take food away from white people

My favorite Shady/Illegal tips

*If you don’t have a stamp, reverse your destination and return addresses. The post office will deliver it to the return address for free

*One bag of garbage from a McDonald’s dumpster has hundreds of receipts in it, each of which has a survey. Submit each one for lots of free food

*Holding a cell phone to your ear justifies loitering. This aids in public urination, dumpster diving, stalking, trespassing, etc

*If you’re going to plagiarize, plagiarize something in a foreign language. Use a translator and spend a few minutes touching up the results.

*If they have free refills, save your cup. Next time you eat there, your drink is free.

*A plastic coffee stir stick can fool any push in coin acceptor that loads the coins on edge. Just insert stir stick, push the mechanism forward until you feel the stick hit a bump, push the bump down with the stick and push the mech all the way in

*If you look like you know what you’re doing, no one will bother you.

*When lying, always include something slightly embarrassing, or something that makes you look bad, as part of your story. It’s not only going to disarm their skepticism (admitting to something embarrassing gives an impression of humility), but even if they remain skeptical, they’ll be left wondering why you would make something up that you’d rather keep secret if it were true

*Using Clorox or any bleach will turn the red/pink liquid detection dot on electronic devices back to white so they replace them under warranty

* “A drug dealer in DC taught me to pick my nose if the police are staring at me. No one picks their nose if they think someone is watching them, so it’s the ultimate way of being nonchalant.”

* "I learned that you can get into almost any special event by wearing a chef coat. Even just carrying one and walking like you know where you’re going will work every time. Most people don’t want to look stupid by asking you who you are.“ 

* "My go to missing work call was never "I’m sick”, it was “Family problems”. They never questioned it, it’s vague enough and embarrassing enough that nobody ever asks.“ 

*As part of the employee training at Target, they teach you that if a customer argues over a price, and the full price is under $20, to just give it to them for whatever price they claim. It’s cheaper for the company to move on to the next customer than to call in a price check.

*Put a rolled up sock in the change slot on a vending machine, come back back 4 days later….and pull sock….you will be 6-ish dollars richer.

*If it’s a small lie, like who farted or who put the empty milk carton in the fridge, I’ll tell a terrible lie. I’ll not be able to hold a straight face, contradict myself, basically suck at lying.Now everyone I know thinks I can’t tell a lie to save my life. So when I really need a big lie, I nail it every time. No one ever suspects me when I lie straight faced.

*Bring crutches to an airport. Bypass every line (including boarding) and you are chauffeured to your gate the second you pass through security.

*Make up a secret to share with someone- they may open up and share far more valuable real secrets.

*Here’s a classic. Drive over to your 7/11 of choice. Fill up a Slurpee and drop some candy bars in that bitch. Make sure the candy bars aren’t showing. Cover the Slurpee and pay for it. Free Snickers bitch.

*I tell everyone i’ve never done any drugs. Suddenly everyone offers me cocaine, ecstasy, pot, lsd. I think i’ve had $200 worth of drugs each weekend for free.Same with liquor. "Im not drinking tonight” BOOM! Everyone gives me booze. Its like everyone wants to break your integrity as soon as you tell them you are not doing whatever they are doing.

*If you need to cash from an ATM and its not a large amount, buy a 5 cent piece of gum from a gas station that has the cash back option. Its cheaper than a $3 charge

*Act less intelligent than you really are. Acting stupid can get you out of some tricky situations. Feigning ignorance is way better than admitting you knew better but did it anyway. My old man used to say ‘It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission’…sometimes it’s true.

*Every time I fly, when I land I’ll pen a little complaint to the airline that flew me. You know, I’ll come up with something like “oh, they denied me a drink! Oh, the food wasn’t vegetarian!” Whatever miscellaneous hogwash potpourri comes to my crazy brain. And like clockwork, within a business day, they’re reimbursing me with a $50 voucher, a $100 voucher, I can sell that on the secondary market.

*I’ve always had a lot of success in shutting nosy people up by blaming any personal issue on allergies. Crying from a panic attack? Allergies giving me puffy eyes. What’s that mysterious pill I’m taking? Allergy meds. Why am I acting spaced out/hungover/tired? Allergies meds making me drowsy.

