, that he is about to vow infinity love for someone is not me. Is the fact that even though he knows me so well, he can’t see how this is breaking me. He is about to be forever hers and all I wish was for him to give me a chance to make him mine. He can’t fix me when he’s the one who broke me.  

I knew I shouldn’t, it would only make things worse. So I don’t how I ended up sitting in my car, on Anne’s driveway. I should turn around and go back to my house, but a part of me didn’t want to. I miss everyone, they’re like family to me. And, most of all, I miss him. I know very well that for my own sake I should turn around and run, so why am I walking towards the door?

“Y/N, it’s so good to see you, my darling! I missed you! How are you doing?” Anne hugged me tight and I couldn’t help the smile that this hug brought to my face. I miss her more than anything.  

“I’m ok. Working a lot.” I let go of her and we headed to her living room. Everyone was there: Gemma, the boys, Lou, Lux and, of course, Harry and Lexa. He looks amazing and my breath was caught in my through as soon as he headed my way.

“Where have you been hiding?!” He hugged me and I let him hold me to his chest. Gosh, how I missed this. Missed him so close to me. I almost forgot everyone else, but the hug was shortly broken by Gemma.

“Sis, it’s so good to see you. How’s work? How’s life?” She hugged me.

After saying hello to everyone, Gemma, Louis and I went to the kitchen to grab some more wine to the others.

“How you doing?” Louis asked me once we were out of reach.

“I drink a lot, I cry a lot and I work a lot.” I was honest with them. Gemma looked at me with sadness in her eyes and I knew she wanted nothing more than to me and her brother to get together and be happy.

“He misses you.” Louis told me. “He doesn’t know why you’re pulling away and it’s breaking him that you’re so distant.”

I felt a knot in my through and I knew if I keep talking about it, I’ll lose it. I’ll crumble in a ball of hysterical cries and that would cause a lot of trouble. I took the wine bottle and went back to the kitchen, to see Lexa showing Anne pictures of wedding dresses she has been trying on. Anne looked like she couldn’t care less for what her future to be daughter-in-law was saying, but the scene itself was enough to halt me in place.

It was real. He really was getting married. She was already looking at dresses. I think a part of me always thought he was going to change his mind, or maybe this whole thing was some kind of sick joke.

“Oh, Y/N, Lexa wants you to help with her dress too.” Harry smiled at me, oblivious to the hurt his words caused.

“Hm, maybe some other time.” My voice didn’t sound like myself, it sounded robotic. “I need to go now. Got a call from the office.”

“Wait, what?” He asked confused. “You just got here. And today is Sunday, you can’t possibly work on a Sunday!”

“Well, it’s very possible and I need to get going.” I was out the door before I could even hear anything else.

I drove back home with tears rolling down my face and a broken heart. I lost him forever.

If I had stayed that night, I would’ve known about the fight that took place right after I left. I would’ve known how pissed off Harry was with my behavior and I would know what unfolded after Gemma decided to just through every truth at him.

If I had stayed, I wouldn’t be face to face with a very angry Harry, standing in the middle of my living room.

“YOU LOVE ME?” He asked looking at me from across the room.

“Of course I love you, you’re my best friend and…” I tried to get out of the situation, but I could see I wasn’t convincing him.

“Oh please, Gemma told me everything. How you’ve been in love with me for 3 years and not said a damn word about it. How you’ve ran away from my party not because you’re not feeling well as you told me, but because I got engaged. How you’ve been ignoring me on purpose to get rid of your feelings for me. Why did I have to hear this from my sister, Y/n? Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice was near a whisper at the end of his rant and he looked devastated.

“I-I-I…” I took a deep breath and turned away from him. “I was afraid of losing you for good. When I first realized my feelings, I didn’t know how to deal with it. How was I supposed to tell you? I’ve known you my whole life, Harry! But the boys kept on telling me to talk to you. Do you remember that day 3 years ago?” I turned around to meet with his green eyes watching my every move. “When you told me you met Lexa?”

“Of course. It was the day you told me you were coming home and…” He stopped. I could see the wheels turning in his head; I knew he understood what I wanted to say.

“I was going to confess my feelings for you that day. But you were so happy about her… I couldn’t ruin this for you. So I decided it was time for me to come home, for me to move on from you.”

“But you never did.” He whispered.

“No. It’s harder to get over you than it looks like.” I sat on my couch, feeling completely defeated with this whole conversation. “Why are you so pissed off, Haz? Yes, I do love you and I am trying to get over you. Eventually it will happen. I’m not gonna lie and say that right now I’m happy with your wedding, because God knows I don’t think she’s right for you. But if you’re happy, than so am I. I just need time to get over my feelings for you, that’s all.”

“Why am I so pissed off?!” Harry suddenly was angry again. “You didn’t tell me anything. You completely shut me out, I was left in the dark for too long. For Christ sake, I am your best friend, you should tell me this things! So now, not only did I lose my future wife, I’m afraid I’ll lose my best friend.”

“Wait, what?” I looked up at his hooded eyes, feeling my heart pick up the rate. What does he mean with lost his future wife?

As if reading my thoughts, he took the wedding ring he gave Lexa from his pocket and showed to me. The beautiful diamond was shining in the dim lights and I could barely believe my own eyes.

“Harry, what did you do? Why are you with her bloody ring?”

“Because if you had told me you loved me, I would never have stayed with Lexa in the first place!” He sat beside me and took my hand in his. “I always loved you, Y/N. Gosh, always have and always will! I spent so many years loving you, and when I realized you would never love me back, I decided to move on, y’know? Lexa was a great girl, but she wasn’t you. I cared for her, and since I believed I would never love someone as much as I love you, I thought she could be the next best thing, I guess. Gosh, Y/N, I love you so so so much it hurts.”

At first, I thought I was dreaming. Harry was confessing his feelings for me and it has to be a dream. But when his hands found my neck and his lips found my lips, I knew this was actually happening. And it was better than every dream I ever had in my entire life.

“Now, I need to hear your answer even though I know what’s gonna be. Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” He smiled at me and in that moment I knew everything was finally fitting into places.

“We went through all of this for you STILL have to ask me that?” I rolled my eyes and straddled his lap. “Of course, you idiot.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to see the others reaction.” He laughed and kissed me again. “But first, let me show you exactly how much I love you.”

And just like that, he carried me to my room, for the first of many nights together.


I hope you’ve liked this. Please, leave me your thoughts about this oneshot, talk to me pleeease. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language!

All the love, B.


Same Birthday?

Chris Evans x Reader


You look up from Scarlet’s hair to see Chris running towards you in his Captain America suit. “Hello, captain.” You grin and salute with two fingers, making Scarlet chuckle. “What’s up?”

“Tom just told me it’s your birthday!”

Scarlet gasps and spins around in her chair, almost knocking you off your feet. “It’s your birthday?”

You frown. “That traitor. I knew I shouldn’t have made my birthday public on Twitter.”

He sits down at the station next to yours. “Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“Because it’s your birthday too. I didn’t want to take away from yours.”

Chris rolls his eyes and stands up. “How did I know you were going to say that?” He turns around and beckons to something you can’t see with one hand. “Bring it in, guys!”

You gasp as a chorus of “Happy Birthday” explodes around you, and practically the whole cast and crew walks into the makeup area. Paul and Jeremy push a huge four-tier cake decorated with sugary Captain America symbols and hair tools to commemorate what you do for the movie. 

And man, you knew this cast was great, but tears well up in your eyes as they stop the cake in front of you and Chris. At least a hundred candles flicker on top, and you smile as Scarlet wraps an arm around you. “Happy Birthday, (y/n).”

Everyone else screams out Happy Birthday to both you and Chris. The man smirks down at you and takes your hand, leading you over to the cake. “Come on, let’s blow out these candles.”

You laugh as he wraps an arm around your shoulders, and the two of you blow hard. Once every light is out, everyone screams, and you laugh giddily. “If this is gonna happen every year, I’m never telling you guys my birthday again.” Chris laughs and tightens his arm around you.

@eponine-xx I’m SO sorry this is so late, but happy belated birthday!

What it takes

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: j hope x reader where they go on a coffee date and a fan took a photo of them and posted it on social media and the internet just blew up? 

It was the two of yours first time out together since you’ve made the announcement of your relationship. You were a little nervous of being stopped or insulted in public because of it but Hoseok continuously kept reassuring you that the armies were happy for the both of you. Despite your doubts you happily agreed to going out on a date with him. It was probably the first time you went on a date that wasn’t just in their company or abroad. You walked along side of him to the café, staring down at the hand you want to hold so badly. He looked over at you, letting out a chuckle before he holds your hand himself. You felt your face start to warm up but you didn’t say anything. As you walk into the café you both were greeted and you head to the front to order.

“I can do it. You wanna find us a seat?” Hoseok asked.

You nod. “Yeah, sure.”

