take baths often

Bland L head canons someone stop me:


-Was one of those little kids that didn’t expressly dislike you but would definitely shove a handful of sand down your pants if given the chance

-Likes plants but can’t take care of them himself, always forgets to water them

-Eats tic tacs, m&m’s, skittles and the like by the bag. Like he just opens the bag on one end, upends it over his mouth and chews.

-Slipped in the shower one (1) time and now he only takes baths

-Gets depressed often enough, but very, very rarely cries, and was worried that he was going to start doing so in the moments after Watari’s death. He never got the chance to

-On that note, he’s an ugly ass crier, like once he starts he can’t stop and he finds it hard to close his eyes and form words and his entire body shakes aggressively. 

-Never dries his hair because it fluffs up into this enormous black cloud that obscures the edges of his vision when he does

-Loved those glitter filled water tube toys when he was a child, and never really kicked the habit of putting them in his mouth. 

-Absolutely hates going on long walks so when he was little Watari would just tote him around in a backpack with his head sticking out whenever he had to

-He doesn’t remember jack shit from before he got to the Wammy’s house. It used to come back to him in pieces when he was younger and they were all completely indiscernible. The only conclusion he could come to was that he probably didn’t have a mother or any sort of older female figure during his early life. 

-Prefers to sleep in a chair or bed, but will sleep literally ANYWHERE after long periods without sleeping, always with his arms wrapped around his legs, sometimes upright and sometimes lying down. Sometimes in the middle of hallways, sometimes on the floor of the bathroom, sometimes at the foot of his own bed. Watari is instructed not to move him, but he will cover him with blankets sometimes.

-Started crouching when he sat when he was 7 years old. He hadn’t yet stopped sitting on Watari’s lap though, so he just crouched on his lap whenever the opportunity arose, completely ignoring the fact that a skinny ass child’s heels digging into your knees gets painful after a while but Watari totally ignored it bc he loves his frog son

Poe buys Finn soap.

When asked, he says: “I was thinking of buying it for Rey, but she likes the sonic better than the water shower, and I know you like baths a whole lot more than she does.”

Finn does like baths. The First Order had rooms with flat showerheads that ran for two minutes at a time, just long enough for the muscles in his back to start to uncoil under the pressure before they abruptly shut off. Water in plenty has been an exciting luxury, which almost makes up for the corroding smell and taste and touch of everything else. The First Order valued cleanliness and straight lines and antiseptic, while on D’Qar everything is slightly tilted just enough to look wrong, and there’s a stickiness to the walls that holds dust and the finger-marks of a thousand species.

Finn doesn’t take baths often; the concept of waste has been drilled into his head too often for too long that using that much water at once still makes him uncomfortable, but the Resistance base is settled on a planet made up of vast clearwater lakes, so he likes to think that maybe a bath or two every couple of cycles won’t do much harm. He doesn’t miss the First Order at all, even when the Otherness of this place raises the hair on the back of his neck and suspicious glares sink deep into his bones, but he likes being busy and he likes achieving things, so in between quietly recalculating their resources under the watchful eye of General Organa and learning how to see the Universe with his eyes tightly shut, he has baths.

The soap itself comes in several small, round balls, flecked with tiny spots of colour like the blossoming petals of a flower. They smell sweet, but hold their shape firmly in Finn’s hand, and when he rolls them between his fingers they leave a fine trail of sparkling dust. It takes him a good week, but he finally catches an R&R day, so he runs a bath in Poe’s small bunk, and drops one of the fragrant spheres into the water, and watches at it dissolves, frothing pink foam and filling the air with a delicious perfume.

Yes, Finn thinks to himself quietly, Rey would definitely hate this.

