take control of your city


You can read part one to this story here it is one of my earlier pieces of work so this will be much better and hopefully a good second part! 

In your short time working side by side with the Arkham Knight, you have been given a new uniform so that the others identify you as one of their own. You still have a hood and your mouthpiece to keep your identity hidden. It still feels weird being called Commander. You have never been one to lead people, you usually work alone. This one occasion is an exception because it is for a greater goal. Or at least, that’s what you keep telling yourself. The Arkham Knight hasn’t totally convinced you yet. 

Like you expected, Batman has arrived, it was only a matter of time. Which is why you prepared the militia beforehand, warning them that the Dark Knight was coming. You told them to stay calm and that Arkham Knight wanted him alive and under no circumstances should any lethal force be used. 

You rush your way to the backroom of the building where the Arkham Knight resides. Unannounced you burst into the room to alert him of Batman’s presence. To your surprise, he turns around with his tactical helmet open, exposing his face to you for the first time. He is around your age by the looks of things and has a very distinct and noticeable scar on his left cheek, just under his eye. It is the letter ‘J’ forever engraved onto his pale skin. His eyes stand out the most as they are a light shade of blue. In your head, you had a picture of what you thought he looked like under that mask, he is nothing like you expected. 

“Batman is here.” You finally speak, keeping your composure. “I split the force in half so that they can begin moving supplies to other bases around the city.” You then inform him and he simply nods in response. 

The way he looks at you is very intense, it doesn’t make you afraid of him, not even slightly. “He showed up earlier than I expected.” He pushes a button on the side of his helmet to close it back over, covering his face once again. It glows and flickers its usual blue and red lights. “Before we move out I would like a moment with him, tell the men to hold him in one of the cells. I don’t care how they do it.” His voice is dehumanised by his voice modulator. 

“Consider it done, I will personally make sure no harm comes to Batman in the process.” You say firmly before escorting yourself out of the room. 

You make sure the militia follow their orders and along with your help they managed to capture Batman. As soon as you see the tall man who dawns a black cape and cowl behind a glass cell you inform the Arkham Knight, who will make an appearance any second now. Batman’s cape covers his body which makes you awfully suspicious of him. He knows you are watching him carefully because the whites of his eyes follow as you pace across the room slowly with a gun in your hands. 

“Don’t take your eyes off of him.” You warn your team. “Put your hands where I can see them.” You make demands to which he eventually obligates. 

“You made a big mistake.” He threatens while keeping his hands in the air. 

“You’re just one man. Not even you can handle all of us.” You assert. “There is no stopping what is to come.”

“We’ll see about that.” He retorts. 

Before you can say another word you feel a hand on your shoulder to silence you. It is the Arkham Knight, his grip on you isn’t tight or rough, it is gentle. As if to say ‘you’ve done good, let me take over now’. So you step back, standing tall and straight. He walks towards the glass cell with his shoulders rolled back before coming to an abrupt stop, not getting too close just yet. 

“Who are you?” Batman demands to know the identity of his mysterious new enemy. It is surprising how he doesn’t already know, you thought he knew everything seeing that he is ‘the world’s greatest detective.’ 

You don’t get to know that quite yet. All you need to know is I’m taking control of your city, it belongs to me now. Gotham will burn and I want to keep you alive just long enough to see it.” The Arkham Knight paces slowly, Batman’s eyes following him every step of the way. 

“I don’t know who you are but I will find out and you will be sorry for what you have done to my city.” He steps forward in his cell, just inches away from the glass that contains him. 

Your city?” Arkham Knight looks over his shoulder to you and the rest of the team and scoffs and a few join in. “This is my city now.” He reaffirms, walking straight up to the glass, bashing it with his closed fists aggressively. “You want to know what the root of all evil is?” He places himself back in the middle of the room before pointing his finger. “You.” 

Batman has no response to that one. When you think about it, Arkham Knight has a point. Batman’s very presence creates conflict. You never thought about it like that before. Would Gotham be better off without him? It won’t matter after tonight. 

You’re so predictable. Always protecting the weak and the innocent. It has always been about the mission for you. Tonight it all ends. It will be my eyes you look into when you die.” The Arkham Knight continues to speak and in that moment you realise that this is all very personal to him. Almost too personal, as if he knows the man underneath that cowl. You start to question his conviction.

“Not tonight.” Batman finally responds and in that moment your brow furrows knowing that he has something up his sleeve, you can tell by the look in his eyes.   

