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Hcs for young!genji, prefall!gabriel reyes, prefall!jack morrison, and mercy watching their S/O playing their favourite video game please?

If you can guess which games I’m referring to, kudos to you (and send me your guesses too if you want)

Young!Genji Shimada:

  • It takes him awhile to understand what’s going on since you’re giving him a brief summary of the game as you’re  fighting off a hundred foot tall opponent
  • “Why are they fighting that thing when they have teleportation powers and a powerful car?” “Because they can Genji.”
  • Eventually you’ll let him take over after giving him a quick tutorial on the game’s mechanics and he actually manages to escape from the battle nearly unscathed
  • Genji does laugh at some of the in-game dialogue that takes place as he’s fighting a lower level enemy
  • But he does wince at some of the food options and complains about a few of them too
  • “Who eats Cup Noodles when you can have authentic ramen?”
  • Genji does become quite invested in the game’s lore, so be prepared to hear some theories that you may have already heard about
  • You actually have to pry the controller away from Genji so he doesn’t end up wasting half of your money on food and take back control of the game
  • Although you can tell that he did enjoy messing around with the characters a bit, you weren’t sure if you would let him near it anytime soon
    • At least until you got back all of the money and resources that Genji had spent on that one grocery trip and the one battle between a mid-level enemy

Jack Morrison:

  • He doesn’t understand how a person in a hooded robe can go unnoticed as they’re scaling the walls of bustling cities
  • “Who can survive a two thousand foot drop using outdated skydiving techniques?”
  • Despite trying to outlogic the game, Jack does enjoy watching you play whenever the two of you had time
  • You do let him run around when your frustration levels begin to rise or if you wanted to take a break after a tough story mission
  • Every time you miscalculate a jump, die because of an enemy or accidentally fall to the ground, the two of you wince as the camera zooms in on the now dead character
  • Jack does get immensely confused with the in-game universe and its lore
  • “How have they managed to retrieve memories through biological methods when we haven’t done that yet?”
    • He does make a mental note to ask Mercy about it sometime soon
  • The two of you do laugh at some of the glitches that occur randomly, especially when you’re trying to escape the current area
  • Eventually these gaming sessions turn into date nights for you and Jack where he two of you could relax and forget about your problems

Gabriel Reyes:

  • Absolutely loves the premise of the game when you tell him about it
  • Growing up, he loved reading about pirates and their countless adventures, so to see a game about people talking and looking for lost pirate treasure was a dream come true
    • Gabe kinda beats himself up a bit about not knowing that this game existed until now
  • He pesters you to let him try after watching for ten minutes until you finally hand over the controller to teach him how to play the game
  • Much to your surprise, Gabe manages to pick off most of the enemies surrounding the area with ease before he blows up one of an ambush truck with an RPG, effectively passing through the battle without dying
    • Then again he was the commander of Blackwatch, a covert ops unit, so it wasn’t that surprising that he would’ve picked up on their patterns quickly
  • He will definitely run around and collect all of the treasure pieces lying around
  • If you were in control of the game, he would make up pick up all of the collectibles in the area before allowing the story to proceed
  • Definitely bobs his head along to the music as the character wanders around the map
  • The two of you definitely laugh at all of the cutscenes and in-game dialogue
    • Gabe does praise the game for its storytelling when you’re finished playing for the day
    • But you can count on him to have some witty remark about the characters too
  • Date nights now consist of the two of you messing around in multiplayer mode the moment you tell Gabe about it
    • If you don’t have an extra controller or if it’s broken, expect a new one to arrive in the next two days, courtesy of one Gabriel Reyes

Angela Ziegler/Mercy:

  • Much like Gabe, Angela does love the premise of the game she’s watching you play
  • However, she looks at the game from a medical perspective
  • Mein Gött, how are they still alive without an active medic?”
  • Mercy does take a liking to the main characters, especially the orphaned girl as they run a post-apocalyptic wasteland
  • However, she is intrigued with several major plot points as the game progresses
  • Although Angela doesn’t have any interest in playing the game herself, it is relaxing to watch you play it
  • Does laugh at certain gameplay moments, especially when the girl dashes across the screen while you’re hiding
  • Loves to lean her head on your shoulder as you move forward with the game
  • A few tears do slip out when you reach the end  and you laugh as you hug her
    • Then again, you’d be lying if you hadn’t cried a little bit at the end as well
  • If there was a sequel for the game, Angela would immediately order it and pay extra just to have it shipped in one or two days
  • That was just how much she loved it