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Preference: Bath Time with the Boys

Bath time with the boys! || Requests are open! :)

Baths with Max would be so much fun because he would go out of his way to make it fun. He is a strong believer that bubbles are a must when it comes to bath times. He liked it when you’d face each other rather than having you back to back, cuddling. He would probably have bath toys like a boat or he’d blow the bubbles at you to bug you. Sometimes, he’d make comments such as, “You know what’d be better than a bubble bath? A hot tub.” But after awhile, he’d surprise you with some fart bubbles from him and he would just smirk at you, saying, “I guess my wishes were answered.”

Baths with Joji would be more relaxing than fun compared to Max. He doesn’t often take baths, the only time he’s ever really in a bath is when he’s wearing a pink suit rapping profanities. However, the very few times that he takes baths with you, he goes out of his way to make it relaxing for the two of you; especially on days that one or both of you were stressed out. He would put candles to get the mood going, have warm water, and put on some relaxing chill hop songs he found on Soundcloud. He’d have you sit in front of him so he could hold you from behind and sing to your ear.

Baths with Ian are very rare. He’s more of a shower person than a bath person, he thinks it’s weird to just sit in a body of water of your own filth. However, if you asked him to take a bath with you, he wouldn’t say no. If it meant seeing your naked body and having the opportunity to get a little farther with you, then he was all up for it. He doesn’t really do anything like Joji or Max would to make the time more fun or relaxing, he would mostly just wash your body. If you were stressed out or sad; he’d give you massages, kissing your neck, reminding you that you were his queen.

Bath Time For Two || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,312

Summary - The one where you share a bath.


You had only been living with Jack for a week or so. The two of you had been dating for almost a year, but you had only just moved in with each other. Your relationship was moving at a comfortable pace for the both of you.

Jack was your first real relationship, so you were quite inexperienced in a lot of areas. So when you and Jack had sex for the first time, you were quite nervous. But, Jack was a perfect gentleman and made you feel so loved the whole time. You still lacked some confidence in the bedroom, but Jack never failed to remind you how beautiful and perfect you were in his eyes.

Lately you had been feeling overly stressed. You were constantly either working on school work or catching up on random paperwork for your boss. You never felt like you had any time to relax. Jack had noticed. You weren’t your usually bubbly self and you spent more time surrounded by paper on the floor of your bedroom than you did doing anything else.

One night, Jack decided to treat you. You were sitting on the floor yet again when Jack came in with a sweet smile on his face. “How’re you doing, princess?” he asked, sitting beside you and rubbing your neck.

“I’m okay,” you shrugged. “Just got a few more paragraphs to read.”

“Fancy taking a break?” he asked.

“I shouldn’t,” you said.

“Just a little while,” he said. “I promise it’ll be worth it.”

“Oh I suppose,” you laughed with a teasing roll of your eyes. Jack stood up and reached his hand out to pull you off the ground. You giggled and took his hand as he walked with you to the bathroom. You were confused but you followed him nevertheless.

There in the bathroom, Jack had run a bath. It was full of bubbles and candles all around the side. The light was off and soft music was playing through the room. You stared at the bath with a small smile creeping on your face. Jack wrapped his arms around you and placed a kiss to your neck. “I thought we could share a bath,” he said quietly. A blush was forming on your cheeks.

“Oh I don’t know,” you said awkwardly. “This is sweet but, I don’t know.”

“What’s wrong?” he said, disappointment laced in his voice.

“I’m just, I don’t know,” you said again, feeling a bit guilty this time. You pulled away now from Jack and wouldn’t turn to face him. You played with your fingers as your hands rested in front of you.

“Babe, are you embarrassed?” Jack asked, a smile now evident in his tone.

“Stop,” you whined, still not looking at him.

“You’re embarrassed,” he teased.

“Okay, fine, I’m embarrassed,” you mumbled.

“Why?” he asked. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“I know,” you said quietly. “It just, oh I don’t know.” Jack walked over to you and turned you so you were looking at him. Even though you didn’t want to meet his eyes, he tucked his finger under your chin and made you. Instead of saying anything, he held your face in his hands and kissed you firmly. You melted into the kiss, your arms draped around his neck.