*If you really wanna get away with some shit, buy a reflective vest, a white hard hat, and a clipboard. You can go ANYWHERE.

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You can be vegan all you want, good for you, but not being vegan doesn't make someone a bad person. Not everyone in the world will convert to being a vegan so maybe y'all should stop being angry people and just get over it.

Of course the whole world will never be vegan, but I strongly believe that someday a majority of the world will be vegan. In fact, the world will have to go mostly vegan or we are screwed, anon. Veganism is the future, out of necessity, and the UN agrees.

Animal agriculture is destroying our world. 

No, not being vegan does not make someone a bad person… but if you’re aware of the slaughter you’re contributing to and you’re able to change that and choose not to, that is extremely problematic. Especially if you mourn the deaths of companion animals, but not the ones on your plate. 

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What if Link's story followed like Captain America's? Put into stasis and wakes up a man out of his time, and needs a lot of time to adjust to the modern era?

BOTW Link in 2017 is hard to imagine. In my mind: 

He wouldn’t like the city, period. If he woke up in a big city he’d be desperately looking for the exit or a way out. It’d be too stressful. A total overload. And he’d probably end up climbing a skyscraper or something and calling all sorts of attention. 

He’d probably find a smaller town or suburb to make a home in. The countryside would be better, though. He’d go on a lot of hikes, the sort that take a week to complete. Planes would freak him out, but he’d love it once he was in one. He’d either love driving or hate it completely! Bicycles - the modern horse - he would adore, though. Especially mountain biking.

The modern world isn’t black and white, good versus evil, and this would cause a big struggle on Link who’s supposed to be a “hero” all the time. As a result, he’d probably try to remove himself from the bigger issues and focus on just helping people where he can… giving away food that he farms, cooking meals for whoever, searching for lost kids or pets. Now and again he’d feel like he’s selling himself short. But he always feels better when he sees the grateful faces of people he helps. 

He’d use the internet but he wouldn’t have a big social media presence. It’d be mostly there to keep in touch with friends he’s made all over. Now and again he might share a funny article or a blurry picture of a horse he took. 

🎄♫ Work Song- Hozier// Marauders Era: Sirius Black x Reader

Request: hey if you’re taking requests can you do a music imagine for the song “work song” by hozier with sirius with either reader or remus, live your writing by the way!

It’s Christmas Day. She is on his mind as he sits at a lengthy table, surrounded by people he is forced to call family, despite the hatred he hides for them in his young heart. The food has no taste and the songs have no melody, the bright lights seem dim and the mindless chatter is a simple blur of white noise as his thoughts wander far, far away and into her innocent, kind arms. Sirius Black is freshly thirteen, and already his mind fights with his heart and he’ll do anything to pull away from here and go where his soul wants to take him.

It’s Christmas Day. He reads her words as they pour off the parchment and stick to his skin, bringing a smile upon his tired face and fixing the cracks in his fragile mind. His name is called by a woman he loathes, and he has no choice but to follow her voice and sit amongst strangers with which he shares blood and nothing else. Sirius Black is fourteen, and he’s close to going insane in the trap that is the house where he grew up.

It’s Christmas Day. She sprayed her perfume on his sweater before they left, and her scent makes time stop and the world seem like a picturesque snow globe, because nothing could possibly be bad when even a tiny piece of her is with him. His name is called, but he simply locks the door, because she gives him strength to get away from the horrors that this place plays in his mind. Sirius Black is fifteen, and he has decided that he won’t be stifled anymore, and that he will find a way to her no matter what it takes, because she has taken over him in the most beautiful of ways, the kind that Shakespeare describes in his tragedies.

It’s Christmas Day. Hearts have been broken and harsh words have been said, but it seems to have been years ago, and now everything is more than okay. Flames happily crackle in the fireplace, and cast a glow on the wrapped presents under the massive Christmas tree, covered in baubles and tinsel, and, despite the lack of magic, looking enchanted. She is by his side and in every fiber of his being, he is beyond full of her and he hopes that never changes as he places a kiss on her forehead, met with a beaming smile. She excitedly claps as he opens his present, and embraces him tightly as he pulls out a dark leather jacket, smiling widely and thanking her by pressing his lips to hers. Sirius Black is sixteen, and he found a way out of hell and into Dante’s Paradiso, lurking in her eyes and on the tips of her fingers.

