take her advice

No, but seriously, Scotty and Keenser are going to be such proud uncles to Jaylah as she rips her way through the Engineering track at Starfleet Academy

“I didn’t watch the whole documentary, after a few episodes that was too painful. I kept wanting to scream at Pam. It took me so long to do so many important things. It’s just hard to accept that I spent so many years being less happy than I could’ve been. Jim was five feet from my desk and it took me four years to get to him. It’d be great if people saw this documentary and learned from my mistakes. Not that I’m a tragic person, I’m really happy now but it would just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this and she said to herself, "Be strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears.” Just go after what you want and act fast because life just isn’t that long. There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things, isn’t that kind of the point?“

Pam Halpert, The Office Series Finale

Holtzy hair things

.Patty wants to try something new and has to go to the beauty supply store and drags her bae along .
.holtzmann is just kind of in awe(she’s white lets face it she would be)
.“your hair can do all of that?”
.patty just laughs and tells her to help pick a color
.holtzmann sees blonde locs and patty tells her to not even think about it
.(“babe trust me you’re white that isn’t going to go well”)
.she takes her advice
.They wander the isles and patty points out different styles she’s had over the years
.holtzy pays because treat your gf
.patty ends up with a new pair of earings and shoulder length black and green box braids

MISTAKE - Nash Grier - Part 3

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How I used to be

In the next two days I see Nash only twice. Once when he gets into his car with Hayes and I assume they go to the lake, and the second time when he goes for a walk with Zan and Skylynn. I tried my best to avoid him after our little conversation. When Friday came the thoughts of the party completely replaced Nash. My friend, Bella came over in the afternoon so we could get ready together.

“Which one?” I ask standing in front of the mirror while holding up two dresses in front of me. A blue one with V-neck and a red one that had no straps.

“Red. Definitely the red,” she says smiling at me as she curls her hair. I take her advice and as soon as I’m done with straightening my hair I put on the dress.

We leave the house around eight and Bella drives us over to one of our schoolmates’ house.

“Can I ask you something?” she asks suddenly when we stop at a red lights.


“What’s going on with you and Nash now that he is home?” I don’t respond for a moment so she adds: “Don’t act like you’re not bothered by it, because I know you are.”

“Nothing is going on,” I say staring out of the window. “He thinks that he can just come back and pretend like nothing happened, but I’m not going to play this game.”

“I’m with you, sister. He was a dick to you,” she agrees and then park the car when we arrive to the part. Cars are parked in a long line on the street and you can easily tell which house was the location of the party because the music was blasting through the speakers and teenagers were all around it everywhere.

“Okay, come on. I hope that the cute guy who works at Target is here,” she sighs making me laugh as we walk inside.

There are too many people to be able to walk through the house without someone stopping you. I hold my beer while talking to some girls from my school, Bella is somewhere outside looking for cute guys and I’m just really having a good time. These past days got me really worked up, so it’s nice to finally relax. But it’s right until the Grier brothers walk inside and make every girl’s knees go weak.

I go to the bathroom before Nash or Hayes can see me and waiting in the line I’m thinking about just going home. When I get into the bathroom I quickly take care of my needs and then stand in front of the mirror.

“You can do this, don’t let him ruin your fun!” I tell myself and then splash some cold water to my face. I fix my dress and hair and then walk out looking for Bella.

I can’t find him, but a guy from biology, I think his name is Rob stops me and I start chatting with him and his friends, but then Nash sees me.

“Excuse me, I gotta go,” I smile awkwardly to the boys trying to run away from Nash, but he reaches me anyway.

“Bailey, hey! Didn’t think you would be here,” he says keeping up with my pace as I make my way out to the backyard looking for Bella.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I ask frowning.

“It’s just… You used to hate parties,” he says and here we go again. With this “how I used to be and how I am now” thing that annoys me to death.

“Can you please stop comparing me to my old self? I’m not sixteen anymore.”

We stand on the porch as I run my eyes through the people outside and even though I told myself to just forget about Nash I can’t. I just want to go home.

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” he says. “Are you looking for someone?”