You felt his hands tug at the bottom of your shirt, so you pulled away a bit so he could take it off your body. Next came your leggings, then your bra and your panties. As soon as you were undressed, Jack stripped as well and beckoned you to join him in the bath. While you still felt a little embarrassed, you did.

“Why’re you so embarrassed?” he asked. You were laying in between his legs with your back pressed to his chest. He had his arms around you and his lips pressed to your neck.

“I dunno,” you mumbled. “It’s one thing to have sex with you, but to just lay here like this.” You paused and sighed. “It’s a lot of time for you to look at me and find stuff you don’t like.”

“Babe, you should know by now that the more I look at you, the more things I find that I love, not the other way around.”

You whispered a thank you to him as you fought back a smile. “You’re too good to me, Jack,” you said quietly.

“Maybe,” he said back. He grinned and pressed another kiss to your cheek. After a second of silence, he said, “Do you want me to show you how good I can be to you?”

Before you had a second to question what he meant, you felt his hand brush against your thigh. His finger trailed down your thigh, back up and close to your core, then back down again. You were biting your lip, trying not to let out any whimpers. You hated how quickly you reacted to the simplest touch from Jack. He, however, loved it.

“It’s okay, baby,” he said quietly. His fingers brushed up against your core. “Let me hear how good I make you feel.”

Slowly, he eased a finger into you. Your hand gripped his free arm at the sudden feeling. Just as slowly as he pushed the first one into you, he added another finger. His fingers were pumping in and out of you, hitting just the right spot that left you breathless. All the while, Jack was leaving kisses along your neck, paying special attention to the spots he knew made your toes curl. “Jack,” you whimpered.

“Should I add another finger?” he taunted. “I know how much you love my fingers.” Instead of saying anything, you just nodded. Jack laughed lightly and eased another finger into you. The fullness of three of his fingers inside you made you toss your head back onto his chest. Your hand was still squeezing his arm tightly, surely leaving marks he’d find there in the morning. You found yourself bringing your hips up to meet Jack’s fingers, causing ripples in the water of your bathtub. “Relax, princess,” he teased.

“Jack,” you groaned quietly. You felt his thumb press against your clit, leaving you breathless again.

“Are you close?”

“Yes,” you said quietly. Jack pressed his lips to your neck again, sucking along the spot just below your jawline. It was your weak spot. You let out a quiet moan as the feeling of Jack’s lips to your skin and his fingers inside you sent you over the edge. You called out his name, still not easing your grip on his arm. You could feel him smirk against your skin.

As soon as you finished, Jack pulled his fingers out of you and wrapped his arms around you again. “How’re you feeling, princess?” he asked, his lips placing gentle kisses to your neck again.

“Mhm,” you muttered wordlessly. Jack just laughed and stroked his thumb against your tummy.

“I love you,” he said quietly. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” you whispered.

“No, listen to me, (Y/N),” he said, more firmly than the first time. “I love you. All of you. I love when your cheeks turn red when you’re embarrassed and I love when your mouth hangs open anytime I touch you a certain way. I love everything I see about you, even the stretch marks you complain about and the creases by your eyes. I love you, and nothing I see is going to change that. I need you to know that. You should never be embarrassed of yourself around me, because you’re always going to be perfect to me.” You were quiet for a moment, and Jack didn’t speak.

“I know,” you finally whispered. “And I love you too. So much, Jack.” With a small laugh, you added, “Maybe we should take baths together more often.”

Jack laughed too, “I’d love that.”

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Allies s/o asking if they want to share a nice bubble bath with them, like they got new bubbles that smell really good and want to share it with them? Cute fluff, nothing sexual, unless it turns out that way, looking at france.

Mon cher..! I’m offended! I am not always like that!~Francis

America: “If I can fit, sure, why not?”
Alfred would worried that he would be too long for the tub. He is a tall and broad guy, so he would be understandably nervous. Though if they both could fit, he would be so down for it. He would love to give himself a bubble beard and splash a little. It would all be in good fun, besides who doesn’t love bubbles?

