take baths often

Poe buys Finn soap.

When asked, he says: “I was thinking of buying it for Rey, but she likes the sonic better than the water shower, and I know you like baths a whole lot more than she does.”

Finn does like baths. The First Order had rooms with flat showerheads that ran for two minutes at a time, just long enough for the muscles in his back to start to uncoil under the pressure before they abruptly shut off. Water in plenty has been an exciting luxury, which almost makes up for the corroding smell and taste and touch of everything else. The First Order valued cleanliness and straight lines and antiseptic, while on D’Qar everything is slightly tilted just enough to look wrong, and there’s a stickiness to the walls that holds dust and the finger-marks of a thousand species.

Finn doesn’t take baths often; the concept of waste has been drilled into his head too often for too long that using that much water at once still makes him uncomfortable, but the Resistance base is settled on a planet made up of vast clearwater lakes, so he likes to think that maybe a bath or two every couple of cycles won’t do much harm. He doesn’t miss the First Order at all, even when the Otherness of this place raises the hair on the back of his neck and suspicious glares sink deep into his bones, but he likes being busy and he likes achieving things, so in between quietly recalculating their resources under the watchful eye of General Organa and learning how to see the Universe with his eyes tightly shut, he has baths.

The soap itself comes in several small, round balls, flecked with tiny spots of colour like the blossoming petals of a flower. They smell sweet, but hold their shape firmly in Finn’s hand, and when he rolls them between his fingers they leave a fine trail of sparkling dust. It takes him a good week, but he finally catches an R&R day, so he runs a bath in Poe’s small bunk, and drops one of the fragrant spheres into the water, and watches at it dissolves, frothing pink foam and filling the air with a delicious perfume.

Yes, Finn thinks to himself quietly, Rey would definitely hate this.

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How I imagine the Chocobros showering at hotels.

I have this wild imagination when I’m waiting for doctors and usually it involves the poor Chocobros.

Like showering.

Whenever they stop somewhere that is an actual hotel room with a shower everyone scrambles out of the car as fast as possible to try and secure their spot in the shower first.

Sabotaging each other to try and vie for first place.

I can actually envision Noctis tying Gladios shoe laces together while he’s asleep in the back so he has a better chance, while Prompto just vaults out of the car and to the hotel room without even to bother opening the door. Unless its raining.  Even then, Ignis has had to enforce the rule of NO OPENING THE DOORS WHILE THE CAR IS IN MOTION!! because of Prompto actually bolting while the car is still in motion.

Gladio just ties Promptos and Noctis’ shirt tails together while Noct is paying for the room and then makes for the inside of the hotel room.

Ignis meanwhile does a quieter way of getting into the shower first. He hides the boys hair supplies and while they argue over who stole their stuff, he slips in quietly and gets into the shower first.

As to what kind of showers they take-

Ignis is the one who makes sure every square inch of him is properly washed and groomed.  He’s the one who also makes sure the shower is spotless before he even climbs into it. No stray hairs or other things the boys may have left behind.  He takes the kind of attention to detail that a sterile room would envy.

Gladio is the sings in the shower kind of guy. But the bad at the singing part. But he doesn’t care. He throws on some tunes on his phone and just goes to town lathering up those rippling pecs. He also makes sure his hair is shiny clean and romance novel cover ready.  Gladio is the guy who can destroy a shower with all the grime and dirt that seems to accumulate in his hair.

Prompto is the hop in, hop out and prays to the Six nobody catches him naked. Because he’s ridiculously shy about his body. He’s also the one who will stand under the shower head and day dream until someone scares the crap out of him  yelling for him to hurry up. By this time the water is cold and the next person is going to be pissed off. He’s the kind who throws 2 in 1 shampoo into his hair, rinses quickly, makes sure he’s relatively clean and then dresses as quickly as possible before anyone can bust down the door and yell at him.

Noctis is the guy who doesn’t take showers. He takes baths. Long and often times scorching hot baths. Where he falls asleep and ends up having some of the best sleep he ever gets. When he does finally wake up enough to wash his hair, his bros are worried he’s drowned and Gladio is ready to bust down the door while Prompto offers to do mouth to mouth because he learned it in high school.

