take evasive action!!!!!

The Signs Interrupting Gemini and Pisces Date

(Gemini and Pisces are on their very first date. They’ve liked each other for a while, but they didn’t do anything about it until now. They are currently at a waterfront restaurant enjoying dinner outside. They are getting ready to kiss. Their ten other friends pick tonight of all nights to not be busy.)
Aries: Made a bet with Sagittarius about who would try to kiss the other first; picked Gemini; when it looks like Pisces is going in for the kiss, Aries throws a pitcher of water to distract them which ends up hitting a waiter and getting Aries kicked out
Taurus: Sees Pisces wasting food; takes evasive action and swoops in to rescue it; when looked at says “Oh sorry. You weren’t gonna eat that, were you?”
Cancer: Busy admiring the love and romance in the air; trying not to cry; accidentally gets too close trying to watch the kiss and is spotted; tries to back away inconspicuously but is all too conspicuous
Leo: Sits down at the table next to them with Libra and immediately starts sucking face with them
Virgo: Notices a stain on Gemini’s shirt, runs in, and starts dabbing it with seltzer water before it has the chance to set
Libra: Waves at them before intensely making out with Leo
Scorpio: Walks up to them and asks to join when they leave the restaurant and go home
Sagittarius: Is winning the bet until Aries cheats and messes it up by scaring Pisces; whispers some encouraging words in Pisces’s ear to help them get back on track
Capricorn: Trying to convince everyone else to give the couple some privacy
Aquarius: Accidentally bumps into a tray of food, which then sends a pie flying and eventually hitting Gemini in the face, thus ending the date
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Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Pairing: Post-Civil War - Bucky Barnes x OFC

Warnings: Language, some sexual content

Words: 1,052

Summary: Bucky has a hell of a time trying to get his girl out of bed and ready for the day… 

5:15 A.M.

A shuffling of extremities, a sharp inhale through the nose, and Bucky’s arm blindly reached backward across the bed to feel for his phone on the night stand. It buzzed and screamed beneath his fingers, bright white light going unseen as he tapped the screen to snooze their first alarm. Lacey had not moved an inch, her slow in and out breaths keeping pace with deep sleep. Bucky rolled over again, his left arm still trapped beneath her head and the pillow they shared, the other wrapping over her waist exactly as it was before.

He sighed against the back of her neck, kissed the crown of her messy curls, then promptly fell back into exhausted sleep. Two hours was not nearly enough time to recharge after a marathon day running errands, communicating with realtors, packing boxes, more errands, etcetera etcetera, until he was at the brink of snapping off the next person’s head. There is only so much he could deal with when it came to civilian affairs, and standing in line at the bank for two hours just to get a piece of paper signed off on was the very last on his list of things-I-want-to-do. Lacey adamantly disagreed, although she found her patience worn thin by the time they got back to the Avenger’s compound and collapsed on the sofa. Renting an apartment was one thing. Living free of charge at the compound was another, easier option. Buying a house?

That shit sucks.

Of course it wasn’t entirely necessary. Of course they could have stayed there for as long as they wanted without question. However, the profound lack of space was becoming an issue. Sure, Lacey had her own living quarters which was all fine and dandy, but they shared Bucky’s bed every night and - let’s be real – she wasn’t about to give up that luxury. It wasn’t long before her toothbrush made a home in his bathroom, a second towel on the bar, tampons under the sink.

She didn’t intend for her womanly influence to tiptoe over into the bedroom but Bucky seemed to like the little succulent plants on the window sill and never mentioned the addition of a few picture frames and mirrors…also that really cute blanket and throw pillow on his desk chair.

5:25 A.M.

There’s that goddamn alarm again, yanking Bucky out of the darkness with a gasp. At his unexpected jolt, Lacey turned fully onto her stomach. The pillow muffled a groan and her head bounced as he removed the arm beneath it.

“Time to get up,” he said, voice thick and deep with grogginess. Met with a quiet whine and the slow stretch of Lacey’s limbs, she spread out on the mattress. Bucky’s space was conquered by her cold feet and an elbow at his rib. A lazy smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Two things were true about his beautiful girl.

1) She could run circles around every nurse at the ward.

2) She absolutely, positively, without any shadow of doubt, HATED mornings.