England: “If you’re sure”
Arthur wouldn’t mind joining his s/o in the bath at all. He would love to just relax with them and rub their back and shoulders. He wouldn’t splash around but instead would gather the bubbles and gently blow them at his s/o as he whispers that it is magic. 

France: “Hm? Oh..! Welcome, mon cher.”
Francis loves taking long baths, so a bath with his s/o would be perfect in his eyes. He’d always splash them with bubbles or tease them, usually pulling them into his lap. Occasionally, if they wanted to, the bath could escalate to something more~ But Francis prefers if that happens in bed.. in the bathtub..it could cause water to spill onto the floors..

Canada: “Oh..Hi there..”
Matthew would be flustered at first with the thought, but soon he would get over it if they told him about the nice scent of the bubbles. He wouldn’t care too much, though. He’d love to blow bubbles at them, or put a handful of bubbles on their head.

Russia: “Joining me?”
Ivan would think it’s cute that his s/o wanted to take a bath with him. He wouldn’t take baths often, but if they wanted him to, he wouldn’t be opposed. He’d always cover them in bubbles, or make himself a beard out of bubbles; whatever made his s/o laugh.

China: “Oooh it smells nice!”
Yao wouldn’t mind taking a bath with them at all. He would love to relax in the bubbles and play around with his s/o in the water. Not to mention he would laugh at the bubbles and lightly toss them around. Though he would just love to hold them against his chest as he rubbed their back. 

How I imagine the Chocobros showering at hotels.

I have this wild imagination when I’m waiting for doctors and usually it involves the poor Chocobros.

Like showering.

Whenever they stop somewhere that is an actual hotel room with a shower everyone scrambles out of the car as fast as possible to try and secure their spot in the shower first.

Sabotaging each other to try and vie for first place.

I can actually envision Noctis tying Gladios shoe laces together while he’s asleep in the back so he has a better chance, while Prompto just vaults out of the car and to the hotel room without even to bother opening the door. Unless its raining.  Even then, Ignis has had to enforce the rule of NO OPENING THE DOORS WHILE THE CAR IS IN MOTION!! because of Prompto actually bolting while the car is still in motion.

Gladio just ties Promptos and Noctis’ shirt tails together while Noct is paying for the room and then makes for the inside of the hotel room.

Ignis meanwhile does a quieter way of getting into the shower first. He hides the boys hair supplies and while they argue over who stole their stuff, he slips in quietly and gets into the shower first.

As to what kind of showers they take-

Ignis is the one who makes sure every square inch of him is properly washed and groomed.  He’s the one who also makes sure the shower is spotless before he even climbs into it. No stray hairs or other things the boys may have left behind.  He takes the kind of attention to detail that a sterile room would envy.

Gladio is the sings in the shower kind of guy. But the bad at the singing part. But he doesn’t care. He throws on some tunes on his phone and just goes to town lathering up those rippling pecs. He also makes sure his hair is shiny clean and romance novel cover ready.  Gladio is the guy who can destroy a shower with all the grime and dirt that seems to accumulate in his hair.

Prompto is the hop in, hop out and prays to the Six nobody catches him naked. Because he’s ridiculously shy about his body. He’s also the one who will stand under the shower head and day dream until someone scares the crap out of him  yelling for him to hurry up. By this time the water is cold and the next person is going to be pissed off. He’s the kind who throws 2 in 1 shampoo into his hair, rinses quickly, makes sure he’s relatively clean and then dresses as quickly as possible before anyone can bust down the door and yell at him.

Noctis is the guy who doesn’t take showers. He takes baths. Long and often times scorching hot baths. Where he falls asleep and ends up having some of the best sleep he ever gets. When he does finally wake up enough to wash his hair, his bros are worried he’s drowned and Gladio is ready to bust down the door while Prompto offers to do mouth to mouth because he learned it in high school.

