take her from you by dev

Party Games 6


How to fall for your enemy—A Dummies Guide

[1. Set the game] [2. Play like you mean it] [3. Keep playing and don’t ask] [4. Poker Face] [5. Play dirty] [6. Show him what you’ve got] [7. Don’t fall in the trap] [8. Cards on the table] [9. Play the game of love]

Summary: Playing games is an innocent and harmless thing to do. Except when you get so caught up in the game that don’t know if you are playing or not anymore, and then… Well. Then you burn

Chapter word count: ~3.3k

Rating: M

Tags: Watford, eighth year AU, alcohol, enemies to lovers, enemies with benefits, NSFW, smut, mutual pining, fluff, alternating POV first person

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Thank you @eroticgropefest for being my amazing beta!

Notes: I made up some spells

6. Show him what you’ve got


I would be lying if I said the smell of cedar and bergamot isn’t my favourite scent. It’s what I fall asleep to at night, and the first thing I notice in the morning.

And it’s because of Baz.

I have the sensation that lately everything is because of Baz. Not only the bad things, but also the good ones. And that’s new. I’m not sure how to feel about it.

“Good morning, darling,” I hear him saying behind me in the bed. No, I must have imagined it. Baz is never going to call me “darling”. The fact that we have a sort of truce doesn’t mean he’s going to magically develop romantic feelings for me. Not that I want him to. We’re good as friends–or whatever the fuck we are now.

Baz’s arms are wrapped around me and I feel him pulling me closer to him. I wouldn’t mind if we stayed like this all day.

He breathes on my neck and it sends shivers down my spine. But that’s not the only thing I notice that causes a reaction over my whole body.

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I love Gil but if you cut Jill out from his plotline there is almost nothing left.
Imagine how much better his romance would be if he realized on his own that he wants kids instead of never ending teasing on her part.
Jill is such a bad character.
Pretending otherwise is an excuse for devs who fail to write fulfilling m/m content.

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What does everyone in the baseball team want to do after high school?

One of the reasons Dallas studies the hardest out of everyone is because he wants to maintain his grades and stay on the baseball team. This boy wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a professional baseball player. He’s already being eyed by a couple of mlb franchises, and he was honestly, really hoping, expecting Malek to come with him to the MLB draft, but Malek has Other Plans. Malek really wants to become a marine biologist. He wants to earn a PhD too. I wrote in my notebook, Malek plans to double major, and well. You know Malek. He loves suffering. The idea of university life Excites him.The only downside to that is he’ll be separated from Dallas and Poppy. It doesn’t matter. He’ll probably call them a lot anyway. Maybe secure himself a place in Dallas’ life permanently by asking him out. He’s got everything under control. Poppy. I’m thinking Poppy wants to go to college but she’d be a little intimidated by university. And she really loves the small town, so she might take arts in a small local college. She wants to be a tattoo artist. Dev encourages her, because he has her back no matter what. whilst both her doctor parents kinda disapprove, but they don’t say anything about that.

Parker’s parents expect him to take law, in some Big University, but Parker really wants to study entomology, if not that, being on his grandmother’s farm got him into agriculture. He’s been helping his grandmum develop a lot of peach varieties. 

Phoebus, y’know, he likes observing, and staying in place. He loves astrophysics and he’s been well-groomed to Become An Actual Nasa Scientist. Ari, on the other hand, likes building things. They really like robotics, but they haven’t thought about the future much. Phoebus’ dreams are really big compared to Ari, who consider themself to be much more “realistic” than Phoebus.”Outer space is scary but since you’re so insistent, I’ll contact NASA myself, and request them to blast you into the sun,” Ari would say, whenever Phoebus would suggest Ari could be an engineer there. Phoebus laughs. They have a weird way of showing their affection. 

Sara would absolutely love to become an architect. She’s been rigorously studying Calculus and several Other Mathly things to prepare herself. She’s already good at mechanical drawing, it’s all set for her. She spoke to Malek once about Math. She asked if she could look at his homework because she forgot hers at home. Dude was nuts. His homework was color-coded. His answers were essays. “Explain how you solved this problem,” What the fuck, who has the time, Sara thought, while pulling out several markers, intending on doing the same.

Can’t elaborate on Tyler and Blake because it might be plot-relevant. 

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: how do familiars work in the arcana universe?? the devs said that asra got faust while she was still in her egg so we can assume some kind of imprinting is part of it but then how do magicians get live birth familiars??? or can you not??? the devs have also implied that familiars are Not actually regular animals (see their answers about what kind of snake faust is), but instead an entirely different thing, so what is their exact origin??? do all animals in this universe have a cousin species of magical ~familiar~ [insert animal here] or is it just a select few??? did they evolve to be this way or was it done by a magician in the past??? are they rare???? why doesn’t the mc have one if they aren’t??? are you given a familiar at a certain step in magical training???