In the end though they’re all clean and the reason they play Kings Knight is not because it’s a fun game for the four, but that’s the real battle for who gets the beds after bath time.

Preference: Bath Time with the Boys

Bath time with the boys! || Requests are open! :)

Baths with Max would be so much fun because he would go out of his way to make it fun. He is a strong believer that bubbles are a must when it comes to bath times. He liked it when you’d face each other rather than having you back to back, cuddling. He would probably have bath toys like a boat or he’d blow the bubbles at you to bug you. Sometimes, he’d make comments such as, “You know what’d be better than a bubble bath? A hot tub.” But after awhile, he’d surprise you with some fart bubbles from him and he would just smirk at you, saying, “I guess my wishes were answered.”

Baths with Joji would be more relaxing than fun compared to Max. He doesn’t often take baths, the only time he’s ever really in a bath is when he’s wearing a pink suit rapping profanities. However, the very few times that he takes baths with you, he goes out of his way to make it relaxing for the two of you; especially on days that one or both of you were stressed out. He would put candles to get the mood going, have warm water, and put on some relaxing chill hop songs he found on Soundcloud. He’d have you sit in front of him so he could hold you from behind and sing to your ear.

Baths with Ian are very rare. He’s more of a shower person than a bath person, he thinks it’s weird to just sit in a body of water of your own filth. However, if you asked him to take a bath with you, he wouldn’t say no. If it meant seeing your naked body and having the opportunity to get a little farther with you, then he was all up for it. He doesn’t really do anything like Joji or Max would to make the time more fun or relaxing, he would mostly just wash your body. If you were stressed out or sad; he’d give you massages, kissing your neck, reminding you that you were his queen.

As a Slytherin I find that most people don’t understand the way I live. I don’t take baths as often as everyone else, my clothes pile on my floor for weeks at a time until I run out of clothes I want to wear, I barely eat unless I’m told to, at a friend’s house I’ll go hungry because I’m scared to ask, I would stay in bed writing books on my phone 24/7 if life didn’t demand I live like everyone else, and this worries people.

They think my way is something that should be fixed, but I’ve explained this to my mom before.

If something interferes with my routine, even if it’s a small thing that people think is easily replaceable, then I just don’t do it. Even if that means eating, showing, or staying hydrated. Every action I do is a repetitive thing that I can’t replace. Opening the fridge right when I get home, waiting in my bed until there are five minutes to get dressed and wait for the bus, these are all my little routine things. They’re not just going to change because the world seems them unhealthy.

I don’t know if other slitherins do this as well or if it’s just me, so oh well.


It’s okay, I do this a lot but not to the full extent. It is common for Slytherins to not want to interrupt their routines, Maybe matter what it was. I’m always here to support you!

BTOB: fluffy times in the tub

Eunkwang: with him you’ll always be smiling and laughing. But he takes this time to just chill with you and unwind. You’d both sit in front of each other and talk about your day as you play with the bubbles.

Minhyuk: he’s hella romantic so when he asks you to take a bath with him, he’s got everything set up. The candles, the music, the amazing aromas of the bath soaps. He’ll sit behind you as he plays with your hair and massages your shoulders and neck, making you forget all about your worries.

Changsub: this boy has a bunch of water toys to play with. And when he’s in the tub with you, you two have a blast as you shoot each other with little water guns and blowing bubbles at each other.

Hyunsik: he’d be so cheeky and always try to turn it into something more, but he’ll just say he’s joking and pull you closer to him. He’ll be humming in your ear as he softly strokes his fingers over your arm and shoulders.

Peniel: not to type to take bubble baths often, but when it comes to you, he can’t resist. He’ll want to hear all about your day and he’ll tell you about his. Wouldn’t go overboard like Minhyuk tbh he just loves your company no matter where you’re at, it’s always special to him.

Ilhoon: you might have to convince him to actually talk to you and not fall asleep as you’re playing with his hair. He lays his head on your chest and sighs in content, wondering why you two don’t do this every minute of every day.