It’s Christmas Day. She is sitting by the fire, reading a book, a contented smile on her face, a small bump on her belly. The glimmer of fairy lights from the tree makes her look like a vision, glowing calmly, a sparkle hiding in her eyes. He looks at her with love in his eyes, at her and the life that she holds so carefully. There is no bigger beauty in the world, he thinks, no, he knows, as he admires the glare that the fire casts onto her figure and the slope of her nose, the curve of her lips and the halo of eyelashes surrounding her y/e/c eyes. Sirius Black is twenty, and next Christmas Day, he’ll hear the pitter patter of little feet at dawn and have a family his heart doesn’t ache to run away from.

Love the Way you Lie

Reader X Yoongi [Angst]

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Even angels have their wicked schemes,

And you take that to new extremes….

   “I don’t fucking care if you like it. You are not wearing that to the family party,” Yoongi sneers, his cold coffee eyes looking at you with disgust. 

   You didn’t get it, this used to be his favorite outfit on you. A simple white summer dress with a small sweetheart cut, lace fringing the bottom of the dress to fan out and make it flowy. This was the dress he had bought you when he had came home from work one day, a bouquet of roses in one hand along with the dress in a bag and a bottle of champagne in the other hand. It was the sweetest thing, and you had completely melted into his touch when he had you try on the dress for him, his hands coming forward to bring you to his lap before you both ended up completely naked and making love. 

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reminder that homeless are PEOPLE!

they have names and stories and backgrounds! sometimes they have kids taken away from them or who they try to take care the best they can! they have families! they have ideas and beliefs just like U! they say “thank u” and give up the last plate of food to someone who needs it more!

so don’t do a bad face when u see them on the street sleeping or asking for money! don’t even dare to think u are better than them cause U. R. NOT.

stop being a privileged white men and help would u? u may be giving someone the only meal of the day

silver linings

AN: @a-little-light-zine​ is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1! I’m thrilled to participate in my first ever zine! Hope you enjoy :)

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They almost miss the butterfly, at first.

Despite being hypersensitive to their presence after so many months of fighting akuma, it’s an easy mistake to make. Distractions come in the bag of hot roasted chestnuts passed between them; in the sea of twinkling lights washing up before their feet that dangle over the edge of a roof; and in the joyous ringing of laughter and carolers rippling through the streets.

In the distance, the bells of Notre Dame sing the late hour, and the Eiffel Tower comes to life in a stunning rush of light that sparkles brilliantly for a few captivating moments before fading.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” Chat hums as the bells continue to chime. He deftly catches a chestnut that Ladybug tosses at him and pops it in his mouth. Undeterred, he puffs his chest out and belts, “There’ll be much misteltoeing and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are neeeear~!”

He nudges Ladybug cheekily at that and laughs as she shoves another chestnut in his mouth. Sputtering, he finishes, “It’s the most wonderful tiiime of the yeaeeaaar~!”

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a little talk on the diet thing