“Yes, my friend, Bella. I want to go home and she promised me to give me a ride.”

Just as I finish my sentence I see her at the pool laughing with a guy and I can tell she is wasted.

“Great,” I mumble running my fingers through my hair.

“She doesn’t seem like she can drive you home,” Nash states just making me even madder.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious!” I stare at him giving him my best death glare before marching back into the house. He runs after me.

“Bailey, let me drive you home. I wanted to go anyway.”

“No, thank you,” I say immediately.

“Please! What do you want to do? Walk home? It would be an hour long walk.” I stop thinking about it and I hate to admit but he is right. I’m not sure if there’s anyone who I would feel safe sitting next to in a car and it seems like Nash hasn’t drink. I hate asking him a favour but I really want to go home.

“Okay,” I finally say and I see a small smile on his lips. “But I’m not willing to talk to you in the car,” I add.

We walk out of the house, everyone tries to talk to Nash, but he just politely excuses himself and follows me out to the street.

“What about Hayes?” I ask looking back at the house. Drunk teenagers are dancing and sitting on the front porch and they make me wish I was that drunk too so I wouldn’t care about anything.

“No, he sleeps over at one of his friends’ place, the guy’s mom will fetch them later.”

I nod and we both get into his car. I buckle up and he starts the car and then we head home. The whole “I’m not talking to you” think lasts until he speaks up and I can’t stop myself from replying.

“So you and Bella are close?” he asks glancing at me for a second and then turning back to the road.


“She seemed like a nice girl when I was still in the school.”

“You don’t know her,” I growl back. Nash and Bella have never met before and I think he didn’t even know she existed before he saw her with me.

“No, but…”

“Nash, stop.” I make him shut up and turn to him to continue. “Don’t try to reach me through the past. You have no idea what went down since you decided you were too good to be friends with me, okay?”

“I’m not trying to-“

“Yes you are!” I snap cutting him off. “You bring up what was before you left and try to casually talk with me while I really don’t want to.”

“But I want to talk to you Baliey to apologize and solve this situation! I hate seeing you around every day and know that you hate my guts,” he explains and we finally turn into our street. My escape is close.

“And you’re surprised?” I scoff. He parks the car, but the door is closed so I can’t get out.

“I wasn’t the one sending rude texts telling the other to fuck themselves and go to Hell,” he snaps back and immediately realizes that he went far.

“You deserved that text and I regret nothing,” I sneer through my teeth. “Now open the door and let me go,” I order.

“Bailey, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-“

“Open the door!” I scream and he finally do as I asked. I jump out of the car, run across the street and go into the house finally escaping him. I already regret letting him drive me home, because I went to that party to clear my mind and have fun but he completely ruined it and gave me even more to think about until the next time I see him.

SamBucky + Pokemon Go

He realizes this isn’t what his therapist had probably meant when she said he should try to get out more. But, Bucky thinks she would be impressed that he’s actually taking her advice. The smartphone in his right hand is slick with sweat and his footfalls are heavy on the pavement. He’s been wandering around trying to pinpoint the location of this fucking Abra for the past twenty minutes. The summer heat is unbearable and he can feel his shirt sticking to his back.

Then, it’s finally in sight, just sitting in the grass next to the sidewalk. Bucky can’t help but think it looks smug. Out of the corner of his eye he spots a man approaching at a jog. He’s holding a smartphone up in one of his hands. At first Bucky tells himself this guy is probably just doing something normal like using his GPS to map out a new running route or sending a quick text. But, the guy ends up stopping a few feet away and he turns until he’s facing the Abra.

“Nope!” Bucky yells over to him. “I got here first!”

“Then why haven’t you caught the damn thing?” The guy grins at him and Bucky tries really hard not to find the little gap between his two front teeth cute.

“I’m working on it,” Bucky mumbles as he swaps his phone to his metal hand and wipes his sweat-slicked hand on the side of his pants. He uses his index finger to throw a Pokeball that fucking misses. “Fuck!” he hisses under his breath.

“Shit!” he hears the stranger cry out. The two of them stand there hurtling Pokeballs at these thing until it finally runs off. “Oh come on!”