★ Thick as Thieves / Devin Druid ★

Words: 1299

“I’m so excited,” you grin, adjusting your dress as you step out of the car. 

Devin chuckles and takes your hand in his, “I never would have guessed,” he teases, stroking your skin with his thumb as he intertwines your fingers. “They’re all looking forward to seeing you again, and I’m sure Jazmin is counting down the minutes until we arrive.” 

You laugh, “I texted her when we were leaving the apartment, so she should be expecting us to be there any second now. I’ve missed her,” you pout. “It feels like I haven’t seen her in forever.”

Your boyfriend rolls his eyes, “You were face-timing with her last night.”

Squeezing his hand, you release a small sigh, “But it’s not the same thing, Dev. It really isn’t.”

Devin lets you pull him towards the restaurant, “Whatever you say.”

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Lesbian song suggestions/playlist??

I’m actually working on a lesbian playlist soon as I find a site for it that isn’t 8tracks! but for now here’s some of the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat!

• Girls - Beatrice Eli ( the lesbian mood, GI R L S)

• Take Her From You - DEV (dangerous sounding, makes me want to seduce girls away from their boyfriends) 

• Party (XXO) - GLAM (LESBIAN J POP!! Super fun sounding) 

• I Didn’t Just Kiss Her - Jen Foster (country lesbian, wish I had more of that) 

• Summertime ft. V-nasty - Kreayshawn (this one is an acquired taste but I love it in the end ) 

• Girlfriend - Icona Pop (funk I love pop songs) 

vriskanroserezi fanmix! art by me

listen on 8tracks (w/ song pairing info)

plastic stars, freezepop // la vie en rose, cristin milloti // bobbing for apples, regina spektor // take her from you, dev // don’t you evah, spoon // wrecking ball, mother mother //  fluorescent adolescent, kate nash // back in your head, tegan and sara // you don’t deserve yourself, andrew jackson jihad // hate yourself, tv girl // bartender, regina spektor // are you hurting the one you love, florence + the machine

THE RULER & THE KILLER | listen | “When I talk, you should listen…” - a mix for rulers pt. 2 

Glass & Patron FKA twigs // Drawn to the Blood Sufjan Stevens // Hit and Run LOLO // Take Her from You Dev // Midnight Sun Neon Hitch // Satisfaction Allen Stone // Arsonist’s Lullaby  Hozier // Cassiopeia Layla // Money Power Glory Lana Del Rey // Numbers FKA Twigs // Me and the Devil Soap&Skin // Paralyzed Mystery Skulls // The Ruler & The Killer Kid Cudi // Hope In the Air Laura Marling // Female Robbery The Neighborhood // One Time Marian Hill


> There was a super(giant) awesome Red in the cosplay contest at RTX 2016 today! If you’re her, or if you know her, please tell me so I can tag you. (And hopefully take another picture tomorrow at the con?)

> So I got to talk with the Supergiant devs again today! While my roommate was playing Pyre (and kicking Lendel’s butt), I got to ask some more questions of Michael Ailshe and Logan Cunningham.

> Not only does Logan voice the ever-pompous Archjustice, but he also voices Lendel of the Accusers! Hedwyn the Deserter, as you know, is voiced by Chris Saphire (Asher from Transistor), Rukey Greentail is voiced by Darren Korb, and Jodariel is voiced by Kristin Wilson. In case that name isn’t familiar to her, she was the speaking voice for Red, Sybil Reisz, and Zia!

>From what Michael said, it’s possible that she was also involved in providing reference for Red’s motions? Don’t quote me on that.

> @venhediss​ sent me some wonderful questions, so I’ll post one of them here:

> “You emphasize mechanics a lot - obvs good mechanics make a game more fun, but what are your other goals besides making them feel good to play? Convey story, etc. How much does surface-level artistic design play into this as well?”

> Basically Michael said that they want everything in their games to be holistic and complete, with everything working together as one experience. He also talked a lot about everyone stretching themselves for Pyre, from writing to art to 3D modeling. They’re going to try to go in a pretty new direction
with Pyre, while keeping at least some part of it that points back to Supergiant. I think they really have succeeded in that so far.

> As a fun note! Logan said Greg basically based the Archjustice’s voice after just some random voice Logan can do. No lie.

> Honestly, Pyre is super fun. The story is engaging, the narrative is compelling, the characters are memorable and the gameplay fun! It encourages all levels of skill with the smart AI system, and I can’t wait to see it in its full form!

> (As a last note… I’m so sorry to that poor guy who lost in the final Rites match. That’s rough, buddy.)

Yandere Dev just seems too rude about this.


Okay Yandere Dev, let me give a constructive argument that isn’t ‘whining’ that hits actual points on why people can be just as upset about this as they want to be and why adding panties at any point in this game will ruin it, based on that YOU said YOU wanted this game to be taken SERIOUSLY.