You know, the thing is that being vegan rn is becoming very popular and with said popularity I sometimes encounter people morally jacking off in my inbox because I eat corpses and chicken period and apparently that makes some people feel morally superior enough to the point where they feel like sharing such information with me. I personally don’t get into the philosophy of my choices because to be frank, I don’t think I need to explain myself to anyone as the only person I need to answer to is myself. But since I brought it up I will talk about it a bit.
You might know or you might not but I’ve watched every video or documentary there is out there about the food industry and whatnot, I saw eathlings, cowspiracy, probably all gary yorurofsky speeches he ever gave in his life, I’m really someone who doesn’t turn away from being informed and still, I chose to not go vegan. Some people might say that it just proves that I’m an evil human being and I deserve to die for supporting animal cruelty, but to be quite honest I don’t even take such judgment into consideration because it’s actually quite ignorant to say something like that and also it proves that people who go thru life with such black-and-white mindset clearly don’t understand that morality and life itself isn’t a zero-one kind of issue where you have a simple question of pure good and pure evil and a simple choice to make. Human beings have brains complex enough to recognize and understand the grey areas of life even if it means diving into moral issues that have no right answer. I don’t think animal cruelty is okay, I don’t think rape-breeding cows is fine, I recognize the cruel exploitation of animals by the corporate system we live in, but at the same time my diet is not an issue of morals or emotions. I have seen all documents on the meat&dairy industry issues and frankly shock value has no impact on me, I recognize some true facts among tons of biased and untrue information and that’s it. I agree on diary not being necessarily good for a human as to put it simple, it’s baby cow formula and it’s supposed to make a smol cow grow into a big fucking cow in a very short period of time, if you’re not a baby cow you might not wanna indulge on that cheese or milk too much, or at all if you prefer. At the same time I don’t agree that meat and animal fat specifically is bad or even unhealthy for a human body, it’s pure misinformation; in fact animal meat and fat is what the human body consumed before we leaned how to farm and grow shit and make pastry and bread and breakfast cereal. First humans lived on a high fat animal diet, and so from an evolutionary standpoint it’s quite understandable why dietary fat is hormonally neutral to your body. Humans as omnivores can live on literally anything and that’s why the human body is so adaptable. I don’t agree that the vegan diet is the best diet there is because like I said before, life isn’t a good vs evil childrens book, there is no right choice when it comes to something so individual as your dietary choices. People are feeling good & healthy on a high carb low fat diet and they are feeling good and healthy on a high fat low carb diet, it’s a matter of many biological and environmental (and so on) factors what actually works for your well being. I know many people refer to the china study when they say meat is bad for you, but I have looked into the china study and it actually does suffer from coincidental error where indeed the study shows that farming families of china on a plant based diet have a super low risk of cancer while people who eat meat on the opposite. But it’s a bit like saying that people who ride a bike to work have a lower risk of diabetes than people who take a car, and while there might be some corelation, wether you take a car or not doesn’t actually matter at all in a case of having diabetes. It’s just a coincidental error. So while the china study deducted what it deducted, these dudes kinda forgot to address the sugar & processed food intake in their studies which changes a whole bunch. When you add sugar to the equation, it becomes clear that farming families of china opposed to (let’s generalize) the rest of modernized population don’t consume excess sugar and sugar packed processed foods which has a direct impact on wether they are at cancer-risk or not. Cancer cells grow in an acidic environment and they feed on sugar, so the more sugar you consume the more of an acidic environment you provide for potential cancer cells. Cancer doesn’t grow in alkaline environment and a plant-based diet isn’t the only way to provide such environment for the cells in your body, it’s basically any low-sugar diet. Meat has absolutely nothing to do with this, like I said it’s coincidental error and currently more and more studies are coming out to correct the errors of china study so people don’t go around misinforming other people.
What I wanted to get to is the fact that I chose a high fat animal based diet absolutely consciously because I believe that while terrible things are happening in the industry that I don’t agree with, I have the right as a human being to care for myself first. It’s not a matter of being vegan therefore opposing the animal exploitation and being non-vegan therefore agreeing to what’s going on. A high fat diet is actually being shown to work very well with eating disorder sufferers and even tho I don’t like going into personal details of my life here, I am among these sufferers. From a very young age up until my very adult years I have suffered from many types of disordered eating and even tho there is still stigma around this topic, there’s nothing cool or inspirational about it, it’s a dangerous and destructive mental illness that fucks people up very often for a lifetime. I have seen people get better on a vegan/vegetarian diet but I have also seen people slip into life-threatening states on said vegan/vegetarian diets. I’ve seen many people relapse because going on a vegan diet never cured their fear of fat and weight gain or whatnot and nobody ever actually taught them nutrition; I myself like many others used to build my diet on a complete lack of information about nutrition and that fear of fat and calories and whatnot. My dietary