The batmobile comes crashing into the building and everyone scatters out of its way. It begins firing non-lethal rounds, breaking the glass that holds Batman in his cell. Before you can fire at him the Arkham Knight pulls you in by your shoulder and uses his grapnel gun to get you both out of there, leaving the militia to deal with Batman. 

He leads you onto the rooftops and starts running towards his helicopter. There’s no time to ask questions so you follow him and get into the aircraft in order to escape. In no time you are in the air and he sets course to another base of operations. The militia should buy the two of you enough time to lose Batman. 

You keep your mouth shut until the two of you are finally alone where no one could possibly hear. “What was that all about back there?! I thought you had things under control!” You raise your voice at him dangerously so. Who knows how he might retaliate you barely know the guy. 

It’s Batman! It’s what he does.” He shouts back in frustration. This was not part of his plan. 

“What’s your deal with him anyway? Why do you hate him so much that you want him dead? If I knew this was some sort of personal vendetta I wouldn’t have agreed to this.” You remove your mouthpiece, letting it rest around your neck so that he can see your disapproval. 

“Let’s just say I’m a ghost of his past.” He brings his mask right up to your face, his voice chilling. “Surely you must have worked it out by now? Or do you need to see my face one more time?” He pushes the button to reveal his face once again. “Look at me. Do you know who did this?” 

Finally, you piece it all together in your mind, it all makes perfect sense. You don’t know how you didn’t think of it before, it was so obvious. Maybe you were just blinded by duty to see it. “You were Robin, weren’t you? Everyone thinks you’re dead, even the Bat. The Joker killed you but somehow you lived.” He lets out a laugh under his breath at your response, fully expecting you to not know who he was. 

“I did die that night.” His voice quakes despite his efforts to control it. “I will never be the same again after what he did to me… He broke me and filled me up with hate.”

“I’m sorry about what happened to you, really, I am. But I don’t think I can continue working with you, you’re too close to this. Trust me, I know what killing him will do to you.” You tell him of your doubts. 

“I know exactly what I’m doing. If you want to walk away no one’s going to stop you. I’ve gotten this far on my own.” He turns the other way so that you can’t see his eyes fill up with angry tears. 

“I think we both know that you need me. You say we’re partners but we don’t even know each other’s names.” You shrug your shoulders when he looks over his shoulder. 

For a moment he is reluctant to reveal his secret identity but then decides that you have no one significant to tell. “Jason.” He turns back around slowly. 

“Y/n.” You step forward with an extended hand. “I will help you achieve what you want as long as you promise to have my back.”

“I have valued your efforts thus far, don’t let me down. As long as we’re partners I have your back, you have my word.” He firmly grips your hand as you make a pact, one which you are both happy to agree on. 

“'I didn't want him to be another Freddie Gray': America's favorite mom who chased her son home after catching him rioting reveals she is a 'no-tolerant' mom-of-six who 'just lost it' when she saw him”

The Daily Mail is turning Toya Graham into their black friend. You know, the one who says white people can use the n-word and who hates “thugs”. Or in this case, the black “friend” every racist can conveniently pull out to prove they aren’t racist for thinking black people don’t deserve to protest. 

According to the DM, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts mentioned Graham’s “heroics” to a press conference which is how she went viral and became “America’s favorite mom”. 

Batts said: ‘In one scene you had a mother who grabbed a child who had a hood on his head and started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed… Take control of your kids. This is our city, let’s make a difference.’

Racists on Twitter are applauding her for “confronting injustice” and “removing the hoodie”. 

In reality, Toya Graham was actually just worried that the police would murder her son and would never be held accountable for it. She wasn’t embarrassed. She isn’t pro-police. She’s scared of them. Scared that they will kill her baby.

So yeah, good on her for wanting to protect her baby. He’s her only son, and he’s only 16. Parents should look out for their children. 

But she is no pro-white poster child and it’s disgusting that she’s being represented as one. 

Opposites Attract. (Demon! Luke)

Requested: by a fabulous Anon.

Request: Hii, I don’t know if this idea is too crazy or if you’d write this kinda thing but was wondering if you could write B from Angst list with either Luke or Michael but sorta in a demon vs. angel sorta Au? (or polar opposites kinda characters; villain vs. heroine, vampire vs. hunter, criminal vs. detective etc.) This crazy idea just crossed my mind when I saw that prompt on the list, and its that kinda thing where feelings are mutual but you know its “wrong” and try to deny it but fail miserably? x

The Hell in your soul will always find the Heaven in mine.

-Jenim Dibie.

The Calligraphy of God.

