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How are notes taken at crime scenes?

Hey Nonnie!

Short answer: Very specifically.

If it’s going to court, it has to be exact. Everything should have a timestamp in 24 hour clock with it (usually in the left margin, as an example 11:30pm is noted as 23:30). EVERYTHING. A timeframe for each investigator is important, as that can help add to the credibility of the chain of evidence. If several independent reports tell the same story about the transport of evidence, that makes it much harder to disprove than one (Chain of evidence, very important). Each person entering the scene should be recorded, and the time of entry. Additionally, when you make a mistake in your notes or misspell something, cross it out and initial it. Don’t erase anything, don’t tear out any pages. This keeps up your validity. Use a pen, ideally, to prevent anyone else erasing it or from tampering with it.

Be as specific as possible without making assumptions. If there’s a table there with a red stain, describe it as such: Don’t make the assumption that the stain is blood, as it could easily be something else. The only way you should be describing it as blood is with a presumptive test indicator (eg: Luminol). If you don’t know something for 100%, don’t say you do.

In a presentation, a pair of officers told me the main notes are taken is from one person: the lead investigator. This is a big responsibility, as they will stand by and take notes on everything they see, and everything they are told by the other officers, complete with time stamps. Don’t volunteer to be lead investigator unless you have a quick writing hand. Each other person may also be taking notes to help.


Okay, and on that note good morning 🙂 y'all better take his advice with these little nappy headed ass boys.

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Have you ever been in love ...

Hii! I was wondering if you could maybe do a Hermione X reader where the reader is really confused and she gets detention with Snape for zoning out and they like talk about it cause the reader is visibly upset and he’s still a bit of an asshole about it but he’s cute and comforts her that’s it okay to like girls and then she takes his advice and kisses Hermione or something?? So sorry for the long request, I just love Snape and being gay, there aren’t all that many Hermione fics :)) thank you <3

Ever since Y/N fell in love with a certain brown haired girl, she had been zoning out during classes or lunch or just when she’s wandering through the castle. And most of the times she could find an excuse for not paying attention, but this time she couldn’t.

“Miss Y/L/N, could you repeat what I just said?”, Snape’s cold and harsh voice sounded through the room. His voice bouncing of the stone walls. Y/N’s cheeks turned a deep red shade as she mumbled a small no. Snape scoffed, glaring in her direction. “I thought so, have you ever thought of paying attention in this class? I highly recommend it, since potions isn’t your best subject now, is it?”, Snape said, walking to the front of the class, “this earns you detention for tonight”. Y/N groaned, laying her head on her desk. She could hear the snickers coming from behind her. She turned around, giving Draco and his friends a glare and then turned her attention towards Snape again, before he could give her even more detention.

“What’s wrong with you lately, Y/N/N? You’ve been acting weird”, Harry said as he, Y/N, Hermione and Ron walked out the common room. They had spend the rest of their evening in the cosy room. The trio had offered to walk with Y/N to Snape’s classroom, where she would spend the rest of the evening doing whatever Snape tells her to. Y/N sighed, running her hand through her slightly messy hair. “it’s complicated, I can’t tell you guys, at least not now, maybe … maybe another time”, she explained, looking at the trio, who were all eyeing her curiously. “well, whenever you’re ready, we’re here”, Ron said, knowing the his best friend didn’t want to talk about it now. Y/N smiled at him, thanking him silently.

Y/N stood in front of the dark brown wooden door, only now realizing how hard her heart was beating, how fast. She laid her hand on her chest, hoping it would somehow calm the beating down. After taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door, waiting for Snape to let her in. The door flew open, revealing the dim, cold classroom where she sat earlier. “come in”, Snape’s voice said. Y/N’s steps sounded like a gun that fired bullet after bullet. Snape pointed at the chair that stood right in front of him. “if Dumbledore wasn’t so concerned over one his favourite students, I’d let you clean every single thing that stood in this very room without using even an inch of magic, but since Dumbledore is Dumbledore, I’m here to talk to you, about your recent behaviour”, Snape stated calmly, yet irritated. Y/N shuffled awkwardly on the chair, she had hoped that if a teacher ever wanted to talk to her about her feelings or general behaviour, that it was McGonagall.