choices were always low-fat or fat-free and whatever diet I chose, I was never happy, always stressed and literally in fear of food all the time. I heard some vegan activist say that fat makes you fat and if you eat fat it stays on your body forever and I didn’t even check that information back then, I just straight up believed it because I was a very freaked out, stressed and troubled person. Almost a year ago though I got some new information about macronutrients and I wanted to learn more, so I did. And I chose a high-fat sugar-free diet even tho I have never ate beef before or any other fatty-meat, I started eating fresh fatty fish and butter and avocados and I started using cream for my coffee (lower in carbs than milk so still a better choice), basically I pushed myself towards a huge dietary transition that earlier in life would make my brain explode with anxiety and whatnot. At the same time I dumped all the sugar out of my diet even tho I am really a sugar lover and I used to eat a lot of it, and by a lot I mean shitloads, trust me. I made such decision because I believe every human being deserves to make choices that are best for oneself in regards to where you need to go to heal your mind or body or both. Many people address these dietary issues as in “humans are not a superior species to animals” and I agree, I don’t think human life is more valuable than an animal’s life, but that’s a big generalization to be made because I also believe vice versa. In a more subjective matter, it’s perfectly normal for me as a human being to value my own life and want to protect myself from further suffering. Does buying chicken period mean I support animal exploitation? Morally no, but some may make the argument that financially yes because my money goes back to the industry that I actually oppose and it’s actually something I talked about before in my post about capitalism. But if buying chicken period heals me and helps me dealing with a mental illness that fucks with my life and my perception of self, is it okay to judge my morals? Is that chickens life more valuable than mine at this point? Would I be a morally better person if I chose to not make good decisions for the sake of my own health and not buy that chicken period? How would it be fair towards me and my own responsibility to nourish myself? There is no right or wrong answer to that because it’s actually kind of a philosophical territory and there are no right answers here. It’s difficult because this subject contains many contradictions and grey areas and you can’t just simply view it as a good vs evil matter; especially that one moral standpoint doesn’t apply to everyone’s life conditions. Because am I emotionally invested in the horrors of a slaughterhouse? No, I’m not. But I don’t need to be emotionally or morally taken by a shock value material to not agree with the pointless cruelty of it. Am I aware that I’m paying someone to slaughter an animal for me? Yes I am; and still I stand by my diet. Not because I’m an asshole and I believe that humans are carnivores which they’re not and it’s funny to believe that, but because my diet is based on what nutritional value I need. There is no way to engage in a ketogenic diet while being vegan unless you wanna eat peanutbutter and coconut oil with avocados for the rest of your life. I make my choices consciously and in the end I will do what I must to better the quality of my life because this is the only life I have and to be honest, you can’t judge a person’s pain if you haven’t walked thru life in their shoes. By saying so I mean that it’s easy to point fingers and jack off to feeling morally superior to others because you believe that what you do is the rightest of the most right 1000% ideologically pure decision making. You might be surprised but from my point of view what I do is also right, for me. By all means I’m not defending people who are grossed out by a dead bird on the sidewalk but they see no problem with buying whole chicken for dinner; I don’t really care to judge anyone but to me it’s somehow funny how people can be so contradictory where to me it doesn’t matter; a dead animal is a dead animal, I have some dead flesh in the fridge, it doesn’t gross me out at all. I know where it came from, I know it was a part of something that was alive not so long ago. Rotting corpses don’t gross me out either in a visual way but you don’t eat a rotting corse & if your meat in the fridge is turning green then being grossed out is the safest way to avoid food poisoning.
To conclude, calling someone out on eating animal products as a form of agreeing/supporting animal cruelty is a bit like calling people out for supporting the rotten capitalistic system by paying electricity bills. I’m anti-capitalistic yet I pay my bills because I want to have hot water and internet and at the same time I don’t agree with the amount of pointless violence in the meat industry yet I buy the products I need to nourish my body the best way I can. My belief in the fact that a high fat low carb sugar-free diet is a most efficient way for me to function better is based in biological facts, science and my actual experience with this form of nutrition. So I will continue to eat corpses and animal intestines and whatnot and if someone really feels morally superior to me due to their simple-mindedness I can only wish them luck further in life and not give a shit. I don’t want to be vegan, never will be vegan and that is a decision I’ve made consciously to make my life healthier, both physically and mentally.
I wrote all this down not only to address the issue of people over-simplifying, demonizing and over-generalizing shit but also to support people struggling out there and to give everyone else a little bit of food for thought. Many people suffer from various forms of eating disorders as well as other mental illnesses that make life already difficult so next time before you shame someone for their decisions, please think twice and stop calling people evil or disgusting or immoral. Moreover, there are many factors to why people choose the diet they choose and it’s not okay to speak down to them. Life really is as shitty as it is, nobody needs that kind of self-righteous crap around.