Sungjae: the type to buy extra bubbly soap and make funny beards with them. You two will play with the bubbles as you try out funny hairstyles and facial hair. Ofc there will be music playing in the bathroom as you two mess around in the tub.

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How would the skelebros (UT/US/UF/SF) react to bath bombs?

* But like… I don’t have a bathtub
* I just longingly stare at youtube videos of bath bombs and… cry.


He appreciates the aesthetic of bath bombs but doesn’t see the point in them. They’re cool, sure but a normal shower works the same?? His opinion absolutely changes 180 turn around when he discovers galaxy bath bombs.


YES! THEY ARE THE SECOND GREATEST INVENTION BY HUMANS AFTER SPAGHETTI. He loves the aesthetic, the stimmy sounds of a dissolving bath bomb, the scents, the happiness of hopping out of a tub glittery and moisturised and smelling good yes.


They’re okay?? Why does it matter what his opinion is????? They’re just, body cleaning things????????


He uses this brand every night. Either red or black of course. To bathe in the blood of his enemies or the sin in his soul~


He doesn’t really like bath bombs, personally. He loves the aesthetic of it, but his nose is pretty sensitive so he can’t ever use one himself without sneezing his ribs to a rattle.


No comment. He doesn’t really care. Must he have an opinion on everything?


His guilty pleasure. He loves bath bombs but will never admit he uses them because his favourite scents are things like Sex Bomb, Tisty Tosty and of course, Blackberry. Plus his bro would tease him if he was caught chilling in the tub. THIS IS NOT LAZINESS, THIS IS SELF CARE!


He really loves the aesthetic pictures people take of bath bombs, often posting more than a few himself. The fact that he’s a skeleton seems to up the grunge aesthetic.

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-Its very rare to see her not working, to the point her colleagues force her to take time off. 
-She’s the kind of lady who surprisingly doesn’t like to be alone, so she owns a dog for companionship(if not a partner)
-She likes to work out obviously, but she also likes drawing even though she’s not very good at it.
-She goes to lunch with her mom every Tuesday without fail, she’s only ever missed it once and it was because of an emergency mission. 
-If she has an s/o she’ll take them hiking with her, bringing them to beautiful spots over looking landscapes, perfect picnic spots.
-Has a hard time showering because she’s always covered in bruises and it hurts, so she often takes baths instead.
-She listens to Indie and Rock music, actually no she blares it through her apartment dancing along to the words
-She’ll pick up her dog and dance with it throughout the hallways, kitchen, and living room. 
-Some days she gets home and she’s just depressed, maybe she lost a soldier, or maybe she’s remembering all those she has lost. She fights a war and carries the burden of death.
-But she always celebrates being alive, surviving, living for those who didn’t make it. She brings flowers to each of their graves and talks to each and every single one of them.

Domestic Headcanon’s, 2p!Germany!:
  • He doesn’t truly believe in ‘dressing up’, for himself or his significant other, he thinks you should wear what you’re most comfortable in.
  • With working out and sore muscles, he’ll often take bathes with salts, for relaxation. As a result he sometimes has the vague scent of said salts.
  • He owns more than one pair of kitten-themed boxers.
  • He has a strange talent for carnival games, especially the strength testers, and darts. 
  • Also had quite the love for american fruit snacks, Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, etc
  • Prefers older video games and systems, meaning, he still has a Play Station, somewhere in his closet.
  • If he wants to upgrade something of his he will literally just break the one he currently has. 
  • When singing in English his voice is rough and almost unintelligible, but when singing in German it’s deep and relaxing. 
  • He does not cook in very often, preferring to eat fast food or anything simple and with little wait time. 
  • Quite a reckless driver! He adores the thrill of speed and has been in more than one chase involving officers. 
  • Doesn’t hesitate or question consequences before he does things, he’s very impulsive. 
  • He enjoys sleeping late into the afternoon, but not necessarily being up all night. he jut really likes sleeping. 
  • Will likely drag his s/o to car shows, where he acts like a small child at a toy store. 
  • A fan of older war-time weaponry. 
  • He has a hard time tossing things that he deems as having ‘sentimental value’, due to this he likely has a storage unit…or 2.
  • He has a very close relationship with his bother, Gilen. (2p!Prussia) who often times is a voice of reason to the before mentioned impulsive actions. 