“Why’d you have to go and scare him off like that?” Bucky calls to the stranger.

The stranger rolls his eyes and shakes his head before he turns around to jog in the other direction. Bucky decides to pursue a Pokemon that just so happens to be in the opposite direction.

It’s been a pretty good couple of days, although Bucky has more Rattatas than he knows what to do with. He ends up following his phone to the park where he finds a Dratini in one of the fountains. Of course, he also spots the same stranger from the other day. He’s wearing athletic shorts and a fitted tank top. Bucky excuses his stares for sizing up the enemy. The stranger comes over to stand next to him, holding his phone up in front of him. “Seriously?” Bucky grumbles, loud enough for the guy to hear him.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.” The stranger has already worked on throwing Pokeballs. It’s so on.

After a minute, and a lot of muted swearing, the stranger ends up being the one to capture the Dratini and he flashes Bucky that same smile from the other day. Bucky glares in response. “You can get the next one.” The stranger turns to jog off and Bucky watches after him wondering what the fucking chances were that he’d run into this guy again.

Pretty fucking high apparently. He’s tracking down another Abra when he spots a familiar face. He’s a couple blocks from home and pointing his phone at his neighbors yard. “Hey, you said I’d get the next one!” he calls over to the stranger who puts his hands up in defense before lowering his phone.

It’s Bucky’s turn to smile as he tries to capture the Pokemon. The stranger wanders over to stand next to him to watch the action. “You now, if you miss you can tap on the Pokeball to pick it back up,” the stranger points out.

“Great. Now you tell me.” Bucky laughs and he’s surprised at how genuine it is. He ends up catching the Abra with a loud exclamation. He turns to find Sam grinning at him. He holds out his hand. “Nice to meet a fellow trainer,” he says. His voice is serious but he’s returning Sam’s smile.

“Sam Wilson.” He shakes his hand. His fingers are warm and calloused.

“Bucky Barnes.”

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Imagine Marinette, Harry!Adrien's secretary, barging into her boss' office and seeing a shirtless Adrien packing some superb abs and muscles. Mari blushes brightly, apologizes, tells him she'll come back later, quickly closes the door and leaves.

As the girl leaves, she is trying to get the image of her boss off her mind while repeating the words, “Don’t think about his bod”. She failed on taking her own advice. Adrien would catch up after Mari, flirt with her and asked her on a date (normally he wouldn’t do this, but because of the Venom symbiote corrupting the blonde, he’d act strange around other people). Before a flustered Marinette could fully answer, the symbiote draws Adrien’s elsewhere and the boss told the brunette to “hold that thought” before he leaves the confused young lady.

Notes: Dad (Chapter 5) Ichabbie Fanfic AU

Enjoy. :)

           Morning, Mr. 205. Have a good day today, okay? Do what’s best for you. :) If it doesn’t work out between your parents, at least you tried.

           -Abbie Mills, 204

           She didn’t bother knocking, so she stuck it between his door before she headed off to work. It was eight something in the morning. People needed their rest.  

           Maybe she should take her own advice. Her parents have tried to rebuild their relationship with her. And she has already taken the first step by reconnecting with Jenny. It didn’t make any sense to go backward. What the hell then? she thought. Now, it’s just a matter of where to start. She wasn’t sure which one of her parents pissed her off the most. They both did incredible damage.  Sighing, she decided not to think about it until her lunch break.


           When Crane opened his door, a slip of paper fell to the floor. Of course, he smiled and picked it up. This was their routine, one he enjoyed more than he should. He liked her encouragement. It gave him this little extra push to confront his mother and father. Even if they disregarded everything he said, he’d still be who he was; he’d be okay.

           His time was limited, as he had to make his way to work. He’d be sure to write back later on tonight.


           “How you doing, kid?” Corbin said.

           Abbie stirred her chili, smiled. “Good. Just wanted to talk.”

           “Jen Jen told me you two saw each other.”

           “We did. I’ve missed her.”

           “I’m proud of you, kid.”

           She nodded. “Thanks.”

           “What’s the problem?”

           “Jenny and I are getting back to where we were, but things with my parents…”

           “Do you want to speak to them?”