You could see it. How the darkness swirled behind the bright blue of his eyes, how his soul was blackened with the atrocities he had done. You could see it, feel it but you did not care. Not when he looked at you like you were the purest of diamonds and he was lucky to be able to be in your presence. Not when he had the ability to break you, tear you apart and turn the shadow of your halo dark. Not when the man that moved like a panther in swaying grass, spoke the sweetest riddles.

And maybe it was wrong, you knew it was wrong but you had known from the moment you met him that wrong had never felt so right. Even the purest hearts are drawn to a little darkness. He was nothing but darkness and you were the light he had been searching for to light up the corners where the monsters lurked in the crevices.

You had met him on the street, running into him when one of the humans you protected decided that walking through the streets was so much better than driving. It had been one of the few times you let yourself be seen. If you were not careful the human would make you. Plus, your powers were strong and you could easily level some of the city if you let your powers take control. You were still learning how to use them.

“Sorry.” You apologized, the appropriate and odd response that the humans seemed to overuse.

“S’okay, angel.” He seemed to have hissed and your head snapped up, startling as he flashed eyes like the night sky at you. You had heard of demons, the heavenly orders made sure you knew of their lure and not to fraternize with the monsters. You had just been taught however, you hadn’t been an angel for long. You hadn’t been in existence for long actually.

You didn’t know what to do but your feet seemed to as you ducked your head, ready to catch up to the human that wasn’t far ahead. He caught your arm and the cold that surged through you made you want to vomit from the force. When you looked up at the beautiful creature, his eyes were still dark as night. He looked pained. As if touching you was the biggest mistake he had made in his very long life. You were both just staring at the other for a moment before he spoke.

“Be careful, angel.” He warned and that honestly is not what he was going to say, it seemed to shock him as much as it did you.

You jolted as the feeling that settled in your chest took hold and you whipped around to the street. You were sprinting, your human had walked in to oncoming traffic and was well on his way to being splattered. You turned invisible, touching along the curve of his spine. He snapped ramrod straight and he seemed to realize where he was as he turned a ghastly white colour, taking a step back so he was not in the road but on the sidewalk.

And as your responsibility began to type rapidly on his phone, answering it as it began to ring, you checked him over.

“Yeah Michael. You know I am fine. Because if I was not, you wouldn’t have gotten a text. Don’t Calum me.” He went off on the tangents he usually had when one of his friends scolded him.

You could feel eyes on you and as much as you tried to not, the urge to look was too strong, it couldn’t be ignored. You looked up, catching the slightest glimpse of ocean blue before the man disappeared before your eyes. He blended with the crowd and you weren’t sure what it was that bothered you more.

The fact that he distracted you and you almost got your human hurt, or how you looked for the man long after he blended in with the crowd.

“You know better.”

“I did not mean for it to happen. I didn’t know.” You argued as Ashton, head of the heavenly orderlies, began to chastise you.

“You were not to respond when he talked to you.”

“I did no such thing!”

“Why were you not invisible?” He demanded, countering all of your defenses.

“It’s tiresome. It takes power and it is hard for me to control it.” He sighed, turning his back to you as he ran his hand through golden and wavy hair. “Besides, it wouldn’t have mattered. The demon could see though it, he watched me as I had to save the human.”

He whirled around so quickly you thought he broke something as he stared at you with the widest eyes possible.

“He saw you?” He whispered, the words seemed to have their own weight, gravity that held you frozen as you watched him.

And you shouldn’t have nodded because you found yourself confined to the sanctuary. One of the others took your place guarding the humans assigned to you and Ashton made sure you didn’t leave.

“I don’t understand.” You slammed the door open to his ‘office’ and he jumped but did not seem surprised that you were there.

“I have been patient with you but you can not just enter my space like this. I am your superior.”

“You know what Ashton? I don’t care because you will not tell me why I can not leave this place and it is seriously pis-“

“Watch your mouth!” He exclaimed and you had not realized your slip, profanities were forbidden and you didn’t know where you had learned the word. You lowered your head as the command echoed through your bones.

“Sorry.” He sighed, stepping forward and resting heavy and leveling hands on your shoulders.

“This is why.” He answered and you furrowed your eyebrows.


“You were seen through invisibility. The only ones who can do that are me and the other orderlies. Not even other Angels see you but there is one exception.” He rubbed a hand on your cheek with a gentle grimace.

“Soulmates.” You had read about it in your studies. Every angel had a soulmate. The person that could see the veils and everything that you put up. “Wait, does that mean-?”