In the end though they’re all clean and the reason they play Kings Knight is not because it’s a fun game for the four, but that’s the real battle for who gets the beds after bath time.

Bathing With Shownu

Shownu  -  Wonho  -  Minhyuk  -  Kihyun  -  Hyungwon

A/N: Such a cute bean

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  • He’s got such a husband vibe-
  • He’d draw baths for you on occasion when he knows you’ve had a long day
  • He’d probably help you with undressing
  • He’d be very conscious of your space in the tub and would probably fold his knees to his chest to make sure you had plenty of space
  • You’d have to coax him to relax against the back of the ceramic tub, letting his legs border you along the sides as you sit between them
  • Honestly, I think he’d be a little sheepish about his limp member being so openly visible, even if you had seen it before-
  • He’d ask you to turn around, sloppily pouring the warm water over your hair before lathering it with shampoo
  • He’d act as a masseuse
    “Does that feel good?”
    “Ah! Not so hard-”

  • He’d make small talk with you, curious about your day
  • He does all this work for you, yet if the attention was turned toward himself he’d probably be a bit bashful
    “My day? …I just did- the same as usual…”
  • With time, I think he’d probably get a bit clingier
    Cute shit like peppering kisses along your cheek or resting his chin atop your shoulder as he embraces you-
  • I don’t see him as someone interested in sex in the tub- It’s just messy and that’s not the reason the two of you are there
  • On average, the two of you don’t often take baths together, but when you do they’re about an hour
  • He’s a gentleman and gets out first, wrapping a towel around his waist before unfolding your own, offering his hand to you as you step out of the tub before tightly bundling you in the fluffy towel
    *Endearing gaze*
    “You look cute…”

  • It’s a bonding experience for the two of you and he confesses he honestly falls deeper in love with you each day

connor murphy headcanons???

gay bean child.

corncob morphine:::

-he wakes up at 2 to go to evans, regularly

-heidi is literally never home and there’s a key underneath the doormat

-heidi is lowkey a potterhead and the doormat says welcome to hogwarts

-evan is sure to put that red-white stripy tape stuff over the kitchen because heidi doES NO T WANt connor in the kitchen

-evans usually asleep when connor arrives

-and connor watches jared’s livestreams on the tv in the living room for a good hour or so

-connor genuinly finds jared entertaining but he wont admit that

-every day he wakes up in evan’s bed

-he’s fully clothed,,, no sweat

-evan isn’t ever there when he wakes up

-connor is always sure to call zoe when he wakes up bc zoe lowkey means the world to him

-like if zoe didn’t awnser the phone after 5 rings, he’d suddenly be at the door bc he cares so much

-he goes down to see evan counting how much lucky charm clovers he’s eaten

-connor honestly thinks its pointless, but its adorable as hell so he doesn’t say anything

-once, zoe was threatening to break into the hansen house™, because connor took her phone by accident and they had to swap phones for a day

-he doesn’t take baths often but he smells really nice

-like evan’s admitted this once

-so has zoe

-but that’s because connor likes taking zoe’s stuff

-and he uses her body spray a lot

-its mango scented

-if he doesnt have body spray in his bag when he goes to school he will be really grouchy

-body spray is his croNCH

-like he’s got high off of body spray before

-but jared spiked it somehow and dared him to spray his mouth

-jared has these weird ways if spiking the unspikable

-he likes toast lots


-dry toast

-when evan broke his arm, connor had to take over the driving to school

-connor is a really bad driver

-he’s worse than zoe

-zoe is a very bad driver

-connor listens to audiobooks when he gets changed

-he also listens to metal

-and 1D

-and 1D is the one pop band that hE LOvES

-and evan walked into his room once,,, he was looking for his phone

-and caught connor murphy dancing to full volume One Direction songs

-kind of like that one time i was acting out dead girl walking with stuffed animals in my friend’s room and then she walked in


-connor goes to school early, but shows up to his classes 10 minutes later. he normally smokes pot behind the science block because its the least likely place to get caught

As a Slytherin I find that most people don’t understand the way I live. I don’t take baths as often as everyone else, my clothes pile on my floor for weeks at a time until I run out of clothes I want to wear, I barely eat unless I’m told to, at a friend’s house I’ll go hungry because I’m scared to ask, I would stay in bed writing books on my phone 24/7 if life didn’t demand I live like everyone else, and this worries people.