           “I don’t know.”

           “You do know.”

           “I don’t, Corbin.”

           “A, don’t sit in that anger.”

           “It’s ‘A’ now?”

           “Abbie,” he said.

           She did want to settle things with them. That lightness she felt after meeting Jenny was something she wanted again. It was good for her.

           “I hear you, okay? Just tell me who’s next.”

           “Only you know that.”

           “You’re supposed to be helping me.”

           She never liked it when she didn’t get straight answers from him, yet she understood them all. He was telling her without telling her.

           “I am helping you. You’ll be fine.”

           She didn’t think she’d be, but Corbin always had a way of making her believe him. She smiled a little. Speaking to her dad would be a bit easier than speaking to mama. She harbored so much resentment against her that she’s wasn’t prepared to see her yet.

           “Thanks, Corbin.”

           “Make it right, kid.”

           She nodded. “Later.”

           After they hung up, Abbie dialed her dad’s number before she lost her nerve. What if she was too late and he didn’t want to see her?

           “Hello?” he said. “Abbie?”

           His voice hit her, and she didn’t hold her tears back. She loved his voice, his full baritone. He sung them a lullaby to chase away their fears about the boogie man when they were younger. The song was about a butterfly searching for a home, for love. That’s what his voice sounded like in her ear. She wiped her face.


           “How are you?”

           “I’m okay. You?”

           “Good.” He paused. “I’m surprised you called.”


           She didn’t know how to feel.

           “I’ve missed you, Abigail. I’m so, so sorry for—”

           “Can we meet?”

           She didn’t think this conversation should happen over the phone.

           “Where and when?”

           “Around six today. At the park.”

           “I’ll see you then.”

           “Yeah.” Abbie ended the call, inhaled and exhaled.                                                                      


           Crane reorganized a stack of books while he thought about Abbie’s note. He texted his parents and told them he’d meet them for dinner this evening to have a conversation with them. They had to know once and for all they couldn’t dictate his life. It was his life. He hoped they’d really listen. All they heard were themselves. Funnily enough, even after their recent horrid lunch, the little boy in him still desired their approval. He thought he’d always want that from them.  But if his last lunch date with them taught him anything at all, it’s that they wouldn’t give it to him. He wasn’t like them: all business-like and money talk. However, as Abbie reminded him, at least he tried. He’d make one more attempt.


           Abbie was here again, in the same park, in the exact same spot under the gazebo, two minutes early. Maybe this is where she’d reunite with all her family, make better experiences with them.

           She played with her hands as she waited out the time. Would she scream at him or hear him out? How does she even start this conversation? She never answered her own questions because her time ran out. There he was, walking toward her in a black jacket and dark blue jeans. He pocketed his hands, stared at his heavy boots, the ones he gardened in before he left home. Abbie liked to help in the garden. It was their thing.

           As he got closer, he gave her a small smile she didn’t return. She stared elsewhere. Her hands continued to fumble, even when he sat down beside her.

           “Hi, Abigail.”


           “Thanks for meeting me.”


           “Listen, Abbie, I can’t even begin to say—”

           She looked at him. “Why did you do it?”

           There was no reason for him to have abandoned them like he did. He and mama had their problems. They fought in the late hours. She doesn’t know much about what went on though. All she knew was her dad never came back. No calls, no visits. Nothing could fill that cavity after he left.

           “My leaving had nothing to do with you or your sister. It had everything to do with me and your mother. She’d been cheating on me with someone from work. I left when I found out.” He paused. “In doing that, I hurt you girls. I can never take that back.”

           The day after the park, Abbie and Jenny drew pictures in their room when they heard their dad’s boots stomp down the hall. They stood in their doorway, saw him walk pass with a suitcase. They followed him down the stairs. Their questions couldn’t help but meet his ears; he turned to them, got on his knees, hugged them, and kissed both of their foreheads.

           “Will you come back?” Abbie said.

           “No, sweetie.”

           “This is your home. Where will you go?” Jenny said.

           “New York. A friend I know lives there. She has three dogs and likes to travel to California.”

           “Can we come?” Abbie said.