“Maybe. We have been looking for this character you described but we can’t seem to find him. If he is, you know you can never have relations with him.” You nodded, a piece of you breaking at the words but understanding in a way.

“I am sorry little one.” You gave him a weak but there smile as he patted your head before going back to his desk. You turned, understanding you had to take your lave now but paused at the door.

“Ashton?” He looked up. “What would happen if he and I ever, you know?” You questioned, not sure how you sealed the bond of soulmates but you could guess.

“You would be shunned, stripped of your wings. You would become a fallen and if that happens, you are one step away from being the same as him.” He explained, eyeing you as you nodded and left without another word on the situation.

If you focused long enough, you could feel him.

Feeling the bond meant that it was real and you didn’t even realize you had accepted it, the bond, until a month later when you had a dream of him.

He stood on a cliff, the distance between you suffocating as you stood frozen in place.

“What’s your name?” You called that first night, the fog blanketing you but not your voice.

“Luke.” He had practically whispered it in your ear,  even though he was miles and miles away it seemed. “Yours?”

“Y/N.” You replied, blushing as he whispered beautiful softly into the air.

“Don’t be bashful love, it is only us.” You jumped as you felt his hand on you, the cold replaced by something so incredibly comforting that you could have melted into it.

It terrified you, that feeling and you immediately were snapped out of it. Sitting up in plush pillows and satin sheets never felt so lonely and you debated going back to sleep, trying to see the man with the dark eyes. But then Ashton and his ‘you did something wrong. I am disappointed look’ popped into your head and you couldn’t.

It was another week before you dreamt of him again. He had seemed frantic, catching your hand in his the moment he saw you but not drawing you in. He didn’t want to scare you away again.

“I was so worried.” And you could somehow see that behind too dark eyes.

“They are looking for you.” You don’t know why you had told him that, that went against every rule.

“I know. Why can I not find you my dear?”

“They have locked me away so I can’t get to you.” Why couldn’t you lie to this man?

“I figured. Show me where you are and I’ll come get you.” It was like a shock to your system. You were not supposed to do this.

“I can’t.” You stepped back but he had figured you would so he took it with you, cupping your cheeks as he shook his head.

“No, no. Sh. You can.” He pleaded, black eyes looking into yours directly.

“No, I’ll be a fallen and that may make me a demon someday.” He shut his eyes.

“I know love. That is not what I want for you but maybe I’m selfish. I can’t live without you now.” He opened his eyes.

You had never seen blue like that before. You could not speak, you didn’t know what you were supposed to say when he had this look in those eyes.

“Show me.” He whispered and you didn’t have to think anymore. You could be the lamb that fell in love with the lion if he would keep looking at you like that.

You pictured the church you were in, the place you had called your home when you were on Earth.

“I shouldn’t have- I did not mean to.” You fretted once you realized that the image had slipped through.

“It’s alright love.” He assuaged, his attempts futile. You had disappeared in less than a blink.

You were this close, questioning if you should get up and go tell Ashton that you needed to leave immediately. All of you.

But it felt impossible, you could not tell them. If you did, they would not leave. They would prepare for him and then who knows what. Capture him, figure out secrets he had of the downworlders or worse. They could kill him.

You dreamed of him again that next night.

“You didn’t tell.” Was the very first thing from his lips.

“No.” You agreed, noticing something. It had been slight, unnoticeable if you weren’t aware of the place.

“Luke, is that the sun?” He looked up, the fog had begun clearing and a small sliver of light trickled through.

“You’re accepting me.” He informed you. You furrowed your eyebrows. What?

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that you’re accepting this, us. The bond we share. I accepted you, now you have to do it too.” He explained.

“I don’t know you.” How were you supposed to do that if you didn’t know more than his name?

“Then ask me, anything.”

So you sat down on the cool, damp grass and talked. It had seemed like hours had passed but you were not tiring, no longer fearing the man as he smiled and laughed like you were normal. Like you weren’t mortal enemies and supposed to not be in contact. You liked Luke.

“I won’t abandon my religion.” You announced some time into the conversation and he gave you a sweet smile, pressing his hand into yours.

“Is that what worries you? You needn’t worry. I would not ask that of you.”

“But Luke, how would this- You know we can’t.”

“Angel,” He turned to face you, his hands tangling with yours as he spoke in whispers.

“I used to be like you.”

“Excuse me?” You exclaimed, a little too loud in the silent fog.

“I was an Angel. That is why you, we, are soulmates. It isn’t unheard of.” He promised you but you were still staring at him like he had grown another head.

“But how did you fall?”