(Made with tons of help from @hetalia-said-i-could)

Crossfire - Chapter Twenty One

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 7k
Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, fingering, some dom/sub undertones

A/N:I figured after all the heavy stuff I’ve been bombarding you with lately, you guys deserve a good break and what better way to do that than to indulge in some Michael smut? Enjoy, lovelies! ;) Parts of the episodes are weaved in through the plot with some changes for the sake of the storyline. (Visions as well as internal thoughts are in italics)

Summary: Takes place during season 5. With the apocalypse at foot, Team Free Will and the reader are doing everything in their power to stop it. But when their plans take a wrong turn, the reader gets kidnapped by none other than their enemy, Michael the archangel

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20

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hmmm. HCs on how a bubble bath would be with the voltron crew?

Shiro: Shiro tends to take very short and militaristic showers, so a bath with bubbles is kind of weird for him. He does enjoy it, though, after he gets more relaxed and doesn’t feel in any danger.

Lance: Lance would start a splash war if there’s anyone else in the tub with him. He really likes making intricate bubble hairstyles and beards and can spend hours in the tub.

Keith: Keith likes to pretend that he doesn’t like taking super long baths, but he actually spends the most time in the tub and has a bunch of fancy bath salts and stuff.

Allura: Allura sings in the bath tub while she’s in there and really likes to soak her hair in the bubbly water. She always smells really nice after the bath and Keith always asks her what makes her smell so nice.

Pidge: Pidge reads in the bath tub and she’s dropped more than one book in the water while she’s in there. After these incidents, she’s started to only fill the tub a quarter of the way up.

Hunk: Hunk doesn’t like to take baths that often because his skin always prunes up. He enjoys just putting lotion on his skin after he takes showers to make his skin super soft.

Coran: Coran’s record for time spent in the bath is four hours. The crew had to keep on checking on him because they were worried he had drowned.

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HC for how the RFA members + V and Saeran (if you do saeran) would act as parents of twins (one boy and one girl)

Hnnnghhh such a cute request!!!! Here you are Anon-san! I’m sorry it’s so bad q.q

Seven (his and Saeran’s are a little different, because of their circumstances)

  • This goof ball wants to name them something ridiculous.
  • Like one named potato and the other one chip or something
  • Then one day when you’re both just holding them all bundled up in your arms, and Seven doesn’t speak for a moment.
  • “Almira means truth in Arabic. I want her to grow up truthful to herself and her brother. They’ll have a connection that only twins can have. I want her to be truthful to that, unlike I was.”
  • “Aaryan means strength. I want him to grow up and be able to go out in the word. I want him to grow up and be strong enough to be there for her…something that I never could do.”
  • You’ve never seen Seven so serious, and you love the names.
  • Seven’s one of those goofy dads.
  • He’ll totally take their food and use them as funny props so they’ll eat it.
  • Crawls around after them as they just run in circles in the house again and again.
  • The three of them are always laughing.
  • One day Almira accidentally scratches one of his cars and Seven puts her in time out for hurting his “baby”
  • As soon as Almira starts to cry though, Aaryan jumps in at the ready.
  • And Seven is soooo proud
  • Seven 100% is into playing dress up with Almira. Wearing anything she wants to dress him in (they both like to go through your closet)
  • Aaryan isn’t as talkative as Almira.
  • And Seven’s concerned at first but you reassure him that Aaryan likes being quiet.
  • Over time Seven realized that Aaryan liked stars and planets.
  • Seven builds him this rocket ship out of card bored, and every Friday night they play with it in the backyard, Seven holding him in it high as he runs around the yard under the stars.
  • Takes them to the park to eat goldfish bread!


