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From Feminist To Fuckpig

I’d like to thank Erica @broken-erica for the inspiration for this this story. Again a reminder, if you’re interested in having a story of being kidnapped and sold into white slavery based on you, just tell me the following info:

Your first name(if you prefer, it can be a phony name)

Age(18+ please)

Physical description(if possible, include a pic. I promise it won’t be shared. Also include if you have tattoos/body piercings )

Where you’d like to be kidnapped from(could include but not limited to a nightclub, college campus, place of employment, a gym, the mall, the beach, spring break, etc)

What would you be wearing

Who would you like to be sold to(could include but not limited to businessmen from the Middle East or Asia, a brothel in say Latin American or Asia, a drug cartel, to Africans for breeding, an underground bdsm website)

I am kind of behind my stories(had some problems with my phone) so be patient.

Without further ado, I’ll start the story. Enjoy.


Erica was a college student in her early 20’s. She’s Asian, a nice curvy body. Long black hair. Someone nice to have as a sex slave. She’s also a feminist. Total feminazi. She was also a lesbian.

One night she was speaking at a “take back the night” rally. It included women with vagina(cunt) hats wearing t-shirts saying “my body, my choice”.

Erica gave a speech basically calling all men rapists(even saying sex inside of marriage was rape). She called the fraternity system rapists and other stuff included wanting safe spaces from speech that offended them and a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric. She was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt that highlighted her cleavage and blue skinny jeans with black flip flops

When Erica was done, she was approached by a woman who identified herself as a visiting professor in feminist studies who had organized a feminist group and wanted to invite Erica to join. The visiting professor was dressed kind of conservatively wearing a maxi floral print sundress with white thong sandals. She invited Erica back to her hotel room for a drink to discuss the matter more.


Back at the hotel room, the two were discussing Erica’s speech. The visiting professor started stroking Erica’s hair and then started stroking her inner thighs. And then the two started lip-locking and tonging each other.

All of a sudden, Erica started feeling light headed.

“Oh boy, that drink was pretty. Only had a few sips.

“You all right?”

“Oh my God. My head. I gotta get some air. Gotta go outside.”

Erica was able to get up but then the room started spinning and she tripped. Almost immediately she passed out.

“Sweet dreams” said the visiting professor. The visiting professor was our own Mistress Sydney. Sydney had placed a roofie in Erica’s drink.

Sydney then grabbed a bag and used rope to tie up our latest acquisition putting her in a hogtie. She then ball gagged the slave and finally put a hood over her head to blind her. Then she placed a call.

“I got one for you” as she gave a physical description.

“Ok be there in five minutes” said the voice on the other line.

5 minutes later, Bruce and Rick showed up with a garment bag big enough to fit the slave in. They put it in the van and they drove back to our slave training facility.

Once in the van, they removed the slave from the bag and started having a little fun with it feel it up and groping and fondling it.

“Love good Asian meat” observed Rick.

About a few minutes from the facility, the slave began to wake up. The first thing she noticed was she couldn’t see. Then it realized it couldn’t move. Then it tried to scream but all that came out was “mmmppphhh!!!”

“Look who’s awake” said Rick.

“We’re really gonna have some fun with you” as Rick continued to feel it up.

When the van arrived, they undid the slave’s hogtie so it could walk. It’s hands were still tied behind it’s back and still gagged with the hood on its head as the slave was lead on what seemed like a perp walk. The slave would’ve resisted but it was too weak from the drug it had taken. It was lead on the elevator 3 floors down. We then removed the hood from its head. The slave was horrified to see other women who were locked in arch back devices. There was one that would be reserved for it.

We removed its clothing and locked in the arch back securing its wrists, upper arms, thighs, ankles, neck and waist. We removed the gag briefly to give the slave water then put it back on. Then a black leather hood was put over the slave’s head the hood had only holes one through its nose so it could breathe. The other ones were both ears so we could place earbuds in each ear. The earbuds were attached to a CD player that had an orientation(or we like to call disorientation) tape. For part of the time, it would play loud white noise. The other part was a message that went like this:

“Hello bitch. You comfortable? I guess not. As you can probably tell by now, you’re no longer a free person. You are now our sex slave. Our fucktoy. Our piece of meat. You have no human rights anymore. You are no longer human. You are now lower than even an animal. From now until we feel you’re ready, you will be trained to be a sex slave. Which means we can do what ever we want to you. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. There’s no safe word. No aftercare. We only stop when we get tired.

When we feel you’re ready, you auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. I know you’re going to try and think of ways to extricate yourself from this situation. You may try to bargain your way out by offering to let us do something to you. Well, we’re going to do it anyway. Maybe you hope we’ll get sloppy. We’ve thought of everything.