Since u asked nicely I’ll answer just this once.

I’m doing this for younger me

I’m doing this for that little girl who was taken advantage of becuz of the thing ur willing to protect so badly. My life was dragged through the fucking mud becuz a grown man couldn’t keep his hands to himself. To this very day I haven’t even told my mother what has happened to me.

When I first got into fandoms I was like 10 or 11 and the first fandom I really liked was the YouTube fandom this was back before people would bully YouTubers gfs and everything was golden and fun. I thought all fandoms were like that I thought all fandoms would happily accept me guess not lmao.

My next fandom was steven universe I was like 13 when Steven U first aired and I ate that shit up it had amethyst who was fat and funny and liked food it was me on that TV screen and it was the best feeling in the world when the fat character wasn’t the butt of every joke. I would search steven universe from time to time on Tumblr for a bit then people started taking my characters away from me. People would draw amethyst skinny and garnet white and forget that there were people like me who only had those characters to relate to while steven universe isn’t completely ruined it isn’t as fun anymore.

My next fandom was Voltron.
I was 14 and I’ve come to terms with being gay and what happened to me at a young age. When the comic con video was released i was so happy I had pidge a sarcastic lil 14yr that I could relate to and Keith who was cold and distant and had trouble making friends and Lance’s horrible jokes! Those characters became my favorites.

One day I was looking for pidge pictures for a new background on my phone when I saw sh//idge for the first time and to be honest i was in a horrible mood for a couple of days. I thought people would think hey pidge is 14 and this man is 25 maybe we should stop, but nah you kept going and not only was it pidge but Keith and Lance too. And when I got angry I was meet with people who would only repeat the words my rapist would say and the words many others people rapists would say

‘14 isnt so bad’
'It’s just a small age gap!’
'shiro won’t hurt them’
'hey won’t do anything they wouldn’t ask for’

And y'all don’t know how damaging that is for someone to throw something that traumatized me around like it was nothing!
My last straw was when there was shi//dge in the pidge tag back to back to back.

I got angry I mad this account so people on my main wouldn’t be bothered I made this account to tell y'all that this shit ain’t cute it ain’t sweet it ain’t funny and it doesn’t make a healthy relationship. Never has never will.

But what would I know I’m just a stupid fucking kid

Things Justin Bieber Will Probably Do:
1. Try to rob a bank and fail
(his fans will of course stick by him through this tough time)

2. Try to rob a McDonalds and succeed
(his fans will hope for some free nuggets)

3. Push an old person over
(his fans will say I WISH JUSTIN WOULD PUSH ME OVER)

4. Actually legit join the KKK
(his fans will ask how they can join too)

5. Throw hot coffee at a kid
(his fans will blame the kid and be super jealous that they didnt get to taste Justins coffee)

6. Tell his fans to look directly at the sun

7. Declare himself the King Of Everything
(his fans will literally bow to him)

8. Try to march on the White House to take over
(his fans will follow behind to hold his ridiculous flowing cape)

9. Try to punch Obama and fail
(his fans will notice that quite a lot of people with guns are watching this unfold)

10. Get knocked out by Obama’s security
(his fans will run away screaming)

11. Fall from stardom
(his fans will move on to somebody else)

12. Try to rob a McDonalds and fail
(his prison cellmates will hope for some free nuggets)

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YES HELLO IT ME AGAIN. So I've been thinking about Oliver a lot lately and I've wondered - did Senkha and Chadley and all their friends, etc. ever had trouble with, well, society because they're married/related/friends with a DK? It's probably not something people just yell about out on the streets, "hey this DK is my best friend!", but I'm sure it is noticeable sometimes. Since DKs are not the most liked bunch out there, I wonder how would society treat the living who chose to stick with them?

I think there’s a stark difference between how they’re actually treated and how player characters treat them, to be honest. While I’m sure plenty of people have gotten used to them, I can’t imagine a lot of regular citizens would be comfortable with the idea of bloodthirsty, loose-screwed, soul-sucking bearers of plague and necrotic energy just kind of wandering around the same streets as their children. When we RPed Senkha and Oliver living in Surwich, we RPed the NPC citizens (mostly Gilnean, who I feel would have a particular distaste for DKs due to their experience with other undead and lack of camaraderie with them throughout the Wrath events) as being extremely uncomfortable with their presence, barely tolerating them for the fact that Oliver would kill the demons in the forest. They were known as the witch and her monster, and their house was avoided and the source of rumors.