  • Jaehee is a worry mom!
  • She’s always constantly wiping counters down or spraying disinfected spray all over the house.
  • Jaehee loves loves loves dressing the twins up in matching outfits.
  • The four of you often take baths together, but not too long since she insists that it’s bad for their skin.
  • Definitely is the mom that stresses out over everything,
  • And by everything, I mean everything.
  • “MC. He keeps crawling away from her! What if he hates her? What if he hates his own sister?!?!”
  • Before they were even born she read every single book on parenting that she could get her hands on.
  • Books healthy meals for your babies, always getting triggered when they refuse to eat something.
  • Pickiness is bad.
  • She’s the mom that’s super strict about your habits and stuff, but its because she loves you so much.


  • Wrapped around their little fingers like oh my god.
  • He buys them everything.
  • They sleep in cribs the size of a twin bed.
  • Jumin refuses to have them settle for absolutely anything.
  • But he doesn’t know much about parenting lol
  • So he always gets flustered when they cry or start to squirm
  • When they start going to school he insists on walking them there every single day, each one holding his hand
  • He adores them.
  • He always takes the four of you on a big family trip once a year, like a cruise or Disney Land, or to an island.
  • Jumin is such a doting father to the point that sometimes you just have to draw the line.
  • “What do you mean I can’t buy her a mall MC?”
  • He actually doesn’t let Elizabeth the Third near them, since Zen told him that cats like to sit on the faces of babies and muffle them.
  • Obviously needling at him but still
  • He spoils them rotten, but lets them learn their lesson when he has too.
  • The three of you are his greatest treasures, and he makes that known to the whole world.


  • Absolutely spoils them rotten!!
  • He always does his daughter’s hair, making sure that her hairstyles are fit for a princess!
  • Lol on the weekends he takes his son to the store to buy fashionable clothes and stuff.
  • Zen hates going away on shows, since it means he’ll be away from you and the kids.
  • Has no willpower to ever enforce rules on them.
  • Ever.
  • He’s a big softy so whenever they need to be put in time out or something he hands them to you and runs
  • His poor heart can take their adorable faces covered in tears.
  • He and his son fight over who is more good looking lol
  • While you and your daughter are always fighting over who gets to marry Zen.
  • The twins however, fight a lot about who is prettier regardless of the fact that they’re twins.
  • Zen takes them on sets with him sometimes, and they fall in love with his musicals and just film production. 
  • They love when Zen sings them to sleep
  • You do too.
  • Your family is the family that just passes out on the couch together, surrounded by love and warmth.


  • Let’s face it, this boy is a mess!
  • The twins are always playing tricks on him.
  • They’ll switch outfits or both respond when he calls for one of them
  • He gets so confused.
  • Also the dad that would help them hide evidence from you
  • Yoosung actually doesn’t let them play a lot of video games, since it isn’t healthy for them.
  • There’s lots of playing in the backyard.
  • Even though they love being mean to him, whenever they get in trouble by you or something they run crying to him.
  • He just cuddles them and protects them from you lol.
  • Eventually all three of them have to apologize to you.
  • Yoosung doesn’t have much experience about parenting though, so he always panics when they get sick or hurt or when you leave him alone with them.
  • “MC!! They just ate something off the floor!”
  • Totally gets jealous when you give all your attention to them over him.
  • The twins know this, and even start doing it on purpose.


  • At first he’s really awkward at handling them.
  • Saeran finds the fact that they’re twins as a sign of retribution on him or some sorts.
  • Like he isn’t meant to forget his past and his sins.
  • For a while he refuses to hold them, scared he’ll taint them. 
  • But one day you kind of just leave him there with them, cause he has to deal with it.
  • Saeran. Freaks. Out.
  • When they start crying he just kind of…rocks their crib
  • But when they don’t stop and he feels so terrible he hesitantly reaches into the crib and just holds them both.
  • They hold onto his finger with their tiny hands and Saeran just holds them closer
  • And cries
  • You come home and he’s furious at you but he still hasn’t put them down even though they’re sleeping
  •  The twins are always wanting to be with him.
  • They’ll be crawling on the floor just play, spot him, and race over
  • Over time as they grow Saeran’s comfortableness and love for them only grows.
  • He’s really really protective, snatching them out of anyone’s arms that are holding them to loosely or recklessly.
  • Once, Seven was throwing them up in the air.
  • “Asdajhsjh what’re you doing?!?!!?”
  • You didn’t hear from him for 3 weeks.
  • Saeran loves his babies and they love him.