The best you can do for yourself is accept your fate. The more you do so, the easier it’ll be. You may even come to enjoy it.”

The finishing touches were placing alligator clips on its nipples, a wired dildo in its pussy and a butt plug up its ass. Then a device resembling an electric toothbrush was attached to its clit. It ran on a timer going on and off every few minutes. This would edge the slave and long before morning would be begging for an orgasm. It was also part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation we subject our slaves to. Also the water we just gave the slave was laced with a stimulant that heightens its sexual urges. If however the slave manages somehow to cum or dose off, the connections to its tits, pussy and asshole had a sensor that would give the slave a nasty electrical shock.

The transformation of the slave formerly known as Erica from an independent feminist to an obedient and compliant slave had begun. Whatever it was just a few hours ago, it no longer was.

To be continued


Two Female Sexual Assault Survivors Booted from Take Back the Night Rally

During the opening rally of Eugene’s 2014 Take Back the Night, two female survivors of sexual assault were kicked out by student security simply because of their radical feminist politics. Both women are volunteers for a local self defense nonprofit that provides free life saving trainings to women. The student security members approached the two women and told them that some people (unknown to the women) felt threatened by the radical feminist politics represented by their group, and for this reason, told the women to leave. The women protested, pointing out that their behavior at the march was in keeping with the safe space policies of the University, that they had not yet even spoken to anyone else at the march, and that political differences are not justification for banishing people from public space or public events. However, the student security members made it clear that they would not take no for an answer, and continued pressuring and harassing the women until they were too uncomfortable to stay. The nonprofit, Warrior Sisters Society, caters to the needs of women who are survivors of trauma, trafficking, and poverty, and provides training to a wide and growing variety of groups, including co-ed high school classes and homeless women. All trainings and materials are provided free of charge, and the group is the only nonprofit of its kind in the Eugene area. The two women were called exclusionary and unsafe because, among its other services, Warrior Sisters offers female only trainings which provide safe space for survivors who are triggered by physical contact with male bodied people. It was articulated to them that the act of excluding male bodied individuals from female only space made them threats to the identities and safety of participant at the march. When asked for comment, the march coordinator apologized for the behavior of student security. One of the women kicked out is a graduate student at the University of Oregon, the campus venue for this year’s rally, and was also a volunteer for the Take Back the Night organizing committee. She was volunteering to take photos at the march, but was told that her documentation of the event was unsafe for others and was forced to leave without completing her shift. Please call the Dean of Students office at (541) 346-3216 to let them know that this violation of student rights and suppression of women’s rights has occurred. Or email womenctr@uoregon.edu
Abduction of Allie

I’d like to thank little-princess-19 for this story idea. Enjoy


Most of the time we have to go looking for “talent” on our own. Usually one of the places we look is on college campuses. Obviously very young and fresh. And those slaves net excellent money. One day I got a call from a Barely Legal bdsm. They were an underground bdsm website that specialized in college girls and teens(18+ folks) subject to bondage, rape, torture and degradation. They had someone in mind who they wanted for their website. Her name was Allie. She was 19 and a freshman at the University of Virginia. She stood 5'8", very slim and a nice body with nice tits and short reddish brown hair. The website offered $500,000 for her. If we auctioned her off, we might not get nearly as much money. Next step was to acquire her.

We sent Chloe and Tara for her. After all, both women were in their early 20’s and could probably blend in with a college crowd. We sent them on a Monday morning. And this way they actually would enjoy maybe a couple days of freedom although we reminded them of their trackers that we had implanted in them. The first day they didn’t have any luck locating her. On the second day though they hit the jackpot. Allie was speaking on Wednesday night at a “Take Back the Night” rally. Allegedly, UVA had a rape culture. There was a story in Rolling Stone magazine that a woman claimed to be gang raped by a bunch of frat boys. Of course that turned out to be a lie but still, people continued to perpetrate the stereotype of UVA having a rape culture. And Allie was one of those. She was majoring in women’s studies. Basically, most of it was saying all men are rapists and sex in marriage was rape.

We decided we wanted to acquire her before she gave her speech at around 9pm.

Tara and Chloe finally saw her at about noon on Monday morning. Allie was at a coffee bar drinking an espresso. She was dressed in light grey t-shirt with an off white cardigan sweater with a floral print skirt just above the knees and tan colored boots around the mid calf are that had laces and a side zipper. Tara and Chloe followed her all day. Finally at 6pm, Allie went to a restaurant in downtown Charlottesville. Tara and Chloe decided it was time to make their move. Tara and Chloe introduced themselves as fellow students and talking about how much they admired her work. Allie who was alone invited them to sit down. For the next hour and a half, they spoke about feminist dogma and how all men are dogs. At about 715pm, Allie excused herself to go to the ladies room. While gone, Tara slipped GHB in Allie’s drink. She came back five minutes later and she took a few sips of her drink and they got the check. They offered to drive Allie to the campus which she accepted. As they got in the car, the drug started to kick in.