Finding the first table you see you sit down next to the window, looking out at the busy streets. Right as you start to space out a drink gets set down in front of you, snapping you out of it. You look up at your smiling boyfriend. The drink was your usual making you happy that he remembered. Honestly, you couldn’t have asked for a more caring boyfriend.

“Thank you.”

“I hope I got the right one.” He said, taking a sip of his drink.

You nod. “No, it’s perfect. Hey, Hoseok?”


“Does it make you happy now that we can go wherever we want?” You asked.

“Of course I am. That means I get to let everyone know that you’re mine and I’m yours. If they still don’t get then I’ll just have to scream it so everyone can hear it.”

You laughed. “Don’t you dare!”

He stood up pretending as if he was going to and you grabbed onto his arm, giggling. He laughed and sat back down.

“I won’t do it…for now. But just wait until we get outside.” Hoseok teased.

“Yeah, yeah. As if we need more attention these days.”

“You’re right. What if someone sees how beautiful you are and tries to take you away..” He says, pouting.

“That won’t happen. You already know that I wouldn’t leave you for anyone else.”

“…I know. I just like hearing you say it.”

You threw the tiny crumpled ball from your straw wrapper at him, jokingly. He gave you another smile.

When you both finished your coffee, Hoseok promised to take you to one of the local stores to go shopping with him. He stopped on the street, hearing his phone notification.

“What is it?”

“Taehyung told me to check twitter.”

You walked over, leaning your head on his shoulder to look at his phone as well. When he opened it up he saw that both of your names were trending worldwide. When he clicked on the tag it was filled with multiple familiar looking pictures of the two of you at the coffee place. Hoseok saved one of them, telling you how cute it looked. He asked you how to read some of the comments he couldn’t understand. The more and more you read it was surprisingly positive.

“Whoa….they really do like us together.”

“I told you. Our ARMYs are mature and thoughtful.” He said proudly

“….Can you send me one of the pictures too?”

He chuckled. “Yeah. I will. This is what it takes to date an idol. Cute pictures of us all the time.”

In Your Arms

Prompt request: what about like tony stark my MANS is having a bad day so he needs cuddles and he awkwardly asks reader if he could be lil spoon and ofc he ends up passing out like best sleep he ever had in readers arms (already established relationship btw,,, maybe ready is his wife?) and then reader falls asleep too and when they wake-up natasha has #IronCuddles trending on twitter. thanks sm!!! i live for fluffy tony fics and u write the best!

Characters: Tony Stark, gender neutral reader

Warnings: none

A/N: @gazebros you are a literal ANGEL for waiting so long for this fic! I hope you like it! 

Drabbles Masterlist

Tony rubbed his eyes wearily as he stumbled through the halls of the Avenger Tower. The day’s mission had left him physically wiped and emotionally drained. All he wanted to do was collapse in a pile of soft blankets and Egyptian cotton sheets and forget about the troubles of the day.


He didn’t want to be alone.

Instead of making his way to his luxurious room, he found his feet following an invisible, magnetic path to yours. Despite being Tony Stark’s significant other for almost a year, you weren’t quite ready to move in with him.

Without even thinking, Tony carefully turned the doorknob and tiptoed inside. The lights were off except for the faint glow of the TV screen. Tony grinned as a trashy reality show played a lullabye for your sleeping form.

He slipped off his shoes and shirt and sank onto the bed. You stirred, opening your eyes at the intrusion. A sleepy smile overtook your face as you realized who had woken you up.

“Hey baby,” you hummed, your voice taking on a gravely quality. “M’glad you came back safe.” You held up the blankets behind you, inviting Tony to take his usual spot as the big spoon.

Tony tried to smile, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. He wanted to be comforted tonight, not be the comforter, but he didn’t know how to ask.

“Actually…I, uh…” he stuttered. His eyes darted nervously around the room, and he could feel his throat closing up.

You quickly sat up, and cupped his face in your hands. “I love you,” you whispered, touching his nose with yours.

Tony sighed into your embrace, relishing in the warmth of your breath against his skin. “Love you too.”

You scooted back and pulled Tony down in front of you, wrapping one arm around his waist. Tony quickly nestled into your embrace, tucking his body under the plush blanket. The tension in his body visibly melted as you peppered soft kisses against his shoulder blades. You could feel his heartbeat slow as his breathing evened out. Smiling against his skin, you felt your own eyes close as you both drifted off to sleep.


You probably would have slept until noon had your phone not woken you up. A barrage of dinging caused you to groan as notification after notification kept pouring in.

Tony mumbled under his breath as he opened his eyes. You both giggled as you unwrapped yourself from each other’s arms.

“That was the best sleep I’ve had in ages,” Tony sighed contentedly. He pulled you on top of him for a kiss as another notification dinged on your phone.

You glared at the offending object on the end table as you broke away from Tony’s kiss. “I’m going to shoot whoever is texting me,” you promised. Tony smirked as you grabbed your phone and unlocked it.

Your jaw dropped open as you finally saw what all the commotion was about. “Uhhh, Tony?” You held the phone up to his face.

On Twitter, the hashtag “IronCuddles” was trending, along with a picture of you and Tony snuggled together in bed.

“What the-?” Tony asked. “Who?”

“Take one guess,” you prompted. Tony looked back up at the original tweeter and scoffed.

“Geez, I wonder who BlackWidow4ever could be,” he groaned.

You both stared at your slightly open door and shouted,


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Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

Request - yes
Prompt - “Are you still awake..?”
Word count - guys seriously, I can’t count.
Type - flUFFYYYYYY *le Drabble*


Tired, exhausted, sore. Both you and Ethan just came back from Pax, and /dear god/ it was tiring. Fun, but tiring. So many pictures, hugs, lil’ gifts.
Sighing heavily, you plopped onto the couch, getting comfy quickly.
“God, it feels nice to lay down.” You muttered, smiling a bit.
“It might be better if you lay in the bed.” Ethan said, grabbing a kool-aid from the fridge, stabb- poking the straw into the hole, taking a sip.
“But I don’t want to get uppppppp.” You whined, shifting on your side.
“I’m not carrying you.” He resorted, walking to the bedroom.
“MEANIE!” You yelled before sitting up and grumpily walking to the bedroom.
You found Ethan sitting at the edge of the bed, sipping a Kool-Aid and on his phone- probably on twitter or tumblr. You whined again and plopped on the couch, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Get off the phoneee, come to bed with meeeee.. please.” You said, pressing your cheek to his and looking down at his phone. His phone was on full brightness, the screen reflected off of his glasses. As he scrolled through twitter, you spotted a picture of you and Ethan, smiling at each other. It was a cute picture, You both were sitting down, taking a break from signing, drinking some water and eating a granola bar. Your head was slightly tilted back and Ethan smiled largely at you. The caption of the tweet said,

“That’s cute.” You muttered quietly, snatching his phone and retweeting the picture, also screenshotting it.
“Heyyyy!” Ethan whined as his phone was taken away, he didn’t bother to take it away from you.
“Heh, I really like this picture.” You smiled, pinning it, “and I swear to god if you unpin this I’m making you sleep on the couch.”
“Alright! Alright..” he chuckled, finishing his Kool-Aid and tossing it in the trash can that was near the closet.
“Let’s get some sleep, yeah?” He hummed, taking his phone away, shutting it off, and grabbing you pulling you down.
“Finally.” You grumbled, snuggling into his warm body.
Ethan tugged the blanket over you two, whispering a ‘Goodnight, love you.’
You smiled, closing your eyes.


About thirty minutes went by, and you couldn’t sleep, so much happened today, in such little time.
“Ethan.” You whispered, running your fingers through his hair, “Are you asleep?”
Ethan’s nose scrunched up, and he hummed a 'no’.
“I-..I can’t sleep.” You whispered again, hand stopped halfway through his hair.
“Me either.” He whispered back, his eyes opening slightly.
“God, today was.. tiring and fun.” You smiled, pressing your forehead to his.
“It was.” He responded.
“And everyone was so nice and sweet.”
“And I love all of them.”
“I love you more.”
“You’re a dork.”
“Go to sleep.”
“You go to sleep.”



Ruki: I’m reading every single one of your birthday messages one by one. thank you so much for the many feelings you guys are giving me.
Ruki:  this year again I want to focus and work even harder to deliver exciting things to all of you! this year will already be the GazettE’s 15th anniversary. from now on I’ll be waiting for lots of fun things. let’s all make this an amazing year.
Ruki: also, I was finally able to announce 『NIL DUE / NIL UN  TOKYO』and I’ve been very particular about not only the music and images or the CD jackets but also all the things I am putting out including the website and LIVE GOODS.
Ruki: I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time, through the production of all kinds of things at some other point I decided to start NIL DUE / NIL UN  TOKYO as a place that would allow me to bring out all those items and things that I personally find really cool, things that I couldn’t quite display within the scope of LIVE GOODS only.
Ruki: I hope I can make this even more fantastic and add a touch of beauty to it with the music that I’ll be making myself. we will definitely be producing nice things so stay tuned! 🙆
Ruki: P.S.
it took us about half a year but yesterday we finally finished the mixing of the ballad best-of re-recording.
Ruki: looking back on all sort of things, I’m truly happy that I now have a place where I can express what’s on my mind and I wanna keep nourishing and cherishing this. I won’t let anyone take this away from me and it was a birthday that made me think, once again, that I wanna make lots of things that you guys will love for many many years to come 🤗
Aoi: he has something he wants to do. he has a place where he can express it.
I want him to enjoy this blessed environment and to bring out his talents to the full.
ah, I’m having Yakiniku*!\\\└(‚ω‘)┘////
*Yakiniku means grilled meat/BBQ


This is for you, my lil anon! Hope you enjoy this and hope it is like you imagined it to be! Love you lots!