  • V is really really upset that he can’t see them or see how much they’ll grow.
  • But he tries his best.
  • When they cry late at night for the fourth time, V will just kiss you on the head
  • “Go back to sleep love. I’ll handle it.”
  • As they grow bigger they’re always clinging to V.
  • Will anchor themselves to his legs and have him walk around (of course only in the house where he knows where everything is)
  • V takes them on trips all the time to take pictures!
  • While they’re walking each twin will hold his hand and lead him places.
  • V knows where he’s going, but he finds it so cute that they’re concerned for him.
  • Spends hours just taking pictures of them, teaching them about cameras and lighting and stuff.
  • Will do anything for his babies
  • V is really involved with their lives, attending school events and things like that.
  • The twins like to kiss his eye lids, since you tell them that it heals him every single time.
  • And you aren’t wrong.

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Just wanted to share something with you. I recently started to feel a big pull from Aphrodite and ever since I put a place for her on my altar and devoted my baths and such for her she's been taking up more and more of my attention. It's kinda weird to me cuz I'm not a very sexual/sensual person and I never really saw myself being a big Aphrodite worshipper, but I appreciate it nonetheless and I have a much bigger appreciation for her now

YEP! That’s what happens, a goddess show up in the most humblest and subtle of way and then just BAM!!! Snatch your heart in a mere second. As an ace/aro, I totally agree this happens.

……………..Maybe I should take baths more often.

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                     ✘headcanons I have about our muse’s relationship

                                           Not accepting Harley’s


✘ Joker and Harley actually cook a lot together. Well, Harley helps him cook/watches him cook. Joker is surprisinly good at it so when they get the chance to, they eat homecooked meals.

✘ Harley loves taking baths and often manages to drag Joker in to join her. Not that he complains much. So they often unwind with sitting in the bath smoking cigarettes and cuddling. Sometimes Joker even falls asleep.

✘ Harley always insists on using bath bombs as well and Joker secretly loves it. To the point he now just straight up steals them from her

✘ Harley gets a bit jealous when she sees the way Joker looks at Batman

✘ Sometimes Harley walks in on Joker doing weird things while he’s on his drug binges. One time she walked in on him putting peanut butter into the toaster.

✘ They usually go to sleep not cuddling but will wake up tangled up together

✘ Harley isn’t as big on drugs as Joker is, sure she does them but it’s more of a she does them because why be sober when Joker is high as a kite. He’s high fairly often which means that she is high fairly often as well. She doesn’t like it as much as J does.

✘ Joker goes through a lot of manic highs and huge lows which is really heightened by his excessive drug use. Sometimes Joker just stays in bed for days on end, Harley tends to give him his space but will check up on him frequently and bring him food/water.

Harry Styles Smut-Sweet Little Rosie


Harry’s POV.

I hopped into my car and drove to her house.

I parked across the street and few houses down. I waited a little until I see Rosie’s parents have left.

After that I wait about 45 minutes of no more people coming in and out of the house, I assume everyone one is gone so I inch up so I am directly across the street from her house.

From the outside I see one room upstairs with the light on. That’s probably Rosie’s room. I wonder what she’s doing. What would I say to her when I knock on the door? She would think its weird I just came.

I got out of the car and walked up to her door step. What am I doing? What will I say? Im stuck in the middle of her lawn contemplating this whole thing. I shouldn’t be doing this. But I really, really want to

My heartbeat starts to quicken as I ring the door bell, regretting it soon because I wasn’t ready. I shouldn’t have even came. 

A really long minute passed and the door opens.

It’s Rosie but only her face is peaking out. She looks a little surprised I’m here.

“Harry?” She asked. Hearing my name from her lips, I can’t describe what it does to me.

“Yes H-hi Rosie, uhh, could I use the bathroom. I was on my way somewhere and I really needed to go so I stopped here. I was already on the road. I hope you don’t mind” I spoke really quickly, my voice choppy.

I surprised myself. I didn’t think I could come up with a lie like that. So quickly. Impulse I guess.