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I'm sure she is well intended, but sometimes it's just easier to separate yourself from parents like that. It will only get better as you become more independent, I promise <3

Well intentions do not involve starving your kids, taking their money, taking their clothing, controlling their voice, belittling their problems and opinions, insulting them, prohibiting them from leaving the house just because you need them to do your work, or calling them greedy when they need food AND something else. As much as I would like to think somewhere in her mind she has a good intention, she is outright manipulative and abusive and I can’t dismiss how many times she has genuinely put me in danger, distress or caused mental breakdowns for a love she is incapable of displaying IF it exists. When I leave, I’m gone. I won’t be talking to her and I won’t feel obligated to mend any damage done.

Kids who have manipulative/abusive parents, please keep in mind that you are by no means obligated to deal with it or love them because they are your parents, they do a good thing here and there, or they “know what’s best”. At some point, you have to be your own person and if they aren’t helping you get to that place of if they inhibit growth, cut them off as soon as you are able to. Please.

[Edit: it has been almost 4 months since I first typed this post, but I have not posted it because I wanted to give you (@jundaeplease / @jinkiyam1214) more chances. But nothing has changed despite all the chances I gave you, I don’t even sense any remorse from you, so I have no choice but to post this. If not, you will never take it seriously. I gave you until 10pm to transfer me the $400 you promised to return me by tonight, but up till 10.20pm I didn’t even hear a single thing from you and you still ask me to give you a moment. Sorry, I’ve given you too many moments.] 

As I’m typing this, I’m hoping that I’ll never need to post this because I really hate drama. But it has come to a point that I no longer know what else I can do since even exoluxiondot has ended [edit: now exordiumkr has ended too!!!!! lmao]  and you still owe me almost $5000. I hope that this will make you understand what you did was wrong, why I can’t give you any more chances and to remind myself (and other nice but gullible people out there) to not be so trusting with fandom friends.

So last december, when you opened a group order under your exo fansite (disclaimer: I’m removing the name of the site aa the fansite is co-run by you and your friend. The co-owner is completely innocent and I feel so bad that you are ruining HER hardwork for the site cos you obviously don’t give a shit about exo and is just using them for fame and money) for TELSG tickets for your korean and chinese friends, I joined it with my friends. When ACME asked for payment, you were in korea and told me that you won’t be able to transfer them the money in time since your friends are all going to pass you cash. I agreed to help you to transfer the money for 22 tickets for you and your friends. I asked if your friends can paypal me the money, but you said that they can’t paypal and you will return me the money the moment you come back to Singapore.

I help you fill up the forms for the pre-order, transferred the money to ACME on 13 December (all the evidence below) and did all the liaising with ACME and went down multiple times to collect all the tickets from them for all your friends.

I was afraid that your friends won’t return the money, so I chases you to collect money from them. On 19 December, you told me that they are paying you back, and showed me a paypal screencap. Remember you said that they can’t paypal you the money?

(The photo expired and unfortunately I wasn’t able to save it cos at that time I didn’t know it was going to end up like this, but you did say paypal yourself in the last msg lol) You said you will transfer the money back in sg cos you can’t do ibanking. I felt uncomfortable then because you were lying when you said your friends cannot paypal, but since you are my friend, I decided to let it go.

When you are coming back to SG on 8 Jan, you told me that you lost your ibanking device and broke your atm card. Tbh if you were sincere in wanting to return the money then, you would have gone to the bank early next morning since banks are open on Saturday mornings and the concert only starts in the evening. But I didn’t press you for it because I knew that you are tired from the flying back from korea (with exo, lol) the day before.

As evidence, I asked you to confirm the amount that you owe after deducting my own tickets and my friends who returned to me directly, which is $6678.

You said that you were going to transfer the money on Monday (11 Jan) after the con, but you said fell asleep the whole day etc and in the following weeks you did not transfer me the money despite me asking for it several times.