They think my way is something that should be fixed, but I’ve explained this to my mom before.

If something interferes with my routine, even if it’s a small thing that people think is easily replaceable, then I just don’t do it. Even if that means eating, showing, or staying hydrated. Every action I do is a repetitive thing that I can’t replace. Opening the fridge right when I get home, waiting in my bed until there are five minutes to get dressed and wait for the bus, these are all my little routine things. They’re not just going to change because the world seems them unhealthy.

I don’t know if other slitherins do this as well or if it’s just me, so oh well.


It’s okay, I do this a lot but not to the full extent. It is common for Slytherins to not want to interrupt their routines, Maybe matter what it was. I’m always here to support you!

His Offer


i’m blaming @gentlesleaze for this bc of that stupid shot and this stupid episode and i hate everyone. even if this isn’t exactly what she had in mind, probably, i dunno anymore.

Rosaline knocks.

She swear she does.

But when she swings open the door to Benvolio’s hotel room bathroom, he jumps from his spot in the bathtub and yells. “Capulet!”

“Sorry! I thought you heard me knock - ” she quickly spins around to face the doorway, once again grateful for her dark complexion and its ability to hide her embarrassment.

If she can still see him through the mirror in the corner of her eye, she doesn’t say anything.

“Are you taking a bath?” she asks, suddenly unable to hold back a tiny laugh. “Seriously?”

Benvolio sighs, moving soap bubbles around. “I like baths.” He sits up a little straighter, forcing Rosaline to do so too. “Do you need something?”

It can wait, is what she should say. But if she’s completely honest she’s not even sure she remembers what it was she needed to tell him in the first place.


Rosaline blinks, trying to focus on her hands gripping the doorframe and not how the florescent lighting hits his chest, water drops dripping down his abs - ripped abs - lowering until -

“Um,” she says, exhaling slowly. “Romeo needed you - for something - ”

“For something?” She can hear the smirk in his voice; she could see it too, but she tries to forget about that. “Could you be a bit more specific?”

Rosaline narrows her eyes at his reflection. “He was very vague on the phone.”

“He called you?”

“You didn’t pick up.”

There’s sloshing of water and when Rosaline braves another peak, she sees him getting ready to stand.

She should look away.

She doesn’t.

Instead, she watches him out the corner of her eye - and it’s an impressive view, even she’d admit, especially when he grabs his towel and runs it through his hair, messing it up even further. When he glances up at her, however, she quickly looks at the floor.

“You take baths often?” she asks, because if she’s talking maybe she won’t think too much about -

“They’re better with company.”

Rosaline stiffens; he’s right behind her and the heat of him mixed with the steam hits her immediately. She can hear him smirking, can see him leaning closer, can feel him - “if you wanna better view next time, just let me know.”

And Benvolio squeezes past her, out of the bathroom, and Rosaline stands there, gripping the doorframe, wondering why she’s even considering taking him up on his offer.

Bathing With Minhyuk

Shownu  -  Wonho  -  Minhyuk  -  Kihyun  -  Hyungwon

Originally posted by garisanee

  • I can’t see him as someone who would often take baths, but on the rare occasions there’s time to spare-
  • He’d be quite fond of drawing baths for you though, having no intention to join and rather setting aside a time for you to relax
  • He’d put a lot of effort into it, dimming the lights, adding candles, champagne, etc…
    “…What is this?”
    “You’ve worked so hard lately-”
    “Did you get this idea from Hoseok?”