Jo rolls on her stomach, phone in hand, squinting her eyes at the screen.
The suite at their Paris hotel is way too big for her alone and right now she’s glad that she’s alone and Shawn hasn’t to see her in that state she’s in. Wearing sweatpants and an hoodie, tears are starting to spill out and she rubs her eyes, reading the comments on her latest Instagram post.

“She’s a fat whore!”

“Omg she’s so fat ew!”

“I don’t see what Shawn sees in her? Dumb bitch, I hate her, I want her to die!!!!!!!!”

Jo couldn’t believe how people could be so mean, insulting her from behind a screen, hiding behind anonymous accounts.

She knew she wasn’t skinny. She was 5’ 5’’, weighing 132 lbs. She knew she wasn’t fat, either, but she definitely had a feminine body, very curvy, naturally big boobs, round thighs, wide hips and a thick butt.

But she ate healthy stuff, hitting the gym every day. She was healthy and fit and started to finally feel good in her own skin. Which was new but since he made her feel like she was the most beautiful girl in the world she started to accept her body. With all her scars (she was the clumsiest person on earth) and stretch marks.

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I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt 5

A/N: Hey beauties! I’m sooooooooo sorry that this is suuuuuuupppppeeerrr late. Please forgive me. There was a lot going on with finals, weddings and graduation parties but it’s summer and I’m here for good! I can’t believe the amazing feedback from this series y’all are so kind and beautiful and I sincerely thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy this!

Here’s Part 4 —> i-dont-love-you-anymore-pt-4

“This is too much, y/b/f/n” I say unable to recognize myself in the mirror. “Oh, hush, you look hot” y/b/f/n gushes as she continues loosely curling my hair. “Are you sure I don’t look like I’m trying to hard?” I ask while turning my head at different angles. “Yes!” she shouts as she forcefully places my head still. “Ouch, that hurt!” I cry out, “Do you want to get burned?” she asks with one hand holding the straightener and the other on her hip. “No,” I say softly, “Well stop moving,” she scolds while picking up another strand of hair.

“What party is this again?” I ask playing with my manicured nails. “Shawn’s birthday,” she says. “Your man is no longer a teenager,” she jokes. “That’s not my man,” I snap. “Not now, but by the end of tonight, he’ll be,” she says matter-of-factly. “Are you sure he likes me?” I ask, not wanting to be embarrassed or hurt anymore. I’m tired of having my heart broken by stupid and confused boys, *cough* *cough* Calum Hood. “Oh my gosh, y/n. For the thousandth time, yes Shawn likes you. No, you’re not wearing too much makeup. Yes, your dress is tight but it should be you gotta show off them curves, so please stop worrying you look gorgeous! Seriously, it’s been over a year since you went out as a single woman. You gotta stop letting Calum subconsciously control your mood. Forget him! He’s moved on, remember? It’s time for you to move on too,” she says looking at my eyes through the mirror. I smile at her and she goes back to loosely curling my hair. I look at myself again, and my pouty purple lips turn into a huge smirk as I can’t deny, I do look hot. She finishes curling the last strand as she sings, “All done!” I stand up and look at the sexy red dress hugging my y/s/c frame. “Calum who?” I joke as she starts laughing, “That’s my girl,” she says while picking up her eye liner. Through the mirror, I wink my silver and black smokey eye at her and blow her a kiss as she starts fanning herself with her hand. “You are going to break hearts tonight honey,” she says while going to fix her make up. I laugh at her as I can’t help but imagine the look on Calum’s face when he sees me, he’s gonna wish he never left. “Y/N!” I hear my name being yelled.


“Call an Uber,” she says. “Okay,” I reply picking up my phone and opening the app. “Y/N, you need to stop zoning out so much, that’s how people get kidnapped,” she says. “What?” I ask laughing at her weird statement which she ignores. “It’ll be here in an hour,” I say she nods her head as she continues singing along to Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. “Tonight is going to be unforgettable,” I say as I open Snapchat to picture us getting ready.

As soon as we enter the club the smell of alcohol hits my nose. “Come on, let’s find the guys,” y/b/f/n says and I nod at her smiling. The bass pumps through my veins as Daya sings about how much she needs someone right now. I know what I need right now, drinks. We walk towards the dance floor, which is crowded with energetic bodies grinding, jumping and dancing. I watch the DJ behind his table jumping and dancing with the crowd. Y/b/f/n holds my hand tight as we weave through the bodies. A handsome brown-skinned boy grabs me by the wrist, “Promise me a dance before you leave tonight, gorgeous,” his deep voice yells. I send him a flirty wink, “Promise,” I say as y/b/f/n says, “Come on, I think I see Luke,” as she guides me to a roped off area. The area is a replica of the club with a bar, seating areas and dance floor but its much smaller. I look around and see most of the big time celebrities in there.

“You never told me what’s going on between you two,” I say back not needing to yell anymore since this area was much quieter. “I don’t kiss and tell, y/n” she says as both her and my eyes go wide. “You kissed Luke!?” I shouted as a few heads look at us, “Tell the whole world, will ya?” she snaps as I start wiggling my eyebrows at her. “Y/b/f/n” a masculine voice yells and we turn to see Luke smirking at her while he waves us over. We walk over to the intimidating security guard standing in front of the rope and he blankly stares at us as if he didn’t just hear Luke call us over. “Hi, may we get in?” y/b/f/n asks sweetly. “No,” the guard grunts out.

“They’re with us, Brad” Michael says coming up behind the guard while patting him on the back. Brad huffs out of annoyance but lets us in. “Thanks,” I say softly. I watch y/b/f/n quickly run off with Luke leaving me. “Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, long time no see,” Mikey screams and I can tell he’s already taken some shots. “Did you start drinking without me, Mikey?” I ask with my hands on my hips raising an eyebrow. “I was trying to wait, but you took so damn long,” he says giving me an innocent smile as he wraps me in a tight hug. “I missed you,” he whispers in my ear. “No one else cooks for me,” he whines as he lets go, still holding my hand.

“Cook your own damn food, Michael,” I hear Ashton say behind him as he smirks at me. “Michael get your arse over here!” an Irish voice yells. We all look over, “Hi y/n” Niall waves. “Hey!” I wave back, happy to see the always smiling boy. “Tell Ashton to start making me food,” Michael whispers in my ear as he gives me one last hug. “I’m not cooking for you,” Ashton says. “Meanie” Michael says while sticking his tongue out and walking away towards the group of people including Niall. I look at Ashton in his signature black skinny jeans matched with a black leather jacket. I finally look at his eyes and see his eyes are still making their way to my face, “A picture lasts longer,” I say, mocking him from the other day. He chuckles at me, “Trust me, pictures don’t do you any justice, babe,” he says. His intense gaze starts making flutters erupt in my stomach and I can’t deny the emotions I’m feeling towards this boy. But, I remember what y/b/f/n said, I can’t break up Cashton.

“I should go find, y/b/f/n,” I say going to walk past him. His arm snakes around my waist and I freeze once his front presses against my back. “There’s no telling where she and Luke ran off to, you’ll be looking for them all night,” he says by my ear. “Well, then I should find the birthday boy,” I say while turning my head to look into his eyes. “I’m right here,” he whispers. I chuckle, “Your birthday was last month, Irwin,” I say turning my head away from his. “It was. And you missed it. I didn’t get a gift, call or text from my best friend. Can you imagine how hurt I was?” he asks. Guilt courses through me; he probably was hurt. I look down at his arms and see that its still around my waist. But it doesn’t freak me out, it actually comforts me and I relax a little. “Seems like you’ve gotten over it,” I say. “I haven’t” he whispers as his lips softly brush against my ear, “I think I deserve a gift.” 

“Oh really?” I ask turning around and facing him deciding to entertain him for a bit. “What do you want, birthday boy?” I ask as my hands unconsciously snake to around his neck. He seems surprised by this but he keeps his cool. This feels right, us holding each other but why is it so wrong to everyone else? “For me to buy you coffee,” he says staring into my eyes as he pulls me closer into him. His cologne clouding my brain. “I don’t think you understand how birthday gifts work,” I joke as I laugh while my hands play with the curls at the nape of his neck. I hear him whimper but he quickly covers it up by clearing his throat. I watch his Adams apple move as he swallows deeply and all I can think about is leaving purple-stained kisses all over his neck. “I want to buy you coffee so we can talk about this elephant we’re carrying,” he says referring to our last conversation together.