Snape saw how awkward Y/N was and sighed. “it’s as much fun for me as it is for you, miss Y/L/N. so let’s be quick, so we can all leave this behind us”, Snape looked at Y/N who was now playing with her skirt, that looked suddenly so much more interesting. “so?”, Snape said, waiting for Y/N to say what was on her mind. “Sir, have you ever been in love with someone .. that’s just out of your league, or that you know that would never feel the same for you as you do for that person?”, Y/N asked. She could see Snape tense up. His body language suddenly a lot less intimidating than when she walked in the room. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about”, Snape said after another second. “is this the problem? Love?”, Snape asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked at Y/N’s pink cheeks. She nodded, her hair bouncing up and down. “Who is it?”, Snape said, sounding like he didn’t even care, “who is the boy?” “well sir, that’s the problem, it’s not a boy”, Y/N said, feeling even more uncomfortable. Snape his eyes went wide for a second, before turning to the same cold glare. “a girl? Well-“ “do you think people will have a problem with it? What will they say? What if my parents kick me out? I don’t know what to do!”, Y/N said, tears filling her eyes as she started thinking about all the possible scenarios that could happen. Snape took a deep breath, carefully thinking about what he would say to Y/N.

“listen to me miss Y/L/N, why would you care what people say about you? Why do you want to hide the real you for people that won’t even remember you in a few years from now on?”, Snape said. Y/N looked at the man, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I-I don’t know”, She confessed. “That’s because you’re confused, because you’ve never really loved anybody like you love this girl now, you might have thought so, but deep down you knew it wasn’t who you really are”, Snape went on.

Y/N looked at her feet, realizing that Snape might be right. “so why listen to hate? Why wait with saying how you feel. There will be obstacles on your way to happiness, but the important thing is that you pick yourself up again when you fall, don’t let love be an obstacle, let love guide you”, Snape said. “wow sir, I’ve never thought I’d ever have this conversation with you and actually learning something”, Y/N murmured. She could see a faint grin on Snape’s face. He stood up, turning with his back to Y/N. “You can go now, but only if you tell the girl how you feel, before it is too late”, Snape said. Y/N stood up from the chair, looking at Snape one more time. “thank you sir, really, thank you”, Y/N said before running out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

The corridor was empty, expect from Peeves, who was hiding behind an armour, waiting for Filch to pass him. Y/N ran as fast as she could, up the stairs to go to the Gryffindor common room. “password?” “Baubles”, Y/N said, trying to catch her breath before entering the warm and crowded room. Her eyes searched for the person that she needed to see now. She stood on her toes, hoping to see above the sea of students. “Y/N?”, a soft voice from behind her said. She turned around, facing Hermione, her hair was a mess and she was holding a book in her left hand. “back already? We’ve thought you’d be gone till-“, Hermione stated before a pair of lips cut her off.

Hermione was shocked, not knowing what to do, but eventually she gave in and kissed back. Her hand roamed Y/N’s back, the other one dropping the book on the floor. The common room fell silent, and the two of them pulled back. Only now Y/N realized that all eyes were on her and Hermione. “I’ve wanted you to do that for ages now”, Hermione was the first one to speak. “I was scared, I didn’t know what to do, how people would react”, Y/N said in a silent tone, almost a whisper, “but I realized that I don’t care, that I only need you and all the others can piss off”. Hermione giggled and kissed Y/N once more. “I’m glad you finally realized that, took you long enough”.

A/N: Hello loves, I’m sorry it took me so long to write, I’m super busy, I have lots of work and lots of internships, I’m so sorry! I’ll try to write whenever I can.

Episode Descriptions (Week 3)

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Tuesday January 17th

Aaron’s irritated at how much time Robert’s spending on the business plan for Rebecca. Chas is worried about Aaron and she warns him about being jealous and suggests he talk to Robert about his insecurities. Will he take his mums advice?

Wednesday January 18th

Aaron’s sick of Chas going on about the wedding so when Charity suggests they get hitched in Vegas the idea appeals. Aaron makes the suggestion to Robert who suggests they flip a coin to decide where to get wed.

Thursday January 19th — 7pm

Aaron confesses to Finn he and Robert are getting married in Vegas but is later put out when Jimmy tells him Robert’s been out with Rebecca all morning. He calls Robert, who lies he’s still at work even though he is having a celebratory drink with Rebecca. When Aaron appears, Robert lays into him over his jealousy and the pair argue. Is this just a lovers tiff or something more serious?

Thursday January 19th — 8pm

Finn chases after Kasim and his dad Paul as they drive away, leaping into the road in front of them. Kasim then shoves Finn, desperate to prove himself to his dad. Finn’s left hurt when Kasim spells it out, he doesn’t need him anymore because he’s crazy. Soon there is a fraca and an already angry Aaron finds himself getting involved, beating up Kasim. Aaron then tries to defend his actions before storming off, leaving Finn gutted when Kasim blames him for the attack. Robert and Aaron are holding crisis talks about their relationship but are interrupted when the police knock on the door.

Friday January 20th

Robert tries to reason with Finn to help with Kasim but he is left stunned and frustrated when Finn harshly declines and storms out. Later, Robert visits Finn to apologise, will he be able to convince Finn to help him or will it result in further conflict?