  • In the tub, he’d be mellow
  • He’d ask about your day, his voice gentle and rather soft-
  • His head would loll back, his gaze settling on the ceiling before resting his eyes-
  • He wouldn’t do anything other than soak in the water; no intentions of scrubbing himself down or dunking his hair
  • If you asked him to help you out he would though
    *Gets fingers tangled in your hair*
    “Ah! Don’t pull like that!”
    “Just stay still-”

  • Through activity he becomes more lively
  • He’s a bit impish, so I think he’d probably tease you a bit because it’s his favorite hobby
  • He always presses chaste kisses to your shoulders-
  • It’s unlikely anything sexual will ensue-
  • He always showers you in compliments though, his hands trailing along your skin beneath the water as he grins
  • Usually, I’d say baths last around 30 to 45 minutes
  • He slinks in the tub as you get out, enjoying the sight- Before you chide at him
BTOB: fluffy times in the tub

Eunkwang: with him you’ll always be smiling and laughing. But he takes this time to just chill with you and unwind. You’d both sit in front of each other and talk about your day as you play with the bubbles.

Minhyuk: he’s hella romantic so when he asks you to take a bath with him, he’s got everything set up. The candles, the music, the amazing aromas of the bath soaps. He’ll sit behind you as he plays with your hair and massages your shoulders and neck, making you forget all about your worries.

Changsub: this boy has a bunch of water toys to play with. And when he’s in the tub with you, you two have a blast as you shoot each other with little water guns and blowing bubbles at each other.

Hyunsik: he’d be so cheeky and always try to turn it into something more, but he’ll just say he’s joking and pull you closer to him. He’ll be humming in your ear as he softly strokes his fingers over your arm and shoulders.

Peniel: not to type to take bubble baths often, but when it comes to you, he can’t resist. He’ll want to hear all about your day and he’ll tell you about his. Wouldn’t go overboard like Minhyuk tbh he just loves your company no matter where you’re at, it’s always special to him.

Ilhoon: you might have to convince him to actually talk to you and not fall asleep as you’re playing with his hair. He lays his head on your chest and sighs in content, wondering why you two don’t do this every minute of every day.

Sungjae: the type to buy extra bubbly soap and make funny beards with them. You two will play with the bubbles as you try out funny hairstyles and facial hair. Ofc there will be music playing in the bathroom as you two mess around in the tub.

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How would the skelebros (UT/US/UF/SF) react to bath bombs?

* But like… I don’t have a bathtub
* I just longingly stare at youtube videos of bath bombs and… cry.


He appreciates the aesthetic of bath bombs but doesn’t see the point in them. They’re cool, sure but a normal shower works the same?? His opinion absolutely changes 180 turn around when he discovers galaxy bath bombs.


YES! THEY ARE THE SECOND GREATEST INVENTION BY HUMANS AFTER SPAGHETTI. He loves the aesthetic, the stimmy sounds of a dissolving bath bomb, the scents, the happiness of hopping out of a tub glittery and moisturised and smelling good yes.


They’re okay?? Why does it matter what his opinion is????? They’re just, body cleaning things????????


He uses this brand every night. Either red or black of course. To bathe in the blood of his enemies or the sin in his soul~


He doesn’t really like bath bombs, personally. He loves the aesthetic of it, but his nose is pretty sensitive so he can’t ever use one himself without sneezing his ribs to a rattle.


No comment. He doesn’t really care. Must he have an opinion on everything?


His guilty pleasure. He loves bath bombs but will never admit he uses them because his favourite scents are things like Sex Bomb, Tisty Tosty and of course, Blackberry. Plus his bro would tease him if he was caught chilling in the tub. THIS IS NOT LAZINESS, THIS IS SELF CARE!


He really loves the aesthetic pictures people take of bath bombs, often posting more than a few himself. The fact that he’s a skeleton seems to up the grunge aesthetic.