I’ll hit two topics here.

⦁ Why Sexualization Of A Teen Girl Is Wrong

Yes the age of sexual consent is lower in Japan, this game IS NOT made in japan and seeing how it is made in mainly English, the demographic is more available to English speakers around the world, including laws in the United States. Yandere Dev himself lives in the United States, meaning this game would include Us law. Which this means, age of consent with a teen and adult is 18. Only a few characters, third years and a select few second years, are 18. Yandere Chan herself is 17, not 18. This makes sen, her being a second year. A 16 year old and 17 year old can consent, but thats the highest you can go. Yandere dev himself stated this game was focused to 20-30 year olds. That is way above sexual consent, making showing a teen girl in her underwear very inappropriate and well down right disgusting. Grown men and women will be able to choose to sexual a teen character, and the silhouette doesn’t really censor it so they will be kinda forced to see it anyway.

⦁ It Is Taking The Seriousness Away From a Game Where You Play The Bad Guy/Villain

Murder, kidnapping, torture, etc IS NOT A GOOD THING. Playing the villain should not make the player comfortable and it should not have jokes. I understand the eastereggs, they most likely wont be in the final game so that’s why I am not upset about them.  I’ve said it before, but I will say it again cause not many games do this well; OFF is a game where you play the whole time thinking you are the hero. The game is already dark from the beginning and makes you feel uncomfortable through out. As the game continues, things get dark and more disturbing.  In the game you end up killing innocent creatures and even your own wife and child. By then, the player is already second guessing everything, and are already putting pieces together. At the end you can choose to be the good guy or continue being the villain. The game give the playable character, the villain, a reason for doing what he does, but it also does’t give a good enough reason for killing. The whole game makes you feel disturbed about what you have done. In this game, there is no sexualization of any any thing, and the the inventory is simple. In Yandere Sim, you know you are the bad guy the whole time. You can pick a pacifist rout, but you can also stay a murder. Even choosing the pacifist rout, you are still a villain, seeing as how you manipulating people and their feelings. You should also feel guilty for what you have done. Playing the non pacifist rout should make you feel disturbed the whole way through. The murder mechanics have done will with this so far, but the skirt inventory has taken this all away.  Adding sexual content, even the slightest, adds disgust or humor to the game, taking away the disturbed feeling. This makes the player, even if it’s only slightly, feel that their actions aren’t as bad. If you want a serious game, adding sexual content will not help, and it will take away everything serious about the game.

Remember Yandere Dev, you are creating a pacifist rout for people WHO ARE UPSET ABOUT MURDER AND SUCH. They will have different views on things like this, other then the people who are okay with the murder and such in the game.

I myself, am a horror fanatic. I love horror, but I’m am disgusted by people who make murder seem okay. I love games where you play the villain, AS LONG AS THEY MAKE SURE TO HIT THAT MURDER AND SUCH IS. NOT. OKAY. If I play Yandere Simulator, I will be playing the pacifist rout. I find murder and such HORRIBLE but I love stories that hit facts and send chills up my spine, but not anything that makes murder seem okay in anyway. Yandere Sim was doing okay with this, but adding sexual content just ruins it.

I am disgusted by fans of this game who make posts about how they want to murder kids in their school. Making a game like this fun or interesting in a sexual way, makes people think this way of thinking is okay. Yandere Simulator should not do this. Yandere sim should pull people in and make them want to play, but it should make them feel disgusted bout Yancahn or make them debate whether she is justifiable or not. That’s how to make a game where you play the villain.

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1 for Liv, Vanessa, and Evangeline; 3 for Liv; 10 for Vanessa; 12 for Evangeline, please!

Liv & 3 was already answered

1. What was the first element of your OC you remember considering?

Olivia: her name, probably. She was actually created in a teary fit of frustration while playing Susan through early bits of ME2; I’d stupidly changed Susan’s class from soldier to infiltrator (she’s totally an infiltrator, but after soldiering my way through ME1, taking away my assault rifle was a bad call), and I wasn’t doing well with the combat changes at all. So I wanted to go back to ME1 because I knew how to play it, and thus Olivia was born.

Vanessa: hey, can I kill all the dudes in this game

Evangeline: Leah wasn’t enough of a fuckup, let’s try harder

10. If they have an LI, how much of their character is tailored to be compatible with that person?

Not a thing. Vanessa was developed as a cold, calculating, ruthless engineer from the start. The Vanessa/Tali/Ashley OT3 came completely out of left field for me.