He laid there on his back a while longer, letting the minutes slip by far too quickly. Waiting. The next snooze alarm showed on the screen of his phone, easily turned off before it made any noise. A light squeeze on Lacey’s ass had her squirming again.

“Come on, pumpkin. Wake up,” Bucky repeated.


“Lace, if you don’t get up you won’t have time to eat.”

“Eat a dick,” she retorted, face down, middle finger held above her head.

Bucky couldn’t help but laugh even though it was admittedly harsh. Rather than argue he chose to sit up and slowly drag the blanket down to expose her bare ass to the sunless morning. No protests came.

“I’ll make your coffee,” he singsonged to her. It was futile. Every attempt to gently rouse this sleeping beast from hibernation was failing miserably. Time to take evasive action. Bucky reached over with his natural hand to rub along the inside of her thigh, massaging the over-worked muscles until he felt her adjusting for easier access.

“M’not in the mood,” she finally complained, pushing his hand away with a shake of her hip. This spurred him, though, to abandon niceties in favour of slipping a very hard, very cold hand straight up to her crotch. His steely fingers swiped a path through the wetness left over from their ‘extracurricular activities’ earlier in the night. Lacey squealed at his touch, jerking her hips upward off the mattress to settle in a prayer pose. Bucky wasted no time in scrambling to take advantage of the opportunity. He got to his knees and hauled her a full foot down the bed until her backside smacked flush against his pelvis. Hands splayed wide over each cheek, his fingertips dug into the supple skin.

“You know… you’re the cause and the best cure for morning wood,” he grumbled, giving a well-timed thrust of his slowly stiffening cock against her heat.

“Baby, stop,” she moaned, drawing out the words in a pained whimper. “I don’t wanna get up.”

“Love it when you call me baby,” he quipped, ignoring her comment. Lacey replied with another throaty noise when he leaned over to put his weight on her back, kisses landing in a flurry over her shoulders and neck. Finally her stomach sank back down to the mattress, pressed flat by the heavy soldier assaulting her body with affection. “Love how sexy you sound in the morning,” he purred just behind her ear but soon rolled off to the side.  “Wake up, Lace, come on. Gonna be late.”

“Thought you wanted sex,” she questioned with a hidden smile, hoping to at least be able to lay there and let him get his rocks off. She could sleep through that, right? Totally.

Bucky let out a rare, genuine laugh as he stood up, his half-erection now standing proudly in the first light of dawn. “I do but that’s not gonna happen, cupcake. We only got a few minutes.”

“Buckyyy,” she fussed, but the sound was cut short when the stinging spank of his metal hand came down on her rump.

“Get your ass out of bed!” he chided and shook his head with a smirk. It was going to be a long, long day.


For The Love Of Rugby!

Los Pumas In Action And Training…

Lucas Noguera Paz Pumping It Up!

Juan Cruz Mallía Pumping His Chest Out!

Segundo Tuculet Taking Evasive Action!

Tomás Lezana Never Skips Leg Day!

Rodrigo Etchart Lining Up The Conversion!

And Their Brothers In Training…

Woof, Baby!

Photo Credits: Prensa UAR; Martín Seras Lima; Juliana Bernachini; Dave Lintott; Tomás Gray 

PSA (Please Signal Boost)

Hello everyone,

There is a person among us who has been causing interruption to the balance of our community. In a minor dispute between her and former friend, Michael ( waxinator ), where he had blocked her, she chose to begin to harass him nonsensically. She attempted contact with him in every shape possible, she attempted turning some of his close friends against him, and it was found out tonight that she attempted to /hire/ a TTMV editor as well as renowned editor xdar1d to make a profane video telling Michael to kill himself (which I thankfully was able to intercept on time). The only given reason for her to make an attempt at the latter was due to our friend Miranda ( numberonenetkingfangirl ) making a video of her singing in order to give Michael solace after entering a deep depression caused by this person’s actions. We have implored this person to cease her harassment, and have gone as far as to threaten her in order to persuade her to culminate this nonsense. Unfortunately, she has failed to comply, forcing us, (Michael, Miranda and I) to take evasive action.

Please look out for a short, periwinkle cat named Princess Candy Megacorn. Please, be careful, we don’t want her to hurt anyone else. Thank you.