take back our campus

Jack Johnson Imagine

I know I haven’t written an imagine in forever and I’m really sorry! I work over twenty hours a week and with all my AP classes I have a really demanding course load plus I’m working on all my college apps but I’m trying to be more active!

So I went to Omaha and toured UNO last week and I absolutely loved it and so that’s where I’m going to school so this imagine is kinda inspired by that. Enjoy! 

I had been restless to go to college since the beginning of high school. I just wanted to get away from my hometown and be someplace new for a couple years. I lived in Minnesota and most kids from my high school stayed in state but I decided to branch out a bit. I toured University of Nebraska at Omaha and it became my dream school. And now here I am on my way to the school for move in day.

My mom pulls up outside of University Hall and we all climb out. My parents help me carry my things into my dorm room. I’m apparently the first one there so I haven’t met my other suite mates yet. I move my things into my room and soon it’s time for my parents to leave. As they drive away I know I’ll miss them, but I know I’m quite excited.

Throughout the day my suite mates who I had been texting the past couple months after we got housing assignments show up. I help them all unpack and then we climb on the shuttle and head over to Pacific campus to grab something to eat.

I had three suite mates. Elizabeth who was from Omaha, Rebecca who was from a town in Nebraska close by, Marky who was from Iowa and then me. After we got our room assignments the University provided us with each other’s phone numbers and we got a group chat going and all got to know each other pretty well.

“Hey my boyfriend and a couple of his friends are back in town, do you mind if they meet up with us?” Rebecca asked us. After eating we climbed on the shuttle again and headed over to Central Campus where there was a small shopping area that we were walking around in. We all agreed.

“Jack!” Rebecca cried. She runs into the arms of a boy walking towards us. He’s tall with tanned skin and dark brown hair. Rebecca had told us about her boyfriend. Apparently him and a couple of his friends were touring around the US so they weren’t in Omaha much anymore. This was the first time she’d seen him in a couple of months.

“Guys, this is my boyfriend Jack. Jack these are my roommates, Marky, Elizabeth and Y/N. Guys these are Jack’s friends, Jack Johnson, Nate and Sam.” Johnson was the one who caught my eye. He was short and kind of scrawny with blonde hair and blue eyes but his eyes also held a look of mischief.

We walked around for a while and before long Rebecca and Jack went off by themselves and Elizabeth and Marky headed back to the dorms. Nate and Sam said they were tired and wanted to head home leaving just Johnson and I.

“So what should we do?” Johnson asks me. I shrug.

“I don’t really know Omaha that well. I’m from Minnesota.”

“You’re from Minnesota?” Jack extends the ‘o’ in a teasing manner.

I laugh in response. “You betcha.” Jack laughs along with me.

“Well then I know the perfect place to go.” Jack and I hop on the bus. I’m not really sure where he’s taking me but I’m kind of excited to see the other parts of Omaha. I haven’t seen many parts of Omaha besides the campus.

Jack grabs my hand and pulls me off the bus. I realize we’re in an older part of town. The buildings all look older and are decorated with colorful awnings and strings of Christmas lights. Colorful flower pots line the streets and various shops and restaurants are housed within the buildings. We stop in a couple shops before Jack leads me towards a restaurant.

“I love this place and it’s been forever since I got to eat here.” He tells me. We get a table and sit down. The waiter takes our drink orders and then Jack looks at me.

“So what brought you here to Omaha? I mean if you’re from Minnesota why did you decide to come to Omaha for school?” he asks, taking a sip of his water.

“Mainly because this school offered a good program for the major I wanted.” I reply.

“Which is?”


A smirk plays on Jack’s lips. “I find a smart girl sexy.”

I laugh off the blush playing on my lips and dismiss his comment. “The program was great and I fell in love with the school and now here I am.”

“Well I’m glad you came.” The waiter interrupts our conversation to take our order.

We finish dinner which is filled with lots of talking and getting to know each other. Jack is really quite the character and I could tell we just kind of clicked. Jack paid for dinner much to my protests. The Minnesota nice was kicking in. Then we made our way back onto the bus and back to campus.

“So when do I get to take you our again?” Jack’s question catches me by surprise.

“What do you mean?” I ask with a shy smile.

“I mean I really liked hanging out with you tonight and I want to do it again sometime.”

“Give me your phone.” Jack hands me his iPhone and I enter my number before handing it back. “Now we can hang out whenever.”

I turn towards my dorm.

“Goodnight, y/n.”

“Night, Jack.” I say over my shoulder.

“I’ll text you.”

“You better.”

Hope you liked it! xx