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How to take care Plushie Shu (Home & Outdoor)

Hi hi!!! (。・ω・。)ノ Just like I mentioned I saw many professional instructions of how to take care pocket!vampire and diabat~ so I decided to write down the instructions of how to take care diaplushie as well!!! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ If I have more time, I will make the instructions more professional with photos and samples~~( ´▽`)

Home Care:

1. Just like real Shu, plush Shu is the laziest plush you can ever find in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for an active friend, he is not a good choice.

2. Peaceful and quiet place! If not he will get irritating and resulting you to get harsh biting.

3. Sadly plush Shu does not come with his MP3, so is best to have highest quality of speaker or radio at your home! If you cannot afford it, MP3 will work as well.

4. If you do not want your plush Shu turn to Laito plush, weekly check plush Shu’s MP3 or his CDs!! Somehow he records woman’s moan. Please mention to him first before you delete it. Remember, communication is essential even he doesn’t reply.

5. Plush Shu spends 8/10 of his life time sleeping, so please have a clean pillow for him. The best way to keep clean pillow is to change the pillow case every three days. A warm normal blanket is good, but your pantie is better as a blanket.

6. Do you realize your panties and bras are missing for some reasons? No there is no ghost at your home, it’s just plush Shu. There are two reasons for him to steal them: first reason, he loves to see your reaction. Your confusing facial expression makes his dull day more interesting. Second reason: telling the truth, he just a lil perv. He likes to snuggle them and smell your scent, specially when you are not at home.

7. Plush Shu prefer no roommates. But he accept them. But be carful he might insult or roast the roommates.

8. Plush Shu is still a vampire, and he prefers owner’s blood, no animal blood tho, he hates it. Prepare yourself to get bitten.

9. He is a picky eater, not as picky as Reiji and Ruki. When talking about steak, we are talking about rare. It’s automatically related. Even he is not a big fan of sweets, but sometimes he does eat some.

10. Secretly staring and spying you with ocean blue eyes. It’s how he shows his love and care, or maybe he just bored.

11. Just finish your shower or bath? It’s recommended you change your clothes in the bathroom. Plush Shu tend to pretend sleep, but he is actually watching you change.

12. Snuggle, cuddle and kiss? He is fine with them, but you take first move.

13. He pretends cute to get your attention or sympathy. So don’t get fool by the cute watery eyes he makes!!!

14. Enjoys shower. Be carful don’t let him drown. Holding him is carefully, specially his Big Head.

Outdoor Care:

1. Taking out plush Shu with you for a walk? No, he doesn’t sit on your shoulder like plush Subaru, no no he doesn’t climb on your head like plush Ayato. You have to bring a bag and place plush Shu inside it. Make sure the bag is opened for him to breath.

2. Shu doesn’t care or interest about the world, so he never gets excited when you take him out.

3. There are two places he might like, one is Victoria’s Secret and CD stores. But in the other hand he be like “well wear noting is most suitable for you” and “I can go to online to buy the CDs”

4. No sports. No movement. Nope. Even breathing is troublesome for him.

5. He does get jealous when a boy flirts with you. He hates and regrets he cannot do anything about it since he just a plush.

6. When going out in the day time, pick a day that is not too hot. This aristocrat cannot handle the heat.

take care of yourself today and every day :)

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—  Sepi Tajima
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