take evasive action!!!!!

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(Yet more Futurama) Goldust: I'm blowing you a kiss! MWAH! / Stardust: AGH! Take evasive action! / Goldust: You can't escape! It's closing in! It's a cheek-seeker And....GOTCHA! / Stardust: -SCREAMS OF ANGUISH- (Pictsie)


The Signs Interrupting Gemini and Pisces Date

(Gemini and Pisces are on their very first date. They’ve liked each other for a while, but they didn’t do anything about it until now. They are currently at a waterfront restaurant enjoying dinner outside. They are getting ready to kiss. Their ten other friends pick tonight of all nights to not be busy.)
Aries: Made a bet with Sagittarius about who would try to kiss the other first; picked Gemini; when it looks like Pisces is going in for the kiss, Aries throws a pitcher of water to distract them which ends up hitting a waiter and getting Aries kicked out
Taurus: Sees Pisces wasting food; takes evasive action and swoops in to rescue it; when looked at says “Oh sorry. You weren’t gonna eat that, were you?”
Cancer: Busy admiring the love and romance in the air; trying not to cry; accidentally gets too close trying to watch the kiss and is spotted; tries to back away inconspicuously but is all too conspicuous
Leo: Sits down at the table next to them with Libra and immediately starts sucking face with them
Virgo: Notices a stain on Gemini’s shirt, runs in, and starts dabbing it with seltzer water before it has the chance to set
Libra: Waves at them before intensely making out with Leo
Scorpio: Walks up to them and asks to join when they leave the restaurant and go home
Sagittarius: Is winning the bet until Aries cheats and messes it up by scaring Pisces; whispers some encouraging words in Pisces’s ear to help them get back on track
Capricorn: Trying to convince everyone else to give the couple some privacy
Aquarius: Accidentally bumps into a tray of food, which then sends a pie flying and eventually hitting Gemini in the face, thus ending the date
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