By then, I knew that you must have done something with the money, because you are giving too many excuses. So I asked you outright that if you don’t have the full amount to return me, as least return what you can.

You finally admitted that you don’t have the money, which if I didn’t ask, you probably wouldn’t even told me. You took my money and used it without even asking. If you realize, taking something that belong to someone else without permission is stealing.

You told me that you have $1800 in your savings which you will return to me first, and pay the rest in installments. But you only returned me $200 on 2 Feb and after that gave excuses about how you cannot return me the rest of the money because your bank account is not linked, no time for the bank because chinese new year etc

On 12 Feb you gave me this long message about how you have no money in your bank and how your $1800 in savings are in the account controlled by your aunt, who won’t let you take out the money until the last day of CNY is over and how you are so sorry and guilty etc. So fine, I told you to get the money from your aunt after cny, but you did not return and gave me many excuses about why you cannot return it.

On 24 March, you only returned $300 even after I told you that I will post everything on Twitter if you don’t return me the $500 you promised by then. (which I did not, because I don’t want this to blow up) After that you told me that your family has used all your savings for a family issue. I’m sorry that your family has an issue, but even if you needed the money, you can’t just take someone else’s money and use it to return your family debt. But I tried to be understanding and told you that since you don’t have the money, you can return me $500 every month with the money you are making from your part time job, until you repay the full amount. I had asked you to write the note below and post it to me (WHICH GOT CONVENIENTLY LOST IN THE POST WOW IN MY 20 YEARS OF LIFE IN SG I’VE NEVER HAD LOST MAIL BEFORE)

Since March, 5 months has passed, which means that you were supposed to return me $2500. But since then, I have only received $1750 from you and even then, every payment was delayed and money was only transferred after I ask you 12390810 times and hearing 1209381 excuses about why you don’t have the money. 

What have you been doing in the past 7 months? I had worked my ass off in the past taking 2 part time jobs that pays me $7/hr at the same time to save for my korea trips and could save $1000 a month. Its ridiculous that after 7 months, all you can return to me is $1950. It’s evident that from the start, you intended to use my money without letting me know. If you can’t afford the expenses for your fandom activities and running your fansites, then you shouldn’t have gone for those activities. I worked hard to earn every single cent of that $6678 and could save that amount of money because I have not traveled for fandom for TWO YEARS. I naively offered to help you thinking that I’ll get it back in a week or two even though I had other plans for that money. You really have no right to use my savings to fund your activities or even to use it for your family issues. 

And you know what pissed me off the most? It was when I found out last week that YOU WERE IN KOREA TOO. Someone, who has a debt of almost $5000, suddenly has the money to fly all the way to korea! WOW. When I asked you about it, you still lied to say that you were there to settle ISSUES?????

Oh then suddenly instead of issues, you are here on a family trip! Oh my god if you want to lie, at least lie with some standard LMAO. Even if it is really a family holiday, if I WERE YOU, I would have not gone on the holiday and saved the at least $600 on air tickets to korea to PAY FOR MY DEBTS. Your FAMILY, which I believe you mention consists of your ‘bed ridden mother’ and ‘aunt who owes loan shark money’ and ‘everyone else including you who put money to help your aunt repay her debts’ suddenly has the money to FLY ALL THE WAY TO KOREA FOR A HOLIDAY. I really want to believe and sympathize with your family issues but how do you expect me to when you tell lies all the time and has the money to fly to korea? And btw up till now, I still have not received anything from that $750 that you promised to transfer on saturday… monday…tuesday..wednesday…all the excuses…. all the delays… all the ignored messages lolllllllll

Even after I give you so many chances and had kept the issue private, you are still making no effort in keeping your promises and returning the money on time. You only respond when I quote tweeted your Jinki fansite photos, which you claim were send to you by your friends. Even if I believe you, you still had the audacity to ask me to remove my tweet to protect your Jinki site’s reputation?

You have no issues with telling more lies than the total number of EXO-Ls and stealing a friend’s money but you have issues with maintaining the reputation of your idol’s fansite? All the screencaps I posted isn’t even 20% of all the bullshit excuses you’ve give me. You think Jinki will be proud to have a fansite like this? You think Jongdae and Junmyeon will approve of a fan like this? You even tweeted about wanting to buy tickets to Shinee’s concert in September, LOL from who are you going to scam money from this time?