           He kissed her forehead again. “You have to stay here. I love you girls. Take care of each other. Promise?” He held out his pinky for them. They linked theirs with his.

           “Promise,” they said.

           He kissed their cheeks and walked out the door. They stood there, clinging to the other’s pinkies, hoping he’d come back.

           A week later, mama moved in her punk ass boyfriend. Abbie didn’t know that she cheated on him. Mama told them that dad didn’t want to be with her anymore, like it was him who made that choice when she forced him to make it from the start. She didn’t think she could dislike mama any more than she did now. Her skin turned warm; she swallowed.

           “Why didn’t you come to visit or call?”

           “I didn’t know what your mother had said to you all about what happened, about me. I had a feeling it wasn’t the truth. If I had remained in contact, I didn’t know who you’d believe. It wouldn’t have done any good if I put you two in a situation to where you had to choose between your parents. I thought it’d be best if you stayed with her.”

           “It wasn’t what was best. We needed you. Jenny and I sat in the living room before school the next few days, waiting.” Her tears came. “You didn’t show up for us.”

           Looking to be near tears himself, he put his hand over hers. Then he pulled her to him. She didn’t fight his embrace.

           “I’m so sorry I failed you girls.”

           As she felt herself letting go of her anger and loneliness, her dad sung the lullaby to her. The lightness overtook her again. It filled the cavity.


           “How is New York?” Abbie said, wiping her face and putting some space between them. “You told us you knew someone there.”

           “New York is nice. You should come visit. Her name is Lindsey. She’s a nice woman, but we’re just friends. I knew her from work and stayed at her place until I found my own.”

           “You two never had a thing?”

           It would’ve bothered her if they did, especially if they had children. He’d belong to that family, sing them lullabies and create gardens.

           “She wanted one; we tried for a while, but I couldn’t be with anyone else after your mother.”

           There were a lot of things Abbie didn’t know. She had more questions, ones only mama could answer. She’d need plenty of strength and peace to face her. She tore their family apart. How could Jenny forgive her for that?

           “I see.”

           “It was finally good to see you.”

           “You, too, dad.” She saw tears in his eyes again.

           He kissed her forehead. “I miss hearing that.”

           “I miss saying it.”

           She truly felt lightweight, like bubbles or Styrofoam.

           “If you want, we can spend more time together. I’m seeing your sister tomorrow before she leaves. You can join us.”

           “I saw her yesterday. I’ll be sure to call her though. I have other stuff to take care of, so you two have fun.”

           He nodded. “I understand. Next time. Take care of each other, okay?”

           “We will.”

           Sighing, he stood up. “I guess I better be going. I have work tomorrow. Where are you working?”

           She stood as well. “The FBI.”

           “I missed that much, huh?”

           “Yeah, but I would like to catch up.”

           He kissed her forehead again. She really did miss her dad and hoped they could recreate their bond.

           “Promise?” He held out his pinky for her.

           She smiled, wrapped hers around his. “Promise.”


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gcV2GXdkJo)

Okay, so watching these scenes I’m constantly caught off guard by the fact that Emma’s wearing satin. Emma never wears satin. The only other time I think we’ve seen her wear satin was when she borrowed it from Regina. I mean, did she borrow it this time too? She hasn’t been wearing the armor this season as much, has she?

She’s literally the only one who’s dressed as fancy as Regina. Tell me it doesn’t look like they’re two fancy wives, living together in a fancy home, entertaining their guests.

Then Emma leaves and Regina is like “Be careful, hon.”

And Hook and Snow are like “What?!”

Then there’s Regina “subtly” making sure Emma doesn’t fall down the stairs, you know, takes her advice to heart.

And Emma looks back like “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

I’m completely grasping at straws, but seriously, Emma in a satin blouse at Regina’s fancy house while Regina is in a similar blouse is just, crazy.

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hey i know this might be too personal but what went down with you and maddy rafferty? did you guys just drift or something else?

I made a personal decision to get to know someone she knew of due to him living in the same area as us and I didn’t take her advice so I could make my own judgment on the person instead of listening to rumours and she got real mad.