take care of me when i'm sick

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ONE VERY LATE FANART– this sucks- being sick for 2 weeks sucks– :’‘‘y and i’m not feeling 100% better just yet– /cries/

anyways this is a (LATE) fanart when the day that Yoga vid release and i got REALLY sick and i couldn’t finish it at the time. so i hope you all can forgive me and @markiplier himself (sorry dude!) :’’’’y

hope y’all like it.. or i dunno eeehhhh

Am I trying too hard to hold onto relationships that I should just let go of already? I feel like I try so hard to stay friends and to stay in touch when I get 0% effort from the other person. Is that a sign that these friendships are over? Should I just let these people go…?

Thank you,
For reminding me that I deserve silly little blue roses
And little love notes and cards
Someone who brings me smelly onion soup when I have a cold.
Someone who will take me to urgent care,
And tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m sick with no makeup on.
Thank you,
For showing me amazing music,
And having a passion for it as I do.
And creating me my very own playlist,
I hope that no matter what you don’t delete it,
Even though we didn’t last,
Music always will
It is everything good and bad about us put into a mix tape of songs.
And that alone should be cherished.
Thank you,
For listening to me talk,
Actually listening.
And remembering what I said
And caring about my words.
Thank you,
For reading my writing,
I’m terribly sad that I never got to read yours.
I hope one day I’ll be in a book store seeing you as a published writer.
Thank you,
For giving me your time,
I promise it wasn’t wasted.
Loving you was the best thing I ever did.
I will never regret a single second with you,
Except the one that made me lose you.
Thank you,
For giving me the best love and passion I have ever felt,
I only wish it would have lasted longer than this.
I only wish I could have been stronger for you.
—  “I’m sorry. I love you.”

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Yoichi glared at the demon, finding his stubborn almost funny. The brunette was ready to go full mother hen mood on Yuucifer’s ass right now, knowing Yuucifer didn’t want help but was going to get it whether he liked it or not. 

“You’re sick! The least you could do is let me take care of you. You could even lay in my bed until you’re feeling better.” Yoichi huffed. How could someone be so against help when they clearly needed it? Yoichi had his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised, a look full of, ‘You’re listening to me and you’re going to like it.’ 

Yoichi kept placing a hand on Yuucifer’s forehead to see if he was heating up or not. It was decided, Yoichi was either dragging the demon against his will or Yuucifer made this easier on the both of them. “Yuucifer-kun, you are coming to my room or I will carry you there myself. If you think hugs are annoying, wait till I carry you like a bride…”

It was a threat, no doubt. One Yoichi planned on keeping. If carrying Yuucifer to his room was what it took for the raven haired male to admit he was sick, so be it. 

Imagine Woozi being adamant about coming over to your place to take care of you when you’re sick even though you told him not to because he’ll catch your sickness. When he arrives, you told him not to get too close to you but he then says that he doesn’t mind getting sick, as long as you’re getting better.

I don’t know why I feel the need to rant about it now but the thought has been bugging me all morning, so I’m just going to let it out.

I’m sick and tired of the Doctor’s “duty of care” towards Clara being taken as him taking care of her like a child. Not only does it infantilize Clara, but it also paints the Doctor as her father figure, which he is not. 

It seems that it is forgotten that back in s8, when the Doctor was undergoing character development, he would take Clara’s words to heart and echo them back to her. Not only that, but he slowly returned the favor and became her carer, as she was to him. When she first was his carer, no one treated it as if she was looking after him as a child. With Clara, it should be treated the same way.

(I am aware that Clara is like the fandom and treats it as if he is treating her like a child that needs to be looked after, but he isn’t.)

Obviously, the reason why it isn’t treated the same way is because of Peter and Jenna’s age gap and the fact that the Doctor looks much older than Clara. This is the root of the problem, which angers me to no end. 

In conclusion, the Doctor’s care towards Clara was never a parental care towards her. He, in return, took an equal role in being a carer to her as she was to him. They are equals. She is not a child to him nor was he ever a child to her. After all the dangers and times they nearly lost each other, who could blame him for wanting to look after her, as any partner would? 

Amy felt increasingly worse as the day went on. What had started as a tickle in her throat that morning had progressed to sneezing, coughing, body aches, and fever by the end of her work day. She wished that she had stayed home, but that ship had long since sailed. Still, Amy was going to pick up some take out soup and hole up at home for the next day or two.

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