take care my tumblr friends

Thanks and Goodbye ♡

♡ Dear my friends ♡

I don’t wanna say this … but I need to.

I’m going to close my blog. ( not hiatus … so sorry )

There are several reasons but the biggest one is about my mother. She’s suffering serious illness which makes it necessary for me to take care of her.

I love SHINee and I won’t stop loving my boys. But it’s hard for me to keep my blog while taking care of my mom.

Since I made some precious friends here on Tumblr, I was worried sick about closing my blog … I cried a lot … but I decided.

SHINee has you guys but my mom has only me.

Although I’m leaving Tumblr, I’ll be a shawol forever. Thank you so much for having supported me and making my life colorful until today. I’ll never forget the day I found Minho in “ Hello Baby ” who healed my wound caused by my baby’s death. I’ve been really happy to fangirl with you all.

Again, I’d love to say this … Thank you and I love you ♡

♡ 日本語のわかる方たちへ ♡





♡♡ Dearest you ♡♡

Time to go. Keep fangirling/boying ♪ Always love you ❤

( Beautiful Minority by fukumin99 : 131023 ~ 170101 ) 

I am devastated to learn that the brilliant Brian Johnson will cease touring, due to the possibility of facing total loss of hearing if he continues. Should Brian not return, this is the end of an era. My heart goes out to Brian, his family, the band, and each and every AC/DC fan around the world, including my beloved friends or followers here on Tumblr. Take care.  @sassysledgehammer @beautifullosersjustyouandme @acdc-lover @chrmedwarrior