take care of them gale

On Gale's so-called selfishness and the like

My favorite thing is people who truly believe Gale only took care of Katniss’s family while she was in the Games so Katniss would owe him something or she would be with him. Really. R e a l l y. Is this REALLY an argument?

Like, first of all, that’s Gale taking on two more mouths to feed when he can barely feed his own family. Do you honestly believe he’d add two more people to his list just so Katniss will love him? I mean seriously.

Second, Katniss and Gale never EVER talk to or about each other in terms of owing each other things so I have zero idea where this concept comes from. Katniss, who looks at nearly everyone in terms of what she owes them, never believes she owes Gale a thing for what he did while she was in the Games. Know why? Because they were BEST friends. Because it’s what they do and what they had always done. Katniss told her family Gale would take care of them before she even saw him after the reaping. Because she knew that he would. And she would’ve done the same. No questions asked. If you’re looking for someone Katniss felt like she owed, you’re not looking for Gale, you’re looking for someone else. I’ll just leave it at that.

And also, the idea that Gale expected Katniss to owe him something for taking care of her family would make sense, I suppose, if he ever brought it up. But well, he doesn’t. Because, contrary to this fandom’s belief, he’s not a complete dick. He just loves Katniss and he cares about her family. Remember when he walked home with Katniss just to see Prim’s face when she got her goat? Or watched most the Games with Prim and Mrs. Everdeen? Or went back in District 13 to rescue Prim (risking his own life, by the way)? Or was that selfish, too? Was that just to make Katniss love him or feel like she owed him? Too bad he just handed her Prim and then said where he would be if she needed something.

So like honestly, if you’re going to say things like this, fandom, at least have them make sense. Because really, it’s ridiculous, this idea that Gale is SELFISH for taking care of Katniss’ family, for rescuing Peeta, for playing such a large role in the rebellion. I don’t understand. He keeps people alive and you call him selfish. He risks his life to rescue Peeta and you call him selfish. And, the whole rebellion thing? That he was only in it for selfish reasons? What does that even MEAN? Is it selfish to want your freedom, to want to be out from under the hand from an oppressive government? Does that make someone selfish? Because honestly, if it does, I think I’d be selfish, too, if I was in Gale’s position. I think a lot of people would be.

Selfish. Please.