Bathing With Luhan

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  • Luhan would be the best bath buddy!
  • He probably gets a lot of bath products and baskets from his fans, bath-bombs, oils, scrubs, bubbles, etc…
  • He isn’t the type to often take baths himself, so he’d always coax you to join him and use the products with him
  • It’d be a mixture of actual cleansing and messing around-
  • He’d guide you to sit in front of him, scrubbing your back lazily
  • He’d always demand compensation tho, if he shampoos your hair you must also do his-
    “That’s not fair, I did yours, you have to do mine!”
  • He’s also very touchy, obviously there isn’t much space so it’s to be expected…
  • He’d talk a lot, it’d be like a bubble bath ASMR, his soothing voice rambling on about his day and whatnot, spewing about how soft your skin is and how much he missed you, etc…
    “Was your skin always this soft?”

  • While it was your turn to condition his hair and loofah down his chest he’d probably drown out his words, relaxing as he lets his lashes flutter
  • I feel he’s definitely the type to be mischievous tho
  • Making-out in the tub is a favorite, but usually you don’t let it escalate much further than that- Unless you’re feeling it, but even then, it’d probably be preferred to get frisky out of the tub-
  • Baths probably last around an hour
  • He’d alternate between slinking in the tub after you get out and offering you a gentlemanly hand as you get out with him, it’d just depend if he was feeling tired or energetic and refreshed^^

Witcher Headcanon: Geralt and Yen NSFW

Let me just put a warning here: If sexual things make you uncomfortable then don’t read. This post will involve explicit sexual activities,situations, etc. If gets very dirty and sexy. You’ve been warned.

  • Yen often comes along on Geralt’s contracts. She will give him blowjobs as he meditates.
  • Yen prefers to be on top. But she also likes when Geralt takes her from behind.
  • Yen once asked Geralt for his medallion but wouldn’t tell him why. He obliged. When he came into their bedroom that evening, she was laying in bed wearing only the medallion.
  • They play Strip Gwent at least once a week. It doesn’t matter who wins since both end up naked anyways.
  • Geralt enjoy eating Yen’s ass. 
  • Yen enjoys face sitting. She will pin Geralt’s arms above his head and ride his face.
  • Geralt and Yen usually have sex two to three times a day. 
  • They will make love once and have rough sex at least once each day.
  • They tried anal once but determined that Geralt was much too large for it.
  • Geralt’s favorite way to have Yen is from behind. He loves spanking her, choking her, and pulling her hair.
  • He will often use Dimeritium Shackles on her. She protests and prefers regular handcuffs.
  • They both enjoy sucking on the other’s fingers.
  • Geralt will occasionally use Yrden on himself to slow his movements when teasing her.
  • They have had sex everywhere at their estate. Many of the workers have seen them but never say anything.
  • A stablehand once witnessed them having sex. It was the best day of his life.
  • They take baths together very often. Yen enjoys jerking him off below the water.
  • Geralt always licks his fingers clean after he fingers Yen. Sometimes Yen will lick them clean for him.
  • Yennefer will often suck on a dildo while Geralt is fucking her.
  • Yen has considered bringing another woman into the bedroom but Geralt must earn it first.
  • She wanted to have a threesome with Geralt and another woman for his birthday. But Geralt hates celebrating so unlucky for him, he doesn’t get his present.
  • Yen would never have a threesome with two men however. Her standards are much too high and she won’t sleep with just anyone. This is one reason why she often dated women in her past.
  • Geralt always puts Yen first. Her pleasure is the most important thing for him.
  • They sometimes engage in mutual masturbation. They love watching each other.
  • Yen and Geralt are both extremely loud when with each other. They wake up the neighbors very often.
  • They will roleplay the first time they met often. They like pretending they hate each other. It makes the sex even rougher and hotter.
  • Geralt purposefully fucked Yen hard on the unicorn to try and break it. It worked but she fixed it again anyways.