His words make me realize that I shouldn’t be thinking about kissing him right now. What does that make me look like? Dating one band member and then moving on to another, even if I only truly loved one of them. I retract my hands from the softness, “Actually we can talk about that now,” I say. “Right here?” he says while looking around. “Do you want to go somewhere more private? We can go back to the house,” he suggests, his arms still around my waist. “We can’t be together Ashton,” I say looking at the ground. His grip loosens and I take that as my cue to walk away but he stops me. “Why not?” he asks frustrated that I hadn’t even given us a chance to talk things through. “Is it because of Calum?” he asks.

“What about me?” a voice behind me says. I turn around and see Calum with that girl Twitter is in love with on his arm. “Nothing,” I say as I walk away from them and head to the bar in desperate need of a drink. “Y/N!” Ashton yells. I turn around and look at the boy who I no doubtedly have feelings for yet can’t do anything about them. His eyes are pleading with mine and once again we stare in each other’s eyes neither of us really wanting to speak or leave first. “This conversation isn’t over,” he says before turning around and walking out of the private area. Calum turns around and looks at me with confused eyes, “What is going on between you two?” he asks, his voice laced with frustration. “Why do you even care?” I snap back at him, “Oh that’s right, you don’t. You just want to pretend like you care about me,” I finish and walk away. I walk up to the bar and order three shots of tequila. I down the first two easy but as I lift the third shot to my mouth a hot hand stops me. “Why were you and Ashton talking about me?”

I look at the Maori boy and rolled my eyes, “It doesn’t concern you,” I lie. While taking the third shot and calling the bartender over for another round. “You only drink like that when you’re celebrating, or somethings bothering you,” he says looking at me with soft eyes. I raise a shot to him, “This is for tonight being my first night out as a single woman,” I down it while staring into his eyes. I reach for another, “This one’s for you and your new girlfriend, congrats” I say with sarcasm as I take it down. “This one,” I start by taking the last one, “That’s enough, y//n” Calum says as he takes it out my hand and downs it with ease. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about g/n, it just didn’t seem like the right time,” he admits. “Whatever, Calum, I’m over you,” I say getting off the stool to go find y/b/f/n. I hear Calum clear his throat, “Are you over Ashton?” he asks, softly while playing with his fingers, not looking at me. I turn around and face him, “What?” I ask back. “I said,” he gets off the stool and stands in front of me, “Are you over Ashton?” he asks firmly looking in my eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I lie. “Oh, spare me, y/n,” he snaps. “You think I can’t tell what’s going on between you two,” he asks. “You have always been close with Ashton. You guys finish each other’s sentences. You stay up talking until late hours in the morning, you tell him things before me. You’re his screen saver,” he continues, which takes me by surprise, “I am?” I ask in disbelief. “Yeah, the asshole won’t take it off either,” he says to which I smile looking at the ground. “And at the grocery store, the way he held you and how you looked into each other’s eyes, we never had that,” he says. “No Calum, you didn’t have it, but I did. I loved you more than life itself, I mean you’re my first true love,” I say while grabbing his hands making him look at me. “No, I wasn’t, y/n, Ashton is,” he says. “But we can’t be together,” I say removing my hands. “Because of me?” he asks and I nod my head. “I’m sorry y/n but I don’t think I can ever be okay with you dating Ashton,” he admits. “You, the fans, y/bf/n it’s just not right. I can’t break up Cashton,” I say as he chuckles. “I’m sorry,” we both say at the same time, surprising each other. “What are you sorry for?” he asks. “For meeting you first,” I say as I walk away.

“Y/N!” I hear my voice being called and I turn around to see the handsome forreal birthday boy smiling at me. “Surely, you weren’t about to leave without telling me Happy Birthday,” he smirks as he walks closer. He is cute, I think to myself as I eye him up and down, he looks real good in those skinny jeans and black t-shirt his muscles bursting from underneath. “Of course not,” I say walking back to meet him. “Are you okay?” he asks sincerely probably noticing my misjumbled face. “Yeah,” I say. “Promise?” he asks holding his arms out. “Promise,” I say walking in his arms. “I’m so glad you’re here,” he whispers in my ear. “Me too,” I say looking up at him and giving him a big smile. Work by Rihanna and Drake starts to play and he asks me to dance with him. I take his hand as he guides me to the mini dance floor, which is already crowded. He puts his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck as we start to dance together exchanging small talk, he’s a really amazing guy. “So I guess birthday wishes do come true,” he says in my ear. “What do you mean?” I ask still flustered from how close we are. “I wished that I’d get to dance with the prettiest girl in the world,” he says looking in my eyes, making me embarrassed. “Oh please,” I say focusing on dancing but very flattered by his comment. “Its true, y/n. You’re so beautiful, its a shame that Calum couldn’t see what he had,” he says as his arms reach to my lower back pushing me more against him. “But one man’s trash is another man’ s treasure,” he says while looking between my eyes and my lips. I’m not sure if its the alcohol, Shawn or both but I want nothing more than to feel his lips on mine. He leans down and whispers over my mouth, “Does the birthday boy get a birthday kiss?” “Not from her,” a deep voice says, pulling me away from Shawn. I look up to see Ashton with a pissed face. “Hey, I don’t want come in between anything, I thought you were single, y/n,” Shawn says while looking at me. “Sorry, man but she isn’t” Ashton says speaking for me, as he pulls me away to a couch towards the back of the private area where no one was sitting.

“Ashton, let me go,” I say as his grip tightens. “Is that why you don’t want to be with me? That kid?” he asks obviously upset. “He’s not a kid,” I say defending Shawn. “The boy only just turned 20,” he says matter-of-factly. “He’s only 2 years younger than me,” I say back. “Oh so am I too old for you?” he snaps. “Ashton, you know that’s not why we can’t be together. Shawn, is not complicated,” I tell him and immediately regret it. “So you’d throw away what we have for a kid you don’t even like just because it’s not complicated!” he yells. “I don’t have a choice! Can you imagine the backlash I’ll get for dating you? I can’t handle that, Ashton” I snap back at him. “I don’t care what other people think about us, I love you! That’s the only thing that should matter” he says as he grabs my hands and pulls me into him. “Tell me you love me,” he demands and tears fill my eyes because I can’t admit it out loud. Once I do, it’s going to be even harder to walk away. “No,” I say trying to take my hands out his grasp but he grips them tighter. “Tell me you think about me all the time. Tell me how much you miss me, say it y/n” he says again, his hands going to my face forcing me to stare into his beautiful eyes. “Please, Ashton don’t make me say it,” I beg him. “Tell me, y/n” he begs again. “Tell me how much you regret meeting Calum first. Tell me how you just want me to hold you and never let you go,” he pleads tears threatening to spill from his eyes too as his hands play with my hair. He leans me closer into him, “Tell me!” he snaps and I can’t deny my feelings for him any longer.

There’s only one way for me to express to him how he makes me feel. I crash my lips onto him and he immediately kisses me back. His warm and soft lips feel so good against mine. We fight for dominance but he wins as I’m overwhelmed by how good this feels. I put my hands in his hair and start tugging on his curls earning a moan from his lips. His tongue asks for entrance which I happily grant him access. Our tongues dance with one another as we both pour our emotions into the kiss. Our kiss feels as explosive as fireworks. Tastes better than the first bite of food after fasting. Feels more homey than Christmas morning…it’s like magic. I begin to bite and suck on his bottom lip as his hands move to my butt and massages it making me softly moan. I attack his lips once again, this time I take control as I back him into the couch. He flops down and wasting no time, I go to straddle him as I start leaving small kisses and bites on his neck. “Fuck y/n” he whispers out making me more excited. I make my way back to his mouth and give him one last passionate kiss and stare into his eyes. “Ashton Fletcher Irwin,” I say bringing my hands back to his hair, pushing it off of his face. “I think about you all the time you’d think I was obsessed. These last few weeks have been hell being away from you and when I saw you in the supermarket I almost cried. I’d do anything to go back in time and make you mine when I first had the chance. I’m so in love with you,” I say with my whole heart. “Oh baby,” he says rubbing his hands up and down my back, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that,” he says. “I love you so much, y/n. I’m never letting you go, I don’t care what anyone thinks. You’re mine,” he says staring into my eyes.

“I fucking knew it” a voice behind us says as we turn around and see Calum looking like he’s ready to kill us.