“Oh sure. Come in” she said quietly, opening the door more, now her body is revealed. She is only wearing a towel. Are you kidding me. My eyes widened, but I try to recollect myself.

“Sorry I was about to take a bubble bath” she said, her cheeks red.

“N-no, I’m sorry I interrupted.” I said scratching my neck. I don’t want to creep her out.

“Well come in I’ll show you to the bathroom” she said as I step in.

When I step in the house seems dimmer and warmer than earlier. The scent of the candle is different. Cinnamon spice. Cozy.

She closed the door and lead me to a bathroom near the kitchen. Her towel bouncing up just a little as she walked. It was a little towel.

“Uhm, I’m going to go take my bath…you can let yourself out when your done. I’m sorry if that’s rude, I just am…in a towel” she said. Her voice so innocent, I feel dirty for thinking about her this way. How can I help it?

“Oh yeah, okay” I shuddered.

She then left and I was left alone. I did go into the bathroom. I wonder how long her bath would take. I wonder what I will tell her when she sees I’m still here, because I’m defiantly not leaving. Go big or go home.

I can imagine her in that bubble bath. Her naked wet body, the only thing covering her would be those soft bubbles.

I feel myself getting hard, I need to stop.

I step out of the bathroom and sit on the couch. Now to wait. I still have no clue what I’m going to say.

It’s been almost an hour. However I surprisingly stay patient. I hear a door open upstairs and footsteps coming down. Sudden nervousness washes over me.

“Oh your still here?” Rosie asked when her eyes landed on me.

She was changed into her pajamas. Does everything this girl wears have to stop my heart. Those pj shorts are short. Really short, my mind wonders when I start to think about if she is even wearing a bra or not.

“Um yeah. Listen Rosie” just say it Harry “I came here tonight to see you again, not to use your bathroom or anything” I said looking at her.

Her eyes shocked but her cheeks flattered, but a little confused.

“You wanted to see me?” She asked shyly.

“Yes” I said, for some reason I’m out of breath.

“I think your beautiful. I wanted to come and talk to you.” I said. Hopefully we will get to do more than talking baby girl. Where is my confidence coming from? The candles are getting to me

“Oh…thank you, I don’t really know what to say” she said he cheeks turning pinker.

“Do you mind if I stay, so we can talk?” I asked almost begged.

She looked around in deep thought. It took her a few seconds.

“Sure, I guess” she said. She walked over to me and sat next to me. The scent of roses an flowers followed her.

“You smell good” I said, some words got caught in my throat due to nervousness taking over again.

“Oh thank you, it’s from my bubble bath. I love flowers” she said smiling.

“That’s lovely, I love flowers too” I said honestly.

“Do you want me to show you the bottle? You could buy one for your mom…or yourself if you like” she offered.

Oh so sweet. Oh so innocent.

“Yeah sure” I smiled.

“Okay it’s in my room, follow me” she said. My heart started to race again. I’m going up to her room, I didn’t think this would happen that quick.

She leads me up the stair, damn those shorts, and she takes me to her room.

Her room was beautiful, just like her. Her room did smell like flowers and roses, just like her.

She walked to her vanity and opened a cabinet under, pulling out and baby pink clear bottle.

“It’s this, it’s smells great, and I like to put rose pedals in as well” she blushed.

“Mhm, do you take baths often” I said, then realizing how creepy it was.

“Yeah, I love them” she smiled. She didn’t take it in a creepy way. Good.

“I like your room, ba- I MEAN Rosie” I blurted. She’s not my baby…yet

She looked at me smiling with a little raise in her eyebrow.

“Thank you” she said, she went to go bend over to put the bottle back down in the cabinet. A moan left my mouth, at the sight of her shorts riding up a little. Such a sweet tease, like nothing I’ve seen before.

“Are you okay?” She asked concerned turning around. So innocent.

“Yeah sorry, it’s just…”
“Your shorts…”

She looked at me confused. It’s now or never Harry. Actions speak louder that words.

I walked towards her, placing my hands on her hips.

“W-what are you doing?” She asked her breath hitched.

“Rosie, I told you you’re beautiful. You do things to me” I say my voice getting deeper.