Please I beg you for your own sake, start learning to be responsible for your own words and actions. I know you may have your own troubles and it’s not easy to make money but scamming someone else’s money is not the way to solve your problems. Not having money is one thing, but dishonesty, irresponsibility and bad attitude is much worse than having no money and that’s the main reason why I’m calling you out. I don’t know what world you are living in, but please realise that money does NOT drop from the sky. I don’t come from a rich family and every cent that you are using comes from my hard work. I can’t even THINK of using my parents’ money to fund my fandom activities, much less a friend’s money. I don’t see how I can work to pay for my own expenses and you have to scam other people’s money to pay for yours. If you are not careful and continue living your life like this, you are either going to end up on the streets or in jail. Chasing oppas and running fansites does NOT pay for your life, and oppa would not pay for you either. If you really took my money to pay for a family member’s hospital bills or whatever, at least I can live with my money being used to save a life. But I will NOT stand for my own hard earn money being used to fund your fandom activities. 

I have enough of your nonsense and I’m putting your promise to repay ALL the debts by September here, where everyone can be witnesses. 

If you still do not keep your promise, I will make sure to log a police report on you for this scam. I’ve given you 8 months,plenty of time and plenty of chances to return your debt. Please just stop all this bullshit and try to grow up and learn how to be a responsible human being.

What is #TreatYoShelfDay?

It’s a day run on the 27th of each month by hugbooks / treatyoshelfday
It’s the best day of the month~~~ and is also many other things:

  • a book buying ban tool
    by only allowing yourself one day each month to buy books, you could cut back on your book-spending and start saving your money. (disclaimer: this takes loads of self-control and probably won’t happen the way you want it to)
  • a book photo challenge
    and it’s easy, cause it’s only one day so you’re not rushing trying to get 30 photos taken and posted every day of the month. it’s just one day.
  • you choose what books you want
    none of that “a book with blue zebra stripes” challenge stuff, nahhh, just buy what you want to treat yours(h)elf with and post a photo or two.
  • okay yes, there is a challenge sometimes
    for example: in May I challenged you guys to somehow include flowers in your photo(s). whether it was stealing flowers from your neighbours ( locs-and-books ), or buying yourself a book with a flower or two on the cover.
  • a giveaway opportunity
    I do hold a giveaway in honor of Treat Yo Shelf Day! you post a photo: one entry. complete the challenge: 2 more entries. post on instagram: 1 more entry. use my bookdepo link: 3 more entries. just make sure you know the giveaway rules please [Apr-Nov, 2016 giveaway details]
  • a fun bookish community thing
    we all get to share what we’ve treated ours(h)elves with, and admire one another’s treats :) and I’ve also found new blogs to follow in the process, and made some pretty cool friends!
  • you don’t have to spend money
    this is one I definitely want to emphasize - it’s as simple as tidying up your bookshelves ( p-rongs )! or making them into a rainbow for a while! or sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and staring at your beautiful books :) you don’t have to go out and buy new things, or order new things
  • “shelf” is a broad term
    I don’t just mean bookshelves (although, yeah, it’s a bookish thing), I mean any shelf! I treat my cd shelf, dvd shelf, journal shelf, funko pop shelf, WHATEVER. it’d be great if it was  a bookish thing ( just-one–more-page ), but I can’t tell you what to do, I won’t discriminate against other shelves.
    this is a big thing - I’ve learned recently that I need to do things for myself. it’s not really selfish, as long as what I’m doing isn’t hurting anyone else, and as long as it’s making me feel better, I should do it. and not feel guilty about it.

As you can see I’ve linked many different past TYS posts from various people who’ve participated :) wanted to give some good examples!

I think one of the most empowering things you can do as a young adult is take control of the way you spend your money and un-learn all the subtle lessons this county has taught you about the correlation between happiness and acquiring material goods. I could go on for days but the first step is setting up way to track and analyze where your money goes by using an app like Mint or Personal Capitol. Hands down importing and categorizing my financial transactions each month has completely transformed the way I look at myself, my money, and what needs to enter my life to make it as joyful as possible.