A/N: So this is part 5, please tell me what y’all think! I love hearing from you all and talking about what I should do. Do y’all want a part 6? Or should I leave as is? Thank you for reading it means so much!!!! xoxoxo

Here’s pt. 6 —>i-dont-love-you-anymore-pt-6

Boop..(tweethearts story)

{A/N: so this has been in my drafts because i gave up on it cause i didn’t think it was that good, but i finished it so enjoy…}

@lin_manuel is stressed….
*photo of lin huddled over many music sheets hand gripping his hair*

It makes me sad….his bags have bags….like a week long camping trip worth of bags.

He has shooed me away…lovingly…but sternly….

Hamfamslam: awwwee stressed lin is no bueno.

@hamfamslam i know…i think i have a solution
*selfie of your sneaky face*

Super secret periscope

*periscope transcript*
Y/n: shhhh…be very quiet
Y/n: *singing in the tune of best of wives* mr lin come back to sleep….
Lin: *very tired stressed voice* y/n…
Y/N: its gotten dark outside….i know you have to write it all down….just take a break that would be enough….you don’t have to write like you’re running out of time…
Lin: *turns smiling* hey…and hello interwebs
Y/N: they say hello…also to take a break before you end up like alexander hamilton…
Lin: alright…alright…turn it off and we can sleep.

@y/n has pulled me away from my desk…her in my clothes helped
*photo of you in lins hoodie and pj pants*

@lin_manuel it certainly wasn't​’t my singing…my apologies to pippa…

@y/n no it was your singing and you in my clothes

Best of wives and best of woman…
*selfie of you asleep on lin, his hand going through your hair*

Unlike the real hamilton…i have learned to listen to my wife and take a break….ain’t no maria reynolds gonna change that.

@lin_manuel okay tell twitter goodnight….you keep moving and i need my heater….

Good night
Find yourself your very own eliza
I found mine.

Tell me a story of the crashing waves at dawn
In a day full of honeycombs and grasshoppers
And I’ll give you a kiss for every smile you make
And a laugh for every kiss you return
Tell me a story of the ponies in the reeds
Who prance as the wind whistles past them
And the sparrows who fly down to roost on their coats
Twittering with newfound optimism
Tell me a story of a boy in a field
With a smile that’s stretched across his face
And a rabbit who hops up just to check if he’s lifeless
And skirts away as his next breath is drawn
Tell me a story of blackberry soup
That stains our mouth purple to form silly grins
I’ll give you a kiss to take me far far away
From where we are
And where I know we have been
—  Miriam K, tell me a story in the way only you can
the bus part 2 (Lin Manuel Miranda x reader)

summary : ur on a bus & Lin happens to be on the same one too & u expose ur fangirlness

warnings : maybe cussing¿? embarrassment ,, shipping

pronouns : they/them

a/n : I’m sorry it took so long GUYS !! I’m a bad PERSON & A BAD WRITER!! enjoy

tags : @youtubeandsatan
@favriotefightingfrenchmeme @katkitters

1 ,, 2 ,, next chapter in the works 

you put your head to the window instead of his shoulder, plugging both earphones in and handing him the phone.

“you want to choose something?” you ask, laughing at him fumbling with your phone. the music app was opened up, so he roamed your music library, and found a playlist full of your favorite musical songs. he scrolled down, finding alexander hamilton, and pressed it.

“that’s quite self-indulgent” you comment, then pluck out one earphone and pressed it into Lins hand, beckoning him to use it. he listened to the song with you, and you dramatically lip synced the song, making him smile. you reach for your phone and put one of your songs, (favorite west side story song), and watched a grin break out on his face.

“no way!”

“YES way! I love west side story oh my god!” you laugh. he grins and keeps staring at you, even after the moment is done.

“what is it? Do I have something on my face?” you ask, and Lin shakes his head. you look at him quizzically, and he chuckles.

“you know, you should stop covering that smile of yours, it really is something else.” he pushes some hair out of your face. a blush danced across your face.

“uh- thanks.” you reply, not knowing how to react to such a blatant compliment.

“no problem.” and you two stopped conversing. you felt your eyelids start to droop again, and Lin watched you drift off to sleep. your head fell against the window, but with Lin moving ever so slightly and manipulating his arms, your head now rested on his shoulder. he smiled to himself and played with your hair. it was a long bus ride, but at least he had you with him.

he checked the clock, 4 hours to their destination. he knew you’d wake up in the next hour, which means he had about 3 hours to make a long enough lasting impression that you’d even consider going out with him. maybe he’d buy you coffee on the way back? maybe he’d continue texting you and slow burn his way to your heart? he needed to know where you lived too, in the least creepy way possible. what if you were from England? he didn’t hear it in your voice, but you never know. if you were in New York or San Francisco- that would be enough. he had houses in both areas, because of the huge productions going on between the two. he could move the California house and grow closer to YOU until one day you confess your undying love to him and you both get married and live happily ever after. ok maybe he was taking this a little too far, but he did want at least a chance with you at something.

he felt you begin to stir and looked at you. you were blushing as you realized the position you had fallen into, stuttering an apology before yawning and stretching out.

“how much longer till we reach Millford Sound?” you ask, too lazy to do the math.

“about 2 hours. why? that desperate to get away from me?” he jokes, making you roll your eyes.

“no you dum dum, the rest of my family and tanushka’s are waiting there. they went on an earlier bus.” you reply, redoing your hair and getting your stuff together. you take out your phone and start to scroll through the twitter notifications. little known to Lin, you had quite a large following on twitter. his post urged people to start creating a ship name with the two of you, something spreading to the ends of twitter.

“no way.” you muttered, laughing as you saw some of the posts.

if (shipname) doesn’t float then I’m banishing myself to an island where I will eventually die alone of no human contact nor supplies

y/n & Lin are my new ship and I will die by them

I s2g y/n is already so cute & Lin is a smol they’re made for each other

repeat it with me kids- (shipname) is realer then the tea on d-trump

you showed them to Lin, his eyes widening.

“I guess we have a few shippers on our hands” he says.

“no SHIT captain obvious!” you laugh, then check tumblr. somehow, the ship had spread there too. maybe… the thought went through your head. if he wanted your number, what else could he want? you shook your head, there was no way! how could a fan like you get the most amazing genius on the planet?

(idk should I continue?) (I’ll put in the link to the previous chapter afterwards when I have access to a computer)

Lady in Red

Picture not mine

A/N: What do you guys think?

You were getting ready for your first premiere for a marvel movie, marvel was by far your favorite comic company because they had better quality & different type of superheroes with different backgrounds and personalities. You wore a tight red dress that had slits on the side but they only hit your thigh, you weren’t so sexy when it came to clothes although it was backless and hugged each part of you body making you look longer and sensual and even though it was your first premiere you didn’t let some random designer that you’ve never heard of style you, no you let your best friend (Y/BF/N) she had a passion for fashion and her custom designs would look better than any known designer because her work was based on the person and their comforts and assets not the other way around. “Damn I’m good , I mean look at your ass man.” She said in a dreamy voice while she placed her hand on her chin leaning on the bar, you rolled your eyes and put on your black heels even though no one would see them because your dressed reached the floor. “Do you think I may have over done it ?” You asked nervously, just because it was your first doesn’t mean you wanted to be the belle of the ball “You look absolutely stunning bitch, all the men are going to drool over you and some women as well.” (Y/BF/N) said winning at you, putting you at somewhat ease. You didn’t look absolutely regular but you didn’t feel stunning as you looked in the mirror your shoulder length hair was straight, you were a very fair amount of makeup that consisted of highlight, false eyelashes, a dab of concealer and lipstick but you felt more then comfortable with your look. 

You wore a single strand of diamond earrings and no necklace trying to keep as much attention away from your chest as possible, then you heard a knock that broke you out of your focus you watched as (Y/BF/N) ran over to open the door which revealed your driver of the evening “Ms. (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I’m Jared and I shall be your driver tonight the car is awaiting your entrance.” He said and walked right back to the car waiting for you “Are you sure you can’t come with me ?” You whined holding your best friend which caused her to laugh “No silly ! Now go out there and show them how bad ass you are!” She said hugging you for the support you so desperately needed. You nod kissing her cheek making your way to the car and you see Jared already standing by the door holding it open for you “Thank you Jared, that’s very kind of you.” You said softly smiling at the older man who returned your happiness, he closed the door behind you sand went back to the drivers seat silently driving to the premier and just as you were about to get out you heard “Knock me dead Ms. (Y/N), show them all who you are.” Jared said smiling at you widely and just his words gave you the extra push you needed to be yourself, you took a deep breath, relax and you had become (Y/N)(Y/L/N) blogger and marvels new story board creator. You smiled and nodded opening the door and not even a foot was out of the car when you heard the shutters but you didn’t freeze you continued to get the rest of you out of the car but once you did you wished you could immediately go back in , so many people were screaming your names, so many paparazzi members had been taking your picture but you held your head high, smiled and walked along the carpet until you were stopped for a few interviews with E!, Buzzfeed, Vogue and Insider after all those were done you had finally found your manager “(Y/N)! You look gorgeous, I almost didn’t recognize you! You’re working gold magic of all your interviews the fans are eating you up on twitter, so keep this up kid!” George said sticking up two thumbs.