“What did I do?” She asked genuinely confused.

“This” I said. I took her hand then put it on my erection. She gasped and pulled her hand away.

“I’m sorry, I’m-” I need to take it slow. Even though I know thats going to be hard.

“No, it’s okay…” She said sitting in the edge of her bed.

“I’ve just never touched anyone before” she spoke quietly and shyly.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“Yes” she responded quietly. For some reason that turned me on more.

I sat next to her.

“Im sorry if I made you uncomfortable” I said. What did I do. I ruined everything.

“To be honest…I don’t mind” she said pressing her legs together. My face lit up like a match.

“When I first saw you, you made my parts tingle” She confessed, avoiding any eye contact with me.

I turn her on.

“Oh yeah? tell me about it, Rosie baby” I said in a low voice. She liked the low voice I can tell. Im in the mood now I can’t be stopped.

“Well, I think your handsome, and you look strong. When you put my hand on your…I felt my parts tingle more. It almost hurts” she said looking down.

I put my hand on her inner thigh. She looked at my hand and slightly moaned.

I then looked at those lips. Those plump lips.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked not so nervous now that she has confided in me. She nodded her head.

I leaned toward her and placed my lips on hers. Butterflies filled my stomach and I grabbed her and picked her up to straddle me.

As we kissed I started to slowly let my hands roam her rip teenage body. I snaked my hand from her thighs to her bum, giving it a little squeeze.

“These shorts are too short baby” I said into the kiss. She moaned in my mouth at that. I let my hands rub up all over her body. Feeling the curve of her hips, waist, ass, and thighs.

“Can we take this off baby?” I asked tugging the bottom of her sweater. She looked at me innocently and nodded.

We take off the sweater together, leaving her in only a thin bra.

Her boobs are perfect. I cup them with my hands and attack her neck with kisses. Her skin was hot and little moans and coos were leaving her mouth.

I feel her nipple get hard in my hands so I start to twiddle with them with her bra still on. Her moans increased.

“Your making my part tingle, it’s to much it hurts” she said holding my shoulders.

I pull away and lay her down on her bed.

“Baby,I’ll make it feel better” I said.

I took my shirt off and crawled up her bed.

I was crouched down near her pussy. I started to kiss her inner thighs. Her skin smelled like flowers. He thighs were soft and smooth.

“I’m going to need to take these very short shorts off, let’s see what your panties look like?” I asked.

“I’m not wearing any” She confessed.

Im in a rush. Part three when you want it. ily-C

#296 Baths

(I just wanna pre-apologize for this because it’s literally just brain dump. I don’t even know what my brain was doing I’m sORRY)

Dan: You didn’t take baths together very often because you were both fairly tall. But when you did, they were nice and relaxing. You’d sit and face each other while talking about the events of the day. You’d also always use bath bombs, which never failed to amaze you. Your favorite one was the galaxy one, though Dan always whined about the glitter everywhere afterwards. (You thought it was funny because even though he whined, he obviously liked it enough to continue buying them.) The two of you also didn’t take baths together that much because you were too busy messing around with the bath bombs and laughing to actually get any cleaning done. So even though it was a rare occurrence, you loved bathing with Dan because it was a special thing between the two of you.

Phil: The two of you took baths together all the time. Your tub was the perfect size and you always filled it (maybe a little too much) with bubbles. You’d make funny bubble beards and do dumb voices that were only funny to you both. Neither of you wanted to be all sexy in the bath- that’s not what bath time was for! The sexiest thing that ever went down in there was when Phil attempted to make bubble boobs. Sometimes you’d bring in snacks like grapes or crackers. One time you tried to bring in cereal but accidentally ended up spilling Cheerios all in the bath. (Which then led to a conversation about filling a tub with milk and cereal.) Your bath antics probably sounded strange to most people, but they were some of your favorite memories.

Joker: “Lady Kamui…! Pa-pardon me. I will go out at once, so please soak in and relax!”

Takumi and Saizou shooed her out, tho.

On another kinda related note, is it only me or does Hinata really take a bath VERY often? He has appeared in like 90% of my entering-wrong-bath times, if not more!! XD