Guys! Keep your wits about you!

Some of you are getting upset over Blake saying “My hero”? Even though I ship BlackSun, I saw that moment as more of an indication that Blake is beginning to trust him and she’s taking his advice not so much as a shippy moment that will lead to canon.

Remember in the beginning when Sun said it but she didn’t say it back? They were totally on different wavelengths and were arguing. But that scene where she finally says it back is more like them finally being on the same page and Blake opening up to other people.

So guys (who I’m assuming are Bumbleby shippers) don’t get discouraged or upset just because these two are getting along as friends. You guys take every single tender moment as a shipping moment. Moments like these are necessary between people who get along. Sun Wukong is a good friend towards Blake. Appreciate their relationship without feeling threatened because there is no indication that their relationship is romantic at this point in time.

I’m still trying to formulate proper words for the Dirk Gently finale but off the cuff I’m amazed at the depth every single one of the female characters in the show has had, even the one who spent the entire time acting like a corgi.

Every one of them has an arc, a development they undergo that leaves them in a better place by the end– Amanda being the most notable as she’s the one who ends up telling Todd what he needs to hear, because when Todd tells Patrick Spring the same thing he’s not taking his own advice yet. Sometimes when you fall, you fall all the way down and the only way to go is up. It’s actually not as bad a place to be in as it seems. She realizes that if she sticks around Todd will be tempted to keep trying to “fix” things and the Rowdy 3 offer a convenient work-around to the situation. It’s by no means an easy choice to make because it leaves Amanda with having to get out of the mindset of instinctually going to Todd when shit hits the fan (something that, as we see proves intregral for Plot reasons.)

And then there’s Farrah, who spends most of the season warring with her own insecuries no matter how competant she proves herself to be in the eyes of others. Getting Lydia back, holding her in her arms is the Sign from the Universe she needed that told her she actually won the battle that time, after losing so many times in the past. For Farrah is was never really about prove anything to anyone but herself, and she does it.

Then there’s Bart, who goes from a partially mono-syllabic murder hobo to a very scarred, scared young woman just trying to find her place in a universe that has chosen a really terrible role for her to play, all told. Her speech to Ken in the end proving her budding empathy with him almost had me in tears. She sees them both has being adrift and acted upon by forces much bigger than themselves, with no choice but to obey and for the first time the sense comes across that this frightens her. Bart is aware, through a lifetime of trying no doubt that trying to disobey the whim of the universe is pointless, and now she’s aware it’s also dangerous to her. Fear is far from an known to her, which is why she’s able to voice her guilt and empathy to Ken– that he must have been terrified and it’s not fair but she doesn’t want him to go. And then he doesn’t and she almost can’t believe it: can’t believe that her words, which had likely proved very ineffectual at altering her situation in the past, have in fact altered something significantly. She is no longer alone. And perhaps more importantly she’s starting to question the universe a little because It was wrong about Dirk.

Imagine Mike and El going to the park and Mike asking El if he can push her on the swings. El, who has never been on a swing before, looks apprehensive but Mike promises that it’ll be fun and El knows she can trust his promises.

So she sets herself down on the swing and grips the chains that creak ever so slightly as she feels Mike’s hands gently press into the small of her back.

“Swing your legs too,” Mike tells her, a smile stretched ear-to-ear. El takes his advice and before she knows it, she feels as though she’s flying.

She feels free as the breeze blows softly against her rosy cheeks. She feels excited each time she flies forward, laughing with glee. And she feels safe because each time she feels herself flying backwards again, she knows Mike’s hands are there waiting for her.

Zoning Out

(Hermione x Reader)

Request:  Hii! I was wondering if you could maybe do a Hermione X reader where the reader is really confused and she gets detention with Snape for zoning out and they like talk about it cause the reader is visibly upset and he’s still a bit of an asshole about it but he’s cute and comforts her that’s it okay to like girls and then she takes his advice and kisses Hermione or something?? So sorry for the long request, I just love Snape and being gay, there aren’t all that many Hermione fics :)) thank you <3

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Zoning out in class was never a good idea but it was an exceptional bad one to do it in Snape’s class. You just couldn’t help but stare at Hermione the whole time, your thoughts anywhere but potions. Of course Snape had noticed, he always did. As a consequence you found yourself in detention, Snape glaring angrily at you for not paying attention, before he set down on his desk and left you to your work.  

You tried to concentrate but it just wouldn’t work. You had never liked anyone before and suddenly you found yourself head over heels for Hermione, which confused you to say the least.  

“You’re spacing out again Miss Y/L/N, surely there’s nothing more important than your detention right now.”  