 You respected George as a man but not so much a manager, he truly never cared about your career only his own so if you looked good he looked great but you nodded and smiled snapping a few more pictures as the night went along before the movie started and everyone needed to be seated. You were just finishing up your last picture when you heard a CRACK and then you felt yourself fall backwards, why backwards because you just so happened to be walking up a step when you fell. You didn’t open your eyes because you were waiting for the embarrassment to begin but no such thing happened because when you opened your eyes Chris Evans face was so close to your face , you felt his quiet breath “Are you all right?” He said with pure concern looking at you with worry “Yeah, my heel just snapped… so professional of me huh?” You said laughing which caused him to laugh “Hold on to my neck.” That was all he said when you felt your body begin to lift off the ground and you quickly wrapped your arms around Evans “What are you doing?” You asked him quietly looking at his side profile, shit was this man perfect from every angle. “I’m carrying you, I mean unless you want to limp around with your broken heels?” he asked looking at your broken heel in your hand you shook your head quickly blushing at him as you felt all the sparks hit you eyes, the paparazzi was truly eating this up whole, you felt your feet touched the cold floor “Looks like you got lucky because you’re my seat buddy.” Chris said placing you gently in your seat as he took his after “Thank you Mr. Evans…” you say blushing harder due to the embarrassment that you were now feeling “Please call me Chris, Ms. (Y/L/N)” he said and this shocked you, the Chris Evans knows your name.  “I make it my business to know everyones name, and I’ve seen you when we filming Civil War, I had to know your name the second I saw you.” You whispered in your ear causing you to look away from his so fast “Well Chris I appreciate your interest in me.” You said calming your face down from the red coloring.

 Just as Chris was going to speak again Stan Lee stood before the audience “Thank you all for coming and supporting my work and love, I hope you enjoy the latest edition to the Marvel franchise.“ He said loudly before exiting off the stage and on cue the movie began causing everyone to hush down “If you jump, I have a comfy landing for you (Y/N).” Chris said whispering in your ear causing you to blush once again shaking your head at his remark but he was some what right because you had ended up clutching his arm in pure suspense during one part of the movie but you kept your hand on his arm through out the movie watching in pure silence but you would look at him from the corner of his eye watching him every so often noticing him looking at you. Once the movie ended everyone stood up and clapped the movie was truly a work of art, and as you went to hug the cast for all the amazing and hard work to complete you find that the last cast member you didn’t speak to happened to be Chris Evans who was talking with fans, smiling and looking so damn good, you were going to walk passed him and congratulate him on twitter but Chris had over ideas as he grabbed your waist in front of everyone “Lady in red just where do you think you’paparazzire going you must take a proper picture with me.” he said posing you in front of him as his hands sat on your waist pulling you close to him and if the paparazzi didn’t eat you up before they were eating you both alive “Call me sometime.“ Chris said whispering in your ear putting a piece of paper in your hand before walking away from you which caused you to walk towards the nearest exit. 

You looked around for Jared and once you found him you hopped into the back of the car not saying a thing on your drive back home, you thanked him once again before wishing him a good bye and you had believed your night was finally over until you saw your best friend sitting on your couch with the TV on and thats when you froze, it was a picture of you and Chris when you fell and when he made you take a picture with him but the title is what truly caught your attention "Lady in Red takes Captain Americas Heart.”


Simon x Reader

Sorry for taking so long x

• Summary:  When Simon’s friends try to play match maker but forgets to turn off their flash.

•Warnings: None , it’s all good in the hood

•Word count- 1,545

Sorry it’s quite bad. Be prepared for cringe

Y/F/N = your friends name (I didn’t know what name to use, so yeah)

There are some POV switches

By the way I know JJ isn’t really like this but hey Fiction right? 

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Attacked Part 2

Hellooo my beautiful people! So this is part two to this imagine, and I’m honestly surprised by how many of yall  requested part 2. I was suffering from a bit of writer’s block(as always) for this story, but I got this idea from an anon, so thank you so much whoever you are. I don’t think it’s all that and a bag of chips, but it’s pretty good. I hope yall like it!!

It’s been weeks since Calum, or anyone, has heard a word from you. After the day you left, it was as if you’d dropped off the face of the earth. You weren’t active on any social media, you wouldn’t reply to anyone’s text, and no one knew where you were. Well, besides your bestfriend of course. You were living with her until you could find a place of your own, but from the looks of it, she wasn’t letting you leave any time soon.

“You gotta get up Y/N. We’ve been locked in my apartment for weeks.”

“I don’t wanna go out there.”

“Are you still scared?” She questioned with a sigh, sitting on the edge of the spare bed.

“No, it’s just…the world is so fucking cruel. I’d rather be locked in here than be out there.”

“Good point, but we’re leaving.”

“Y/BF/N, no.” You whined as she pulled the covers off of you. You attempted to tug them over your head but she yanked harder and they fell to the floor.“ I don’t wanna.”

“But you’re gonna. Now get dressed so we can go catch a movie or I’m dragging you out the house in penguin pajamas.”

“Calum, you’ve seriously have to stop this.”

“Stop what?” He looked up at his best mate in confusion.

“All this moping around.” Luke sighed, plopping beside him in the black SUV.The four boys were just now leaving their hotel for a scheduled meet in greet in thirty minutes.

“I’m not moping.”

“Then what do you call it?”

Calum only stared at Luke blankly for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh.

“So what if I’m moping? ”

“Luke, leave Calum be.” Ashton sighed as he and Michael climbed into the next row of leather seats.

“I’m just sayin’.” Luke shrugged his shoulders.

“My girlfriend got attacked, left me, and then disappeared all in the same day.” Calum complained.“I deserve to mope.”

“And I understand that, but-”

“But what?”

“Nothing, mate. Nevermind.” Luke gave up on trying to prove his point knowing it was damn near impossible with Calum. He pulled out his earphones and stared out the window as he drowned his friends out. 

Even though Calum knew that he wouldn’t find anything on your social media pages, he decided to check again just in case. He started off with your twitter, sighing when the last thing he saw was from the day before you left. He then went to check your instagram, his heart beating fast when there was an upload of you and Y/BF/N cheesing at the camera. The two of you seemed to be in a arcade having the time of your lives.

“She uploaded something!” Calum grinned from ear to ear and turned around in his seat to show everybody.

“She looks like she’s okay.”Luke concluded after examining the photo.

“Really? I was starting to think she was dead.” Michael joked.

“Now do you feel better knowing she’s safe and sound with Y/BF/N?” Ashton questioned and Calum nodded.

It was eating him alive that he didn’t know what happened to you or where you went. After you left Calum felt broken; it was as if a piece of him was missing. After being with someone for almost two years and living with them for one, something just always feels off. He often finds himself  subconsciously making and ordering food for two, turning over in the middle of the night to cuddle, and even walking to the other room to show a funny meme even though she’s no longer there. These past few weeks have been hard on him and it definitely didn’t help that he was worried sick about you.  

It didn’t take long for the band to arrive at the venue. Of course it was surrounded by screaming girls and the boys knew that it was going to be a long day. They all smiled kindly and waved at the fans as they walked entered the building to get set up at the long white table, taking their seats and waiting for the security to start allowing the fans to come in. It was going normally; they were asked a lot of questions, goofed around, signed, hugged, and took pictures with the girls. It was only when a two girls showed up and began having a conversation about Y/N with Calum when he really started to get in his feelings.

“Have you heard from Y/N? Is she okay?” The teen asked, reaching to push loose strands of auburn hair into her ponytail. 

“I haven’t been able to talk to her,”Calum shrugged his shoulders,” but she’s okay.”

“I saw what those girls did to her. It was so fucked up.”

“Yeah.” Her friend shook her head.”We were about to ask her for a picture when they just attacked her. She wasn’t doing anything but getting cereal.”

“You were there?” Calum furrowed his eyebrows and the two nodded their heads.

“Yeah, I recorded it and posted it on tumblr. It went viral there, I’m surprised it isn’t viral on twitter.” The girl spoke as she unlocked her phone and began to search for the video.

“It’s time for you girls to move now, we have others who want pictures with Calum.” One of their security guards came to escort them to the exit, but Calum told him to wait.”Calum-”

“It’s about, Y/N, it’s important.” 

That was all it took for the guard to leave them alone. You had made good friends with the 5sos crew. Almost everyone accepted you as if you were their daughter, so when they found out what happened they were devastated.

“Here it is.”

“We haven’t found their twitters or instagrams or whatever, but a lot of people on tumblr are still looking.” Her friend informed and Calum felt his eyes watering as he watched them attack you.

How could they do this to you? How could they do this to anyone? Calum understood the dedication some fans had and he greatly appreciated it, but why would they go this far? He examined the girl’s faces anytime they appeared on camera and made sure to not forget them. 