“I got too invested with the humans. I liked how fragile, innocent and carefree they were. I broke the second rule.” Do not become the thing that you protect. You were supposed to stay as invisible as possible, literally. It was easy to forget you were visible and if you stayed that way for too long, you could break the bond of the angels. The bond being what tethered you to the others. You would begin becoming human. It was fixed with ease but some did not want it to be.

“I fell and then found the darkness humanity has to offer. I got in with some of the worst of the worst. Eventually a demon found me, he offered me a deal and I took it. I didn’t mean for this to happen but it did and I have been this for a long time now. I want you to know what will happen if you and I were to take this and run with it. I don’t want this for you but like I said, I’m selfish.” He flashed pitch black eyes at you. And you weren’t so scared. It was like knowing that the man under the mask wasn’t a monster.

“I don’t know Luke. This is terrifying to me.”

“I know love. It is your choice but if you choose me, it needs to be soon. The opportunities to get through the defenses are getting to be fewer.” You stared at him, watching the way his eyes had switched back to blue.

“What’s it like? Being you? What does it feel like?” He gnawed on his lip, the ring catching in teeth that were just too perfect.

“Being a fallen is different. It is like being human. You are still immortal but you have this feeling. Not like how we feel. As an angel you feel the good, you see it but when you fall you see everything and nothing all at once. It is odd. I can keep you from this, becoming a demon. The process is long, complicated and if we keep you on the right track, you’ll be fine.” He promised, looking up at the sky with a smile as it had started to clear just a bit more.

“Luke, what do you feel?” He paused, looking anywhere but at you. “Do you not-?”

“I do. It’s just different. It isn’t goodness, it’s darker.” You took his face in your hands, forcing him to look at you. You leaned forward, your lips finding his cheek and you could feel the deep breath of air he took in as electricity coursed through you from the simple touch. “You feel good.”

“Come find me.” You whispered and his eyes were on you, his body pulling back quickly as he searched your face for any sign of lying.

“Are you sure?”

“Not really but I want you and it may be wrong. I don’t know. I just, you should come and get- oomph.” You giggled as he squished you into his chest, hugging you like you’d seen so many humans do. When he pulled back, you were suspended for what had to have been a good minute. He flickered between your lips and eyes but seemed to decide against it and you were glad he did. You wanted it to be so much more real than this.

“Now, someone is coming. Wake and I’ll come for you soon.”

You sat up in bed with a headache and the ghost of hands on your face. And a smile plastered on your lips.

You now understood why people were convinced demons were evil. He had been so sweet to you with bright smiles and brighter eyes but as he stormed into the room, he was like a force to be reckoned with. He had fought with the ease that you had only seen Ashton fight with and you vaguely wondered if it had been Ashton that had taught him but he had timed it perfectly, waiting for Ashton to have gone out to come for you.

“We have to go.” Was the only thing he had said when your room door burst open. You hadn’t questioned it, letting the man take you, your hand in his as he began dragging you through the halls.

“When you said church, you should have said church that has been upgraded to a fortified compound.” He panted as soon as you were clear of the building. You were silent, sitting in the passenger seat of the car as you attempted processing what just happened.

“Luke. Pull over.” You stated and he glanced at you but immediately slammed the car off the shoulder of the road and pulled up the emergency brake.

“What, what is it?”

“Did you kill anyone?”

“Absolutely not. I didn’t need to do that. Is this- Did you not want this? Are you having second thoughts?” You took a breathe, taking a minute to look at him and if you thought his eyes were gorgeous before, in real-life they were prepossessing.

“I did, I just. I do but I need to take a minute to process.” You didn’t know how you were supposed to explain this feeling.

“Angel.” He whispered, reaching out for your hand. You took it further.

You tugged against his hand, your free hand reaching up to wrap around his neck and tug him to you. You pressed your lips to his and everything you didn’t know how to say, you didn’t need to. Everything had fallen into place as he moved his lips languidly with yours. The gasp of air he had taken before your lips connected to his expelled like a ghost over the curve of your lips, the panting breaths you took in between passionate kisses hot, heavy on your tongue. You pressed your face into his neck, laughing as endorphins and something that would at some point be love running through you. And you would never forget his laugh.

“Is this wrong?” You questioned and as he started the car, fear and concern replaced by the excitement you knew you shouldn’t feel. He took your hand over the console, speaking as he drove.

If you’re afraid of being lonely, don’t try to be right.

(Jules Renard)

So this is so long and it is not that good but I love this prompt and I had a great time writing it. Thank you to the wonderful anon that requested it and I hope you enjoyed it! :)

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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