I don’t think there’s anything in the real world that can really be used as a comparison to how I think average people would treat them. They are pariahs, certainly, but peoples’ fear and mistrust is justified. These are people that have to literally cause pain and suffering to survive. They’re not just soldiers, they’re obligate sadists, and they also have the appearance and magic of the things that obliterated the entirety of Lordaeron. Running into one would be like going to the grocery store and suddenly behind you in line is an ex-member of the dismantled brainwash death cult that took your sister from you. You can’t entirely blame him, but you don’t want to even look at him, even if he now runs run a food bank.

That metaphor got away from me. But you get the idea.

Player characters take a very different approach. It’s an exciting day when I meet a character who outright dislikes death knights– most are completely friendly, unafraid, and forgiving. When the rare disdainful character shows up, they are countered by about ten white knights that seem to seep out of the cobblestones beneath them and are chased from the area by a barrage of lectures about how DKs are people too. (I suspect this is actually why very few people play bigoted characters. I’ve seen the situation turn to OOC arguments in /say about why or why not it’s reasonable for a character to hate DKs despite their contributions to the Alliance and I think a lot of random RPers have a difficult time distinguishing “my character disagrees with your character” and “I don’t like you OOC”. So it’s just easier to play a nice person and avoid the trouble, keeping the zealots to private RP.)

Oliver appreciates the people standing up for him, even if deep down he’s not sure how much he really believes it. He thinks the haters are pretty justified in their opinions and would rather leave and avoid conflict altogether than have people defend him.

I have seen Senkha get even less guff about her choice in a partner. This might be because Senkha oozes an attitude of “fuck off”. Or maybe they just figure that if you’re crazy enough to marry a death knight (that’s old enough to be your grandfather), you’re probably not going to care what sort of criticism you get. Do not engage. This one is dangerous and has no fucks to give.

The only discomfort Chadley gets about his father is from his own husband, and it’s not so much hatred as it is “your father creeps me out and also intimidates me, do we really have to spend quality time together or can I just hide?”

Excuse me, this whole fish I ordered has bones! The horror!

NYC got torrential downpours yesterday, and my block got flooded. People with basement apartments around where I live have water pumps for this type of thing. After being hit with hurricane Irene and Sandy, everyone around here is prepared to drain out flood waters. I was outside just taking it all in, and lo and behold, this otherwise well intentioned, but often annoying white couple came over to say hello. I dread small talk with them because it always revolves around them doing “ethnic things” and eating “ethnic food”. They always want to include me in their ethnic escapades. I made the mistake of telling them that I cover African musicians in concert. This was a huge mistake on my part. Walking around the block involves me altering my route because if they see me, they will start talking about African music. They will talk me to death! Just hearing them pronounce Fela Kuti as “Fella Cutty” is enough to drive me bonkers. Why me?

Anyway, they recently went to an Ivorian restaurant in Harlem, and they were shocked that the grilled fish they ordered was a whole fish. Many West African cuisines include the whole fish and I guess they aren’t used to getting a whole fish on their plate, complete with bones. They were like “The fish had bones in it.” “It was not like grilled salmon.” “Why did the fish still have eyes? It was like the fish was looking at me!”

I guess I was supposed to answer all these questions. I just sidestepped the topic completely and started talking about the rain and flash flood. They really wanted to talk about the Ivorian restaurant serving whole fish with bones. Why should I be explaining what an Ivorian restaurant does? I have no desire to explain away things relating to what any African does. Not my job. If you’re an African, it shouldn’t be your job to do this either. What would you think of me if I went up to random white people to interrogate them about bologna sandwiches? Exactly.

Things like this is why you should never take critical reviews of African food from white people on yelp seriously. I once read a review where this white woman thought she was going into cardiac arrest after she had some pepper soup.

However, nothing beats this white guy who left a yelp review describing fufu as a bread-like dish and then complained about it being a rough meal. That is peak level whiteness. I don’t know how it’s even possible to reach any of those conclusions. I have yet to read a yelp review that has surpassed this in terms of sheer ridiculousness.

“Fufu is like bread. Plus it’s really rough.” A white man on yelp.