take baths often

Poe buys Finn soap.

When asked, he says: “I was thinking of buying it for Rey, but she likes the sonic better than the water shower, and I know you like baths a whole lot more than she does.”

Finn does like baths. The First Order had rooms with flat showerheads that ran for two minutes at a time, just long enough for the muscles in his back to start to uncoil under the pressure before they abruptly shut off. Water in plenty has been an exciting luxury, which almost makes up for the corroding smell and taste and touch of everything else. The First Order valued cleanliness and straight lines and antiseptic, while on D’Qar everything is slightly tilted just enough to look wrong, and there’s a stickiness to the walls that holds dust and the finger-marks of a thousand species.

Finn doesn’t take baths often; the concept of waste has been drilled into his head too often for too long that using that much water at once still makes him uncomfortable, but the Resistance base is settled on a planet made up of vast clearwater lakes, so he likes to think that maybe a bath or two every couple of cycles won’t do much harm. He doesn’t miss the First Order at all, even when the Otherness of this place raises the hair on the back of his neck and suspicious glares sink deep into his bones, but he likes being busy and he likes achieving things, so in between quietly recalculating their resources under the watchful eye of General Organa and learning how to see the Universe with his eyes tightly shut, he has baths.

The soap itself comes in several small, round balls, flecked with tiny spots of colour like the blossoming petals of a flower. They smell sweet, but hold their shape firmly in Finn’s hand, and when he rolls them between his fingers they leave a fine trail of sparkling dust. It takes him a good week, but he finally catches an R&R day, so he runs a bath in Poe’s small bunk, and drops one of the fragrant spheres into the water, and watches at it dissolves, frothing pink foam and filling the air with a delicious perfume.

Yes, Finn thinks to himself quietly, Rey would definitely hate this.

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Domestic Headcanon’s, 2p!Germany!:
  • He doesn’t truly believe in ‘dressing up’, for himself or his significant other, he thinks you should wear what you’re most comfortable in.
  • With working out and sore muscles, he’ll often take bathes with salts, for relaxation. As a result he sometimes has the vague scent of said salts.
  • He owns more than one pair of kitten-themed boxers.
  • He has a strange talent for carnival games, especially the strength testers, and darts. 
  • Also had quite the love for american fruit snacks, Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, etc
  • Prefers older video games and systems, meaning, he still has a Play Station, somewhere in his closet.
  • If he wants to upgrade something of his he will literally just break the one he currently has. 
  • When singing in English his voice is rough and almost unintelligible, but when singing in German it’s deep and relaxing. 
  • He does not cook in very often, preferring to eat fast food or anything simple and with little wait time. 
  • Quite a reckless driver! He adores the thrill of speed and has been in more than one chase involving officers. 
  • Doesn’t hesitate or question consequences before he does things, he’s very impulsive. 
  • He enjoys sleeping late into the afternoon, but not necessarily being up all night. he jut really likes sleeping. 
  • Will likely drag his s/o to car shows, where he acts like a small child at a toy store. 
  • A fan of older war-time weaponry. 
  • He has a hard time tossing things that he deems as having ‘sentimental value’, due to this he likely has a storage unit…or 2.
  • He has a very close relationship with his bother, Gilen. (2p!Prussia) who often times is a voice of reason to the before mentioned impulsive actions. 

(Made with tons of help from @hetalia-said-i-could)

I wasn’t very productive today, so some stupid sketches.

Tzeentch in his favorite bathrobe. Not that he was taking baths often or something (just staring with his DONE face on dirt until it disappears. Magic is fun), he just loves bathrobes. They are soft and warm and feathers are delighted by this. Also sleeves are very useful things. 

And Fulgrim after he became demon-prince and start partying with Slaanesh. Over-dramatically posing, yes. Showing his perfectly combed hair and no less perfect everything else. His abs just screaming something like LOOK HOW AWESOME THIS DUDE IS
And about song mentioned. It all (with Fulgrim) happened because of it. Yes. 
Do not judge me.

Sometimes I like to think about the fact that if Genos ever did a TV interview, he’d spend the whole damn thing talking about his sensei.

The signs in the shower

Aries: is out in like… 2 minutes ?

Taurus: sings in the shower

Gemini: secretly pees in the shower

Cancer: sits in the shower

Leo: dances in front of the mirror with only towell on

Virgo: is able to shower with cold water like ???

Libra: always forgets to take their towell

Scorpio: probably the sign which spends the biggest amount of time in the shower

Sagittarius: has more hair products than they’d like to admit

Capricorn: bubble bath lover, takes baths often

Aquarius: has the best smelling shampoos

Pisces: the exact opposite of Virgo, their showers are way too hot

Jim Moriarty is the type of person who spins himself around on office chairs and picks the pepperoni off his pizza and feeds ducks in his spare time like I know he kills people and stuff but I can guarantee he doodles constellations on the backs of important documents and takes bubble baths every so often and eats blueberry cheesecake on his birthdays I will fight people over this