“Uh, thank you for showing me this.” He sniffed, quickly wiping away the tear that escaped from his eye.

“No, problem. I hope you two can work everything out.” The auburn haired girl smiled and went for a hug, her friend joining in shortly. 

Calum allowed them to write their twitter and instagram accounts on his hand and gave them one more hug before they made their way out. It was around two hours later when there were only a handful of girls left and the meet and greet was almost over. Three girls were going along taking pictures with the others boys while Calum finished up with a dark haired girl.

“Hey, Calum!” A strawberry blonde and her two brunette friends made their way to them with huge smiles on their faces. Calum gave them a grin before bidding the dark haired girl goodbye, turning to give them his full attention.

“I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you!” The taller brunette squealed.

It took Calum some time, but soon he began to realise exactly who these three were. His whole mood was ruined as he felt his breathing become quicker and his body heat up from the anger bubbling inside of him. Calum was a gentleman, he knew he’d never hit a girl, but in that moment he wanted to drop-kick all three.

“It was you.” He simply said as he glared, wishing they’d disintegrate.


“You’re the ones that attacked Y/N!” He suddenly shouted, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Calum, you don’t know if-” Ashton walked over but was interrupted.

“I do! These girls showed me the video earlier and it was them!”

By now almost all of the remaining fans were quiet, watching the altercation with wide eyes. The fandom has seen Calum lose his cool with a sarcastic comment or slight attitude, but this? This was full out anger. Skin flushed, vein popping anger.

“Why would you do that?! What in your fucking mind would tell you to attack my fucking girlfriend and say shit like that to her?  She was minding her own business and you had the damn nerve to go up to her and assault her? What the hell did you think that was going to do, huh? Get you a better chance to be with me? Because I for sure wouldn’t want to go with selfish, evil bitches like you.”

At this point everyone’s mouths were dropped. The three girls stared at Calum with teary eyes, but he didn’t care. All he could see was red and the three girls who caused him and his love pain.

“Did you even think about what that would do to me? To her? Y/N’s fucking amazing! She was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I was planning on marrying her soon and now you’ve got her too fucking scared to even be in a relationship wit me! I lost a piece of me because you had so much hatred for someone you didn’t even fucking know!” Calum’s eyes welled up with tears as he yelled at the girl.

“Calum, come on.” Michael grabbed his arm and he snatched away.

“No! They deserve this! They just get away with jumping my girlfriend and causing her to disappear from the face of the earth while I suffer and have to pretend that I’m fine when I’m not!”

“But they’re still your fans, Cal, you can’t just-”

“They’re not fans.”He corrected him.” Real fans would see how much I loved her and how happy I was with Y/N/. They wouldn’t attack her while she’s fucking grocery shopping and degrade her.”

Calum closed the top to his permanent marker and slammed it down on the table. He decided that he was done for the day and needed time to himself for now. Before he left, though, he was sure to say one more thing to the three crying girls.

“I have never been so disgusted by someone in my life.” He spat, eyeing them up and down. “The three of you can go fuck yourselves.”

Then he headed towards entrance to call himself a Uber.

Of course like all incidents like this one, it spreaded on social media quick. Everyone was talking about the video of Calum going off on fans, some justifying it, some not. Majority were saying that that’s what the girls deserved, but then again you had few that made Calum just seem like a horrible, out of controlled boy. Calum had his earphones plugged in and was huddled under the plush duvet in his hotel room, scrolling through the multiple tweets about what happened. He even smiled a few times, happy to know that almost everyone was on his side. He felt his phone buzz again and a text notification appeared on the screen. Calum ignored it, thinking that it was either management scolding him or the boys checking to see if he was okay. It was when it buzzed again did he look at the message as it appeared, his heart skipping a beat at the familiar number. He clicked it quickly and chewed his lip as it took him to his messages.

There were three text sent:

Are you okay?
I think we should talk.

Eh, I could’ve ended that better. There will most likely be a third and final part so inbox me if you think I should do that. For everyone who’s sent me a request, I’ve seen them and I’m working on them. Like I said, I have a bit of writer’s block and don’t wanna just give you a shitty imagine, plus I’m dealing with AP classes in school and just ugh.

If you liked this imagine here’s the rest of my writing: Masterlist

Stonathan One Shot Part 2

My thoughts are so cluttered, so first: sorry that this is so late. Second, you don’t need to read my first one shot in order to understand this one. Third, sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes; it was very rushed. Dedicated to my rats out there on twitter. y’all know who you are :)

“This is so stupid,” Steve retorts as he stumbles over a rock and narrowly misses walking into a tree.

“Shh,” Jonathan grins, tightening his grip on his boyfriend as he cautiously steers him away from yet another looming tree trunk.

“Can I please just take it off now?”

“Not yet.”

“It’s annoying me.”

“Well, you’re annoying.”

“Annoying? No. Suave? Yes.”

“Please. Your ‘Steve the Ninja’ jokes died along with whatever pinch of modesty you ever had.”

“That doesn’t even make sens-”

“Shut up, we’re here,” Jonathan gently swivels the taller boy around so that he faces him. Reaching up and around his neck, Jon works on unraveling the blindfold’s knot.

Standing there in that covert moment, masked by the night’s silky sky stretching overhead in a long embrace, and nature’s whispers and hushes, both boys feel chills running down their spines.

Jonathan’s breaths comes out in puffs as he struggles to focus on the blindfold, which is frankly impossible, considering Steve’s muscular arms are snaking around the lean boy’s figure, causing his pulse to escalate quite fervently. His mind is frazzled, distracted by the task in hand.

“Jonny,” Steve murmurs softly, his voice so caressing and inviting.


“I could have just done this,” the corner of Steve’s mouth tilts as he easily slides the cloth over his head. He gazes down at Jonathan endearingly.

“Oh. Yeah, that, uh, works too,” Jonathan mutters, cheeks flushing. One month later, and Steve is still capable of turning his brain to mush.

“You turn so red when you’re humiliated. Do I really have that effect on you?” says Steve, stepping closer to his partner so that their chests brush. Even through the thick clothing, the close proximity between the boys causes Steve’s heart to flutter, his senses going on overdrive.

“It’s because of the cold,” Jonathan says.

“Sure, Jon.”


“Well?” Steve inquires, throwing his hands on his hips.

Jonathan blinks once. “What?”

“The surprise. Tell me you didn’t drag me out here in a blindfold just to appreciate my features in the moonlight.”

“Oh! Well, you’re facing the wrong way,” Jonathan smirks.

Steve frowns suspiciously, and then turns on his heels to be greeted by his boyfriend’s one-month anniversary gift.

There in the clearing, a blanket is spread out on the plush grass, complete with a basket and a bouquet of flowers to complement the finishing look.

For once, Steve is too blown away for words. He makes his way over to the setup, capturing a mental picture of it all.

Steve hears a clicking sound, then looks back to see Jonathan holding his camera, a small smile enhancing his elfish features.

“You’re so cheesy,” Steve tries to say it sassily, but it comes out sappy, and for a moment, he feels absolutely delirious. He can only describe it as the feeling of flipping into a pool, and feeling your tummy go weightless as you lapse back into the cold, dense body of water encompassing you.

Jonathan joins him on the ground, and they lie down, arms extended behind their heads.

The potent scent of pine needles and the outdoors wafts in along with a faint breeze.



“Thank you.”


They’re enveloped in another stretch of comfortable silence, gazing at the stars mapping the dark sky, like infinitesimal flecks of paint on a canvas.



“Theoretically, is it too cold to have sex?”

“Steve!” Jonathan gasps as the jock sniggers.

Jonathan shifts his body so that he lies on his side, facing Steve.

“I really, really like you,” he confesses the thought that has been lingering in the back of his mind for a while now. It’s more of a feeling really, and try as he might, Jonathan cannot push it away, for love is indelible and wayward.  

Steve stares into Jonathan’s eyes, processing the message his boyfriend is trying to deliver.

Jonathan determinately stares back, imbibing the sanctity of the moment. Steve’s dark irises reflect his thoughts and emotions. They only move once to glance at Jonathan’s lips for a fleeting second, then shift back up to his wondering gaze.

After several long seconds, Steve clasps Jonathan’s hand in his, intertwining the two so that they connect steadily. Their hands fit into each other snuggly; a key in a lock.

“I like you, Jonathan. I like you a lot.”

“Glad the feeling is mutual,” the light haired boy squeezes Steve’s hand reassuringly. “So what do you say? Ham sandwiches to celebrate the night?”

“You know it’s my favorite. I’m hoping there’s beer?”

“Please,” Jonathan states, “We’ve been dating for a month, not a minute. Your love for alcohol is inestimable.”

Steve begins to laugh, a sound so lightening and brewing with mirth, that Jon can’t help but join, and soon the night is echoing with the laughter of two reckless boys falling head over heels in love.

anonymous asked:

Can we still send prompts? If so: 4 and 20 for malec please?