“Yes Sir.”  

“What’s on your mind?” Snape puts down his quill, raising his eyebrow as he looks at you. He wasn’t particularly interested in the problems of his students but he didn’t like unconcentrated students either. Not that it was likely anyone would spill his feelings in front of him but asking couldn’t hurt.  

“Hermione.” You say honestly, a bit embarrassed. Snape always knew when someone was lying and you didn’t think you were good enough to even try so you stuck to the truth.  

“Hermione?” He looks confused before he continues, “Why?”  

“I…like her.” He couldn’t help the small smirk that spread across his face, making you blush in embarrassment.  

“Is that so?” He says in a smug voice, drumming his fingers on the table as he stares at you.  

“I’ll just go back to my writing.” You mumble while looking back down to your paper.  

“Why are you so embarrassed about it?” Snape asks after a few moments.

“Wha…?” You start confused and look up again, “She’s a girl like me and…”


“So I don’t know what to do…” From all the teachers to talk to about this you had gotten Snape. Like this whole thing wasn’t complicated enough, now you had to put up with his intense stare on you.  

“Detention is over.” Suddenly standing up from his chair, he closes his books and heads for the door, “You have someone to talk to young Lady.”

Your mouth almost drops open as you watch him leave. Was he actually…being nice for once? Either way you decided to take his advice and just talk to her.  

“H-hey uhm…” You stutter after finally finding Hermione alone in the library.  

“Is something wrong?” Her expression changes, worry written all over it as she sees your bright red face and the nervous look.  

“Everything’s fine, don’t worry.” She tilts her head, looking at you, “Do you need something from me?”  

“Yes…” You draw out the word slowly before your brain turns itself off and you lean in, pressing your lips against hers. Both of you don’t move for a second, not sure what’s happening. After a moment you feel her hands on your shirt, tugging you closer and you begin to kiss her again. You part your lips as she kisses back and smile into the kiss, pulling her closer towards you.

Why the 2ps are in detention


Italy: Low key had a temper tantrum because the art teacher told him he needed to “work on” his self portrait and gave him a 95% and not a 100%-

Germany: Lutz legit brought his cat to school. He literally had it in his hoodie pocket and didn’t get caught til third period when it was purring too loudly.-

Japan: He hacked the filters on the school computer to read hentai. The teacher even saw the worst part of it and he was just stone faced no expression of guilt.-

Romano: He kept telling the substitute teacher that “she has no class and had no ass” and that her shoes were ugly and cheap. They were, but she didn’t take kindly to his advice.-

Prussia: His teacher thought he was cheating when he was asking Roland for a pencil.-

Austria: He started to preform black magic right in the middle of a test to curse his teacher because they gave Gilen detention.-

Spain: Santiago, the genius, was cat calling a student teacher and was promptly hit by said student teacher’s purse.-


America: Got into a fist fight with some guy because he said that he was weird for being a vegan. Well, for a vegan he has beef.-

England: “Accidentally” slipped rat poison into the cupcakes at the bake sale. Whoopsie daisy. Well, it wasn’t that bad. Only six people were hospitalized.-

France: He was smoking on campus. That’s it.-

Russia: He corrected his literature teacher multiple times for not putting commas and punctuation marks in certain places. Turns out he was right, too.-

China: Low key sat the trash can on fire by throwing his lit blunt in a trash can full of paper. He had to get rid of it! And, when people are high, they don’t really make many of the best decisions.-

Canada: He was sleeping during class. That’s it.-

Anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on planning and plotting your novel before writing it? I know Stephen King is against it as he says it is not a creative way to write but I also know that other successful writers plot as well. As I write literary fiction I feel like plotting before hand is less of a crime? What do you think?

Stephen King is a brilliant storyteller and he writes well enough for most people, but I wish everyone would stop taking his advice as gospel. It isn’t. There are boat loads of authors out there, who are as talented and successful as he is–or more, who do not agree with all of his advice.

And, the truth of the matter is, you shouldn’t take anyone’s writing advice as written in stone. At the end of the day, you have to listen to advice, consider it, and figure out if it applies to you. If you want to ignore advice, do it! If you want to break rules, do it! Just learn what the rules are and how they work before you try to break them.

As for planning and plotting? NUMEROUS talented, successful, and creative writers plot and plan their stories ahead of time. NUMEROUS. Given that plotting and planning takes the same amount of creativity as coming up with those elements on the fly, I honestly don’t understand how anyone can say that’s not creative. Some people are planners, some people are “pantsers.” Neither method is generally better or worse than the other. It depends on what works best for you and your story.

Regardless of what type of fiction you write, if plotting works for you, go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong or not creative. 

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)