(I think they end up complementing each other. Combat-wise, literally everything is on fire. Personality-wise, the two of them soften her (in private), and her utterly immovable steel spine gives Ashley the confidence to believe she won’t top out at gunnery chief, and Tali the confidence to stand up to the Admiralty Board’s bullshit) 

12. What have you found to be most difficult about creating any type of art for your OC?

Balancing “complete and total fuckup, everyone is dead” with “decent human being, just shit at leadership making good choices” (she’s actually quite paragon; I’m playing her renegade because that’s my personal preference, and Evangline is, frankly, a mathematical experiment). And also balancing “shit at leadership and making good choices” with “an actual N7 soldier Hackett thought was competent enough to be the first human Spectre.”

[questions about creating your OCs]

Nov. Update: Our Next Steps

So if anyone has been following closely, they would have noticed that we didn’t make the YuriJam 2016 Oct. 31 deadline. As much as we would have wanted to mark our game as a successful YuriJam applicant, we realized the issues we had were very real and knew that in order to put out a good product, some more time was needed.

For the past few weeks, we’ve completely reapproached some aspects of the game and couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made since! Three new team members have been added to our group: Jessie Gallo, our new writer who will be plotting, planning, and problem solving our story; Jennifer Shi, who will be our colorist and assistant character artist; and William Tan, our new programmer and connection to Rocktastic Games, who’s partnering together with us for CP.

Thanks to William and Rocktastic, we’ve completely scrapped our Ren’py build in favor of Unity, which has been much easier for the type of game we wanted to make, and it has also opened many new doors for us in the programming department. Our interface has been revamped, with a mock desktop and automated chat sequence; apologies in advance for the pixelated gif ._. (Note: All icons and backgrounds are placeholders and will not be used in the demo or final product).

William will be working hard with Camy in order to create a beautiful, interactive interface. Camy is currently working on our GUI, and already has made a beautiful night sky wallpaper for our opening screen (as seen above) with our final logo from WinterMochie.

With our new colorist on board, Jennifer (Or as we refer to her as: Gale/Galember) will be taking the linework from Whitney and adding in flats and shades. Gale will then be sending those PSDs off back to Whitney for final lighting and color adjustments for a uniform look. 

Finally, the girls will also be getting their own set of custom chat stickers! Just as you would find on the Facebook Messenger or LINE, our girls will be able to really express themselves with these cute emotes! 

Next week we’ll hopefully be able to update the dev blog again with some insight into our game’s new art and  features! We’re moving forward fairly quickly, and we can’t wait to share more of our progress with everyone! 

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"And now you know. what is that old elven curse? may the dread wolf take you?" "and so he did" "I did not. I would not lay with you under false pretenses." <- I don't understand. Lavellan is saying that the dread wolf DID 'take' her (w/e that means) and Solas is saying that he didn't and he wouldn't lay with her under a lie. I don't understand. Can you elaborate? I'm not understanding, like, English here or something.

Hey hey, let’s talk about the beauty of interpretation! :D The ask is spoilery, so this post is already tagged six ways to Sunday, but obviously spoilers under the cut.

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{ 8tracks } / { playmoss }

{01} girls / beatrice eli
{02} crazy / au revoir simone
{03} don’t wanna dance alone / fifth harmony
{04} i don’t do boys / elektra
{05} there’s a girl / the ditty bops
{06} señorita / chlöe howl
{07} girls / sugababes
{08} take her from you / dev

Expedition squad composition

Today I wanted to share some details about one of game features - composing party. I hope you like the idea, enjoy ^^

The sole core of any expedition are of course the very people who takes part in it. Wise and balanced selection of participants  is a necessary condition for conducting successful excursion.

In Expedition:1883 party is combined of 3  main groups:


Strong men from local tribes hired to carry supplies and equipment. Increase weight capacity.


Troops of Her Majesty Colonial Forces whose job is to protect the explorers from various hostilities and, in extreme cases, keep order among expedition members. Increase party combat stats.


Individuals with certain professions and hired for  concrete tasks. This group is combined of chosen characters having different skillsets, wages and personalities.

Examples of professions to appear in game are:

  • hunter
  • geographer
  • officer
  • medic
  • archeologist
  • etc

Proffession efficiency depends on level achieved in this certain skill by party member and/or it can sum up from different members (eg. 2 hunters will provide more food that one but not necesserely with higher chance of success).

sad girl crush - a playlist for when you don’t know if she likes you back & you are sad. (all female artists, she/her pronouns in most songs, (neutral pronouns in the rest) several out lgbt artists)

track listing: counting stars - angel haze / teenage dirtbag - mary lambert / let her go - arden cho / te amo - rihanna / summertime sadness - angel haze / sweater weather - kina grannis / i could be - kyla la grange / jenny - lily sevin / take her from you - dev


Video editing isn’t usually my thing, but I had this idea stuck in my head ever since seeing this episode, so I had to do it! The song is “Take Her From You” by Dev. 

I would have continued it through the whole song, but…  I got comic pages to draw!