I guess you can, nonny ;D But then you’ll be subject to me totally twisting the essence of the prompts

Inspired by @sargentcow

Malec: 4: “It’s always been you. You and only you.” + 20: “I can’t do this anymore”

“I can’t do this anymore,” Alec said, swallowing hard. He inhaled sharply, gathering all the courage he had in his heart. “It’s you I want. It’s always been you. You and only you.”

Alec gasped, staring straight into Clary’s green eyes. And then she grimaced, her face translating just how uncomfortable both of them felt.

“Cut!” Magnus yelled from his seat. As a director, he had always been able to push his actors into their best performances. In three seasons, he was very much the reason why their show had been so acclaimed.

But even Magnus’ talent hadn’t been able to pull off that scene. Clary sighed heavily. “I’m sorry. This isn’t working. I’ve never got any romantic vibes between Matt and Kat. We’ve been playing them as friends since the pilot.”

“I thought Kat was into Will,” Alec added. Not that he was unhappy that Clary wouldn’t have to film intimate scenes with Sebastian, if that ship never sailed. Will might be a very kind character, but the actor playing him was a very, very different sort of person.

Magnus pushed his lips together. It was no secret what he thought of the sudden change of the plot. This time, however, he just looked at Producer Aldertree. “Are you sure we want to go this way? It’s not too late to change the script.” It was the nicest he had been about the matter, especially after holding a poll on twitter asking who Matt should end up with and not a one person answering Kat.

But Aldertree still just shook his head. “This is what the fans want. Besides, it will be revealed in the mid-season finale that Kat and Will are actually siblings.”

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Twitter post

Jung Hoseok X Reader

words: 1658

Type: Smut /Fluff


GIF not mine! All credits to the editor.

You know that moment when you need a little peace to concentrate and properly do your homework?

Well, I was trying to right now, but obviously something does have to distract me from it.

That something, or should I say someone, is my boyfriend , Jung fucking Hoseok , who is currently lying on my bed and making everything hard for me.

“ C’mon babe, all you have done for some hours now is just study. “ he whines and scoffs looking at the ceiling over my bed and beating his fists in my mattress like a five year old.

I turn my chair in his direction , but don’t leave my position in front of the desk. “ Hoseok, please let me finish it. I know you are bored but I have my duties too you know?” I say a little angered at his behavior.  He is an idol and I always respect the fact that he can’t all the time be at home when I want him or need him to be , so the fact that I am studying hard to promote my final year of university doesn’t give him the right to be bored and upset at it.

“ OH-ho, Hoseok not Hobi, I’m in trouble…” he takes the pillow from underneath his head and covers his face with it in a some sort of way of protection.

I turn around and try to resume studying some German for the session that has to come in January when I hear him squeal on the bed. I try to ignore him when suddenly a click from his phone camera is heard in the room , then another, then after that I hear him mumble “… no , no this is not right. I will have to get up.” I hear him shuffle on the bed after that and then nothing.

I resume studying for the hundredth time that evening when…” Babe could you help me a little bit?”

I turn around in my seat fuming and ready to hit him and throw him out of this room , but when I look at his this is not what I expected to find in from of my eyes. My so genius boyfriend was standing in front of me with his phone in his hand, but the thing that I didn’t expect to see was him shirtless and his abs directly in my line of view when I turned.

“ W-what are you doing?” I stutter affected by his aspect.

Looking at the screen of his phone he doesn’t notice my traumatized face and continues scrolling with his thumb when he responds to me…” I forgot that I promised our fans that our Twitter account will reach 10 million follower I will show my abs to the fandom. So now that I saw a post that reminded me that, since today we reached  the 10 million goal , I will have to take a photo.” He turns his head in my direction.

“ So what help do you want from me?” I say trying to tear my eyes away from his sculpted abs.

“ I don’t really like how the selfie photos of my abs look, so could you take some for me?” He ask innocently.

“ I-I-I …sure.” I say knowing this will be absolute torture for me. “ stay there and I will take some photos ok?” I point him the bed.

“ ok.” He simply says and lays down again on my bed, assuming a sexy pose that I can’ tear my eyes away from.  He on His Back with  thumb in his mouth and a hand tracing his pectoral muscles that is slowly sliding towards his abs.

I gulp nervously and see him smirk from the phone’s camera…

He doesn’t stop his descending and continues moving his fingers towards his happy trail. I feel a pressure between my legs and try to close them to dissipate some of it. I do it subtly for him not to see but he notices anyway.

“ My little nasty baby. What are you thinking about just now?” He says and stands up to remove his pants and reposition himself on top of my mattress continuing his sweet teasing towards the tent that only now I see forming in his boxers.

“Don’t you want to help me with some other thing babe?” I look in his eyes and automatically nod.

“ Talk babe…” he says in a seductive tone.

“ Y-yeah I want to… how can I help you?” I say innocently.

“ Don’t play dumb now…” he laughs”… I know that your mind is playing the dirtiest scenarios right now. But the first thing that you will have to do , for instance, is getting  already on this fucking bed.” He growls and I feel some shivers pass down my spine when I hear that tone.

I immediately comply his request and climb on the bed with him and start caressing his chest. He takes me by surprise and lifts me over him to then roll around, making him be on top. He starts kissing me very hard and it soon turns to be a very full make out session. His tongue slides in my mouth and quickly dominates mine making me moan on his lips.

I feel him smiling against my mouth and decide to slide my hand over the bulge confined in the tight material of his black boxer briefs just to hear him grunt in pleasure.

I continue massaging him and then make him roll underneath me to hover over him. I look at him and all I see in his eyes is lust, his irises clouded by passion. This makes me continue my movements downwards on his body in a very confident way.

When I arrive near his bulge I continue stroking him over his boxers and softly press a kiss to his covered tip.

“ B-b-babe don’t tease…” I see his eyes close and his hands fisting the sheets.

Without words I free him from his confines and look at his proud cock standing tall just in front of my face, my first reaction is to have him in my hands and that is what I just do looking at him and seeing him throw his head back on the headboard.

“ Yeah, like that, you are  so good babe… so good…” he says , his mind clouded by bliss right now.

When he doesn’t expect it I put his red and angry tip inside my mouth and start to suck slowly on his slit, taking him deeper at every thrust of my head down.

“ Oh my God, you take my cock so well baby..” he brings his hand down to my face and starts to caress my cheek.

I feel the wetness between my legs an try to ignore it by pressing my tights together , and my caring boyfriend immediately notices it.

“ Turn around and sit on my face.” He sees me hesitate so he commands “ Now.”

I let his cock out of my mouth with a pop and feel his hands going to the button of my jeans before I have the time to say or do anything. He slowly slides them down my legs together with my panties and discards them on the floor. Then he brings his hands on my hips and lifts me over him, in a mode that my core is directly positioned over his face.

Being in that position already I resume deep throating him and feel him hit the back of my throat.

“Shit…” I hear him say and lift my head from him to smile, but my expression changes really quick when I feel two of his fingers entering me and his tongue licking my clit.

“ Fuck, Hobi…” I moan his name and start to grind my hips down over his face.

I yelp when he lifts me again to put me under him and without warning slips himself inside of my core. We moan in unison and I feel him twitch inside of me.

“ fuck, babe, you are so tight!” he groans and starts moving out of me.

When he thrusts back I moan his name again and again and feel the knot in my stomach growing tighter.

“ Go faster…” I order him and he goes ,more faster and more deeper, putting my legs over his shoulders and hitting that sweet spot inside of me that makes me see stars.

“ Right there. Right-..” I moan and feel him thrust again against that spot.

“ Like this? You like it? Do you like my cock buried in you? Do you want to come around it babygirl?” he says keeping his thrusts hard and deep put losing some of his rhythm because his orgasm is nearing too.

“ Yeah-Yeah I want to come around that big cock of yours… make me come Hoseok…” I moan.

“I’m near babe…you can come. “ He says and as if on command I feel the knot in my stomach loose and my orgasm bombard me from my lower region.

He keeps thrusting in me until I’m finished and exits my hole just to take his penis in his hand to stroke it over my stomach. After some seconds I feel and see the white hot squirts of his semen on my stomach and my shirt that has rode up over my breasts in the meantime.

We lay there in silence till I hear him whisper, “ I love you.”

“I love you too Hobi. I kiss him sweetly and then place my head on his chest and sigh.

After some time I hear him ask “ So, what photo should I choose?”

I hit him on his arm and we both start laughing. We finished to going to sleep and my homework that night remained untouched on the table.


Stiles can’t spell his full name, without asking Scott first – Twitter

I headcanon that Stiles hated his name so much, he never ever learned how to spell it.

 As I’m taking time away from Tumblr for personal reasons, I’ve queued some posts for my loving followers.  It’s basically a Teen Wolf fest starring ships like Stalia, Marrish, some Sterek thrown in for good measure. With friendships like Sciles Mallydia etc, the basics!