“Oh my god. I’m starting to get light headed. I get to get out and get some air.”

Allie was about to open the door when she finally passed out. When the women got to a more secluded area, Chloe got a bag out of the trunk of their car and and handcuffed Allie’s hands behind her back. They stuffed a ball gag in her mouth and used duct tape to tie her ankles together. Then they put a sack over her head and stuffed her in the trunk of the car and headed back to the slave training facility in rural Virginia.

About a mile short of the facility, Chloe and Tara started hearing some banging in the back.

“What was that?” Inquired Tara who was driving.

Oh that was probably Allie. Isn’t it ironic. She was supposed to give this feminist speech just about now and instead, she’s about to begin her life as a slave.“ As both women shared a laugh over that.

When they arrived back at the facility, they went to take Allie.

"Mmmppphhh!!! Mmmppphhh!!!. Allie sounded like a trapped animal. The mmmppphhing when gagged is a beautiful sound. Sweet music.

My two partners Bruce and Rick came in to grab our newest slave. They dragged the slave like it was being perp walk. Allie fought it all the way hoping somehow she could escape. Maybe they made some kind of mistake and the police would be there shortly. But Allie had just enjoyed her last moments of freedom.

She was dragged into the elevator and had a feeling that things were about to go from bad to worse. The elevator took her three floors underground. When the door opened she could start to here some moans of torment. When they removed the hood from her head, to her horror, she saw other girls who were locked in what was called an arch back were they were completely restrained in a yoga position blindfolded and gagged and being vibed. She saw an empty one. She knew it was for her.

Meanwhile I called the website owner to give him the good news. We had acquired it.

"Good, can she be ready tomorrow for transport?”

“Well we still have to train her. The majority of slaves take 30 days before they’re trained and broken. This one’s tough. She might take two months, maybe longer.”

“That’s ok. Our audience can watch her training. See her transformation step by step. And we are probably more harsh in our training.”

“Okay. If you feel you can handle her, then tomorrow it is. What time?”

“About 6pm your time.”

“Ok see you then.”

Then I went downstairs to the room Allie was being held. Her boots and socks were already removed and they had her secured to the arch back machine. They were about to cut off her clothes with a sheer scissors.

“May I” I asked

Tara handed me the scissors and I showed her the scissors going snip snip.
Allie had a look of horror. What was I going to do with the scissors.


I then proceeded to cut up her outfit till I got it all off her.

“Just so you know, you’re only going to be here one night. Tomorrow you’re going to be sold into slavery. And this client has an underground bdsm website. And he requested you. I think you’re going to be his feature star. Congratulations, you’re going to be a porn star. Maybe your friends and family might see you” as I fondled and groped her.

Allie felt total humiliation. A porn star? This was not who she was.

We then proceeded to blindfold her. We still planned to subject her to sleep deprivation. We connected a butt plug to her ass, wired metal dildo to her pussy and alligator clamps to her nipples. And then a vibe to her clit. The vibe was on a timer to go on and off every 4 minutes and continue all night long. That was to edge. We also gave her water. The water was laced with a stimulant that heightened her sexual urges. If she somehow managed to dose off or experience an orgasm, the wired connected had a sensor that would give a nasty electrical shock.

The last thing we applied was earbuds connected to a computer that would play her disorientation tape. Reminding her she was now a slave. A fucktoy. A piece of meat. Just tits and three holes. To be used and abused by men for their pleasure. That she had no human rights. She was now lower than an animal.

Just 2-½ hours ago, Allie was a free woman. About to give a campus speech. Now the life she knew 2-½ hours ago was now over. She was now a sex slave.

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I love, love, LOVE your blog! Any new Hunters of Artemis headcanons?

  • they attend Take Back The Night rallies every year
  • they volunteer at domestic violence shelters and hot lines
  • hunts every full moon 
  • many of them cover their quivers in bumper stickers that they collect on their travels 
  • a campfire isn’t complete without a rendition of “I Am Woman” 

10.13.15//Starting to get the mid afternoon sleepiness, but I still have a lot left to do today, so coffee+pumpkin pie creamer it is. On the plus side, I declared my major today! I’m officially an Early Childhood Education major! c: And tonight I’m going to the Take Back The Night rally. I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves on this beautiful, chilly fall day. 

Take Back the Night Rally: Sexual Assault is NOT an Ojibwe Tradition

“Violence against women was imported, it is not an Ojibwe tradition. Our tradition was one of respect for women and their sacred role in life giving. Social pressure, tradition, and respect prohibited such behavior. Remember those who have died before offering your tobacco.